Wenger: Alexis deal is likely – Mkhitaryan loves Arsenal – and Aubemeyang is a secret!

After the agent of Henrik Mkhitaryan admitted yesterday that the deal to take the Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez to Man United hinged on whether his client would agree to to move in the opposite direction, now we have had clarification from Arsene Wenger that the negotiations were still up in the air, but he agreed that he likes Mkhitaryan and the Armenian striker loves Arsenal. “Of course. If it’s a possibility it’s because I like the player.” Wenger said.

“We played against him many times when he was at Dortmund so he has appreciated the quality of our games, and the way we play football. So, that’s why he loves the club as well.”

Again Wenger was a bit more open on this transfer than us Arsenal fans are used to, and this is how Le Prof responded wwhen asked about Alexis going to Man United. “It can happen, and it can as well not happen. It’s at that stage.” he said.

“I work on transfers for 30 years, so it is likely to happen, but at any moment, any minute, things can break down. That’s how the transfer market is. So, as long as it’s not over the line, you have to accept that it can as well not happen. These things are not guaranteed.”

The boss was then asked if Mkhitaryan was set to be the Sanchez replacement he was looking for, and he said: “This would be an exchange of players, and one would replace the other. Are we still on the transfer market after that? Yes.”

So that is about as good as we have ever got from Wenger on any transfer dealings, but it looks like we could still be in for Aubameyang. Wenger refused to say a deal was close, but he wasn’t worried about the Gabonese international’s disciplinary record. “I have nothing to add to that,”

“This kind of things, it’s better when it’s secret and you don’t come out on it. Announce it, when it’s over the line..apart from the deal we just spoke about, Sanchez – Mkhitaryan, that could happen. Nothing else is close.”

Asked if the player would fit in, he added: “Yes, because character can be a very positive note and a very negative note.

“I believe overall, you look at the achievement of the player over his career and usually when the career has been very positive, the character has been used in a positive way.”

That shows that Wenger is open to the deal, but will he get it done?



  1. Maks says:

    I was hoping for Mkhitaryan before he joined Man Utd. Now we have him (still not 100%) and he hates Mourinho. I like that.
    After all this saga and when I see that Alexis is going for money and not to win big things, somehow I am more relaxed.
    And if we get Aubemeyang that would be fantastic.
    First very good news from Arsenal in long time… I am just hoping that Mkhitaryan is not replacement for Ozil.
    Thank you Sven Mislintat, welcome to the Arsenal FC.
    Wenger out asap.

    1. tas says:

      Maks last season Mkhitaryan was far more effective then Ozil, Ozil has just only in the last couple of months started playing like the shadow of the player he once was, not taking anything away from Ozil in fact if he caries on playing the way he dose his amazing and also don’t forget MK is a more of a winger where Ozil is more central attacking midfielder so they can both play in the same game

      1. Maks says:

        Of course they can… at Dortmund Mkhitaryan played more free role switching positions, and Ozil can also adapt. It will be great to see them together, but I am afraid that again we will be short for two more players (and a Manager) to be always dangerous.
        We need CD and CDM.

        1. tas says:

          Rome wasn’t built in a day HAHA but for shore it didn’t take as long as it dose at Arsenal to get players

    2. Anko says:

      I have ran away from all news Arsenal until today. A little bit of hope. Let’s just hope we get Mkhi and Aubemeyang. And I will not be too scared to come here anymore.

  2. Phil says:

    Very good player who will fit in well with Laca Ozil and Abua if he comes.Sanchez did not want to be here so let’s get players who want to play for our club.Wenger knows his time is fast running out and will not just roll over.

  3. Declan says:

    From listening to his press conference it sounds to me like we will get Auba and Mikki but not Malcom.

    1. Maks says:

      Maybe it s not everything up to him anymore. 🙂

      1. Phil says:

        Let’s hope so

  4. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Borussia Dortmund are looking for 61M for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang I think Wenger will Buckle at this price.

    1. Marty says:

      Wenger will probably offer 30 million and we will miss out on him because we won’t pay the asking price, same as what happened with Lemar.

  5. Phil says:

    Not counting players in we have or are reported to have received £10m for Coq £35m for Sanchez and £20m for Wally.Lets not forget the £40m we banked for Ox.That is £105m that is sat there to spend just on incomings.Still Stan could always buy a bit more land(Mexico) to add to his back garden

  6. Josh says:

    I thought we need a DM n a CB?

    In Wenger’s shallow Mind;
    We will only get Mkhi, we’ll only tlk about Auba jst to mk dreaming fans dream on but he’ll not sign him, cech ll play DM, nelson GK, n since we re not goin to get auba, mertasacker can play CF, he’s tall n strong jst like cech.
    Borin transfer….. Until wenger changes his name to Simeone or anyone ll I bliv a trash he spit.

    I just ask ds question always, are we stuck to ds man because his name sounds like our club? ARSENe–AL Wenger?

  7. bran911 says:

    He’s giving us hopes that it might not happen, he never accepts anything that will have negative impact in the team even though it’s on the verge of happening, always lying

    Auba can come and play on the wing, we have no right wing, Wenger will automatically put him there

    1. Cor says:

      Don’t be silly. He’s scored 161 goals in 220 games.

      1. bran911 says:

        From the wing genius boy? I said your master will put him in the wings just like how he destroyed other gr8 players.. I have no doubt on Auba’s goal scoring abilities

  8. James Puot says:

    Aubemeyang & Mkhitaryan the are good

  9. Kedar Damle says:

    If we get Aubameyang then it will fantastic Transfer window for us… We can have some heavyweights starting at the same time…
    With Ramsey and Wilshere can play as CM… Bellerin as RWB and Kolasinac as LWB…
    Mkhitaryan ahead of Ramsey and Wilshere behind 2 hitman Lacazzate and Aubameyang…

    1. Maks says:

      I am afraid Ramsey is a surplus here. We need a real CDM beside our new captain Jack Wilshere.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Tell ’em Maks

  10. Innit says:

    Mkhitaryan is a very talented and useful ⚽player. He can play on wings and in centre. Excellent passing skills. Give him a chance ?. But with our luck Wenger ?may screw this up like he did Lemar

    No matter who comes, Kroenke, Wenger? and Gazidas ??? need to go

    1. Phil says:

      I think Ivan G is slowly transforming the structure of the club and Wenger is finally aware of his diminishing influence. Time will tell

  11. Joseph says:

    We really need a figure in Mikhi at our Wing he can do better like Mahrez

  12. Coldzero says:

    I doubt we will get Auba or Malcom, seems like either paper talk or Arsenal BS to me.

    Mkh I think will be good for us though – always liked him when he was as BVB and initially he was very good for Manu first season.

    Will be glad to see the back of Alexi- I think things will improve now as without a doubt he has been causing mischief in the dressing room.

  13. Muff diver says:

    Mkhi is turning 29 he needs to hit the ground running .huge risk . Plus his agent is a knob jockey

    Man United have mugged us here
    We gave them one of me leagues best players for essentially someone who was excellent in Germany but has been atrocious here

    U can all flip it like if we get aubemeyang they can pair up etc
    But a big team would have not let this happen .

    I for one don’t see it .
    An anticipate u all crying when he kills it at Trafford cos that’s what Sanchez does .
    Every league every team he has ever plAyed in –
    Killed it ..that’s what world class is
    Not excuses just talent an results

    Yet someone who had one excellent season in Germany in what a 12 year career is a good swap


    1. Coldzero says:

      Alexi may be all those things you mentioned or he may not- but one thing that is for sure is that he does not want to play for Arsenal.

      So we either offload now and get something for him – or we wait until the summer and have his sulking and histrionics until then and get nothing for him.

      There is no choice in it whatsoever- none.

      1. muffdiver says:

        why is there no choice ?
        20 mill from city going towards someone younger than 29 not a good shout?
        agree he couldnt stay but we ballsed this up really badly an helped man united of all people

        1. Coldzero says:

          We always balls it up- always.

          1. Sue says:

            Yeah that is sh*t that we’re helping United out

        2. Coldzero says:

          And let’s think about this- does everyone honestly believe that Alexi and Maureen will get on well? Those two fall out and there will be handbags at dawn in that dressing room- they are bound to fall out.

    2. tas says:

      our main problems are not in offence its in defense we have a lot of talent going forward with Sanchez or with the new possible incomers, we have no one who understands defending and as much as i love Cech his no longer the player he was couple of seasons ago

  14. tas says:

    i think Mkhitaryan had his nose rubbed a bit by a big club so if he comes and settles at Arsenal he could be a long term respected player and a possible captaincy in making

  15. Sue says:

    I’m going to hate seeing Sanchez in a United top!! I hope this does work out for us though (sod united)

    1. tas says:

      if Sanchez he went to City then EPL would of been one horse race like in Germany and France so out of the two i rather he went to United because there is always a possibility Mourinho will throw a wobbly and mess with Sanchez’s head or the whole team, IMO the man is a ticking time bomb

      1. Sue says:

        I personally would have rather he went to City

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Don’t worry Sue, if we get Auba he’ll more than make up for Alexis, his a goal machine.

  16. Coldzero says:

    It seems AW may have annoyed BVB now…..he said in his conference that AUB would fit in our squad….what he has omitted to do is actually to make any contact as yet with BVB as to availability or value etc. Now they they have the hump.

    BVB are saying their has been no arsenal contact as yet.

    More of this smoke and mirror BS- we will not go for Aub, it’s either paper talk or Arsenal BS.

  17. Vlad says:

    We all have known that Sanchez is leaving for quite some time now. Nothing new there. What we thought though was that he is an ambitious player who wants to win trophies. Well, if he does end up going to United, then he’s nothing more but another money hungry mercenary. I’ve already lost quite a bit of respect for Sanchez, and I will probably lose the rest. Thanks for memories, our Little Chilean Le Sulk, but I’d rather have someone who actually cares playing for Arsenal. Mikki would be a fine addition, IMHO.

  18. Gooner97 says:

    Finally a bit more transparency from Wenger!
    Looking forward to the end of the Sanchez saga.
    Could do with a few more signings though…
    Arsenal Squad: (Starting XI / Subs)


    Bellerin/Niles – Mustafi/Chambers – Kos/Mert – Kolasinac/Monreal


    Miki/Ramsey – Ozil/Wilshire

    Mahrez/Malcom – Auba/Giroud – Lacazette/Nelson

    Still need a new CB to partner with Mustafi – Just not sure on who though…
    Personally I’d love Khedira as well! Need a solid out and out DM who can sit in front of our back four and read the game well, let our attacking players have security when they play.
    Want to see Wilshire play more as well.

    1. dennis10bergkamp says:

      This is waaaay too attacking.
      Ozil will play behind Auba and Lacazette.
      Mahrez will never join, those crazy motherf*ckers want 60M.
      And we need DM like Dendoncker or Ndidi.

      Defense is decent when fit.

  19. Kaycy says:

    All fingers crossed

  20. bratajerry says:

    fans should be given chances to discuss about transfer of players.since i the days i came to be arsenal fc fan,all players who look to be the stars in the club run away from the club what is all about this?Alaxis is out and still we are seeing ozil is ata the door,the managers should be able to negotiate with players in order to sign for more contract.for sure the club is at the top in business

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