Arsene Wenger agrees for Arsenal statue to be made at Emirates Stadium

According to the Mirror, Arsene Wenger has agreed for a statue of himself to be made outside the Emirates Stadium.

The legendary Frenchman would join his former pupils Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams as well as ex-Gunners boss Herbert Chapman.

The Mirror’s report claims that Arsenal’s hierarchy promised to bestow the honour on Wenger when he left and that the Frenchman has now agreed for the sculpture to be made.

Wenger called time on his 22-year reign as Arsenal’s manager at the end of the 2017/18 season.

Wenger bids farewell to Arsenal fans.

Unfortunately things became sour towards the end of Wenger’s time at Arsenal but the Frenchman is the club’s most successful manager ever.

Wenger won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups during his time with the Gunners.

The former Monaco boss also revolutionised football with his modern approaches to some things once he arrived in England.

Only time will tell if these reports prove to be accurate, let us know your thoughts on a possible statue for Wenger below…

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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea…. I’m all for it. 22 years and look how good we were… all what we won… we’ll never have another boss for that length of time again… I don’t think anyone will!

      1. Sue, don’t you think the “vast majority” of realistic fans will be thrilled with this news?
        He might even be coming back in the flesh as an Ambassador and about time too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Twenty for the number of years in the CL of course)

        Just look at the picture and it gives one a snapshot of what our fanbase really thought about the greatest manager this club ever had.

        As for Phil, there he is in the photo, only one of five without those sought after “merci arsene” shirts on, but smiling like
        a son idolising his father figure – what a wonderful reminder of that special day.

        As for the pigeon quip, being the owner of a very small parrot that only comes out at night and under duress, Phil can take pride that Le Profs outstretched arms will welcome even the smallest feathered t■t at his statue – so there is a place for his precious parrot to, finally, rise up and acknowledge the erection of this great mans statue for all true gooners to swoon at every day.

        1. Ken As I recognise your now regularly used and copied “vast majority” jibe, aimed at me, I suggest you prepare yourself for what will come as a shock to you and turn back to the recent Arsenal and Arsene statue post. I would give anything to see the look on your own face if, as I hope you do, you read my comment on that thread! It might give you a little, at least, understanding of my true thoughts on Wenger, so misrepresented by you. True perspective is not given to all.

  2. I only hope the reports are true. If there is one deserving person of immortalisation at Emirates then it is Arsene Wenger. How can you recognise three of the players Wenger made great and fail to acknowledge the one who crafted them into great professionals? It would not make sense, would it? Besides, Wenger is the brain and craftsman behind the very stadium where the statues are situated! What greater honour can you give such a man than having his statue at the very stadium he helped build? This is in addition to winning several trophies in addition to turning Arsenal into an international brand name. Many of us are Arsenal supporters partly because of Wenger.

  3. It should be called Wenger Stadium, he managed to have it built and paid for by keeping us in top4 with bunch of kids.

    He should be in the board or somewhere around, and treated as Man U and Football treat legends.

    His presence in stadium would be beautiful and powerful, it is missing when I see Sir Alex at every man U games.

    We have a cowboy with no values as owner!

    1. “It should be called Wenger Stadium”
      This is what I was thinking when I saw this title, but I prefer “Arsene Stadium”. ’cause he was the reason why I love Arsenal and I watch EPL. And I thought Arsenal is named after Arsene.

  4. Of course he should have a statue, no problem at all with that and pleased he is getting one. George Graham anyone?

    1. One nil to the Arsenal GG? Football wasn’t overly pretty but he had a decent record

      Arsene Wenger put Arsenal on the map at a momentous time in football history. He absolutely deserves to be remembered for his achievements

  5. Off course, Arsene Wenger deserves all the respect and applause for what he has achieved in last 22 years at Arsenal baring those last couple of years. Most fans across the world know\recognize Arsenal due to Arsene Wenger’s style of play in early and mid 2000. He deserves the credit and statue for what Arsenal is today. We fans are indebted to him for his contribution to the club.

  6. Great timing too as the last two years has shown how much he really achieved with so many limitations. Most fans who ridiculed and disparaged him have seen that the grass is much browner over the fence.

  7. Brilliant news and responses from the supporters/fans.

    This is a recognition of his record, history and time at our club – his club as well, as he continues to follow our results and progression.

    At no time has he ever said a negative word about the club, his treatment by a minority of our fans and his players.

    Likewise, he has never blamed anyone, including kronkie and gazidis, for his last two years that witnessed his resignation.

    We have moved on as a club and that is how it should be, but our history is what makes The Arsenal and Arsene Wenger holds a unique place in that – thank you Le Prof.

  8. One of the stands has to be named after him. “Wenger Wing”

    Nice statue out front of the Emirates with an Ambassador role at the club and having the fans chant for him after everything he done for Arsenal.

    Times a healer and now could be the right time for him and the fans that he returns to where he should be at behind the scenes of the club he adores. Would do Mikel no harm anyway having him on board.

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