Is Wenger already regretting his new Arsenal contract with the club in crisis?

We may never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what went on behind the scenes at Arsenal last season, and what was the thinking behind Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board and owner as they thought about the future and whether the Frenchman should carry on as manager, although I suspect there may be a book or two coming from the pen of Le Prof once he has finally left the club which may shed light on the whole saga.

It was certainly a strange situation as the Arsenal fans and the playing squad were left in limbo wondering whether there would be a new man in charge this season or not and Wenger has already said this summer that the uncertainty may have had a negative effect on our season.

Now we are hearing that the man himself had serious doubts about signing the new contract that was offered to him, as reported by the BBC, as he questioned his own ability to take the club and the team forward after so many years.

Wenger said, “I’ve been there for so long that you always wonder, can you still take the team to the next level?

“I’ve been at Arsenal many years and last season we struggled a lot.”

But why tell us this now I wonder? Could it be that our manager, like many of the Arsenal fans, think he made a mistake and should have called it a day after last season, especially after the FA cup trophy win gave him the chance to go out on a high. The start of this season has certainly not given Wenger the start to his new contract he would have been hoping for.

He went on, “This year we won our first game, we weren’t as good in the second match and then we had a catastrophic performance.

“But now we have to recover and, as always in a time of crisis, you have to win your next game.”

Do you get the impression that Wenger is already regretting the decision to stay on as Arsenal manager?


Updated: September 4, 2017 — 6:34 pm


  1. No!
    He loves his pay and will never regret being paid that much for not measuring up to the standard expected of him, he is too greedy for that.
    He does not love the Club like he claims (IMO).
    Anyhow which way, we need a turnaround of fortunes to keep Arsenal close to the top until we find a suitable replacement for the greedy Man.

    1. Agree. Like what Mourinho said, Wenger has the most secured managerial job in Premier League. If I were Wenger, I also prefer to stay in the comfort zone when the retirement time is creeping out.

    2. Even though PSG offered him a whopping 16m/year? I think not. I believe there’s an agreement with him Webber and the club just like the agreement they had when the new stadium was built.

      1. Urrhhhh. Source please, of this ‘fact’?

  2. As long as Wenger is still at Arsenal we will not win any major tittle, the only issue I have with the owner is not sacking the yoghourt man, I have a feeling we will see bellerin at left wing back, cech as top 9, wallcot at centre back, ozil right wing, lacazette at DM and we are blaming the board.

  3. Regrets the criticism maybe. He took the job and the higher wages; the criticism comes with that also.

    Instead of complaining about money, contracts, fan support, etc… How about the hairdryer treatment for our underperforming squad, get them to play together like a group of very highly paid professional footballers. That will get fans back onboard.
    Petr Chech can give you some pointers i hear; he can rough talk with the best of them.

    1. How can they perform when they are being played in the wrong positions?

  4. Wenger said, “I’ve been there for so long that you always wonder, can you still take the team to the next level?

    Does anyone remember when Arsene did succeed in taking the team to the next level in the last 5 or 10 years? (level up that is before some of your smart ar5es points to the levels we have been going down to in recent season:)?

  5. It’s complete rubbish

    He would be an idiot to give the job up.
    1. £9 million a year
    2. Total control or more control than most managers
    3. Job security. Low expectations. No requirements of winning trophies or challenging for the PL.
    4. Living and working in London
    5. £9 million per year salary LOL

    BTW we mainly criticise Kroenke and Wenger (deservedly so) but Gazidas deserves some too. He gave the impression we would get quite a few top signings. Now he has hailed our summer as very successful and he also said it proves that they DON’T mainly care about money

    I want him out too just for those stupid comments alone. Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidas need to leave

    1. It seems that Arsenal fans fall for this ploy every year whereby Wenger and the board promise to bring
      in new players . The idea behind this is to get the fans to buy seasonal tickets. if you buy sesaonal tickets then the owners and the board are not bothered even if the fans decide to boycott games because the money is already in the bag. Fans need to stop buying seasonal ticket and all merchandise because that is the only language Stan understands.
      You just need to look at how the teams he owns in the US are underperforming for one to understand that winning trophies is is the least of his priorities.


  6. I just feel sorry for whoever finally takes over from Wenger. What a mess they’ll be inheriting.

    1. Let’s face it..even with a tight uninterested owner and ceo/board someone like allegri for example could do a lot more with the resources on offer.

      His man management, motivation, tactics, and playing states would all be superior to Arsene Wonga. It is true to say though the head needs cutting off so the ultimate aim must be to remove Kroenke and Ivan the terrible so that the club can be great again and aspire to more.

  7. No Wenger will be thrilled with
    the transfer window.
    He has not lost any key players
    and has added Lacazette and will be
    expecting to make top 4 and extend
    his contract by another 12 months.

  8. Frankly Ambition isn’t a word I can associate with Arsenal. Keeping Ozil and Sanchez was down to the fact it would cost more to replace them and the chances are they would have been replaced by deadwood standard players and Wenger and Co truly wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if this had occurred. The fact the nobody actually wanted Ozil doesn’t make us ambitious in keeping him. Keeping Sanchez could be a bigger mistake than giving Wenger a new contract (highly doubtful though as Sanchez doesnt force left backs to cb or rb to lb). If we see zero return of Sanchez this season and fail to get in the champions league how we going to afford to replace him as its pretty obvious we need to sell before we buy. In my opinion its 50 50 on wether Ozil stays and Sanchez is 110% gone. So next summer we will be looking to improve the team and replace those two players with a budget between 50/80 million less if we dont qualify for any European competition. Another poor season from Xhaka and i believe he could potentially leave aswell along with Mustafi. The sales from those two will possible bring in 35 40 million. Only 30 less than we bought them for ONE SEASON AGO yes 3 player bought last season are either poor or want to leave Mustafi Perez and Xhaka. So in conclusion we will be two world class players down with 80 million to replace half a team and an incompetent manger who latest signings have mostly been failures, Mustafi Perez Welbeck Debuchy Xhaka Elneny Gabriel Chambers. Now lets look at his postive signings firstly Petr Cech quality goal keeper however not many years left at the top. Sanchez world class player now wants to leave the club. Ozil assist master wont sign a new contract likely to leave. Lacazetti only joined because he couldn’t go Athletico and burned his bridges with Lyon. So 4 out of his last 12 signings have been a success with 2 of them ready to jump ship and another near retirement age. DOES THIS FILL YOU WITH CONFIDENCE FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON AND ALL SEASONS UNDER ARSENE AND KROENKE?

  9. Who regrets a 10m pound, no pressure to deliver job. He is smiling all the way to the bank.. no regret whatsoever. He won’t last a quarter of a season at any other club on that salary and what he is delivering

  10. Who the hell cares what Wenger does or not regret. I only care about the club and I and vitually all other Gooners REGRET this fraud and fossil of a man is still, in theory anyway, actually managing us. In reality he couldn’t manage a sneeze, let alone a great football club. Our decline is down to his pathetic mismanagement and weird decisions. THAT is what I regret.

  11. Don’t forget Kroenke is building a $2.6 Billion stadium in LA for Rams and Chargers (I think). I also think he has borrowed $1 Billion. This affects us. Will he guarantee the loans using his stake in Arsenal?

    Also I read an interesting article about Kroenke’s sports ownership history. People in St Louis HATE Kroenke because he took the Rams to LA last year. Also, the Denver Nuggets are always mediocre in the NBA, and apparently Colorado Avalanche are having the worst season in NHL history.

    His track record Shows Kroenke does not care at all about winning. He is a sports club owner who buys stakes in clubs for money only. He has no respect for the fans. He is not Abrahamovich or Usmanov. And because he does not care, he won’t care when we protest either. He just wants our money

  12. I hope players keep on sabotaging him. I don’t think anyone with a footballing brain can honestly respect him for what he’s doing to the club for a few years now. And that includes his players. Even more so, as they’re forced to listen to his delusions every effin day. I bet that Ox is happy as can be for moving from a playground for an overpaid overdue pensioner into an actual football club.
    This is Wenger’s last season. He might not even make it until May. He lost both the fans AND the players. What more reason for the greedy yank and his board of lizardmen to think about an alternative right?

  13. why I don’t like Wenger is bcos he is always shying away from d truth hw can Wenger say that Liverpool defeat was a complete accident.
    why is he always using those words blip and accident,does he know the meaning of blip? u loose every now and then and call it blip or accident.after Bournemouth he will against Chelsea and come out and say is a blip.
    what does he take us for?
    Wenger out#

  14. WENGER and the board said they will bring in new players in the January Window. Then Wenger then said the January window should be scrapped. I don’t think Wenger know’s what he wants .

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