Wenger – Arsenal are definitely not buying a striker

Well that’s that then! The ‘Benzema to Arsenal’ stories have been hogging the headlines for the last month (as they do every summer) but now Arsene Wenger has finally come out and stated that he is more than happy with his current strike-force, and the Benzema rumours are purely media talk.

He said in todays pre-game Press conference: “I never came out on Benzema,”

“It is just media talk. When [Alexis] Sanchez and [Danny] Welbeck are back we feel we have the needed striking force.”

Okay, so we have Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Sanchez as our strikers, whether we like it or not!

So now what will the media talk about until the end of the transfer window? For me, the obvious gap in the squad is the backup for Francis Coquelin, especially as Jack Wilshere’s ankle fracture could mean him being unavailable for the next couple of months. Yes we have the ageing and injury-prone Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini as probable replacements but I believe Wilshere would be the perfect backup after taking that role for England.

Wilshere missed five months of last season with ankle problems, but Wenger thinks that it is a positive that this new problem is unrelated: “There is minimal damage apart from the bone damage – there is no damage at all apart from that. It was a collision in training and it was all completely accidental,” Wenger said.

“He’s down but he’s coping with it. He’ll play with the same confidence and desire when he comes back.

“You never get used to that, you never get used to your body letting you down.

“The positive thing is that it’s not a recurrence of an old injury and also another positive is that the history of his injuries doesn’t play a big part in his head.

“He plays with the same confidence and desire. It’s difficult when you are at that age – when you love to play football but can’t it’s mentally difficult.”

So what does Wenger do? Bring in more competition or simply hope that Coquelin will stay fit until Wilshere recovers? But why keep Flamini and Arteta in the squad if he doesn’t expect to play them……

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    1. wiLshere’s injury update………… Wenger says he’d be back in training after 2wks of wearing a protective boot…… Haha!……The Boy can recover!

  1. I think A.W is correct….
    It’s all about tactics, we DO have the squad needed to win the P.L & the Champions league but it’s about playing the right players at the right time…

    1. And what do you do when Chamberlain(or walcott) and Giroud are injured at the same time, forcing you to play Welbeck? Rely on Sanchez to score the goals again? “Dat guy Welbz” is good enough for West Ham or Aston Villa, but not Arsenal.

      I hope we buy a right winger if Wenger is honest on not buying a new striker

      1. People downvoting: Could you reply why you think Welbeck is good enough for Arsenal? Is it because 4 goals in 26 matches is adequate for a striker in your eyes? Is it because Arsenal is at the level where a striker with a 0,15 goal/match ratio is good enough?

        Is it because he does fairly well for the national team? (Newsflash: Arsenal Football Club =/= English national team)

  2. wenger don’t care about the fans. he only wana look after his boos . we just have to wait till he decide to leave .and by then may be therry he become the coach and we will start wining throphy.

  3. Le prof knows what he’s doing….let’s support him – the prof wants the coveted epl title & he knows how to get it…let’s be patient & see what happens.

    1. I agree. If the club just extended Olivier’s and Theo’s contract to 3 and 4 years respectively and has given them major upgrades to their weekly salaries then they must have faith in their performance level. I also love how we can’t win with OG and Theo talk. Like it is down solely on their shoulders if we win or not.

      1. If they get more money than they deserve, like Adebayor in City and Spurs, they get careless about their performance, because they’re still getting that dough

    2. Le prof knows what he’s doing? Seriesly? U must love him more thn ur own life.10 years same old mistake,always 2 or 3 players short,even blind stevey wonder can sense the problem but ur le prof refused to solve.same excuse every year.u fans love ur prof more than the club.

  4. if true then the man is even more stupid than i feared … another frustrating season ahead for fans supporting a team whose management have no more than 3rd place ambitions

  5. I remember Wenger ‘ s “Santi who?” Comment. Arsene doesn’t like other managers playing in his sandbox, so doesn’t broadcast his targets.

    Never say never, at least until window closes.

  6. Mr wenger wanted Ozil and he got him. He wanted Sanchez and he got him. He wanted cech and he got him.
    If Arsene Wenger wants Benzema, he will get him.
    So lets just get behind him and support/accept his decision.

    1. Sorry to say this but he got them because they were dimmed surplus for their team, they would never get first team player at their previous club, they would have been benched and used as substitutes because there were others who were given first team chance than them.So when you are a substitute player at your current club, it is easy to get a player than signing a first team player.Sorry but this is the truth.
      Benzema is the only Real Madrid true striker and starter, Madrid has to get replacemnt for him before they let him go which is difficult at this time because you could not find CF in the market right now.Yes, there are players like lewandowski, Cavani, Higuaín,Lacazzette, Gotze but are they really in the market?Is it easy to get them at this time?I doubt it.

      1. Not saying that we are after Benz or he will come but to assert that the only reason we got Ozil and Sanchez is because they were some 2nd string is ridiculous. Sanchez had numerous suitors, (Juventus and Liverpool plus others), Ozil could have gone any where if he wanted, but there is a lure about Arsenal that’s attractive and I firmly believe that if Wenger wants Benz, he’ll get him. To go after him or not may or may not be a wise idea, I don’t know, all I know is that between Walcott and Giroud, there’s 40 goals and with Welbeck’s 10 plus the rest from midfield, there’s enough goals in the squad, however Wenger needs to take his head out of the sand and look at the right wing and or the CDM, for those positions are lacking depth; sorry but Arteta I don’t ththink is ample cover, we’ve loaned Hayden and Wilshire is injured so there’s a void there. I won’t profess that I know which direction Wenger will go, but I do believe that whatever decision is made regarding additions or the lack there of will determine Wenger’s future, if we start slowly as we did last season and finish where we did, I don’t believe that another F.A. will satisfy the board and sure will not satisfy most of the supporters.

        1. you did not understand what i am saying, answer me this
          Do you think if Sanchez was a first team starter and if Barcelona wnated to keep him, he would leave Barcelona?
          Do you think if Ozil is guaranteed first team place he would leave Real Madrid?No they both would not.What I am saying is, both players were not considered as first team starters at their previous clubs and their clubs wanted to sale them.Thats why Arsenal got them.The same is true for Chec, what I am saying is it easy to get players that the club has agreed to sell than a player who is guaranteed a first team spot.

          1. Agree but you are switching teams and playing in the worlds most promoted league. That is what the other leagues lack.

          2. Completely agree with Kam; Benzema isn’t coming unless Madrid buy a replacement (irrrespective of how much wenger wants him ). I would suggest we look elsewhere- what about austin? We need another dimension right! There aren’t any world class strikers available afaik

  7. Sanogo Akpom on loan
    Ryo Diarby released
    Podolski sold Campbell will be
    which easily recoups the 10 mill spent on Cech.
    The released players have left 12 mill in wages.
    The club has plenty to spend and Gazidis, Thierry,
    Usmanov, Lord Harris, senior players + fans
    all want a DM and striker.
    Wellbeck Wilshere + Rosicky are all injured.
    We “feel” we have enough.
    ” I did not come out about Benzema”
    Does not mean he won’t buy.
    He is waiting for the domino effect.
    Later he will say “things changed and we could
    not turn him down” Blah blah blah.
    Transfer malarchy.
    I for one aint fooled.

  8. @chinaka1….. Despite the fact that they all turned out to be Good buys……. The sad, factual truth is that…. They all wanted out due to poor treatments by their respective teams….. Wenger was only there to take advantage at the time(glad he did)….otherwise, there were no special master-stroke or genicity involved!

  9. What every fan including me wants Wenger to say…”We desperately need a striker because we can’t rely on Giroud who doesn’t score even tap ins.Also Walcott is not realinle because of his injury. So,am definitely buying a striker.”
    That’s is not going to happen guys.

  10. I don’t know. Podolski sold, Sanogo, Campbell, Akpom, Gnabry on loan.

    I think if Wenger can get a TOP striker, he will.
    I’m not giving up all hope.
    Anything can happen within a month.

    Lewandowski, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Reus, Greizmann, Cavani, Lord Bendtner, Draxler. Plenty of quality strikers out there

    1. I keep reading people here say we have sold Podolski, and loaned Sonago, Campbell, Akpom and Gnabry.As fi these player has played any significan role last seaon or any of the previous season for that matter.
      How many games did Podolski start last season?He was even loaned out last season, Arsenal was with out him for half of the seasonand he was not even missed on the pitch.
      How many games Sonago and Capbell played for Arsenal last season?What was their contribution?
      How many matches Akpom played for Arsenal last season?Not as a first team but as a substitute,hom many matches did he played as a substitute?
      Ganabry, we all know he did not have any impact on the team, because he was injured.

      Lets be hones with eachother, the players that was sold and loaned out are players that did not have any impact on the team, they did not start games for Arsenal, they were not even used as a substitute.There were a time where Podolski, Campbell, Sonago and Akpom were not even mentioned in the bench ket alone start a match.Arsenal will not miss these players.

      So we have to stop saying because we have sold Podolski, loaned………we have to buy a striker.If Arsenal buy striker it surely is not to replace these players but to be a first team starter ahead of Giroud and Walcott.

      1. Yes. Completely agree
        They would not have helped us much if they stayed except maybe League cup

        I’d prefer us get a TOP striker to start PL and CL matches with Giroud as Supersub. Also Giroud can start FA and League cup matches.

        Welbeck hasn’t proven himself as capable of starting for Arsenal. And he is better on the Wing than CF

  11. Sorry Wenger,i don’t believe you. On May you said you won’t buy Cech,and all was media talk.Do you remember this Wenger? “I believe in the goalkeepers I have. I believe
    that Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper and
    Ospina has come in and done a fantastic
    job. You look at the numbers in the Premier
    League and you look at who is top of all the
    goalkeepers and you will see it’s Ospina,”


  12. I still think our captain if played in the right position is a great player. But I think arsenal missed a trick by not going all out and getting James Milner because he is a fine hard player that can play in most positions. I just don’t understand why AW keeps saying no to bringing in players. The world of football can see what we need but he can’t. DM for competition and yes a real number 9

    1. Milner would have found himself in the same position at Arsenal as he was at City, no guarantee of a first team place, the only difference is he would have earned less at Arsenal. He signed for Liverpool for less money for a regular starting spot, I admire him for putting playing over money.

  13. Neville Neville dies.
    Sons and daughter
    at his bedside in Australia.
    Daughter will stay in Australia
    as England netball coach
    in the world cup.
    Mr Neville leaves fine sporting family.
    RIP Mr Neville.

  14. I think Wenger said the usual thing in order to avoid competition from other clubs. I hope at the end of the transfer period, we will have two marquee signings.

  15. Let us not forget we have come close in the last 2 seasons. 2013/14 we had a blistering start to the season but it was let down by injuries and last season we had a great second half of the season….so if we can hook those 2 together, with the excellent squad we have, the title is a reality rather than a dream…

    The pundits mostly seem to work on ‘sure bet’ than ‘what if’, by which I mean, they say if we sign a world class striker and an additional high quality DM, we will be in with a chance. What they don’t say is if we hook our last 2 seasons together THIS season, we are in with a very good chance.

    They (media/pundits) lap up Mourinho’s bullcrap and tenacity and resent Wenger’s craft and intelligence. Probaby because most pundits are ex footballers with not enough intelligence to see the nuances and fine lines of football management. Ask yourself why they (most) didn’t go into management? Because it is bloody difficult at ALL levels for differing reasons.

    We are the team purists would like to see win the EPL / CL but the team pundits don’t but into, because they resent our style and flair, preferring to see rugged tactical wins or grinding out results. Well now we have added that weapon to our ‘Arsenal’ we are in with a very good chance of the EPL this year. The CL requires lots of things to work, not least a good draw throughout, but we have a better chance this year simply because of our finishing position last year, and that will help us with a few less games!

    Roll on Sunday! 😀

  16. @Tatek but if Benzema is available there would undoubtedly be other competitors too…its that simple he isn’t available…when last did u hear of any club taking players of Madrid n Barca apart from those they deem not necessary ( Alexis n Ozil)…Wenger can bid all he can but if they ain’t gonna sell there’s nothing that can be done

    1. I think everyone gets that. those thinking that benzema is a possibility believe he will become surplus to requirement because either rafa will play ronaldo and or bale in the striker role or they will get a big name in a shift benzema out.

  17. So apart from cech we find ourselves with the same squad as last season, and inevitably the same problems. Flaming and Arteta are NOT up to scratch any more and old glass ankles ( wilshire) is back in the usual situation. This coming season was our first real opportunity to really compete and it appears that good old Arsene has gone and done it again. Penny pinching and unambitious mind sets have again left us short I almost suspect this was the intention from day one and all the Benzema talk was really just that. Smoke and mirrors to paint the picture that we were in for a wc striker when really this was the intention all along. Smells very much like the Suarez scenario two years back. There are other strikers we could have been 8n for and have not because AW knew benz would never move . If Wenger thinks that the squad us adequate then he’s in for a big surprise cos I don’t see cech making much difference when Walcott and group are leading the line mark my words neither will be adequate and it’ll be the same old story, plus Coguellin will get clattered at some point and be out for a month. Be prepared for transfer requests next season namely front SANCHEZ who will want more ambition from the club to match his own and won’t get it. Same old Wenger same old arsenal same old excuse.

  18. My take is, no matter how well we complain about this or that, Wenger will always do what he think is right for the club and the team generally, if he’s not buying a striker that’s ok in as much the midfielders can assist with their own share of goals to ease the burden off the strikers, but depending solely on Giroud will be suicidal. Hoping for an injury free season though, that’s our only obstacle to the EPL

  19. Everyones talking about whether benz is a starter or not depends on him leaving or staying but dont forget Perez pulls the strings and 1. RM are in debt 2. Every year they buy a marquee player to compete with barca and also appease the fickle Spanish fans. If the bid is at the right price and another player is available to buy, (not necessarily a striker) then I won’t be at all surprised if Karim dons the red and white come Sept 1st. If he does come I fear for welbeck.

  20. I think there is substance to the Benzema rumors. Just analyze Wenger’s statement today, “I didn’t come out against Benzema”, its not the same as saying that I did not show or I don’t have any interest in Benzema, and to top it off when ask about ruling out any future purchases (this within the context of an additional striker) Arsene pointed out what he currently has at his disposal and think they are sufficient, while adding that if an opportunity to strengthen presents itself, he would not be adverse to pursue it; this seems a bit contradictory and points to someone who is being a bit evasive.

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