Wenger and the Arsenal Board need to listen to the fans!

A rant at Wenger and the Arsenal board! by OzzyAFC

So, Arteta and Debuchy are out for what could be the rest of the season? In a statement I read today Arsene Wenger has said that the management team are working very hard to bring in one or two players and there is a massive amount of discussion about Kristian Beilik and his potential and suitability for Arsenal moving forward.

The thing that really has troubled me ever since the end of the last transfer window and has made me become an anti-Wenger proponent is this: At the end of last season every man and his dog could see that the team needed new signings in a number of key areas, from the most intelligent fan to most casual followers, all the discussion was around strengthening in defence and also in the front line. At the back of everyone’s mind was the fact that Arteta was growing older and more injury prone and, while he has performed admirably in the past, he has never really been a natural DM and has at times struggled in the role given to him by Wenger.

At the same point Sir Chips Keswick stated in an article in the standard that Arsenals financial restrictions were at an end and that (should they wish to) Arsenal could purchase almost any player they wished, excluding Ronaldo or Messi – AND THAT THEY HAD IN THE REGION OF £100,000 000 in the transfer kitty.

Over the summer we saw Jenkinson go out on loan and Thomas Vermaelen sold for 17 million and Sagna go to Man City on a free. In came Debuchy (good purchase but hardly played), Sanchez (brilliant buy) and Calum Chambers (very promising) and then………on the final day of the window we brought in Danny Welbeck (Jury still out).

Last season held much promise for us until we hit Christmas and got thumped by Chelsea and Liverpool respectively and, while we made the fourth spot in the end and won the FA cup. I, like probably most other Gooners, thought well we can only get better, and while I was erring towards being an “Arsene Out” follower I thought “lets see what happens and give him another go”.

This season has really been quiet atrocious for a team that was supposed to be improving and moving forward. We have gone back four years, and then today rolls round and Wenger says that its our injuries that have forced him into the transfer window!

TWO WEEKS IN AND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON??????????? Did this man learn nothing from previous years??? Everybody in the world has known since Jesus was a boy that we need a strong competent and commanding defensive midfielder, a Centre-back to bolster the existing defence, and an out and out goalscorer.

While we have been very unlucky with injuries the question remains as to what the hell is going on in Wenger’s mind? Does he really believe that at some point his strange master plan will fall into place? That he will win the league and be celebrated to the heavens, and have the opportunity to say “I told you so”? Or does he think that the constant “We are building a team for the future” line is going to keep fooling the people who pay his wages (Us the fans)? I find it inconceivable that he has not really wanted to get involved in the transfer window until the injuries have forced him to.

Now I know we have Chambers and we have Bellerin, who is coming on well and Coquelin who is doing a job. They are not really the world beaters we need to make this season a stand out one and really move the club back into the elite group we once belonged to. They are all promising and may one day be so, but to rely on them now because we have little option is unfair on both then and us.

My rhetorical question is; when is this rubbish going to end? When will the management and board wake up to this inadequate style of management and realise that the team needs to win things to be a financial success – by really pushing the brand worldwide again and making Arsenal the team that is on everyone’s lips from Azerbaijan to Zebrugge and making the fans happy and proud. When will they realise that to do all of this we need to buy key players in key areas and not quibble over the price? That we need to come into line with the way the world of football is, regardless of if this goes against the “Arsenal Way”.

And when are they going to realise that the foundations of the club is the fans and that we are getting impatient and that we are not stupid and that we are expecting change for the better. Chips was either lying or Wenger’s transfer nous is well and truly warped and whichever it is its NOT acceptable on either count.


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    1. I hope that will never happen. Of course I am kidding ! This will never happen. Mark my words. And is good like that. This great club will never run out of supporters.

    2. lets see what happens on sunday. if we get trashed by city then hopefully wenger will realize how stupid he was for thinking we could get through a whole season with 2 CB’s and no leadership in the squad apart from sanchez and arteta.

    3. Haven’t you heard?
      We have owners who only want 4th place and an healthy bank balance.
      No money for the manager means buying young players for their resale value.
      This is how kroenke rolls.

    4. Exactly. Wenger is NOT held accountable for pushing for titles because we’ve found a niche role of gobbling up all the television, CL, sponsorship money just for participation (4th). The owners of this club are content with things.

      Because Wenger is no longer accountable for titles his standards have dropped. We know he can win trophies in this league, but he was under pressure to when he took over. It’s admirable he kept us up there during the brunt of the Emirates move, don’t get me wrong, as we had little money.

      But what’s the reason now for not still having a top DM, CB, and ST? We’ve all wanted one the best part of a decade. This past summer I would have rather 16mil for Welbz went on Wanyama…or Lacazette of truth be told. (Thought Wenger knew the French market?) It’s all just gotten stale. Nothing would give me greater joy than seeing Wenger reinvent himself, but I fear he won’t – so I don’t hold much hope until we change the captain of our ship I’m afraid.

    5. Listen to which fans?
      The fans who said “who is this Henry, some skinny french winger”
      the fans that said “some defender from french league 2”
      the fans that said “buy Balotelli now”
      the fans that said “why spend $16 million for some player from Southampton”
      the fans who said “M’Villa is the best DM , get him now”
      the fans who said ……….

      I could keep this up all day, I have 34 examples.
      I remember one misguided fan who wanted Sean Wright Phillips

      Those football experts?

      We are fans not experts. I know some of you are deluded enough to think that you know more football than Wenger, Jose, Moyes, Pep, Klopp, Carlo all put together. But that is just the misfiring of too few brain cells.

  1. All of you are a lot of b*tches.

    Wenger survived something only few could survive, the season where we bought Ozil, Wenger was on fire, and it was then or never for him to leave, the end is known to us all. We got bribed by the purchase of Ozil which made many who wanted to see Wenger gone give him an another chance. We hoped that this was a new start and that things would change for the better.

    Ozil was and still is one of my fav players, he was the reason alone i watched Rm, but one thing is for sure, he was a deluxe panic buy to rescue Wenger A*rse at that time.

    Wenger out. Coyg.

  2. This SHIT will never end!!!!

    Not while the AKB exist.
    Not while silent stan is in charge.
    Not while Wenger is manager of this team.
    Not while our medical team is this shitty.
    Not while Sczerny and Jack think smoking is cool.
    Not while,when teams like United, City,Chelsea invest in prolific strikers like Falcao, Bony,Costa.Arsenal sign Welbeck.
    Not while we let players like Fabregas go to our biggest rivals.
    Not while we release Vermalen not replace him.
    Not while this dumb manager keeps picking his favourite players.

    I really really miss the old Arsenal.

    1. Don’t go to games. Don’t buy the merchandise and then see how quickly things change!

      It’s as sime as that. If there were vast holes in game attendance and sales tgen the powers that be would hear the message loud and clear.

      1. it will never happen,
        no point saying it.

        my former boss use to arrange meetings at emirates an stamford bridge to broker deals after watching the game.
        its a big tourist spot now.

        we are a brand , a global one, with fans worldwide.

        people will always go to games,
        people will always buy merch.

      2. @arseovertit
        You don’t want that seat, somebody else will sit in it. You don’t want that shirt, jacket or scarf, somebody else will buy it. As simple as that.

          1. come on k u kno how big are waiting list is for tickets.
            u know how much merch we sell

            is he lying?

            1. Take a good look at Milan. Things can change very fast for the worst. That we are a very loyal generation of fans is one thing, that Arsenal can produce other generation of new fans is an another thing.

        1. This much I know N Y Gunner (a.k.a Sherlock).

          All I said is that is what it would take in response to the question in the article.

          Fact is we as modern Humans are generally a selfish bunch of runts not willing to sacrifice our own comfort and luxury for the greater good and collective wellbeing.

          So your right. It ain’t gonna happen.
          Let’s just keep taking in la derrière.

      3. The so-called AKBs are not keeping Wenger in a job anymore than you guys are likely to remove him. Not sure how the medical team could have prevented Debuchy headbutting the hoardings or someone kicking lumps out of Giroud’s foot, or changing the inherent bone structure in Arteta’s foot. I am sure we would be top of the PL if WS and JW hadn’t had a pull on that B&H – lol. Falcao. Yeah right. Bony – lets wait and see. Fabregas, boo, hoo. Chelsea our biggest rival – yeah right, sure they see it that way as well. Getting £15M for TV, a player who wasn’t playing for us and hasn’t played since. Scandalous business. And AW persisting in picking 22 different favourite players this season in the PL – yet more nonsense. Who hasn’t he played out of curiosity? Stop being such a drama queen. Plenty on here thinking they are on some crusade to change the world to fit their version of it – more Citizen Smith than Gandhi or Luther King. Bet most of the biggest moaners wouldn’t recognise the Emirates if they were stood outside it.

        And I assume you don’t run any sort of business – if I am getting this right you think the best way to get your expensive precious big name signings is to cut off revenue to the club?

        I agree on Silent Stan though.

    2. Bartender? are u a bar attender or that’s just a username?

      And to you ArseOvertit 😀 😀 Do you mean that? 😀 😀 My big bro says titsOverarse is the way to go. I personaly don’t know, I have never even hugged a girl 🙁 🙁

      1. Come on Pythagoras. With your great mind surely you can work out the riddle of my pseudonym! It’s not all about tits and arse (well not always).

        Let me share the reasoning here:
        To fall ‘Arse Over Tit’ is to fall down in a dramatic and grand fashion. I also chose it because the Arse’nal should always come before and over any individual (if you get my drift)?

        And your name? Let me guess..you live Dairy Lea Cheese Triangles..am I right?

      2. Mind your own f@cking business.

        I know why your pythagoros though..Because you love your Dairy Lea Cheese Triangles!

  3. AND THAT THEY HAD IN THE REGION OF £100,000 000 in the transfer kitty.

    — I’ve been saying this since i joined this forum. We have all the money in the world but we have a man who’s been used to being cheap for 10 years and still thinks he needs to be.
    — The issue is every team out there knows we have the money and when we do approach they ask for a big hefty fee and wenger barks at it. He needs to start realizing he needs to be creative with his transfer policy like player exchanges, add ons, loan deals etc to get what he wants.

    1. I believe the real issue is and I’m sure alot have realised that we are now a business purely to make a rich American and his associates even richer,he doesn’t even like football let alone supported a team in the states. Until wenger doesn’t manage us to the top four then Stan isn’t bothered how we play,things won’t change until Stan sells up and I hope and pray it’s sooner than later.
      The only thing I’m not sure about is whether wenger is idiotically ignoring the teams issues or refusing to deal with them because he knows what the real aim is ie top four. I still think tactically he’s well past his best and frankly awful

    2. You tell him Dennis – not sure what the big deal is, I mean jeez even I could spend £100M on players if given the chance. I mean how hard can it be to spend someone else’s money with no come back on you if you f%$k it up. Hopefully he reads this site and he might learn about “loan deals” and “add ons” to help him out.

  4. It’s much easier for snails to develop thin waists n grow hips, butts n busts n learn to twerk than for Wenger and the board to listen to the fans 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I don’t even waste my brain cells trying to imagine such an impossible situation 🙁 🙁 🙁 n I advice all of you to shun such thoughts of pure fiction n immense madness 🙁

  5. We dont need Loris bec we have Seza – 10m off to Spurs
    We dont need Bale bec we have Clichy- off to to Spurs, Clichy off to City.
    We dont need Vertonghen bec we have Vermalen- off to Spurs, V5 off to Barca.
    We dont need Reus bec we buy Gervinhio insteas- Reus off to BvB, Gervinhio off to Roma.
    We dont need Cahill bec we have Merti-
    We dont need this and that bec we have Diaby.
    We dont need Fabregas bec we have Ozil, Wilsher, Ramsey.

    Mistakes over mistakes.

  6. Tired of griping and venting even though I want to. Wenger pleasr please get us a dm player and cb NOW! , (looking to the sky for divine assistance).

  7. Ozil was purchased because Wenger listened to the fans. If the Arsenal Fans aassociation had not written that tough letter in summer 2013, I don’t believe Wenger would have purchased Ozil.

    Pressure needs to be put on Wenger. At games fans should hold up placards/banners to sign WC players, If we lose, we need to boo Wenger, another letter should be written, get together and threaten to not renew season tickets. Unity is strength. And Share holders only understand one language…..”MONEY”

      1. The “Ozil panic buy” theory is the shi*&iest of the many really s*&%%ty conspiracy theories on here. Wenger loses a football match and spends £42M to make some whining fans happy. Yeah right.

    1. Dream on. Ozil was free to move exactly in the last day of transfer window. Luckily his father had some issues with Madrid board and listed the interest on the market. If Wenger would not have snapped him there was United there ready to laugh at us for the missing chance.

  8. It has got to a point where I can’t even defend Arsenal against United,City and Chelsea fans…

    I just don’t know what to say.

      1. Cause they lose everytime, not only against the “big” teams but also to the “smaller” teams.

        1. @bartender
          So, that automatically means we’re gonna lose this time? While you’re at it, could you give me those euromillions numbers for tonight?

          1. Nah it doesn’t mean we are automatic losers…but we both know we have very little chance of winning and thats what pisses me off!

  9. First of all I don’t believe AFC is not listening to the fans. justarsenaldot com is not even an official arsenal site and amount of people here (I am going to be extremely generous) goes to some hundreds of person (from which we have no clue they are real AFC supporters). Our fine host here had made his stance and proven to be a real gooner. You all heard him speaking and his position is hugely different from the majority of whiners here. But that does not detract from the fact that AFC is a huge enterprise these days and the leap compared with the grove days is HUGE. We are now a brand, I don’t know how many of you people on this site understand the concept but I can tell you that from a management perspective is a bi tch to master. I will give you an example, United was a brand long before us. They are also in search for that something making them the best football brand in the world (don’t forget, for years they were in top above Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Juventus etc). It shows that everything has ups and downs, there’s no way around it. Everything comes to an end and from that point the excruciating fight to the top is tough.
    It is inconceivable the fact that a true fan can say that the board does not want the trophies. I don’t know how many CEO’s or business owners you know but it so happens that I know some. And ALL OF THEM, everyone of them is ready to go for that bit of glory even if that does not bring immediate results. It is a matter of walking like a peacock in those charity gatherings where they can show that glittering prize to everyone. And they are hurt when anyone makes fun of them, make no mistake.
    Now, the team in the field respond to the fans, real fans reaction. If the fans have a negative attitude then all is lost. Don’t believe me? See what will happen with Dortmund after the winter break. Team will reward the fans, not the board. Keep that in mind next time.

    1. @Budd
      Damn I love reading when plain old “common sense” is thrown out there.
      Thank you very much…

    2. I just can’t understand how Bayern Munich, who built their new stadium about the same time we built ours, have managed to pay off their stadium debt 17 years early, whereas we’ll still be paying until the 2030’s.. Bayern have much lower match day revenue that us with their fan-friendly low ticket prices, they have much lower tv revenues than us too with the premier league having multiple times the revenue of the bundesliga. They just have huge (and I do mean huge) commercial revenue. But how? Our fan base is bigger than theirs too..

      They paid off their stadium early, they have a world class team, the club is owned by the fans – no billionaire sugar daddy, they have no debt… My question is how? I can’t understand how they make so much money that they can run their club so well. We need to find out! (And copy them).

    3. @budd

      Brands are built through marketing which is done to sell the product/s. Now marketing can go a very long way to selling what is fundamentally a useless product but there comes a time when even the most loyal customers (substitute for fan/supporter here if you want) loose faith in the dream being sold..

      This results in the brand (the carefully engineered/designed face of a business) loosing customers and getting hit in the pocket.

      Real Madrid are a brand too. They have one 10 UCL (old European) cups and countless other cups by investing.

      There are many businessman and managers not trying to be No.1 or world beaters as they are happy with the rewards they have. They plod along content that they ‘are alright jack’. They’re not overly concerned with going the extra mile to make their service/product as good as it could be because their bottom line isn’t effected..

      So stop the ‘inconceivable’ b@ll@cks will you.

      1. You are finally getting it – you choose Arsenal, they don’t choose you. You can walk any time you want. I wouldn’t lose sleep if Arsenal lost a “few customers”.

        And you think Real Madrid is a “normal” football club and a model for investment? If that is your benchmark reference for a football club you should give up on football now or do the research and work out for yourself how and why RM are a million miles from being an appropriate or valid comparison to any club, never mind Arsenal.

  10. Our problem is the wenger supporters, dey are d 1s who can’t boycott matches. Even if u luv wenger why not put pressure on d board so dey can act and solve the problems dat are obvious to all fans

  11. Reported on Twitter via german magazine (I believe) that arsenal have bud £15.6 million for Gundogan. Another person I follow said Arsenal had agreed to sign Schneiderlin this summer.
    Not sure how true either are.

    1. Some rag or some moron blogger says “Arsenal will sign.. Christiano Messi”
      You believe it, then whine on justarsenal.com that Wenger did not sign Messi.

  12. Seriously though, what is the point of buying now? It won’t even improve us for this season and the choice is much less. In the summer there would be many more players available.

    1. @RVPayslip
      What gets me is, many on here want us to spend top money for top WC players, most of whom are cup tied for the CL. Those same howling banshee’s claim we’re out of the running for the EPL. So why drop 30/40 mil on players to help us retain the FA Cup? (Which many here consider a mickey mouse trophy)

      1. Urgh…what about the 4th place Wenger trophy that pulls in £30mil + sponsorship££££!

        Don’t we want that now are will our new 17yr old save us?

        I think it’s called investing.
        Personally I don’t mind if the big bag of money isn’t spent. If we succeed it’s down to the players. If we fail it’s down to wenger and the board and no matter how cosy they both are as bedfellows. One thing is for sure. If we don’t get the UCL cashCow then it’s au revoir Monsieur Wenger…sooner..or later.

  13. Come on. I think Wneger and Arsenal are more open to fans than ever. They show they work around the clock to get the defender/CDM we need. In the past they kept us in the dark.

    Of Lpool, ManU, Tottenham, Tottenham & Arsenal – none of them have done any buying business yet. Winter Transfer is hard. Few sellers, lots of buyers. So sellers wait till the end to get the best price.

    All these stressed out fans.

  14. Yeah! Come on Arsene and Arsenal, listen to the armchair managers and the deluded. Seeing as they’ve accomplished much more than you in football and have a thorough understanding of everything it seems.

  15. Arsenal will not win the Premier League
    this term. However winning the Wenger
    remains entirely possible. The ECL is
    a vey long shot but a quarter final birth
    is in the offing while the FA cup is definetly winnable.

  16. Is sanchez not an “out and out goalscorer”????

    Look, Giroud isn’t the greatest striker to live by any means, but he is also not that bad, you can tell he has clearly improved. Before his unfortunately dumb headbutt he was on pace for a goal a game, and he has a commanding presence to win headers (which he does) in their territory. He does a lot for the team and I think its BS that he’s so often criticized.

    As for the DM and CB I would be content with a player who can play both such as Kondogbia (who can also play RB if necessary). He’s an absolute beast

    1. If someone says aguero, costa, persi > Giroud, it isn’t criticism, it is plain fact … I think Sanchez is trying his best to make up our attack deficiency … Now the defense is more spotlighted … So, Giroud can sleep well for while …

  17. I believe at least 12 players will be
    phased out over the next 18 months.
    Diaby Mertz Kos Monreal Rosicky Arteta
    Flamini Sanogo Ryo Podolski Cazorla Wilshere (injury)
    Bielik Hayden Zelalem Crowly Niles look set to join
    Sanchez Ozil Chambers Chamberlain Wellbeck Gibbs
    Ramsey Coquelin Jenkinson Szcezny+Bellerin.
    10 top quality additions over the same 18 month period and I believe
    2016/2017 is looking to be when Arsenal will retun to the highest level.

    1. Takes 2 or 3 seasons to build. Wenger started last year. I say 2015/2016 is Arsenal’s year.

  18. Occupy Emirates.
    35,000 strong army of Arsenal fans united. We all want the same thing…to win trophies. Let’s unit, occupy emirates and let them know what we want.
    I’m not talking about match time, I’m talking about an evening im talking about once every week, I’m talking about being smart not being hooligans

    We have the ingredients, so let’s get cooking

    Who agrees?

  19. I keep reading ‘Arsenal have bid for’, dont care about bidding get on with it and close the deal/s!
    Now reading, (talk sport linked withs): Hector Moreno, Ilkay Gundogan, Malcolm Silva, Axel Frix, Virgil Van Dijk, Winston Reid and Teddy Bishop!!!
    Seriously I hope to god we do sign a Sissoko, Gundogan, etc. as well as a CB.
    I cant think of another reason Wenger is trying to buy CB’s for around 6 to 8m and haggling!
    Has Wenger and Kronke taken their eye of the Arsenal bank accont only to find it overdrawn?
    FFS sign someone already!!

    If this window closes unsuccesfully I predict mass carnage from the Arsenal fans and a 6th place finish this year.
    Lastly why is Wenger targeting <10m cb's as cover when clearly we can all see Per M is Sh*te and needs replacing.

  20. i think in the next few years it is important that we are strongly know as a club who promote youth as i think the war for for the next batch of talented youngsters(getting bielik is a step in the right direction)is hotting up soon.
    city with there new academy will try and blitz us and any one else to get to the next best player, but we are investing heavily and want to be at the forefront of youth development in the next decade wenger has laid strong roots for us to build upon, also as long as he gets first team additions.
    like i have said before the transfer funds should be used for only first team additions who are top quality and replacements should be found first from our academy without hesitation so the transfer funds go further to more worldy players.

  21. this is bellerin’s best chance to take the r/b spot for himself ahead of next season he has three months to cement his place in the first team full stop.
    chambers will be more needed to cover at c/h with injury problems and kos’s achilles(chambers style is very similar to kos’s so good back up) problems but will be back up r/b for now and 3rd c/h untill wenger signs another c/h in the next week or two c/h needed to be 25yrs or slightly older maybe,
    that sod schar has said that inter interest him. i would has though wenger would have moved heaven and earth to get him in for the summer on a pre contract he is one of the most consistent(has kept messi and ronaldo in his back pocket in Europe) and talented c/h in Europe in the last year.
    i would have thought if we are only getting in c/h wenger will go quite big in who it might be i have got my money on a £15 million+ player, to come in as we will need that price range of quality to come in to compete and maybe displace mert, or at least allow him to rest for a few games we dont know who wengers talking to in the back ground but i am sure all the scouts have been busy and its just asking clubs for availability after that. COYG

  22. Bang
    Ka pow

    Arsenal won’t be satisfying any AOB’s this January, only AKB’S who are already satisfied with our poor defence, injured players, tactically inept manager and poor start to the season.

    Only thing to make AKB’S happy enough to jump over the moon, is scratching 4th place on last day of season, while watching our players parade winning 4th place trophy.

    Don’t thumb down the messenger, truth hurts, deal with it losers.

    1. “only AKB’S who are already satisfied with our poor defence, injured players, tactically inept manager and poor start to the season”. Does the stupidity of such a comment even register with you?

      There are broadly two groups of supporters.

      Those that want to win every game and as many trophies as possible but know that shit happens, that life ain’t fair, who can deal with the banter, have or have had season tickets to watch their team play and always hope for better and recognise that ultimately, whatever happens to their team, they will probably have to live with it because they won’t be changing the world any time soon.

      Those that want their team to win every game and as many trophies as possible to impress their mates down the pub and assume the bragging rights, probably never seen the inside of a football stadium, but whine and resort to conspiracy theories and abuse when their team isn’t doing so well, rely on instant gratification to get by each day and imagine that they are on some self-righteous mission to cure all the non-believers whilst simultaneously sitting on their arses banging away on their keyboards, doing zilch to help their noble cause other than shout, and are totally oblivious to the energy they are wasting and the delusional futility of it all.

  23. Can someone tell me why wenger and the board need to listen. They will do exactly what they want. If they dont do what the fans want they know the likes of u and i will still be there because we love the club. What i dont get on here is the inconsistant views ie on a friday wenger is the the worst manager for us and should leave at once, 24 hrs later we have beaten HULL and he deserves more time. Come on guys what do we actually want to happen.

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