Wenger – Alexis wants to play but I can’t let him!

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger made a big mistake last week against Leicester by allowing Alexis Sanchez to stay on the pitch after getting injured in the first half, and he admitted his error after the game.

Having realised that, he has now decided that he must not listen to his star player but start taking his own council on Alexis’ fitness. Wenger said: ‘He didn’t look right on Tuesday night. He got a knock on his knee and he was not feeling himself like he was before. There was not the same intensity as before.

‘It is a concern. He wants so much to play. But he still has a problem. It is muscular and should not be a problem. But if he is not available for Sunday he should be okay for the next game.

‘If there is any medical risk he will not play. He is the type that you have to hold back. At the moment he has not been out on the pitch but if there is no medical risk I might play him.’

When Sanchez was playing every single game in the first half of the season, many JustArsenal readers were calling for him to be rested so as to avoid burnout, as we have seen with so many Arsenal players in the past, but Wenger seemed convinced that “Mr Duracell” could carry on playing without any need to rest. Hopefully Wenger will now be more forceful with the Chilean when he says he wants to play….

To be fair though, earlier in the season we didn’t have many other strikers available to give Alexis a rest, but now with Ozil, Walcott and Giroud (and even Gnabry!) back from long term injuries, there should be ample opportunities for Wenger to give more recovery time to Alexis, and he MUST use them….

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  1. Dannosslar says:

    Rest him for the champions league plss

  2. Cappieee says:

    I lyk dat. “MR DURACELL”. prediction for d Match, Arsenal 4- Boro 1. Ozil to score Anytym in d match. Buzzing for a Win

    1. RWRW says:

      Speak properly

      1. Cappieee says:

        That’s how we speak where i come from.

        1. RWRW says:

          Yer I’m sure it is but your using a keyboard not your voice… so speak english

          1. goonerbri says:

            Love it!!! haha, i hate all that, dis, dat, talk. save all that for texting your mate. some of us on here are interested in your comments, but i stop reading comments written like that.

          2. ArseOverTit says:

            Not a great response gramaticay or structurally and you should use uppercase ‘I’ but I agree with your sentiment.

            Perhaps he is dyslexic or never went to school to learn ‘proper’ english?

            #Devils advocate

          3. Cappieee says:

            And u did ryt? A$$hfole.

          4. rools says:

            I seriously don’t understand what you just wrote.

          5. ArseOverTit says:

            I was defending you mate.

            I change my mind..learn English!;)

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    caLm down ALexis!…….. I Love ur passion, ur zeaL, ur Ego and ur desire……. But we really really need you against monaco…… pLs pLs pLs

  4. Benjas24 says:

    The important thing should be that we rest him well for the Monaco game. We can beat Palace without him, it’s no use risking him and play with a half Sanchez against Monaco.

  5. Twig says:

    Put him on a leash.

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    Colney training ground Saturday morning/

    scezher: boss, I’m a better keeper than that Rocky wannabe oooo00000Ospina! You should play me on Sunday instead of him..

    Wenger: are you sure?

    Scezher: definetly!

    Wenger: ok then, your in. Now let me get on with trying to zip up this f@ckin coat..sacre bleu!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Wonder if the Alexis fitness conversation was similar to this?

  7. fred cowardly says:

    Is there any Arsenal player with more heart, passion, who works extremely hard every single game and wants to play every single game then Alexis? Maybe, but Alexis always shows it.

    Really, one of Wenger’s best signings.

  8. Darwin says:

    I think Alexis injuries are less to do with burnout and more with tackles from the opposition players. I get he needs time to recover like most athletes, but come on, with his muscular body he will recover faster than most others. Also I understand players with his capacity wanting to play more games. Hazard, Messi, Ronaldo, they play most of their games and I hardly see them “burning out”. I guess proper body conditioning is required at Arsenal for better recovery after games.

    But I still believe the knee tackles, body checks and ankle slides Sanchez has been receiving is the issue here. I also think Ozil is being targeted in similar fashion by the opposition.

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