Wenger always did everything for Arsenal and will do until the day he leaves

Arsene Wenger has lived and breathed Arsenal for the last 22 years, and he sounds very sad that he has been forced out of the club. One thing is for sure his Autobiography on his time at Arsenal will be an amazing best seller, but when asked if he would reveal details about his departure he said he would do nothing but his best for the club until the end of the season. Wenger said: “I will come out on that a bit later, but I think at the moment it’s important to focus on what matters to people who love Arsenal, and that means the results of the next games.

“[Reveal more] after the game? No. I think after this game we have another game. At the end of the season, maybe [I reveal more].

“I believe what is interesting for people is to know who is in charge of the team and the future of the club.

“I feel I have dedicated my whole life to making this club a solid club with a strong foundation and in a healthy situation.

“I always said I wanted to leave the club with an opportunity for the guy who comes in to find a solid and ambitious club, and that’s what I will do until the last day of my career here.”

“First of all, I’m focused on the game because at the end of the day my job is to win the next game and we have to make separation between feelings and the emotions that can come with such a decision. What’s important is the job and I want to do well until the end.”

It is a great shame that what he has done was not quite what the fans wanted especially for the fans at the Emirates, despite having the second best home record in the League. To be fair, I think that some of the players let him down this season and had their own personal issues, but the fact is that the Boss lost the ability to inspire the players any more away from home, and he can’t understand the reasons either.

Whatever the reasons, we all have to admit that he always did what he thought was right for Arsenal, and he always tried to entertain us. It’s a shame it had to end this way, but thanks for the memories.

Maybe we can win the Europa League so he can leave with his head held high….

Sam P


  1. Manoj says:

    I think you ate generalising when you say that he has not done what the fans at Emirates wanted – you may have meant of the fans, perhaps the vociferous minority. The consistency with which he has got Arsenal performing with all the money that the other clubs have put in( being top 4 got 20 years is no mean feat) as well as having transformed the club into a world renowned club- which is perhaps not understood by any of the local fans, the model on how to move to a new stadium whole still having success on the field, – these things are more than memories. I would classify them as historical events that has changed the club. Younger fans, who admittedly are the majority who pay for the club to keep going, may not understand the history of the club as much as the older fans – have been a die hard fan for over 40 years, but hey I suppose I’ve to come to terms with that as well. I certainly don’t agree with their views, but prepared to accept that thier views matter too.

  2. Naija Jollof says:

    He was hurting the club. Arsenal is a top club and top clubs win league titles. Even if Wenger had another 3 years nothing is going to happen

    1. Thenry says:

      How was he hurting the club? He has built this club up to where it is today
      Th people hurting the club are moronic fans that have shown scant respect to Wenger and fans that don’t want this great mans tenure to end in such disgrace of being hounded out by a minority not a majority of fans
      We now have the worst fanbase in football

      1. Phil says:

        We now have a fanbase that at last can look forward to PROGRESS.This would not be happening under Wenger as he has proved over the last few seasons.He was SACKED because his ability to Manage Arsenal Football Club was so obviously gone.A club that now sits in SIXTH PLACE in the Premiere League table.His time was up 7-8 years ago and he knew this but brown-nosed Kronke into believing we would witness him become the second coming of the Messiah.FFS GET OVER YOURSELF and stop defending the ONE PERSON responsible for taken us to the SECOND TIER of both Domestic and European football.

      2. Thomo says:

        Thenry you are taking out of your backside. Firstly he never built this club Herbert chapma was our equivalent to shankly 2nd the fans gave him plenty of time since the new stadium and we’ve had to put up with teams that weren’t even good enough to challenge later on a manager who made the same mistake again and again,giving rubbish players contacts showing no tactical know how and finally going from top for to scrapping with Burnley for 6th place

        1. Rob says:

          Arsene Wenger….myopic….Arsenal fans blind!

          Herbert Chapman, great as he was, was not responsible for the evolution of football at AFC. He lived in a different era. He never managed the clubs move from Highbury. He never moved a team from boring boring arsenal or one nil to the arsenal, to great football that delivered so much. AFC since Wenger is second in the all time premier league for points, goals scored, wins, the ultimate performance measure of Wenger success over time.

          Man Utd under Mourhinho – SIXTH LAST SEASON. Liverpool EIGHTH season before. Try to see beyond your own bias.

          Wenger set new standards, created the invincibles, changed British football culture, diets, training regimes, raised the technical standards and delivered consistency that only one other English team and one manager could live with.

          Outside of AFC, Wenger is applauded by everyone, managers and players worldwide. It’s only AFC fans (and frankly mostly those that sit on their arses moaning) that simply can’t deal with the fact that the EPL is the most competitive league in the world, that other teams have a massive financial advantage and Wenger has pretty much always punched above his weight. The very thing some of you now seek from a new manager.

          For those that don’t follow too closely there’s only one PL winner, and unless I’m mistaken the fans at Spuds and Liverpool are still waiting (and have been throughout the ENTIRE EPL history) and only those at Chelsea, City and United – coincidentally all bankrolled by oil or Russian state funds that have actually done it…other than our own Arsene Wenger, on a budget! Then there is the other major domestic trophy, the FA cup. No one gets close. Wenger and AFC are the kings.

          We move on, and I’m sure the team will get a lift from a new manager. We’ll spend some money and hopefully improve the team and squad. Will the owner/club change their approach and spend money on the level of city, Utd etc. No is the answer. So let’s see where we are in 18 months. Doing well, I very much hope!

  3. Innit says:

    Not really. Or at least he did the wrong things. Still No defensive midfielder after over a decade. Or even a top box2box player with very strong defensive skills ie Viera would have sufficed(This must be a priority for the new manager).

    Damn I just broke my own promise not to criticise him. Anyway, the truth is that his stubborness and failure to change his ways led to his downfall. So no he didn’t do everything he could.

  4. wenger says:

    How about Spurs? They’ve got it all? Best striker, best AMC, best keeper, defense, yet can’t win anything! lol. Poch is breaking down big time, with the wage offered they will lose their key players soon. It happened to us.

    Spurs position is very similar to Arsenal years ago. I would say worse. Difference is that we have Wenger and they have Poch. If I was a Spurs fan, would it be right to keep him another year or get a new manager? Ah not too easy isnt it!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Spurs without Kane would have finished outside top 6

      the same with Sallah….powering Liverfool

      Hence we did well in securing Lacazette and Aubameyang…

      our firepower will be lethal but our defense need strengthening

  5. John Wick says:

    There’s no doubt Wenger done an amazing job for over 10 years and that will always be greatly appreciated and I’m thankful for seeing his work from day one but we must be realistic since our move to the Emirates he began to decline, recruiting average players and constantly playing them when it was clear they were completely out of their depth not to mention trying to clone Barcelona’s style, failing to see the error of his ways time and time again then there was the complete shambles of those Ill fated transfer windows dithering over transfer fees missing out on top players and of course there was Manuel Almunia the less said about that the better! All in all he’s had 22 years he’s not won a league title since 2004 he’s never won any European trophies as of yet and more annoyingly for a manager at a top club his team’s have taken quite a lot of hammerings down the years not the just odd one but a lot! It’s alright to feel sentiments toward the man he’s been here a long time but every dog has it day he can be aggrieved at the fans who had enough all he wants but the fact of the matter is he failed his objectives and people who pay hard earned money to be entertained were no longer entertained and they’re entitled to voice their opinions whether it hurts his feelings or not.. he can blame fan unrest for his departure but the truth is Arsene is the one who failed, his team’s are nowhere near challenging for league titles let alone the champions league the very thing fans were promised upon moving to the new stadium.. his own position at the club was unhealthy he had far too much control and outstayed his welcome for way too many years, I mean how many opportunities does he need ? Every season is the same or worse it just became repetitive! He may feel the club owes him but in truth the club owes him nothing he was paid to do a job and when your no longer adequate in your profession the writings on the wall regardless of how good you’re work used to be. He’s been blessed to have a wonderful job for the last 22 years a job thats made him a very wealthy man especially when other managers have been sacked for less than the continuous mistakes he’s made, I wish the man well in his future ventures but my only concern is for the club I love I won’t support a man who’s long past it out of sentiment. We’re getting a new manager it’s a new era something to be excited about it and for us arsenal fans that hasn’t happened for a very long time.. let’s unite again and bring this great club back to the glory days ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      We will never know who is right or wrong but

      the move to Emirates occurs almost the same time when Dein left…..

      Those days Dein ensured the extra millions would be paid ( Petit story)

      and contracts negotiation are also done by Dein

      Dein always had a way to convince the board…..

      After Dein left….is this not Gazadis role??

      we are unable to keep talent, sign talent and heaps of problems arise and etc…….

      our defense is an issue this season and Wenger wants a defender in Jan……

      and what had Gazadis/board had to offer? Jonathan Evans? because he fits into the budget?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I agree with the two Johns above. Great 8-10 years, then David Dein was driven out by the board. Wenger went away from the philosophy of player type selection, which had made Arsenal successful; strong mean defence (goal keeper and back four inherited from George Graham, then revitalized by Wenger), strong physically imposing midfield and strong combative self motivated leadership. I can not understand why he went away from this winning formula.

        1. John Wick says:


        2. John Ibrahim says:

          Back 4, Cashely Cole, Lauren, Campbell, Toure were inherited from George Graham too?

          It may be hard to keep the same winning formula if there is no support like Dein and always constantly being told to do likewise….but what happen behind the scenes we do not know….

          Wenger should have left together with Dein in 2007 and let Kroneke and Gazadis rot with limited spending…..

          unfortunately it was Dein idea for Wenger to stay on …..

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            John, please note I stated that the inherited back four were “revitalised by Wenger”; Cole, Lauren, Campbell and Toure represented that revitalization.

      2. John Wick says:

        John Ibrahim we had many opportunities to sign defenders not just January past and anyway it matters not what defenders we signed it’s obvious to everyone our defenders aren’t coached! I don’t blame Mr Wenger for all the problems but I do blame him for on field performances regarding dein it may be true that our transfer dealings have been shambolic since his departure but isn’t it true Wenger identified those mediocre players that were brought in? He’s the one who worked with them, trained them and kept playing them, that in my eyes is failure and yes not everyone will agree with me I don’t expect them too.. some people will blame everyone, everyone except the manager through their blind loyalty to the man and that’s why it’s called (Blind Loyalty) refusal to see the obvious! So let’s agree to disagree

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          John Wicks

          you have your views and I respect that…

          Wenger has his flaws tooo…..not a perfect manager and should share some of the blame….

          sometimes I wish he would gave the multi millionaire slackers ..multiple hair dryer treatments everyday….

          however, we do not know whats going on behind the scenes….maybe they are good during training, drills or game play….

          at one stage Kostafi combination was 2nd best in the league…..

          this season injuries and inconsistencies and errors cause by Cech and Mustafic causes us at least 15 points……

          The season prior if not for the injuries of Gabriel and BFG we wouldn’t have signed Mustafic….

          the season prior BFG and Kos partnership was again 2nd best in the league…..

          one of the issues is every time we strengthen one area….we lose the other
          we are always lacking of something every season….

          1. John Wick says:


        2. emmanuel says:

          then who is the next manager of the club

  6. I’ve had just about enough of these Wenger articles! What’s your angle @Admin? Do you want us to continue with the infighting because that’s all these articles are doing. The man was sacked/resigned it’s over why are we still discussing him? Every article now should be about our future, potential managers, players, trophies BUT NOT WENGER.

    1. Admin says:

      That’s very strange as Wenger is still the manager. It wasn’t very long ago that everyone was complaining that every article about our tactics, our future and our football were ALL turned into a Wenger discussion. Because you wanted the infighting.
      Now Wenger is leaving you can stop your blind hatred and let people respect our greatest manager ever.

      1. Is this what you call respect? @Eezzee licking Wenger’s boots and @Phil slaming him for it? Given the massive investment Kroenke has made in the last few years and our consequent lack of progress I think you’d also agree nothing really mattered if that one constant (Wenger) still remained. That is why EVERY article turned into a Wenger bashing. But guess what, we WERE right, and Kroenke SACKED him and this is the last time am wasting any more of my time on that inept dinosaur that was running the club into the ground while you AKBs happily worship him.

        1. Admin says:

          You really are full of hate aren’t you. So anyone who respects what Wenger has done for the club is an AKB to you? I, for one, agree that it is time for Wenger to leave, but he gave us very many happy years and an awful lot of trophies, so he DOES deserve respect from ALL Arsenal fans whatever their current opinion. Look Wenger is leaving, so I think it’s time you took a chill pill and let the hate go. You can abuse someone else next year okay?

          1. Why would I need to abuse someone else next year? You reckon the next coach will deliver another 8-2 hammering? Or another 10-2 humiliation? If he will then you are absolutely right, I will be back here with the abuse..count on it.

          2. Phil says:

            QD-I’m totally with you on this regarding Wenger.I refuse to give him an ounce of respect as he has slowly but surely allowed us to decline to the position we now find ourselves.He was happy to accept the plaudits when he was competing for the MAJOR TROPHIES in the first half of his career here but that was then not now.He has FAILED and he was SACKED because eventually even the Owner And Board could not allow him to drag us further down the table.

          3. Lexynal says:

            Now that AW is gone…let’s see how the moronic fans wish to change the board and the policy. They forgot that unfortunately. Welcome to the reality….the new manager will have #50M to spend the next summer. AW had been great managing lean purse to achieve great things. Not sure of any manager who managed to win the same number of trophies in the last 5 years when compared to AW. Everyone knows how muuch Spurs have spent in years and are yet to play in any final (talk-less) of a trophy in the last 10 years. I guess those moronic Arsenal fans admire that as well and they are more than welcome to jump ship. Anyways, AW is already great; he his been silently and openly admired by fellow managers and other football lovers world-wide. I am sure his statutes will welcome the moronic fans to Emirates all the time and they can choose to live with it or leave for it. Only One Arsene Wenger!

          4. Ozziegunner says:

            Why is it “moronic” to disagree with you?
            By the way I think you mean “statues” (still to be erected of Arsene Wenger), not “statutes”.
            Why would I want to follow another club aftet 56 years as an Arsenal supporter?

  7. Vanpayslip, Esq - Founder of Iwobi out of Arsenal Trust says:

    Just checked the odds and nice to see Rodgers has drifted out. Enrique now clear favourite according to the odds

  8. kklin says:

    Wenger was offered £9m to step down. I reckon that was in addition to his annual pay.

    1. Rob says:

      yeah and…? What’s your point.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Although AW deserved some respect from fans, there is just no need to exaggerate things.

    He did everything for Arsenal? I thought probably only first half of his stay, the rest is all about Kroenke.

    I don’t mean to chastised him but how about working for TV instead of looking for players during the WC.

    Whether he is a real angel, leave it to history for judgement. Overdoing something makes it look very fake.

  10. Lexynal says:

    Now that AW is gone…let’s see how the moronic fans wish to change the board and the policy. They forgot that unfortunately. Welcome to the reality….the new manager will have #50M to spend the next summer. AW had been great managing lean purse to achieve great things. Not sure of any manager who managed to win the same number of trophies in the last 5 years when compared to AW. Everyone knows how muuch Spurs have spent in years and are yet to play in any final (talk-less) of a trophy in the last 10 years. I guess those moronic Arsenal fans admire that as well and they are more than welcome to jump ship. Anyways, AW is already great; he his been silently and openly admired by fellow managers and other football lovers world-wide. I am sure his statutes will welcome the moronic fans to Emirates all the time and they can choose to live with it or leave for it. Only One Arsene Wenger!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      We read the first post!

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