Wenger and Stan need to stop playing mind games with the Arsenal fans

Shifting the Blame and mind games by Dboy

Arsene Wenger thinks that all Arsenal fans are idiots. He has the nerve for blaming the fans for his failure to steer Arsenal to top four. It seems that he forgets that his stubbornness and unwillingness to change, is what got us here. We the Fans, are the ones that pressurized him to change his formation, but that he only did when he realized Top Four was slipping out of reach.

Now it seems that he is trying to play mind games to get fans behind the team for the FA cup final, by blaming us for the poor season we had. The total arrogance and disrespect this man shows us by not taking responsibility for his failure.

Need I remind you gunners what many of us said before the first game of the season kicked off. We predicted a trophyless season and no Champions league. Why? First reason was, the introduction of New managers in the league, such as Conte, Guardiola and Mourinho. Than there was the improvement of Liverpool and Tottenham under Klopp and Pochettino respectively.

Arsene Wenger did nothing to prepare his team for this threat. He started the transfer window with the same unambitious mentality, than failed to set up his team with the necessary tactics for the season that lay ahead. He still used his old predictable tactics that got us nowhere.

It was us, the fans and we kept calling for him to do things different in the transfer window and we told him to change tactics to withstand the onslaught that was coming. Now he has the audacity to blame the supporters.

It also doesn’t look like he wants to leave at the end of this season based on what he has been saying in the press about his players recent form: “They have learned a lot and they have gone through difficult periods this season and they have bounced back in a very strong way.

“I think that will help them, absolutely, next season.

“But first I think we have to keep 90 per cent of these players together and find one or two more who strengthen the group but we don’t need a lot. We don’t need many. But we need maybe top quality.”

Have we not all heard this before? This is a clear indication that nothing will change soon.

Wenger and Kroenke are in this together. Kroenke makes us think that he wants to make Arsenal successful, but only in financial terms, not as a team. Wenger has the same ideology as Stan.

Arsene Wenger’s mind games go a step further. He now tell us he has turned down every team in the world to stay at Arsenal. We would like to ask Mr. Wenger to thank Arsenal for allowing him to stay this long. Cause “every team in the world”, would not have allowed you to get away with all this nonsense. You would not have lasted this long somewhere else. That is why he turned them down.

One thing we have learned about AW over the past years, is that he does not like change, that is why he is still here.

He and Stan need to stop playing mind games, and call it a day. Arsene Wenger is not loyal to Arsenal, he is loyal to Stan Kroenke. If he was loyal to the team than he should have had more success with the team. But he is loyal to his boss Stan that’s why AW has more success managing the team financially. He makes Stan happy and Stan allows him free reign, just what he wants. He will not get that anywhere else.

#Stop the mind games. #Stan&Wenger out



  1. RSH says:

    We need to hit them where it hurts. All Kroenke cares about is money. It’s a shame a season ticket protest is pointless, as the waiting list is long, and souless business clientele fill much of the Emirates now. We need more empty seat games like Sunderland. Arsenal fans need to get serious and boycott home games until changes are made. And we need to have a more active role in the club. Having one meeting a year where fans get to “voice their concerns” is merely a means to keep dissenters happy, when in reality, we are being ignored like usual while people like Wenger, Gazidis, and Kroenke drag Arsenal through the gutter for the sake of their own egos. The current structure of the club is simply not working.

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    They have been doing this for years it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    Wenger, Ivan, Stan and the old farts that sit on the board have been finding something to blame on time and time again.

    More #WengerOut / #StanOut / & #UsmanovIn banners during the final guys. I know England is passing through a rough time and our prayers are with you but lets not forget to fight for our club back. After Saturday fans might be abit powerless until August when its too late.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger is arrogant and clueless
    Blaming fans is ridiculous
    Fans have supported him and the team for long time

    Kroenke only cares about profits not achieving great things

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Makes me laugh when you hear Wenger say “you cannot question my commitment to Arsenal”, as if loyalty, and ability are the same thing. I am very loyal to the sport of badminton, playing twice a week. I never miss an opportunity to play as I love the sport, but it doesn’t mean I am any good!

    It’s one thing that Wenger believes only he can manage Arsenal, but it’s quite another when some of our own fans, highly paid pundits, and journalists also choose to believe this. The cat is well and truly out of the bag with our fifth place finish, and the thumping we took in Europe. The evidence against Wenger is overwhelming, why do some STILL choose to ignore it?

  5. Vanpayslip doesn't like how P Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers says:

    That statement sums up his complete detachment from reality.

    1 or 2? How exactly does that number of players bridge the gap between 5th and 1st? Or 10-2 to the final?

    He has lost his marbles. He changes the system and now does not even have a full squad for that new system but wants to keep 90%of his old squad and and a couple. Just genius!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I was thinking the same, then lets say two players did bridge the gap, the thing is Che aren’t standing still. What about the three or more they bring in. Arsene will always play catch up with his minimum requirement attitude. Someone should tell him that he’s talking about last seasons Chelsea, so how does he know two will do it seeing as we don’t know what the other teams look like yet. Keeping this group together, I felt like punching something when he said that. Arsene, if they weren’t good enough over the last five seasons maybe they just aren’t bloody good enough. Call it a day already ffs.

  6. Alohmror says:

    Has Ramsey curse struck Roger Moore?

  7. Abhas says:

    He has done nothing to prepare for the season? What about the fans who for months, instead of supporting the team were flying planes and distracting from the football? When the team needed them most, these so called ‘fans’ let them down too.

    1. bran99 says:

      You asked a different question and gave a different answer.. the article said he didn’t prepare the team for success from day 1, you talking about games that were played 2 or 3 weeks ago.. and those banners came after a series of poor management and results caused by lack of preparation from the day the season started

  8. Midkemma says:

    Wenger has every right to blame some of the fans, how some of you have acted is disgusting!
    You do not support, you hinder.

    If a player goes through a bad patch, supporters would support the player, not chant vile stuff like they are not good enough to wear the shirt.

    So many have been mindlessly blaming Wenger and from years ago I was saying the board and lack of support, how the Dein factor has been ignored but instead of thinking for yourselves, you jump on the media bandwagon.

    Some of you are pathetic human beings and have dragged the club down a bit.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Lol…another deluded Wengerite too proud to admit his precious Wenger is to blame for ALL our problems.

      1. Taxi4Wenger says:

        At least jembut is not so serious like this dude.

        1. bran99 says:

          Hehehe right, Jembut comes once in a while, this dude is always lic***g Wenger’s back in the public

    2. Vanpayslip doesn't like how P Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers says:

      AKB’s have an odd sense of logic. If the difference between now and before is Dein then Wenger was never much good to begin with so stop giving him credit for his early success.

    3. ThirdManJW says:


      I love AKBs, and their ridiculous logic. If Wenger has played no part in the club’s downfall, then that same rule must apply to any success that has happened at the club under his reign. One cannot cherry pick. Either he is partly responsible for whatever happens at the club, or he isn’t.

      Anything good that happens seems to be down to Wenger, and anything bad that happens has nothing to do with him. Wow! AKBs have no IQ at all!

      1. Taxi4Wenger says:

        Well, jembut can write more than 1000 words per post, surely he has minimum IQ.

  9. Tim says:

    Are Arsenal supporters the most demanding/fickle out there? One not so good season and they are baying like hyenas for blood.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      More like 13..13 not so good seasons…

  10. Yossarian says:

    It’s always “Next Season” with Wenger.

    It’s always “We’ll bounce-back ” and “We will learn”.

    But they won’t. They never do.

  11. amb98 says:

    It’s always next season as an Arsenal fan. Tired of the lack of ruthlessness at the club. After such a disastrous season where Arsenal have been humiliated both domestically and in Europe, AW feels the need to keep 90% of the players together. Embarrassing.

  12. this season whether he wins FA cup or doesn’t win, he has to leave for sure. it is must so everything is in the hands of fans not on the board members. it needs serious pressure from the fans until he is out. don’t even to buy ticket for the next season. we will see if they can manage without the fans.

  13. i have never seen such a disastrous season. everything is in the hands of the fans. the fans should speak one language ‘wenger out’ keep on till change comes. what kroenke can do if the fans resist unless changing the man? don’t buy ticket for the next season until you see a change

  14. Bright says:

    The British Arsenal fans are the main problem of the club, they are inconsistence, when we win a march they starts dancing but we loss they starts crying. Not until they speak with one voice nothing will change, they should buy court home games or stop buying tickets ,that’s when the board will take them Serious

  15. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger and Stan don’t give a Monkey’s about the Fans. I would say they are having a good laugh at our expenses. So how do we stop it, easy hit them in the Pocket stop buying Tickets to the Games and stop buying Apparel from the Gunners Shop. In other words hit them in the Pocket then and only then will things change.The only thing these guy’s know about is Money.
    When Stan see you walking into the Stadium he does not see you as a Fan he sees $$$$$$$$.

  16. Will says:

    How can you call yourselves fans when you don’t support your team in the worst patch of games they’ve had? Instead you turn against them… That’s not being a supporter. How many times have you flown planes? You have money for that right?
    If you want him out fine, but don’t call yourself a supporter if you don’t support the team (yes even during the bad times). Once they started winning again everyone shut up…. If you blame him for everything bad that happened season then why weren’t you giving him credit when we were doing good? Till the new year everyone was alright. You’re blaming him like he goes out and plays himself every week, the players have no blame in the losses? You guys are willing to overlook so much just to believe you’re right. The logic doesn’t add up

    1. dboy says:

      Where have you been for the last five years?

  17. Will says:

    And which fan made him change formation? Haha

    And he is not loyal to the club? C’mon even you know that’s full of crap! He has been here since 1996, Stan didn’t take over till 2008. If there is one thing you can’t fault him for, it’s his loyalty.

  18. Solomon Rukua says:

    AW & SK are two ruthless businessmen who do not give a hoot about customer value! AFC is already on a steady course of implosion. Fans should hold tight their $$$ and boycott ticket and, franchise purchases going forward until positive change dawns on the club. Otherwise the opposite is akin to attempting to water a dead plant hoping to revive it into life. It will only degenerate further. Rot. Period!

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