Wenger – Arsenal are fully focused to pass the Chelsea test

Our great leader Arsene Wenger has no interest in citing history lessons ahead of Arsenal’s top-of-the-table clash against Chelsea on Sunday, and the Frenchman thinks that current form should be the deciding factor in the game.

Wenger may have lost his twelve previous meetings with Jose Mourinho, but, as he points out, they have not all been easy wins for Portugese Bus Conductor. “We have not always lost, first of all, in 12 attempts. We have come close to beating them a few times and they’ve always had very strong teams,” he was quoted as saying on the Official Arsenal website.

“I’m not a great believer in history. I just think football is down to the fact that the performance on the day will decide the game and the result, so let’s focus on that.

“We are on a good run and we have an opportunity to beat them at home, and we want to take it. From a good run of form you get a good belief and we have good solidarity. We know we have passed many tests recently where we were questioned.

“It’s the first time we’ve won away from home against Manchester City [in a while] and other things like that. We have passed many tests and we have another test on Sunday that we want to pass.

“It is very important for us to beat them. I think everybody on board is highly focused to achieve it. We will prepare well to do that.

“Chelsea have been very, very efficient on counter-attacks, very efficient on set-pieces as well, so to nullify their strengths will be important.

“They have been very consistent until now. They are the team that have lost less games than any other team so the Premier League rewards the consistency and on that front, they have been defensively very strong and very consistent.”

Arsenal certainly did beat Man City at the Etihad, which doesnt happen very often, and when we knocked Man United out of the FA Cup it was our first victory at Old Trafford in ten visits, so records are there to be broken.

If we can beat those two in their own backyards, surely we can beat an out-of-sorts Chelsea at home?

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  1. If Newcastle can do it, we can do it too!!! I know football doesn’t work like that but I will say anything to the boys to pump up there confidence.

    I think we have never really been out played against Mou’s teams its rather the lack of belief in the players and the manager that we can beat them. Mou enjoys mind games and his aware of Wenger’s soft belly to stomach such so he imbeds this in his players (like what Simeone’s Athletico employ on R. Madrid). Lets expect a similar match.

    The boys should believe from the dressing room that they can do it and show that until the final whistle too.

    1. Unlike previous encounters this current team has the balls to fight when push comes to shove. And unlike before we probably have the best midfield in England !

  2. 1 things for sure…vs Chelski you never going to get many shot at goal(as Man Utd found out with 70% ball poss)…have to make sure that make good use of chances and score from even the half chances…

    1. Let’s hope Sanchez and Ramsey got their shooting boots on, wonder goals are enough to break any team’s confidence

  3. We will trash them, and after chelsea we still have untd away, so this is not final test. 4-1 for Arsenal against Chelsea!!!

    1. You are exploiting the thin line between being confidence and being delusional. I am not gonna lie. for the first time in last few, i am feeling that there is a real chance to beat chelsea. But am i sure this would happen. I am not. My most realistic prediction is a draw. A boring draw.

      Dont just blabber out anything man. Keep your feet on the ground. We are going the play the this season champions not some mid table team.

      1. Let him be delusional, a fan being delusional won’t change a games outcome, it’s the players, manager and training staff that need to keep their feet on the ground… Us making unrealistic predictions on an online blog makes absolute zero impact on the outcome of any game..

      2. Chelsea will lose, my prediction is 4-1, maybe i am wrong, maybe we will win 5-1, LOL
        Who knows what will happened, i am feeling that we will trash them, this is same chelsea team which lost against Psg, they are nothing special, they will win league, but to consider them that much better than us is crazy, for me they are in same hat with us, Bayern, Real and Barca are above, this is reality, we had awfull start of season due to bad preparation, but we need to give our players credit they deserve, we are equally good as chelsea.

  4. For me Sanchez is better than Hazard, Sanchez had impact on whole team, Cazorla and Ozil are tracking and defending, he led team with example, every Arsenal player is better cuz of him, if you going to compare 2 players you need to look all contribution, yeah Hazard has great dribble stats, but considering this is Sanchezs first season and impact he had, my choice and any reasonble man would be Sanchez.

  5. We need to be strong physically and mentally. Right now I do think we are in a better mindset as we are on a winning run. But it’s going to be more of a mental thing for us, can we cope psychologically against a manager we have never won against?? That’s what we are going to find out on Sunday.

    We are in good form and Chelski are not pulling down any trees right now. The worst we should be going for is a draw was we are at home, we are the form team in the league and no major injuries.

    Let’s do this Gunners..

    1. Yes, I saw that. But O Jogo ran the same story on at least 3 different occasions last year in July, August and December.

  6. Must admit I am very,very worried now – just read Robbie Savage’s “analysis” and he is strongly tipping us to break the hoodooo and do a job on them. Jeeeez, feeling dizzy, I need some fresh air.

  7. Chelsea hasbbeen very good at not losing and winning most games without winning big. By that I mean they may beat a lower team like Burnley, Sunderland, Leicester by only 1 goal but that’s enough.

    We have played the best football in the PL in second half of the season. But I think we can shock Chelsea.

    I know we cant win the PL but winning is also important because:
    1. Need to finish 2nd
    2. Pride: beat Mourinho and Fabregas and Chelsea
    3. Wenger MUST beat Mourinho
    4. Send a message that next season we will take 1st from you

  8. Be defensively disciplined, avoid individual errors and take your chances when it comes.. «Key to beating Chelsea..

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