Wenger & Arsenal 2-0 Mourinho

Mourinho’s moments of naivety could land him in trouble with Authorities again by The Analyser

Away from matters directly Arsenal let’s talk about a man who likes to drag Arsenal and Wenger into his travails. After getting into trouble with football authorities Mourinho decided to use Wenger’s remarks as his defence. He claimed that Wenger called Mike Dean naïve and weak. After failing to collect maximum points in a Champions League match on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, he claimed that the referee was naïve and weak for not awarding them a penalty. In the comments sections of the main online news outlets it is apparent that fans across the football divide are convinced that Wenger described Mike Dean as naïve and weak. But is that true?

The Daily Star of 19 September 2015 quoted Wenger as follows: “I would not like to be Mike Dean tonight, …Costa twice should be sent off. He hits him in the face in purpose. In every game he has aggravation and he gets away with it because of the weakness of the referee. We knew before the game he is only looking at that… Gabriel should not have responded at all but the two sending offs for us and Costa staying on the pitch is a shame.”

Wenger made those remarks at his post match press conference. In his comments he used the word “weakness”. When you look closely at how he used it, it becomes apparent that it was directed at referees in general not necessarily Mike Dean. Second, Wenger’s overall comments were directed at Diego Costa and the decision. This is standard practice one is not happy with a decision, especially in the legal field. You criticize the judgment not the judge otherwise you get charged for contempt of court. Wenger was smart here.

The Daily Mail of 19 September 2015 quoted Wenger as follows: “That is the least they can do. But he will do the same again next week and the week after and he always gets away with it.

“He can do what he wants and he stays on. Everyone else that responds to him has to be sent off. It’s unacceptable.

“If you look at the pictures and what he does to Koscielny before: he pushes him down and hits him in the face….He always gets away with it. Honestly, it is surprising. I don’t understand Mike Dean’s decision at all. Not on the sending off but why does Diego Costa stay on the pitch and Gabriel is sent off? I accept Gabriel shouldn’t react at all. But for me, he is always provoking and also uses the naivety of Mike Dean in this game.”

This comment largely dwelt on Diego Costa’s chronic misconducts which goes unpunished. In a way you would say Costa was the target of Wenger’s comments. In those comments he mentions Mike Dean’s naivety in passing. You could see that Wenger carefully chose his words to be critical of how referees were handling Costa, without violating any of the FA rules. It was on this basis that the FA could not charge Wenger of any wrong doing. Wenger being smart again.

The press interpreted Wenger’s comments to mean criticism of Mike Dean. Unfortunately the FA charges based on what was said not people’s interpretation of what was said. Mourinho in his moment of naivety and stupidity, decided to use Wenger’s two words to directly attack a referee. He was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: ‘The referee was weak and naive, it’s a big penalty,’ said Mourinho. ‘I keep not understanding, what the goal referee does. Because (he) doesn’t make a clear decision….When the result is 0-0 and such a penalty is not given it’s a crucial moment of the game….I actually think the referee was very good but I think he made one mistake.”

The first quote was an attempt to reduce Wenger’s comments into six words. Unfortunately that took away context and the general thrust of Wenger’s comments, making Mourinho’s comments totally different from what Wenger said. His was a direct attack on the referee, unless he can plead sarcasm. He goes on to contradict himself by saying the referee was very good. For me Mourinho’s comments could easily get him into trouble by any football authority, including the FA, without a case of double standards being made out. Wenger attacks a player, indirectly showing misgivings about referee(s) in a passive way. On the other hand, Mourinho directly attacks a referee. This makes the two cases easily distinguishable.

In conclusion therefore Mourinho might have landed himself in trouble again due to his moments of naivety, as you cannot exclude context and perspective when dealing with matters. So its Mourinho 0: 2 Wenger & Arsenal

By Tinashe Shamuyashe (The Analyzer)

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    1. Moanino the comedian………. But seriously, none of it is funny…… His antics are getting stale already!

    2. Wenger is finally “the special one” and Morinho is now “the jealous one”. Even him (morino) said wenger receives special treatment not like other 19 managers who he claims to be all under pressure except Arsene.

      1. Because unlike the rest of the managers Wenger has been taking stick for mistakes made by the players, referee and club board for the past decade, if anything Wenger has been under more pressure than any manager in the PL since our stadium move hence why he appears to be more respected by the FA compared to Mourinho. If you watched United, the same thing went on with them, they got “special treatment” because of Fergie’s reputation, Arsene is the new Fergie 😛

      2. Can someone please unveil “The Jealous One” banner when Chelsea visits Emirates? As close in look to the one at Stamford Bridge would be priceless.

    3. Naive or stupid certainly. Saying a ref is “rubbish” or “weak” (ie: incompetent) is an entirely different proposition to saying the ref is biased or bent (ie: corrupt). Wenger said the former and Mou said the latter and no-one in the general media has really latched on to the distinction.

  1. Listen Baby Please

    I have no interest in Mourinho or Chelsea articles
    They aren’t even in the top 4
    Lets focus on ARSENAL 🙂 And winning matches and trophies baby please

    1. @listrn baby
      I dig your name and beginning of comments. You made ur self a personality around here lol.
      Kudos .
      Is it from the Scarface scene with Mel the cop?

      1. “Not On Drugs”

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        1. Just looked it up ..lame lame lame ass song. Feminine bullwinkle crap. Hope it’s the Pulp Fiction answer as that is one cool cucumber of a film ..myself I thought he was just letting us know that he’s a player and the please baby please is still working for him.

    2. *Mou should fix his team(beta if he cant).
      I just saw an article on Belerin’s pace on the metro. the guy is too fast as the picture also support this.
      *admin can we post pics?

      1. Hmm, I can from the JustArsenal media library, but you would have to use he HTML code with a url. If you want to know how to structure it right click on my image and “copy url” and look at it in Wordpad or summat…

    3. Tove Lo’s blockbuster……….



      @Trevor……And its a “she” not a “he”



      Like it or not, she’s one of scandinavia’s finest !

  2. I agree, editing at it’s finest. Wenger I think says that basically all refs have a certain naivety with this one down to the rule of zero tolerance on retaliation, which is the rule Cost plays to provoke ..refs should know this already but in that match Costa was retaliating and provoking. The rules is where Wenger aimed his words. Mourinho directed his at the man.

    Provoke the fans and your gone, provoke other players and if they dish out what they received their gone. And what happens of the ref who provoked an entire club and it’s support.

    Cazorla/Costa again what was ref thinking ..I think he’s one of those refs that hangs his old bookings on the wall as a collection of big name trophies. The cards probably don’t do it for him the way they used to so he needs to make them more memorable.

  3. @BabyPlease, no offense but what is it with always starting your statement with Listen Baby Please? Anyway, So long Arsenal keep winning, i don’t mind listening to you baby please…:D

  4. Jose stated about staying in England as Chelsea boss for next 10 years looks like he will leave at the end of season join PSG and Premier league will again go back to the calm zone.

    If jose feels special treatment is given to Arsenal then he should look at what has happened to Wenger during previous disagreements with the match officials.
    “Arsene has got punishment for that match against Barca in 2011 when they lost due a controversial moment which got Van Persie sent off due to kicking the ball.”

  5. Mourinho should focus on bringing his team out of relegation and stop being obssed with Wenger: I think he is suffering the effect of envy.

    1. Just goes to show how great of a manager Wenger is, the only other person that got on Mourinho’s nerves to this extent was Guardiola

  6. Mou is running out of Clever statements.
    Or running out of mind games bottom line jokes.
    Of maybe he was never that good just at the right team at the right time.
    For all I hated Fergie b cuz he did influence the fate only manu…the man was an artist compared to Mou …AND he stayed there through good bad and ugly. ..I’d like to see Mou do that for a change.

  7. Good read for this morning and ur spot on, Mourinho is a clown! Things dont go his way he throws his toys outta the pram like a spoilt child. Wenger is classier and smarter than “The Spoilt One”. Joses 3season syndrome is starting to come to fruition atm and is feeling the pressure already, he cant do anything that another coach couldnt do with the funds he has spent at the 3seasons he has stayed at Inter, Madrid and Chelsea now for a 2nd time… couldnt happen to a nicer douchbag! The only great thing he did was at Porto so il give him credit for them achievements!

  8. Rumours that the Greater Portuguese gob has sounded out Real Madrid for future employment should be reason enough for Chelski to unload this boring moaner without the compensation he’s obviously trying to con them out of.

    1. Hehe,now i know how to add pics, I’ll give you this one. An American friend thought I should send it to Moaninho!!!

        1. Can’t you see that it is an apt description for that petulant Portuguese child trapped in a man’s body? Perfectly in order and allowed

  9. The Boss has serious business at hand to think of rather than to be thinking on Jose Mourinho’s jibe or antics that may not end. Despite the fact that Arsenal are not meeting Chelsea again soon in the League, Jose Mourinho is not please seeing Arsenal at the high end in the table than his Chelsea outfit who are 8 points behind Arsenal after 9 games played. So, Jose is trying by any possible way to divert the full concentration of the Boss away on his games, so that Arsenal could start dropping points to halt Arsenal points gaping Chelsea increasing. Is not LvG or Pellegrini that Jose resented most but the Boss. He doesn’t want to see Arsenal to win title. If there is anything he could do to stop the Boss winning the title, he will do it.

  10. And it has started ….

    We look so great now that the media has to find things to make us look vulnerable

    Now it’s the time for aw and the players to keep focus

    Just read two titles on the daily mail: couldnthe same thing that happened to cesc happen to bellerin? And Mueller says pitch at arsenal was like a living room carpet (waitndodnt they won here with that same carpet …twice?)

    Anyhow. Focus.

    I got thumbed down pret Match for commenting just that word.

    Well theo said it and arseblog said t so…yeah BIG focus

    1. Muller complemented the pitch and Bellerin said he won’t be leaving Arsenal. Don’t see the distraction?

  11. Wenger started it after the game – This is his word of the week. Cohesion lasted quite a while and it was Ugency last week. Now it’s FOCUS –
    “You never know if you will win the game but you know that team focus and dynamic was there. We had that focus for a while now and I said yesterday in the press conference that I think we were not at our level of focus in the first two games as we always focus on the Premier League. Tonight we knew we needed that focus as well that we had to show what we do in the Premier League against Bayern.”

  12. talking about mourinho,juventus just agreed to buy cuadrado for 16m less than a year after chelsea bought him for 27m!salah,s been playing great football in italy,we all know about matic being bought back by chelsea for more money,atletico madrid felipe sold back after one season for few millions less,andre schurlle and of course de bruyne whom mourinho said couldn,t handle the premier league??what does that say about the”special one”??im pretty sure i,ve forgotten few more!!

  13. If som ask me I would say Moanihno wants to be sacked, he just rants after matches without thinking how his players will feel… anyway I hope UEFA deals with him 😉

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