Wenger and the fans persuaded me to sign…..

Arsenal may have signed a bit of an unknown entity in Mohamed Elneny, but we know that with the contract extension given to Nacho Monreal we are getting a proven world class player of the first degree. The Spaniard admitted that it was difficult when he first arrived without speaking any English, but he has quickly settled and is now one of my most consistent performers every single week.

Nacho is clear that he is very happy to have the support of his manager and the Arsenal fans, and obviously has a great understanding with his team-mates. “I’m really happy because my intention was to keep playing for Arsenal,” he said. “I feel really good playing here.

“I have a good relationship with my team-mates and we keep improving year after year. I wanted to stay here and I could extend my contract. I would like to play here for many more years.

“The trust of the Arsenal fans is really important for us because they are helping us in every moment as we are fighting to win the Premier League.

“I met the boss three years ago and I have a really good relationship with him and I’m really happy with him. For these reasons I extended my contract.”

The Gunners are sitting pretty at the top of the League and Monreal’s signing is a timely boost as we enter the the most important part of the season, and Nacho likes to feel he has contributed to our current success. “I’m very happy with my performances this season,” he continued. “At the beginning it was difficult because I was a new signing and I didn’t speak English.

“But now I feel more comfortable with my team-mates and with everything in general so that has helped me to play better because I have more confidence in myself.”

As Nacho is now 29, perhaps Kieran Gibbs would have been hoping that the rumours of Nacho leaving were true, but it looks like the Englishman will still be playing second fiddle for some time yet. It may be bad news for Gibbs, but it’s good news for Arsenal….

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  1. The Nacho one…Underrated and over looked by alot…But for those of us who know..we know Monreal is a pillar to our team. he is just that guy for me who gets better season after season…more than happy he has extended his contract….And Monreal THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. And tbh Gibbs should be a spare 3rd string player much like Chambers we can get a better back up LB…Such as

    Alejandro Grimaldo or José Luis Gayà as examples

    1. It would be good to have a better LB than Gibbs but how many of those including the one’s you have mentioned will accept being a back up and spend most times on the bench like Gibbs?

      Among the English core that we have Gibbs is one of the few who actually contributes meaningfully to the team, it would be so harsh just dumping our academy product like that. For the next 3 years or so I’m him and Nacho will help each other improve even more.

      Investing in another LB in mold of a Bellarine in the reserves is more than welcome though.

      1. Which team exactly in the league has a better backup LB than Arsenal in Gibbs?

        Clichy? Jose Enrique? Ben Davies? Galloway?

        Chelsea might be the only ones with Baba Rahman, who never plays anyway and just complained about it. Gibbs doesn’t complain about his role, he’s homegrown (there are regulations about them as well) and he isn’t on ridiculous wages.

        I understand we need reinforcements but buying a LB backup in the caliber of Gaya? Get the fudge out. Retarded FIFA mentality.

  3. Mr. Consistency himself.

    He looks like a player who goes straight home from a match and turns in early, eats healthy and is very responsible. Its good to have such players in a squad, players who take the game serious rather than fancy hair cuts or looks (straight from the Tony Adams, Paul Scholes, Giggs, Viera, Zidani, Nedverd class). His a good example for the young lads and I think his inspiring the likes of Bellarine and Gibbs as well.

    Difference with this team and the team we hard about 7 years ago is that we now have leaders in key positions and players others can look up to (Cech, Mert, Kos, Nacho, Coq, Carzola, Theo (10yrs is no small feat), Arteta)

  4. OT: Waiting for an article assessing Theo’s contribution to the club in the last 10 years and how the future looks for him.

    Uche and other good writers on the site can you give it a go?

  5. It looks as if Chelsea have signed Pato for £7.7 million,
    He could be available to play against us on Sunday.

    He was well in the wenger budget and at 26 he was worth taking a gamble, at that price.

    You snooze, You lose mr wenger ???

  6. well he is one of our many quality players.
    But cant really approve wenger on how he carries out his business.
    I mean yeah its all right how he knows quality players but is it worth it to be too patient on a player?
    It took van persie 8 years to establish himself as a world class player.
    There are also others like ox walcott gibbs to convince us yet of their abilities.And we might even have to wait much longer.
    You always have a feeling of that player who is gonna be class.
    Like campbell .I dont think we will have to wait that much long.He is gonna be a beater very very soon.
    Wilshere also if he gets over his injury problems,though I believe with shad s guidance he is gonna get over them very soon.
    I believe it is wenger s sole purpose to worry about our play and results and let the board worry about the money.
    Wenger needs to be pressured more in the transfer market and team selection.
    No need to keep pressing in giving multiple chances to inconsistent average players.
    Results and trophies are more imminent than improving players.

    1. van persie was always a fantastic player, only injuries keept him away from the pitch, and not his lack of quality. same goes with wilshere.

      you can play gibbs and walcott for an another 10 years in th pitch, and still they wont improve that much by playing. kinda seems with ox that way aswell.

  7. Football fans do a acknowledge him as a good player, and dont underrate him at all. Gibbs alongside the rest of the brittish core are very overrated.

    If you want to succeed as a team, you go out and get your self some good german and spanish players. If you want to have more brits around, you will end up will less money and less queality in the team. Best example liverpool.

      1. Ay, and Ramsey also Bale are British and they have plenty quality ..no arguments. Next generation might breed a few more especially with so many foreign coaches now plying trade in Britain not to mention the many different nationality of players withing the youth systems all the way up.

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