Wenger alert at all hours in search of three big Arsenal signings

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has stated that he is by the phone at all times, ready to talk business as he seeks three big arrivals this summer. The Gunners boss is believed to have been tasked with getting our transfer business sorted out quickly this summer, and is not resting on his laurels as he looks to meet those targets.

Wenger has revealed that he is eyeing three ‘big’ signings, although the word ‘big’ he emphasises as ability-wise, and not necessarily spending wise…

He said‘I would say maximum three [big signings].

‘Look, we have to be clear about what we understand as a big signing. Is Rob Holding a big signing or not?

‘A big signing is not necessarily linked with the amount of money spent. For example: a player you buy for £2m and a player you buy for £40m.

‘When you buy a player for £40m, everybody will have at the start a positive judgement. When you buy him for £2m, people say he cannot be good.

‘So the quality is most of the time linked with the amount of money, especially when the player is over 20, but sometimes it’s not necessarily always linked only with the money.’

With Kolasinac already signed on a free transfer, it remains to be seen whether he is including his name as one of said ‘three’, but hopefully he isn’t…

The manager also claimed that he is working hard to assure he has a strong squad in place for the coming campaign.

‘Between now and the [pre-season] tour we will work every day to get the best possible environment around the team and to strengthen the team,’ Wenger told the official website of the club’s summer tour.

‘That’s basically a lot of dark, invisible work. But that is demanded and that means never leave your seat without your phone, never go to bed without your phone, because anything can happen.

‘We will basically be on alert 24 hours a day.’

This summer has me the most anxious and excited as we await to find out our incoming transfers, and I’m already happy with the arrival of Kolasinac, who looks a mean, strong defender who pulls out of no tackle and is equally strong going forward.

Will our club pay off for the added priority of the coming transfer window? Which positions need most strengthening?

Pat J

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  1. Don”t talk about it.
    Just do it – you achieve nothing by talking to the press…

    1. While I agree action speaks louder than words, what is Wenger suppose to say when asked questions by the media?

      From what the media is reporting, Wenger does appear to be taking action and if that is the case then yay! about time! lol.

  2. If we keep the squad we have together we will need a Winger Douglas Kosta, dmf Gueye, Fabihno, Striker Lacazette, Belotti, Morata or Mbappe. I would also like us to get a WC Deep lying playmaker in the Santi role, Isco please A.W.
    I know that’s 4 but they are the areas that need attention, with Chambers coming back a better player and Holding looking the goods I think our defence is fine with Kolisinac coming in. Monreal can play on the left side off the back 3 and he played well there this season and Kolisinac can play L.W.B

  3. Maybe someone should tell Wenger to check his phone, it’s probably on silent mode.?

    Okay.. Ospina is basically sold for €3 million, medical due next week.
    Sanchez is definitely off, he refused a new deal and doesn’t want Europa league. Even though the media are suggesting that two clubs are strongly linked to him, City will no doubt be offering more ???? than Munich.
    Oh And Bellerin looks set to join Barcelona.
    Yup, Wenger will be busy ….. Counting the money ?

    1. lacazette 45
      lemar 25
      corentin tolisso 35
      onyekuru 7
      kolisinac free

      we sell

      12 for gibbs
      4 ospina
      13 for perez (unfair as it is- but hes not being player)
      25 theo (ive wanted him gone for centuries)

      so basically we need to spend 70 this window

      come on wenger – make it happen

      1. West Ham have jumped ahead of Arsenal & are lining up Henry Onye-bike-kuru ? ? Wenger hasn’t responded to the extra 1 million that was needed to seal that deal.
        As for Lacazette, he prefers Utd over Arsenal.
        The other two you mentioned are pure BS rumours, maybe you should put the Fifa down and fire up your studio instead Muff? ??

        1. Funny. Whenever we are linked with a player, I won’t believe until its on Arsenal.com.

          But when our performing player is linked for away move, its more than likely to happen, even though reported by metro.

          That’s how low Wenger has brought Arsenal.

        2. You mock that young Henry player and I wonder if you would have mocked MBappe 12 months ago if you knew Wenger had spoken to him… You have no idea if the lad has genuine potential or just had a good season in a poor league. You show your ignorance.

          Lacazette has previously stated his admiration for Arsenal and he has also said that UCL isn’t a must, so how does that result in him preferring UTD? I do not know who he would prefer, I believe Wenger has a chance to sweet talk him if we are serious in bidding for him so who knows.

        1. same with Wilshere, even though he is even more useless. At least Theo can score goals, Wilshere just does nothing nowadays.

  4. He should strengthen in midfield, attack and a goalkeeper and pay what ever the cost too, if he got £150 million they say Action speak louder than words

  5. he learnt his lesson! take your phone everywhere in case Gazidis tries to buy Danny Wellbeck mark II.

  6. This Mbappe talk reminds me of the summer I spent trying to pronounce ‘Higuan’ only to learn that it’s Sanogo’ Anyone here who believes we can bid 130m for mbappe is not a true Arsenal fan that would be beyond delusion!

  7. Wenger should just spare himself from tllk as he has lost his credibility a long time ago

    And even if its true, what are Arsenal going to do with those 3 new signings, what change would that make ( inner voice is yelling at him calling him names like old fart, and french frog out of frustration )

    Lets say we get messi, ronaldo and clone ramsey, haha XD

    Would we then get a shoot to win something with Wenger?

  8. Ask for neymar in return for berellin or dont sell. Berellin+100mileuro would do it. If van Dijk is worth 70 million pounds so is hector.

  9. I said here were are getting lacazette and when I say it’s day my instinct is always right! Out of 76
    of lacazette goals 20 are from penalties, but don’t they even call cr7 the. best player penanka,welcome to Arsenal Lacazette goals are goals #haters gonna hate

    1. I reckon it’s Lacazette too, we’ve shown to much interest in him for us to not go for it and make sure. Lacazette saying he’d join a non CL team, once he gets a start at CF, I knew he felt this way the moment we didn’t make it. Atletico dropping out helps, but I feel he would have chosen us anyway. I’m very confident on this signing, manu want Greizmann, he knows this, and Mourinho wont have the patience Wenger would. He’ll have a clear run in our team, I reckon PSG could’ve been a problem but it doesn’t like it.

  10. 24hrs alert! always with the phone thanks Arsene the transfers customer care! you always work on transfers 24hrs and not afraid to spend
    we know you liar!

  11. “That’s a lot of dark, invisible work”

    I knew there was magic and the occult at work at the Emirates. How else could it be under his spell.

    AW: “bring me another goat to slaughter they are starting to Wake from my spell of illusion”

    1. We have a fighting cock lined up this season, we’re intending to piss all over it before we knock it’s head off with a cannon.

  12. I think we sell ospina, gibbs, Perez maybe Theo Walcott debuchy Jenkinson,
    In come lazarette, lemar, tolisso and sidibe

  13. I’m getting sick of listening to talk, the man never shuts up. And hearing similar old lines with a tweak really bugs me. I’ve read that part about “look, we have to be clear on what we call a big signing, it gets worse every time I read it. It’d be great if he just went and added some big players to our spine. Then if he wants to talk about what they all bring ..I’ll be all ears.

    I do like the noises around the Kolasinac signing I must say, and I liked how we knew next to nothing about interest, it was smartly done. The trouble here is reporters will be watching his every move, then managers can get a sniff and aim to put a spanner in the works.

    1. Wenger does like to waffle on these days. Is it me or does he do so a lot more than before.

      Maybe it’s the old age, where he is just happy for company and a ear to cry into?

  14. Sell wallcott..gibbs..ospina..jenkinson…elnney..perez……total amount 70 millon put another 130 million to the 70 million and spend it on 5 players

  15. Is it only me that doesn’t feel the lacazette hype? We should not overhype players in French ligue 1. Bar psg and Monaco, basically any team in epl can beat the rest of the teams in france any day. I think we should rather go for a proven epl striker, or at least go for a stiker in either psg or Monaco. Lacazette might turn out to be worse than giroud. Theres a good reason France coach picks giroud ahead of lacazette. Lets not get too excited

    1. It has more to do with the fact Dechamps likes targetmen. He even brought Gingac to Euros last year, doesn’t play Griemann as main striker. You do what works best for your team, and Giroud is the best targetman France has. Since Giroud gets ST position over Griezmann, does that also make him better? Getting Lacazette would improve Arsenal. 3 seasons he has 20+ goals, and I know it’s Ligue 1, but that is also the league that most talented players come from recently too, and France NT is just overloaded with talent.

  16. Not buying it….WENGER just signed his Contract now is time to sell tickets, so stories flow linking us with Mbappe and others, we are so gullible that they are feeding us with these big signings stories while Alexis is out the door , so far the only signing has been a free transfer…..if we are lucky a last minute signing to replace Alexis paid with the money we will get for him….another year at AFC

  17. I agree with Wenger’s point that “Big” players can be bought for transfer fees that are not big, and a few hidden gems turn out to be big players despite not costing much, but it’s only a few.

    Some big-money signings turn out to be flops, but they are the minority. Therefore it’s a safer bet to spend big money on big players, rather than expecting to get “Big” players for tiny prices.

    He always says that he’s doing everything possible to sign “Quality” but often fails to do so. This sounds like more of the same old rubbish that we hear every season.

    It’s like he’s staying up all night to get to the front of the queue for the big sale, and hope that the shop has some incredible bargains for him.

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