Wenger and the Arsenal Board are the Tory Party of the Premier League!

As the general election approaches the British public are sat firmly between a rock and a hard place…they know the Conservatives have absolutely no regard for the wellbeing of the majority of British citizens and yet the Labour party have an inability to offer a realistic alternative which mirrors the situation Arsenal fans find them selves in.

Wenger and the board are the Tories. They have no regard for the fans and their sole purpose is to ensure they maintain the status they have enjoyed for a couple of decades. They are completely unchallenged.

We, the fans, are the Labour party. We have absolute no chance of affecting change. We are meek, mild and subservient. As a consequence, just like the general election in the summer, the Tories will maintain power for another 4 years and Arsenal Wenger and the board will be there on the first game of next season.

No world class players will be bought and we’ll be fed the same old lines…”we are only interested in buying quality” or “Arsène popped around Mbappe’s house but he wasn’t in..”

We have two enormous hurdles now that will hinder our clubs summer business
1. We won’t be in the UCL so top players will be put off joining.
2. We are a sinking ship and no agent would allow their players to join footballs equivalent of the titanic.

United have infinitely more spending power than us yet still struggle to persuade top players to join them given they have no UCL. What realistic chance do we have to succeed where they are currently failing?

I dont understand how Spurs have built a team that have realistically challenged for the Premier League two seasons in a row and yet pay much smaller wages. We know Pochettino is a great manager but it’s not just him. Spurs are superior to us all over the pitch which it pains me to say. Our style and approach has lost the swagger it once had. We look more like England these days. What has caused so many attacking prospects at Arsenal to play in such a negative fashion? People like Jack… why is he not now up there with Dele Ali?

What I predict will happen is that, having missed out on UCL for 2017/18, we may qualify for the following seasons competition and the Board will suggest the team has improved.

I think many fans have tried to make their feelings known in whatever way they could but the simple truth is the board and Wenger do whatever they want…..because they can. The resistance the fans put up is about as effective as Labours challenge to the Conservatives…insignificant.



  1. RSH says:

    Apparently a lot of tension between board and Wenger because they want to overhaul how the club is run behind the scenes. Essentially no more dictatorship for Lord Wenger. Lord not having it though. Hopefully the board doesn’t whimp out, but we know they most likely will. As it stands, Arsenal will waste more seasons in EPL doing nothing.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      It’s a smoke on the screen by media drivels, don’t buy any of that crap news.
      I understand your frustration but is it possible that Wenger’s perceived failings have been as much to do with fate and history as his own weaknesses?

      I don’t think you are an idiot. But then what’s MY opinion against thousands of others?

      Arsenal are a massive club. Do not for one moment underestimate that. It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious manager who will do anything to win. No one was absolving AW of his slightly recent setback, but that was only pointing out that he is not the sole reason for our problems as a club.

      Must be hard for you huh but that’s no excuse really for your total lack of intelligence in general aspects of the club. COYG.

  2. Arsene Wenger says:

    Traditionally all supporters are working class. At least the ones who care about their team. There was a time when players themselves were working class. I have tried to keep decent salaries in this club but the times we’re living in bested me. That plus the fact that I get handsomely paid (and fully deserved I may say) for my contribution to the club I have created today. To me, having conservative supporters mean having rich supporters so yes, bring them on. On the other hand I’d like labour ones as well because they are the ones getting behind the teams in the EPL. Our boys can do with a cheering, especially my sons Ozil and Theodore. Aaron is already used with the jeer, I am telling you that because he does not care anymore so don’t waste your breath.

  3. JembutArsene says:

    “I think “many fans” have tried to make their feelings known in whatever way they could.”
    Really? How many percentage of these moaners that went to the actual protests?
    Only 200 moaners that actually dared to show up and the rest was just sitting with iddle hands and do nothing. So how do you expect so called change if you just big with your mouth only?

    You all disgruntled fans and useless chicken to do anything moaners always seem to simply make things up and attribute them to other people, have a look at yourself mate cos that’s the behavior of a complete tw@ts. At least know the views of who you’re speaking to, that one should be fairly obvious even to a complete melt.

    I’m proud to be a Gooner and always will be and the Stadium is a monument to the fans’ faith. We have millions in the bank. We bring in millions every match day. No need to backtrack? I’m not in the slightest, you’re making up various assertions though. No way I can backtrack on something I’ve never said, but good effort there writer. Arsenal should be ruthless in drawing up a plan to get 80 – 85 points in the season by working out who can win which matches for him. If he has eight squad members who can’t win him 10 matches as part of a realistic team, he has eight bits of deadwood. I’m not saying I could draw that up myself but I’m 100% confident that I could co-ordinate those who were capable of it and ensuring that the strategy was resilient enough to war-game a large variety of injury scenarios, one of which is bound to happen. Just shows that we all have differing view and agree with each other far more than is presented on the blog sometimes (i guess the disagreement stems from how we feel the solutions can be gotten or problems addressed). Couldn’t really stand the “AKB” and “WOB” bulls eye, but I guess with some it’s just something to fall back on when they can’t make any further points. But in the large scheme of things it’s been quite brilliant and long may it continue.


  4. chris says:

    Incorrect. Kroenke is controlling shareholder and the rest of ‘ The Board’ are powerless , including Gazidiz the senior executive outside of Kroenke. This with Wenger having got himself so cozy with Kroenke. Wenger is a very clever politician.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Indeed, you’re a realistic fan.

  5. ManMulo says:

    As long as Arsene and Arsenal keep making profits for Kroenke i dont think any thing will change, Kroenke is more of a businessman and doesnt really care about Trophies unlike roman abramovich who demands trophies and has objective that he wants to be met, even of Football manager when you start out at a club your given objectives, if Wenger does sign a new 2 year contract i hope the Board give him objectives and id like to know what those would be,

  6. Yossarian says:

    As RSH points out above, there seems to be tension between Wenger and the board, and I think this is due to only one thing – Missing out on 4th place this season. It’s true that Silent Stan only cares about the money, and being “In the money” means having revenue from Champion’s League football.

    Now that Arsenal will probably miss-out next season, and with clubs like Everton getting rich new owners, and Pep / Conte / Moureen settling into their new roles, next season will be even tougher. Guaranteeing top-four these days requires a squad that is capable of challenging for the title.

    So if Silent Stan stays, but Wenger goes, there will be investment in the team to get us back to a standard that “Guarantees” top-four. Imagine what somebody like Allegri / Koeman / Simeone / etc. could do with a rebuilding transfer budget from the 5th richest club in the world?

    I reckon we’d be challenging for every trophy. So we can moan about the owner, but Arsenal can challenge for top-honours again, even with Silent Stan. Just need to get rid of Wenger and replace him with a top-top-manager.

  7. Ddog says:

    haha, great analogy. You could add something on austerity and the measly expenditure on wages/ player fee’s. Although we have picked up a bit on that front.

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