Wenger and Gazidis leaving no room for leeway with Arsenal fans

There is a long way to go and a lot of water to pass under the bridge of this new football season. It might not look that way right now but the next few months could see Arsenal lift at least one more trophy, whether it be one of the domestic cups, the Europa League or even the top target that is the Premier League trophy.

The next few months might also see the Gunners struggle in all competitions. We could be hit with more bad luck in the form of poor decisions by referees and injury problems to key players. In fact what am I saying? This is Arsenal, of course we will.

Anyway, my point is that Arsebne Wenger and Ivan Gazidis have a long season ahead of them but have already painted themselves into a corner with the Arsenal fans, but claiming against all reason and logic that the summer transfer window was a successful one for the Gunners, as reported by Squawka.com.

Gazidis said, “At the end of the window, reviewing all activity, we have once again improved the quality and depth of our squad,” he said.

“Everything is coloured by results…a positive performance at Liverpool would have coloured this transfer window very differently.

“We have had a poor start to the season but have the quality to turn it around and turn around performances and compete for the title.

“It is time to get back to what it is all about, the football.

“The manager and players know that the performance at Anfield was not good enough and they will be focused to put that right after the international break.”

Okay Ivan, so making a profit when you promised the fans a summer of big spending is fine yeah? Spending money on just a single player and having both him and the other free transfer on the bench in a massive game against Liverpool shows we have improved does it?

It would have been better if Wenger and Gazidis had just admitted that this was not a good summer for Arsenal in the transfer market. Saying it was leaves them no leeway when, or if, things go wrong. No excuses will hold any water because they apparently did exactly what they thought was needed. Who can blame us Arsenal fans for kicking off when it turns out that they could and should have done so much more?



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    Same old same old…

    How many seasons have I being writing this line????

    Cashneedy, wonga and Satan must GO!

  2. gotanidea says:

    We can only get rid of them if the fans in London do not come to the stadium until they leave. But be prepared for the drastic result, it could be better or worse.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Protest protest and more protest ..this is the way to do it

      If you, I and others stay at home the seat will either be empty or filled by a football tourist. If you own a season ticket, they will still say numbers are good because it has been sold, and chances are those with season tickets will want to rent them out (and do) so they don’t loose out in their investment even though they are sick of the club.

      No, being there and voicing your discontentment on their doorstep in front of the eyes of the world is the ONLY effective way to go.

      1. Pablo Picasso says:

        ArseOverTit , is there anything planned for Saturday’s game?

        If these demo’s have to work they need an effective structure (leader, someone handling communication, finances, etc). My guess is at the moment its all individuals planning a disjointed protest who will more than likely disappear into the “Arsene Knows best” crowd at the Emirates.

        Non UK fan here.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          yes there is.

          the game might come a bit soon, but a considerable group [hopefully] will be voicing their opinion either in or outside of the stadium.

          stay tuned!

          1. tas says:

            there is going to be fake notes in the shape of 50 pound bill with Arsen Wengars face where Queen Elizabeth should should be with the words “BANK OF BULL***T”

            it will make press, every bit helps

          2. tas says:

            we cannot not support our team we have to but we have to stick it to the management, yes don’t turn up to home games never BOO or criticize our boys ( the media and the punters will do that for you very well ) critisize all you like the ones that leave our club to our competitors OX cough cough 🙂

          3. Coldzero says:

            So basically rather than just wait and see and accepting that our transfer business was not the best and ideal, we are going to create the same toxic environment as what we had last season at the ground are we? The season has barely begun and there is a long way to go yet.

            That’s sure to motivate the team and make them give 100 percent! Heaven forbid the actual fans chant and sing all game and actually get behind the team for a change – as the proper fan base did in the Highbury days.

            I have a couple of friends that support Southampton – haven’t won anything for years, pay a lot for their season ticket and regularly have their best players cherry picked by other clubs- yet I don’t hear them moaning like Arsenal fans. Likewise a couple of northern lads I know , toon fans.

            All this toxic crap around the ground does not help anything, it creates a horrible atmosphere and makes us a laughing stock to other clubs.

            We aren’t doing as well as we might at the moment, our board have always been tricky and penny pinching, we should be used to it. Wenger is losing the plot in the sense of he keeps playing people wildly out of position – that’s quite frustrating but that may settle down.Staging protests is not going to improve anyhing. Nor is arguing amongst your own fanbase.

            Seriously reconsider all this protest nonsense at the ground and towards the team – it will achieve nothing.

            If you feel that strongly then either don’t go, if you have a season ticket rent it out, or if you just watch Arsenal on tv stop watching.

            As frustrating as it is at the moment – having toxic protests at the ground will change nothing – you would be better off shouting and chanting and getting behind the team.

            Do you seriously think some protests will get rid of Wenger, Kroenke, Gazdis and the board? It isn’t going to happen – just unsettle the players. It’s the beginning of the season – just give it time to settle down.

          4. dboy says:

            It is quite sad that we are not compared to the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, or even Tottenham. Southampton i mean really?

            Liverpool fans demonstrated and forced change and we can safely say they improved.

            We have to take a stand now and sacrifice this season for the future of our club.

            There is no time like the present if we are going to see change. I say it is the best time to force Wenger out the door before January.

          5. ArseOverTit says:


            What does Coldzero, suggest be done, apart from not turning up which doesn’t work?

            shall we all just bend over and watch our club get ran to the ground. If it effects the players [like they aren’t already!] it is for the GREATER GOOD. Sacrifice one thing in order to get a BETTER long term future for the club.

          6. Coldzero says:

            I am there virtually every week- a lot of away games too when possible, there is no way I am not turning up. It’s a social thing as well as a football thing for me.

            But having a toxic ground is not a good solution and is making us a bit of a laughing stock with other fans and dividing the fanbase- that is not a good place for us to be at. It is also effecting the team.

          7. ArseOverTit says:

            well. your call fella but you if you want to keep paying kroenke to drive our club into the ground then thats you call.

            I personally stopped going 5 years ago. was tired of lining Wenger and kroenkes pockets when I didnt agree with their actions and the club direction.

            like i say, a sacrifice.

          8. Midkemma says:

            Like Silent Stan has shown any indication he would listen to the protests other than the ca-ching of cash building up.

            Pay money and expect change… we been doing that for near a decade and still not worked.

            If AFC fans all agreed to stop buying shirts and tickets then AFC would be hurt, not 100% has to agree but if majority do then AFC will feel the financial pinch. AFC had 2 of the top 5 shirt sales a couple season ago, it isn’t just tickets that we need to stop spending on.

            I disagree with planning protests at games, do it at the board meetings, aim it at the ones who can make a change, not the ones on the field who will prob not want to give as much next time out if you act like a bunch of spoilt brats.

            Not only stop paying but also start debating, you do explain yourself so not so much aimed at you 😛 but in general. Share our point of view with others which you do 🙂

            I disagree with the protest at games but respect your desire to see change, I wish we could focus it and apply pressure in more effective ways.

  3. MANTAK says:

    #boycottbournemouth…. we have discussed this issue a zillion times. We are not happy with Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis. It requires no more evaluation. Boycotting the games will no doubt affect the players but thats the only way we will gwt rid of these clowns. If we dont the team will have a mediocre season and we qill be in the same position 12 months from now


  4. Always says:

    What pains most is some people raping your intelligence and there is nothing you can do about it. Arsenal gives me a true defination of love! A club killing me gradually and I can’t still stop loving it. So unfortunate.I only have solace in the fact that arsenal is greater than any individuals being wenger or gazdiz. They will surely go one day and my club will still remain and become great again

  5. arsenal4life says:

    KWG always leave themselves
    with plenty of leeway.
    You see the devil is
    in the detail.
    Gazidis said we can “turn the season around” and “compete” for the title.
    Wenger has said we “can still be Champions”.
    But as is the case every year both are very careful
    never to say “we will win the title”.
    By November Wenger will be saying “judge me in May”.
    In May top 4 will allow KSG to say “We are back in the Champions League
    so everything is tickety boo and hand Wenger another extension.
    If KWG want respect then they should come out
    emphatically no bull and say “We will win the league or fan off”

  6. Lee says:

    Go “All IN” or don’t go at all!

    Shout loud or shut up!

    Stand up and be heard or sit down in silence!

    Arsenal fans have a choice. You just need to make it now, today.

    Arsenal F.C. is nothing without the fans. The fans are Arsenal and the fans can make a difference. A football club without fans is nothing more than rich man’s hobby with an inevitable ending. Let’s just be united!

    1. MANTAK says:

      Love it!!! #boycottbournemouth..

  7. ZA_Gunner says:

    Arsenal fans really deserve better. Gazidis, Wenger and Kroenke these guys are just pissing in the face of loyal fans, twisting and turning words to their own agenda without the regard of fans feelings and the future of this club, they are ignorant and complete out of touch with the fans and the modern football. Why did we move to a bigger stadium if we weren’t competing? Why tell us we are challenging for trophies when we are not building a team that can challenge? Why charge fans extortionate ticket prices, the highest in English football, as well as saying there is money when you are making a profit and not doing enough in the transfer market? Why run a football club when there is no ambition and care for success?

  8. For more than twelve seasons we (arsenal) fans feel weak and inferior to the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester city, Manchester united and NOW even stoke city. Wenger and Gazidis are not willing to buy success to Arsenal Fc, they mind of making profits for themselves. Buying one player during the transfer and selling two or more players doesn’t mean better transfer window for Arsenal. I am sick and tired of Wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arsenal fan forever in South Sudan.

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