Wenger – Arsenal are privileged to still be in three competitions

Arsenal have a massive week ahead starting with today’s FA Cup match at home to Watford, followed by our trip to Barcelona in midweek, and then a massive game away at Everton in the League next weekend. We know now for sure that the trip to Goodison Park will not be easy as the Toffees yesterday knocked Chelsea out of the Cup, and our annoying neighbours have no chance whatsoever of getting anything from this season as they are even 9 points below a Europa League position.

So it is poignant that Wenger is more than happy to have this daunting week ahead of us. “There’s a lot of pressure and I enjoy it, because I believe real pressure is to play games without any importance – that’s boring,” Le Prof said. “I believe it’s a privilege for our club to be in position like this.

“You work very hard the whole year to be in these positions when March comes. It’s now down to us to be up to it and take it in a positive way and make sure we come out very happy after each game.”

Wenger also made it clear that he still believes we have chances of winning all three trophies when he said: “We go into a very important week now that means a lot to us. We go into the third consecutive year in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and that has a big meaning. We then have Barcelona, where we have not given up. Then we go to Everton on Saturday and we still believe we have a strong chance to fight for the Premier League.

“We have three huge challenges and we know it will be down to how much we will move forward and how much we will be capable of giving. We know there will be small margins in these games and we have to be sure that every small margin goes for us.”

It would seem Arsenal have suddenly struck form with six goals in our last two games, and Le Prof was particularly gushing about our win over Hull. He said: “What pleased me most was our movement, our mobility, our technical quality, our patience as well, and our discipline offensively and defensively,”

“It was quite convincing and we showed the needed patience to beat a team like that. There were some individual satisfactions as well from players that we know less that slowly emerge and show that they have top quality.”

I know a lot of commenters are going to say Wenger is “deluded” but the fact is that anything is possible, even a win in Barcelona, and until a win is mathematically impossible, it is therefore still possible, so instead of being negative, let’s follow the managers lead and give out positive vibes to the players in every single game. You just never know….

—————–A LITTLE BONUS!——————
If anyone fancies a bit of Schadenfreude..
Here are the highlights of Lukaku destroying Chelsea and Diego Costa getting a red card….

Bye Bye Chelsea…..

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  1. Wenger, when will he learn… I hope for an outright win today cos this is our only REALISTIC chance of a trophy…
    pls we plead, win this!!!!!

      1. Of course it matters, winning something is always better than winning nothing. I really really want to be a millionaire, that doesn’t mean I’m going to start throwing out my spare change.

    1. Hahahaha……… Yes wenger we are in 3 competitions whilst still on the verge of Losing out on all three

      it’s one thing to be a participant….another to be a direct contender!

      if we do not treat watford with utmost concern, i fear there’s a very very slim chance we could make it in the other two

      so yea…..when will Wenger Learn?

  2. Yeah, a real privilege to be in three competitions in March and having a realistic chance to win only one, and that one is the least important of the three. Good for you Arsene, you really have high expectations, you always make me feel like I’m an Everton supporter.
    Pack your bags, rather.

    1. @Nebs. I have never heard seen you write anything postive onhere ever!
      And what’swrong with being an Everton supporter? I bet allof them are a lot happier than you today

      1. And name me ANY other EPL team that has a realistic to chance to win more than one this season?
        Pack your own bags!

  3. Privilege to play in the ECL
    a trophy we have never won
    in 60 years of trying
    a trophy Aston Villa won once
    while Nottingham Forest won twice.
    FA cup a trophy even Wigan
    Ipswich Southampton Westham
    + Wimbledon won?
    A privilege to play in the EPL but not win for 11 years
    despite spending 2,000 million pound in transfers and salaries.
    It is a privilege to be paid 8 mill p/y knowing
    that the Owner and 75% of the fans
    do not require you to win the top trophies any more.

    1. You do know those teams were of the top teams in England at that time A Villa and Forest. You say it as if this seasons villa went on and done it. Also the FA cup teams were all PL teams at the time, some damn good ones, I remember the crazy Dons being a team of monsters. Wigan played some good football when they won it, similar to Southampton, and we know Southampton are a team capable of beating the very best. When Portsmouth won it they were like this too, able to beat the top teams. Funnily enough though, I tipped Portsmouth to do well that year because they were signing ex Arsenal Invincibles.

    2. Nothingam Forrest won the former UCL twice. Top, top team at that time. Villa was at their peak and don’t forget Liverpool, back in the days United days were not bright either. Not to mention Chelsea or City.

    1. Do you read all the articles on here? You will find just as many Anti-Wenger stories as ones that are pro-Wenger, although most (I hope) are neutral. I would even post an article from someone as biased as you if it was well written and had a point to make.
      Don’t you DARE say I dont give everyone the right to reply!

  4. Let’s lay aside all negativities for a while, no Arsenal fan is happy at the moment..Leicester have a realistic chance of winning only one trophy too! We can’t have a realistic chance to win all trophies we compete with, because we are not Barcelona.
    This is a tough period where we all have to stick together..coyg!

  5. Am quite sure many of us will complain if we lose to Watford and rightly so, but here we are, treating the FA cup like trash.
    Not so long ago, when you type the word “trophyless” on Google, the first thing you see is Arsenal, I don’t want us to be trophyless in any season again that’s why am so happy we are still in the FA cup and with a
    realistic chance to win…
    Even in EPL, we still have a little chance..look, we all know our problems but once in a while let’s ignore it and be optimistic!

  6. Chelsea were still in two competitions 4 days ago. Today they are in none! By this time next week, we could be out of all competitions (or maybe left in one).

    What does it matter if you only have a “Mathematical” chance of winning a trophy, but no “Realistic” chance of doing so. We could not maintain or extend a 2-point advantage, now we want to upturn an 8-point disadvantage. We could not score a single goal against FCB at home, suddenly we think ourselves capable of scoring 3 unreplied goals at Nou Camp. If this is not delusion, then I don’t know what it is.

    1. Actually I’m in a very good mood! And looking forward to a good Arsenal win this afternoon.
      Why do you think that?
      All I did was inform you that we are always open to a right to reply. Why does that mean I’m in a bad mood?

  7. It is more like 1.5 competitors they are in. Champions league a prestigious tournament Wenger as usual plans to play wrong players and lousy tactics just to be eliminated out of round of 16. Premier league again injuries and lack of talent with tenacity along with a trust in players like Arteta,Wilshere,Giroud,Walcott can’t get you a trophy so they have 50% chance in the league which were the F.A Cup comes into play. Now that Stan has spoken it is time Ozil to leave.

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