Wenger always knew Joel Campbell would take his chance

There were many many Arsenal transfer rumours linking Joel Campbell with a move away from the club in the summer, as the Costa Rican international was not happy with sitting on the bench under Wenger, but the Boss says that he knew Campbell would get his chance to prove himself.

“I think he wanted to go [in the summer] because he didn’t play, which you can understand and as well because he didn’t play at all,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “Sometimes people want you to buy more and more players but after a while you have to look at your own players.

“He comes from Costa Rica, to get out of there and to come to [England] and to go different leagues and survive, you need some character and he has shown that again today. In our job, all you can do is be ready and when you get your chance, take it and I think he did.

“When he came back he was on the waiting list and finally he got the chance and I’m very happy for him.

“I think he worked very hard, defended very well, created chances in the first half – he had that shot that was not that far off. He had another shot and in the second half he scored a goal and on top of that he worked very hard.”

So Campbell has passed the first audition,and now he has to prove he can do it consistently if he is going to challenge The Ox and Aaron Ramsey for a place in the starting XI, starting tomorrow night in Munich.

Come on Joel, Wenger believed in you so now you have to prove him right!

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  1. I was laughed at when I said joel is the left footed hungry nasri…

    ok its abit far fetched, but I constantly looked at his youtube vidz and wondered by the fella never played…he has potential….

    arsenal will win Bayern munich if we keep the same focus we had at the emirates….

    I swear I heard ozil voice..applying for a loan.”hi this is mesut how may I assist you”…….

    imagine guys : Jan 2016, welbeck,wilshere,rosisky,walcot,ramsey,ox fully fit……wenger selection dilemma….

    alexis needs to score tomorrow……

    wenger needs a shorter coat……why…..to celebrate our win tomorrow when doing the grass slide….

    Im not crazy or weird….I just love arsenal…


  2. Is it only me who thinks Campbell always looks out of breath and gets tired easily? Maybe it’s a body language issue. He seems to pale out in the later stages of the game.

  3. Listen Baby Please

    Lets see How he plays against Bayern. Bayern is a bit better than Swanseeea on a dailyyyy

    Hopefully Joel will play well again

  4. phew!………..finally i get to be able to comment on the site


    @ Admin…… Thanks for the inconveniences

  5. Campbel is a good player, he contribute more in defending, he is not too attacking minded. And as a winger he should be attacking minded. Now that he have the opportunity he should use it wisely. Tomorrow is our day and we most win Bayern in their home….

  6. PFA pLayer of The month……….. ALEXIS “duraceLL” SANCHEZ……..well deserved considering the other options!…. Things have been working well for him since he joined the Arsenal FamiLy!….. 1up

    1. HBD to Ian…….. But he gotta stop commenting on Lady Moanino and how affairs are to be run in the chelsea brewery!……

  7. I have always believed in J Campbell but I can’t fault Wenger for keeping him on th th all the while because it we found a balance with Ramsey on the RW and surely he didn’t want to disrupt a working formular/formation. Good for him he has his chance now and he seems to be grabbing it with both hands.

  8. We were denied with a perfectly legitimate goal vs Liverpool, done in by Dean vs Chelsea and we have the pretenders Spurs up next. Martin Atkinson ( we lost 5 of his last six games in charge) is the man to take charge. BRACE YOURSELVES, ARSENAL, SOME STRANGE THINGS MAY HAPPEN VS SPUDS. Hoping Wenger will prepare the team well against both Spurs and Atkinson and our fans get right behind them at the Emirates.

  9. It’s great that Campbell put in a good performance against Swansea and capped it with a well taken goal,
    He tracks back and defends well, better than the Ox did,
    he deserves to keep his place in the team.
    It will be interesting to see what team wenger puts out against Munich, Mertesacker or Gabriel?
    We also have Jeff back who is registered to play in the champions league.
    Don’t forget that Campbell plays as a lone striker for Costa Rica lol .. I can’t wait to see our team selection!

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