Wenger admitted that Arsenal is the reason for seperation from his wife

After managing Arsenal for nineteen years it is easy to see how the club has become his life – as he eats, drinks and sleeps football, 24 hours a day. This has obviously taken a toll on his personal life and the Frenchman has now agreed a legal seperation from his wife Annie. The papers have been issued in Strasbourg, France.

They have been together for many many years, but were only married in 2010 and they have a daughter of 18 years old. Strangely enough it was in 2010 that Wenger was reported to have had a two-year affair with the French singer Sonia Tatar.

Le Prof admitted back in 2008 that his relationship was being affected by his job. The “separe du corps” that has been signed is not a full divorce but a legal separation.

“Ten years ago I said to my wife [Annie], ‘Five more years and that’s all’, and I am still here,” Wenger was quoted as saying in the Independent. “It is difficult to find time to see them but there are jobs [which are worse]. You have guys who leave for work on Monday and come back on Friday.

“In my job I travel, but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality.”

We all know that Wenger is at the centre of everything that happens at Arsenal (or this summer, what doesn’t happen!) so you can see why he may not have much time to return to Strasbourg. So it is little surprise that Annie feels that the marriage is over.She has been a footballing widow for years….

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  1. I am not a Wenger fan by any stretch of the imagination but do you not think its a bit digusting writing an article regarding Arsenal and the Mans divorce?
    Get a life people!
    Admin- Wise up

      1. Don’t be too harsh on admin guy’s!
        At the End of the day Wenger is Mr Arsenal,
        This news is everywhere and it involves Arsenal so it’s normal for this news to make it on to here!

          1. Luckily, we are all entitled to voice our own opinions on here, Even though we may not agree with each other,
            There’s no need to be ignorant or arrogant with yours!
            Wenger has done more for the club than the drunken donkey Adams and your forgetting that if it wasn’t for wenger, you wouldn’t even know or care who Henry was! ?

            1. I am not going to reply to your comments

              I want to see how many thumbs down you get for calling Adams a “drunken donkey”

              1. Hahaha …what?… Is it lie?
                He done 6 months
                for wrapping his car around a lamp post
                (Not Giroud Lamp post)
                Whilst under the influence of alcohol!

    1. so the mug eats, sleep and breathes arsenal……….yet got nothing to show for cept two F.Acups in 10yrs…….. Wenger best go back home to strausborg!

  2. Man that sucks , on the bright side he can focus on making arsenal FC a superpower again & while your at it take mourinho’s wife just to kick some sand in his face haha

      1. Perhaps Mrs Wenger was coming out with better team selections, tactics and transfer targets and Monsieur Wenger finally had enough!

        1. Hahaha ?
          You could be right there!

          Or maybe she is sulking and thats way wenger didn’t know who to sign in the last transfer window!

          Wenger: Hey Annie, who is top top player for me to sign this year?

          Annie: Go ask your mistress, I’m not playing anymore!

            1. Hahaha ?
              That explains why he hasn’t got the energy to get up from the dugout and motivate the team when needed.

              But he is quick to get up and wave his arms around at the 4th official, when he is not happy with a decision.

              We know he cares for 4th, but that’s ridiculous! ?

  3. wenger truly is a father to afc
    OT the live text commentary on sports mole, goal.com and bbc radio say that arsenal were the better team in that match yet the guardian and the independent say we were the second best team

  4. “but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality” lol Wenger says the same thing when it comes to the transfer window to us Arsenal fans as well. He just tweaks it a bit.

  5. Wenger is obsessed with Arsenal. Kinda Sick.

    He is like. Arsenal, i will never leave you, and you cant escape me ever, mahahaha. ( evil psycho lough).

  6. Instead of divorcing his beautiful wife he should divorce Arsenal. its not like he is winning major trophies (league, UCL) for his decision to he vindicated, what an idiot.

  7. “In my job I travel, but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality.” Haha, classic Wenger he uses the same words on the team and on his family.

    Anyway I hope he can patch up things because there is life after football he needs someone to go blow millions with on the beach after he hangs his long coat. If you are happy home, you are happy at work too.

    Most of us spend long hours moaning about games our team has failed to win but going to bed with someone next to you smiling and cuddling makes the whole thing a little better and reminds you its just a game. Watch the Chelsea game with madam, it helped me maintain my BP plus cursing too much at the screen.

  8. If that is the case my Respected coach, I guess you haven’t acchieved something serious since you separated from your wife. For the past 11yrs, you’ve not won EPL and ever since you’re arsenal coach, you’ve not won UCL. So what’s the essense?

  9. It will be a shame if Wenger’s personal life gets affected because of his love for football, and he never gets to finally place his hands on a champions league trophy when he retires

  10. Arsene will understand after retiring that he did more than he should have. I’m still convinced that he wants to see how each and everything is done by HIMSELF! You can’t hv time and u get jaded. Could it be the reason why our scouts can’t find exceptional players??? Or why certain people think Steve Bould seems to be a yes man? Maybe Arsene Knows Best..

  11. Wowwww

    Separated for 5 years?

    That’s lack of ambition for emotional mutual copulations.

    Could this be because arsene doesn’t want to spend on an expensive date to las Vegas , of which Annie craves strongly?


    could it be because of his injury prone dhiiek?

    I think I know the answer

    it is because of sheer inconsistent performance from arsene.

    and as a result

    she was moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning and moaning

    and then she simply said


    Then they were separated.

  12. Feel bad for him, its never easy. But it can happen to any passionate andd dedicated guy.

    On the other hand, then another reason t finish his career with a UCL and EPL and fA title, and i dont mean next season, I mean NOW.

    Then at least it could be worth it

  13. Of topic Eva canero has divorced Chelsea she is a great physio and will keep our guys fit and motivated. She won’t need time to settle as we have a Cech and she already lives in London

  14. In as much as we luv our jobs as men..there is a tiny li2 line we shudnt cross when our jobs cum knockin.think mr wenger did cross dat line nd i sure wudnt take it if am annie

  15. Sonia Tatar??
    Messing around with younger ladies, no wonder he cannot coach for shite, he is/was preoccupied…!!

    And who said, in world football, that Arsenal was ever an European power house ???

    Some people here are clearly deluded!!

    Also, Thierry Henry was already an international before he arrived at Arsenal… So yes, he already was well known with Real M and Bayern M potential suitors. He came to Arsenal just because Wenger was his manager at Monaco. As a matter of fact Wenger wanted the pair Henry/Trezeguet, but Trezegoal stayed at Juventus.

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