Wenger angry that Arsenal had 33 shots but only one goal against Man Utd!

Jose Mourinho did a number on Arsenal once again to see us drop back to 5th place again, 7 points behind today’s opponents Man United and 12 points behind the leaders Manchester City, who still have a game in hand. Arsenal were unbelievably 2-0 down in just 10 minutes due to two defensive mistakes but once we woke up we were peppering De Gea’s goal from left, right and centre. But could we get it in the net?

Wenger was obviously angry after the game and finds it hard to believe that three errors gave United three goals, but we couldn’t score more than one despite our complete dominance. “I think the quality of our performance was good but we were not decisive enough.” Le Prof lamented. “I believe at the back we didn’t start well at all and we put ourselves in a very difficult position.

“Despite that, there were enough chances to come back and I don’t know if you have watched many top-level games, but when you have 33 shots on goal in a game of that stature, it means that our dominance was top class. I’m angry and disappointed because at the end we have nothing to show for it and even at 2-1 we made another mistake at the back that made the game even more difficult.”

To be fair towards the end we hardly had any defenders! When Mustafi made his mistake he immediately went to ground and was taken off injured, and Alex Iwobi was his replacement. Both Xhaka and Kolasinac were taken off for Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud. Lacazette, Ozil and Sanchez were up there too, and Aaron Ramsey was playing like a second striker, so I can understand why Wenger is a little upset. All that attacking force on the pitch but with no end result to show for it. I know De Gea played well, but we surely could have tested him a bit harder when we got our shots off?

Darren N


  1. sal says:

    best keeper in the world made a difference, and yes defensively we need improvement but it was a good game overall and i enjoyed the effort we put in regardless of the result, especially when we went 2-0 down happy with how we put in a shift kept at it and clawed one back but it wasnt meant to be. more of the same and we are set for a return to champions league and hopefully a euro cup.

  2. Jerick says:

    I can’t understand how some fans are blaming Wenger for Koscielny and Mustafi’s blunders. How could it possibly be his fault for Kos misplacing a pass in defense or Mustafi dribbling out of defense when there was a clear pass to Xhaka or he could simply hit it up field. Not so long ago we were praising the manager for having faith in Kos so he could be our very own top defender and also for buying Mustafi but now it’s all his fault.

    I am not defending Wenger but it’s just the plain truth and Mustafi and Kos should take full responsibility. Being a business student I can understand that management is the first to be blame when anything goes wrong in an organization so I understand from that point of view but let’s be rational guys.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      They have gone to a stage and take it very personal…

      Even if Wenger were to say hello or visit their restaurant, they would blame it on Wenger

    2. vineeth says:

      Yes. Its wenger’S fault. We can see in all big games mistakes are done by our players… agaimst chelsea its red cards, against city its offside badlucks, against utd its foolishness… Why these factors not happening to them. Bcos they are mentally more strong. They have more killing instinct. We are soft…, and waiting for the badlucks only to start moaning… if it was a player in other top team did the same mistakes time and time again then what would have been his future. ? Wenger is too soft and generous. Thats why we started the match in a casual way. Arsenal played well only after their ego was hurted. Its only an emotional display. They are not naturally motivated. Wenger is a failure in that sense.

  3. Arsenogenic says:

    Spot on @ Jerick. I also think we made it too easy for De Gea tonight. ‘World class’ my ass! Our boys were simply not clinical at all.

    Aside from Lacazette’s goal, no other attempt at goal showed any predatory skill. Period.

    1. GO says:

      Completely agree with you. Laca played a shot and de gea pushed the ball out to sanchez who was in a 50-50 situation and should back heeled to laca who had a better chance at goal and was unmarked, but he decided to hit it at de gea. We created so many chances and had so many shots at goal but weren’t clinical, put that blame for our lack of clinicality on Sanchez. He seem to be on a personal mission this season to show how good he is to his many suitors and has stopped playing for the team. But i believe the suitors might start seeing hes on a decline and not come for him again, but if they do he will at best be a squad player in those teams. He takes too many touches and looses the ball too frequently. Unfortunately we dont have any player of his quality on the bench so we might just be stucked with him or try Ramsey in his position with Wishere or Chambers playing beside Xhaka. Having said that with this performance and attitude today Arsenal is not far at all from tearing apart any team in the world on their day.

  4. Arsenogenic says:

    De Gea’s career would have received a bad dent tonight, if only a quarter of our attempts on target had gone in. Plus, that nightmarish defending by Kos and Mustafi was totally unacceptabe.

    Let’s correct these on the training ground asap. Teams are in for an absolute slaughtering if we do. Park all the bus you want.

  5. Ignasi says:

    Why do arsenal players always shoot at the goalkeeper?

    There are things called ‘angles’ and ‘spaces’ when aiming at the goal.

    In other news: I am a better midfielder than Xhaka.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    75% possession

    33 shots

    15 on target

    and we still lose to De Gea FC

  7. aust says:

    Answer to our problems, sack wenger. Surprising fans are still impressed by beautiful football in this era. We want trophies and no matter the amount of beautiful football you play or chances you create. If you don’t get the result it’s just a waste of time/energy.
    This match reminds me of the Arsenal/Chelsea days, we keep the possessions they score the goals. A man who keeps making same mistake after 10years is insane and that’s what Wenger is.

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    The head high tackle is heavily penalised in both Rugby codes, yet Lacazette gets “coat hangered” in the penalty area and no penalty to Arsenal results. Also Welbeck is clearly brought down and no penalty. Explanation please, officials?

  9. Kedar Damle says:

    It was amazing free flowing attacking display in the 1st half….. But there were horrible mistakes in the defence…. You may not blame Arsene Wenger for those 2 mistakes but these mistakes left you with a big question that why always Arsene Wenger’s side do such silly mistakes?? Why Pep’s teams and Jose Mourinho’s teams, Why Carlo Ancelottie’s teams doesn’t make such mistakes??? Why always Wenger??? Arsene Wenger’s side never have defensive discipline… The biggest plus point of defense is that unless and until you are not conceding, you are not loosing… And as I always say that 3-4-2-1 is just not the way Arsenal should play…. Yesterday’s performance witnessed that we need to revert back flat 4 formation… We can use our best attacking potentials in flat 4 formation… Even in flat 4 formation Bellerin and Kolasinac had a decent shots on goal so it doesn’t mean that you need 3 at back formation to allow your full backs to join attack…

  10. waiyuen leong says:

    Arsenal played better than Man U but three defensive mistakes made the team lost on 1-3. So many shots were directed at the Man U goalkeeper without much anticipation to a better angle to shoot. It gives the Dea Gea the man of the match when shots were not effective. It was a direct foul when Lacazette was pushed down at Mun U goal mouth but the referee did not give that penalty kick. Arsenal players must learn the art of shooting at the penalty area.

  11. Wolfgang says:

    Pogba shd be banned for 10 games. I doubt this will happen.
    Many of these highly paid guys shd be severely punished for such
    A 3 game ban is nothing.Point deduction shd also be considered if clubs fail
    to discipline such guys.

  12. Mate we got no one to blame but ourselves. We peppered MU today .

  13. Marty says:

    It’s been failing of ours for seasons, we just do not score enough goals in relation to chances created. We are not ruthless enough. Someone mentioned that Sanchez was poor, totally agree. He has been all season and on current form doesn’t deserve to be picked. He gets picked on reputation but unfortunately reputations don,t win games.

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