Wenger and Neymar give Arsenal fans DOUBLE delight on Alexis Sanchez transfer

Even though the Arsenal and Chile striker Alexis Sanchez finally jetted in to London this week after a summer break extended by the Confederates Cup and then delayed by ‘illness’ to the wantaway player, Arsenal fans were still not really sure if the 28-year old would be playing for the Gunners this season or not, until now that is.

In the space of a day there have been two major developments which in my opinion confirm that Sanchez will not be going anywhere during this summer transfer window. The first, as reported by The Times, is the news that Wenger has put his foot down and made it crystal clear to his forward that Arsenal will not sanction any sale to a club in the English Premier League.

That, however, would only stop the likes of Man City and Chelsea, who are both said to be very keen, on signing our star player, but the latest Arsenal transfer rumours had the big spending French ligue 1 outfit PSG as the main suitors.

That move is also now off as many sources including MailOnline are reporting that the much hyped transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG for nearly £200 million is actually going to happen. So Arsenal fans can now relax and accept that Alexis is staying, for this season at least.


  1. sulaiman says:

    no need to get delighted of this news. man city will sign him given the past history with us and the mentality of sanchez.

    only delightful news will be sanchez signing a new contract. simple.

  2. Declan says:

    Neymar according to Sky is on a plane to London. Possibly then to Paris but hey, we can hope he’s coming to us?

    1. Simon says:

      Can you imagine! 🙂

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Why do I have this weird feeling that Sanchez will End up signing for man city. Hope the feeling ain’t right but as I said weird feeling

    1. neil says:

      Relax mate… that funny feeling is just diaorhhea.. must have been something you swallowed from the media !

  4. Gooner4life says:

    Sanchez to city is going to happen no matter what Wenger says he don’t want to play for a club who has no chance of winning champions league or premiership only the fa cup now and again and has too many mediocre players in the team that are just happy to collect big wages every week

  5. Simon says:

    This is a no news. Sanchez has not extended his contact with Arsenal

  6. Emmanuel Chukwuma says:

    I don’t really care if Alexis leaves to any other club outside the EPL. In truth Arsenal have no business strengthening our rivals. So, it is heartwarming that Wenger has put his foot down. I seem to believe him in this case.

  7. Anko says:

    As much as I do not always agree with Wenger I always respect what ever comes out of him mouth. Last month he said PSG are not going to sign Sanchez because they wanted Neymar. Maybe they would have come for him if Naymar’s move failed. It seems our player Sanchez is not big enough for PSG. So we will see what happens!

  8. Janssen says:

    It is unwise IMO to celebrate Sanchez staying until we know what Sanchez we get.

    Sanchez is an automatic call up for the WC next year and not having any reason to want to risk the world cup he might play with the break on this season and not play half injured and fight to the death as we are used to.

    The only things we can be pretty sure of is that we lose 40-60 million if he stays, there will massive distraction all season with his performances being under the microscope fairly or not, and come January when he is free to talk to his next club there will be that distraction both for the club and the player.

    So as much as I want Sanchez to stay, I would want him to stay if he signs a new contract not if he is forced.

    1. Olusogo says:

      What if we lose 40-60 mil now and gain champion league to ticktet, how much do you think we all get by then??? He came to us with. Champion league ticket, he can’t leave us without same ticket..

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I think he can only help us win a top 4 place if he wants to stay not if we force him against his will to stay and miss out on a massive pay rise. The guy comes from nothing and is a street fighter. Don’t necessarily expect him to play to the death for us if he doesn’t want to be with us just because he signed a contract. Perhaps it would not be fair from him but this is football. Football is not fair.

  9. Dino Appollis says:

    I think Wenger is hoping that the deal for Lemar goes through.
    I’m pretty sure he will sell Sanchez to a club outside the EPL, which I think is the right way to go.
    why hold on to player who has his eye somewhere else. I say sell him, and move on.

    One player cannot hold a club like Arsenal ransom.

  10. Uzzi Gooner says:

    I pray that Wenger sticks to his decision. No need to strengthen EPL rivals but I also wish Sanchez signs a new contract with us. I feel an attacking 3 led by Lacazette with support from Sanchez & Ozil will be very lethal.

  11. john says:

    Why should we get excited about this as we know if man city or Chelsea will sign him, he already wants to leave,so why play a person who won’t commit to the club, sell him and get thomas lemar or mahrez,
    No player is bigger than the club,
    If he signs a contract ok but we know he won’t, so Wenger can’t keep a player against his wishes

    1. Nothing changed says:

      strangely enough, there are people here who think if we force Sanchez to stay we will get the 30 goals Sanchez of last season “because he signed a contract”. To me, that is not a risk worth taking.

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    Great! So now we’ll just wait a year, and then Chelsea/City can grab a WC player (and our best player by a country mile), for absolutely nothing! And for those who think we shouldn’t strengthen a rival by selling Sanchez now, a little reminder is needed…we’re not good enough to be their rival!

  13. waal2waal says:

    “So Arsenal fans can now relax and accept that Alexis is staying, for this season at least.” end of quote.

    I sense we’ve up until january to see how things pan-out with arsenal’s prem assault an then the mater will be concluded.

    If we are challengers near xmas or top of the pile assuming the new payers settle; AS may choose to see his campaign through or he may wish to follow up his desire to find a better equipped club.

    The AS matter is not over but the insistence he stays here in the short-term is a marked progress.

    1. Waal2waal says:

      …do know this a january decision gives the chance to recoup a substantial part of the monies outlayed for the player. Afc wont let millions disapear in thin air.

  14. Dion says:

    its been reported some players in PSG will suffer the casualty of imminent transfer of neymer especially draxler ….now would it be right to choose him to draxler…hmmm

  15. Dion says:


  16. Dion says:

    prefer draxler to larmer

  17. Dom says:

    Just about dumbfounded by the assertiveness of some folks here that Sanchez desperately wants to leave Arsenal so that he can go and shine the substitute bench at City or PSG. Give this some thought…which Club in the EPL is guaranteed to win the PL and/or the EC or which club abroad is guaranteed to win the EC because that’s what Alexis is musing over. If you know for sure, go and put your life savings in a betting shop 🙂

    1. Janssen says:

      Is it about knowing for sure? I have the impression that for Sanchez it is “his dream” as he says, to win the CL the clubs you mention (City and PSG) have a considerably better chance than Arsenal to win the CL.

      1. neil says:

        Have either of them won in last 10 years with the Billions they have spent ? So whata your point ? Having money does not give them a better chance…. by your reckoning Leicester should never have won!
        You clearly have never played sport to any level !

        1. Nothing changed says:

          my point is if you want to win the CL you need to play in it. We don’t, they do. Simple, no?

  18. COYG_CA says:

    Me? Well, I would LOVE to see us snap-up Seri! Really, have you watched this guy, and/or have seen his 2016/17 highlights? Like others, I believe he looks like a pseudo-carbon-copy of Santi, very similar. Of course, not the same or maybe as good as Santi in his prime, but looks to be pretty darn close and easily interchangeable drop-in for Santi.
    Seri next to Xhaka . . .

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Yes! It makes your mouth water doesn’t it!

      1. GunnerJack says:

        … and I know it’s just my opinion but I think getting Seri is even more important than getting anyone else. Then get Lemar, especially if Sanchez goes. But make sure of Seri first – that’s the key.

  19. AndersS says:

    Well, is it really good news?
    If Sanchez really wants to leave, we are in bad situation.
    Is may be no good to force him to stay, as he may not be as motivated to perform, and he could also create a bad atmosphere around the team. Financially it is also unwise.
    So in this situation it may be better to either let him go abroad or to exchange him for Aguero, if this is also “in play” as reported.

  20. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Alexis stays this season and helps us win the Premier League, it will be worth losing £50 million and I won’t hold any thing against Alexis if he leaves on a free transfer because he helped us win the Premier League and 2 FA Cups

    I just want to win trophies

    However, Arsenal is bigger than any player including Alexis

    If he leaves we must get a Top player on his level

    1. Midkemma says:

      I feel the same, there are a few top players right now we can name to dream about but 12 months can hopefully add to that list and maybe Monaco will have found another gem of a AM? 😛

      Right now the 2 names that I think about for Alexis replacement is Griezmann and Dybala, if we can win the EPL and EL then maybe we could convince one of those high profile names in…

      If we lose Alexis now and we fail for UCL again then we will find it harder to attract the big names, a name to replace Alexis will be a much harder task and one I hope AFC avoids.

      1. Gonna me says:


    2. GunnerJack says:

      Sometimes I think we put players on a pedestal and think they are ‘brilliant, can do no wrong, best player in the league etc’ but…
      Can anyone else remember the game against Man Utd which Arsenal won but in which Alexis had a very poor game. This was because a young defender, name of Axle something, made his debut for Man Utd at right back and was told that his main job was to keep Alexis quiet. He did that to such effect that Man Utd fans were coming up with the old saying “If you’re looking for Alexis Sanchez you’ll find him in Axel’s pocket!”
      Of course I’m not saying that Alexis wouldn’t be missed, just that he’s not the world beater that everyone imagines. After all, he couldn’t get in Barcelona’s team could he?

  21. canadog says:

    it couldnt be a worst time for a rebellion against the majority owner whether we hate him or not. As for Sanchez, a winning team has self belief regardless of overall quality (just ask Leicester).Arsenal at times have lacked self belief and togetherness. I believe Wngers situation and the fans lack of support contributed to the temas lack of belief. The team needs to become more ruthless with the fans in full support. I blame the fans lunatic fringe for Arsenals lack of CL and league success over the years. Especially those idiots who want to fire perhaps the best coach the club has ever had and who is willing to stand up for his own mistakes. So…..piss off and get positive all the way through the season. Create a positive buzz around the team and keep the whining to yourself.

  22. I LOVE ArsenaL.........- says:

    alright so, Monaco has finally signed diakhabi from Rennes on a 5year deal…. I smell something cooking…. resource or Kev. I just pray you’re right that Lamar’s deal will go through after this……

  23. evans says:

    Sanchez has forgotten that Pep didn’t like his style of play. He holds up the ball whiles his team mates are making rounds for the ball . But Arsenal has given him the time and opportunity to display that talent even when he gives away the ball on countless times.

    I wish him well if he indeed goes . I don’t even understand why City wants to sign him considering the the attacking talents at hand.

    1. Anko says:

      I totally agree with you. I think he wanted PSG, maybe Man City is his other option. But, will Man City pay his wage demands? Will he get to start guaranteed? Will Man City prefers him to Aguero? Winning Championships League is just one of his by thought because no team is guaranteed winner.

      1. Truthbetold says:

        I hear most of you saying Pep didn’t like Sanchez blah blah,it shows that most Arsenal fans don’t have memories intact,Pep was the manager who actually bought Sanchez & Sanchez only played a season under him(2011-2012) n that season Sanchez started almost every barca champions league game,u remember that pass he gave messi & mess I to Inniesta that led to Barca’s 2nd goal against Chelsea? Sanchez got much considerable starts & minutes under Guardiola but he didn’t do much that season & even got injured at the latter part of the season,the those times Sanchez suffered been on the bench the most was under Tata Geraldo(that Argentine coach) & Luis Enrique,in his last season in Barcelona when he was frequently coming from the bench but still managed to bag in 19 LA liga goals…y’all should quit this bullshit about Guardiola not liking him when it was Actually that brought him to barca & Sanchez’s most starts & play time in barca where all under Guardiola & Tito ….n its hilarious when I see you guys say Sanchez will be on the bench in city..really ??? Sanchez is better than every City forward

  24. Midkemma says:

    To be honest, I amokay with how things are going, yes I could dream of better but when trying to think about it logically, we are doing alright.

    Wenger has been adamant all along that he will not sell Alexis, if that stands then we keep him for 12 months. Good for me.

    Yes I would like a CM and Lemar, maybe Seri but I don’t know enough about him to say he is the one or not, he will cost around £35 mil though for his release and how much do AFC have to spend??

    If reports in media about £100 mil was true and extra from player sales then the math suggests we need to sell a couple/few more players before we can go for Lemar and Seri after spending an upfront fee of around £45 mil for Lacazette.

    I do not know if waiting is the best move but if we act too soon then it could mean missing out on one if another team goes in for the other before we can get funds from sales, while we have funds to buy one or the other then we can jump in if any team makes a solid bid with an equal bid ourselves…

    I have read about Szcz being sold, about bids for ElNeny being accepted, Wilshere sale rumors… AFC held out for a higher fee for Szcz and it worked, patience paid off that time and it might with others.
    A player doesn’t have to be registered to play so it isn’t like they will have to take a place in the team…

    Would be nice if things was going faster but I keep in mind we have already bought in 2 players for the 1st team and I am happy with them both, things can’t always be perfect so I am enjoying the good parts.

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Player wages seem to be a stumbling block regarding deadwood selling – just drop a couple mil of the asking price and frickin move em on out! Done deal. I know the prof would lose some sleep pinching 10% off of a sell, but he’ll live . . . .move em on out, boys!

  25. Break-on-through says:

    There might now be a place for Alexis at Barcelona, with Neymar gone Alexis would get more joy over there. Can you think of someone they could buy who’d be automatically above Alexis. I’m not sure about this Coutinho rumour, I’d have thought they would try for Dybala instead.

  26. Anko says:

    I know most Arsenal fans will not like this, but hearing how much Neymar will earn at PSG, I wish it was Sanchez. We would have sold him for 70m and he will earn his desired salary.

  27. Rashid says:

    The one thing I can’t seem to understand is how a certain coutinho is said to be worth £134, Neymar £198 and some clubs placed bids of £35 for Alexis Sanchez. Damn these people see Arsenal as some cheap market….. it’s time Wenger and his cronies stood their ground and rise up.

  28. J.Dean says:

    PSG will now use Neymar’s image to promote their club, the French league and the 2022 World Cup to be staged in Qatar, home of the club’s owners, the Qatar Investment Authority.

    Me: The deal is cheap as the Qatar owners of PSG will surely recoup the 398million pounds to be spent on the entire 5 year deal while raking in serious millions from Neymar Jnr’s image rights and the full extent of Neymar’s commericial pulling power as witnessed over the last week in China. Smart move.

    Arsenal Football Club/Stan ‘silent’ Kroenke/ Ivan Gazidis/ Arsene Wenger take note.

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