Wenger and Guardiola both desperate to reach FA Cup Final – Who wants it more?

All eyes will be on the Chelsea v Tottenham game today, but for the fans of Arsenal and Man City it will only be to see which high-flying rival we could be facing in the Final on May 27th. But first of all there is the small matter of our own semifinal tomorrow afternoon.

Both Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola have had poor campaigns by their usual high standards, although City have the advantage in the race for the Top Four, and both of them are desperate to win the FA Cup to salvage some pride from the season. Wenger is keen to see his players show some more motivation than has been evident in recent weeks. “Going to Wembley is always a special experience,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “When our supporters go to Wembley, I think it’s a special occasion in their life. You want them to come out there and be pleased by having a positive experience.

“On our side, we want to win the game. It’s important that you go into big games and feel you can win them. That’s something that’s vital in the players’ heads, for their careers, for their confidence and for their self-esteem. It’s something special.”

Arsenal have the benefit of more experience of playing on the hallowed turf, although Man City have already won the League Cup Final there earlier in the season so will know what to expect as well. Guardiola simply wants to win another trophy to set his players up for more success in the future. “It is important to achieve a final.” he said. “I would like to win the FA Cup so my players realise how good they are. For all clubs, titles are important. Winning titles gives you the self-confidence to say, ‘We’re good enough to compete’.

“When you win, the next time it will be a little easier. This is a fantastic club and team, I’m so proud of what we’ve done and how we’ve overcome bad moments. But you are judged on titles.”

One thing for sure is that Guardiola will still be at the Etihad next season, while for Wenger maybe even another record FA Cup success won’t be enough to appease the Arsenal fans. It should be a great closely-matched game between two very highly motivated rivals, but who wants it the most?

We will find out tomorrow….



  1. Goonerboy says:

    Both teams play open football so it could go either way, recent history favours Arsenal as we have not lost many games against City in recent years..the only issue is our form and confidence..

    We just have to make sure we don’t concede the first goal, cos if we do, our already low confidence will come totally crashing down…

  2. Goonerboy says:

    Would prefer us to be a little conservative though,if we go too gung-ho and we get embarrassed,the players will be devastated and could ruin our season so winning the game would help us a lot apart from being in the final.. We need to boost our confidence and if we win, we can get loads of that….

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I Love ARSENAL……. But i’m just fed up of Wenger and his Team

    They just make people Lose appetite for watching football..
    The annoying part is when they fail to show up when they are needed most….& wenger just keep doing silly things all his life and would never for once admit his errors… Nor bow out

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Same here buddy.

      I can never stop watching Arsenal though, but I have gone off football on the whole, I watched very little of this years CL games, can barely bring myself to watch Spud and Chelsea highlights. I have gone off watching football almost completely.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It would be nice if this years FA cup final would be a Arsenal V Spuds and It would be even nicer if we were to beat them there.
    Surely that would ease our pains a little and put a smile upon the poor Gooners faces?

    1. Rkw says:

      It would … until board announced the new Reich with kaiser wenger ensconced for another thousand years

  5. Break-on-through says:

    “Success for me is finishing in the top four like last season, it was a big success. It means more than winning a title with Barcelona. For me success in not only to lift a trophy…….

    …who would you say said this.

    “Nope, it wasn’t Arsene Wenger.

    “We are in trouble, but we are ready. You have to play a semi final in a great competition. Then, after two and a half days, you have to play against Southampton, a team that have rested for ten days!!……

    ….who would you say said that.

    “Nope again, that wasn’t Arsene Wenger either.

    “Pochettino and Conte.
    I guess they must have learned from the master.

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