Wenger – Arsenal are going to Chelsea for three points

Arsene Wenger will not forget his 1000th game in charge of Arsenal in a hurry as we were soundly destroyed 6-0 by Jose Mourinho´s rampaging Chelsea side in last years fixture at Stamford Bridge, but now our manager is looking to get revenge and believes that Chelsea have had an easy run of games so far this season.

“We want to go to Chelsea to win.” Wenger said. “The fact they are six points ahead makes that desire even bigger. We are both still unbeaten but I feel we have had a more difficult run than them. It’s a vital game for us to stay in the race,”

“The most important thing is to be at the level we want to be on Sunday. Chelsea are very good defensively. Chelsea won the Champions League with good defensive stability. They have one of the best defensive records in England”

Wenger has never beaten Chelsea with Mourinho in charge and the two have had a few little “disagreements”down the years, but the Frenchman does not think this will have any effect on the outcome of this game. He said: “I work for my club and I want them and our fans to be happy after the game. That’s nothing to do with individual confrontation”

I’m not sure that Chelsea have really had it so easy with Man City only earning a draw at the Etihad with a late equaliser, and scoring six goals to smash Everton at Goodison Park, but Arsenal HAVE managed tough draws with Man City, Everton and Spurs and do remain unbeaten in fourth place. We simply can’t allow Chelsea to move nine points clear of us – so we just have to shock the League leaders on Sunday. They have to lose sometime don’t they?

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  1. This isnt going to be an easy game, but we must go into this game with a positive attitude and confident that we can get something out of this match,win even better! Coyg!

    1. 1. need to control for 1st 30min and then its another game after that.
      lets see wenger the tactician come out.
      2. dont panic if u go down early. need to steel it out.

  2. Actually looking forward to the game, would love the same front 3 as agaibst galatasary with özil behind. Last 4uear we didn’t have pace or welbeck and sanchez who work tirelessly.

  3. Looking forward to another good performance from danny boy and alexis with mesut ozil pulling the strings! Coyg!

  4. Keep attacking.
    They will foul us and
    eventually see red.
    We can’t defend for 90 minutes.
    Its time for Wenger to break the
    Mourinho hoodo.
    Attack attack attack 🙂

    1. Agreed. Wenger cannot park a bus. This requires a lot of effort and months of training on how to accomplish this. I don’t think Arsenal has ever worked on it. Mou puts in a lot of hard work and training behind playing defensive with fast countering attacks. Not our cup of tea.
      Attack attack attack

  5. I saw the first half of the last game at least 3 to 4 times and was amazed at how tirelessly Cazorla worked. He was immense, the only one who threw in a few accurate long passes. He was fighting for every ball at defence and was always available for any passes. Getting out of tight situations was done so amicably. This working your way out of tight situations is not easy and Jack wilshere always gets entangled. Wenger will no way leave Cazorla out against Chelsea, I don’t think so, he must have seen how immense he was..

    1. Watch the highlights of our 6-0 last season. For their second and third goal it was Cazorla who actually lost the ball in the middle. Just because he can “work his way out of tight situations” against Gala doesn’t mean he can do the same against Chelsea.

  6. if we try to play wide open attacking football, with little care for our defense, we’ll lose. But thats exactly what Arsene is going to do. It has never worked against Mourinho in the past, dont see why its going to work this weekend.

    1. But then Wenger has not
      had such a potent front line
      for years. We have never had
      Sanchez Wellbeck Ozil
      Chamberlain Cazorla all in top form
      A quality DM would be great but
      this is the best side we have fielded
      for many a season Our bench is also very strong.
      So if our heads are in the right place we should be in bussines.

      1. this whole season teams have been able to counter us with ease. Even if they didnt score, there have been way too many games where we’ve been ridiculous vulnerable to counterattacks. No midfield enforcer, 4141 formation again… Chelsea loves to counterattack and we hate to defend counters. Recipe for disaster.

      2. Oh to have two proper DMs behind Ozil in the middle of the park and attacking with our speedy trio, would have been fantastic.

        Bender, Carvalho, Robiot, Khedira, Tiote, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, any of these two would have been able to go toe to toe with Matic and Ramires.

        Whatever options we have, Flamini, Cazorla, Jack seem very light weight in comparescent.

        I am very very curious to see how we will ligneup and play this one.

        1. Yes a quality holding midfielder
          is way overdue and surely
          this will be addressed next summer.
          But for now we have to cope best we can.
          May be thats in the “plan”
          Koscielny at DM 🙂

  7. If he says that, it can only mean they are working on something… Proper tactics and drills.
    It means that each players will know their job and that finally (may be) Wenger has decided to “work” and move his lazy behind to study Sunday game.

    There is no shame in losing (Well except against Bradford… That was shocking) as long as you gave everything and the tactics was on point.
    There is no shame in losing against a better team… If Chelsea is really… We will see on Sunday!

  8. Since Henry left we never had speed in our forward line, Theo has been the only one – when he is not hurt- adding speed to our game.
    Now we have Sanchez, Welbeck, and Ox. I really think this is a different Arsenal side than the ones that Mourinho has faced before. An attack he might not have an answer for.
    Our main weakness is the lack of a proper DM to boss the middle of the park and the lack of speed of Per. Chelsea will want to exploit both.
    The better tactician will win.

  9. I support our young and exciting defender calum chambers to hold it down at the back with gibbs “bosscielny” and “big” mert to make it tight at the back for us guys against chelsea! Coyg!

  10. Mertesacker should not play in this match if we want to have any ok result…otherwise Costa will murder him 🙁 ! I also have the feeling that Fabregas will score 🙁 ! So sad….wenger has never won againt mourhino i dont see that happening with the type of squad chelsea has.
    Anyways goodluck dear gunners !!

  11. Going to the Bridge and attacking them from the off is foolish to say the least. They love it when teams do that as they can easily pick them off when they’re exposed. Let them come to us and our front 4 can hurt them. Please don’t be naive in thinking we can attack them and win Arsene. We need to try something different or we will be humiliated again.

  12. How about for once when we get ahead we don’t get complacent and play defensive with a one goal lead for half a game. How about we keep going for the jugular.

  13. He must have eaten some funny French cheese and drank some Plonk of a wine before he went to bed the previous night! That hopeful dream would be over come Sunday evening for him to have a rude awakening!

  14. Parking the bus and winning games looks awkward to me but it seems to work for Mou. I believe the team will continue to grow and gain experience. If we don’t panic or see red, the game will be an exciting one

  15. The truth is: Wenger is not much of a tactician compared to jose MORONho, also we lack the steel to match Chealshit. Our only hope is we don’t get humiliated again but, Costa, Hazard, fabrigas, Matic and that teenage keeper; chealshit are well out of some steel planet. Keep the Faith gunners. if we’re losing this time. Let’s put on some real fight

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