Wenger – Arsenal are ready to spend the money!

There has been much discussion already about whether Arsenal already have a good enough squad to challenge Chelsea for the title next season, and it has even been suggested that Arsene Wenger hardly needs to spend anything this summer except on a magic potion to keep everyone fit!

But now Le Prof has given his biggest hint yet that the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with world class players could in fact be true. Le Prof was quoted as saying on ESPN: “We are ready to spend the money for players who strengthen our team,”

“There is a difference in that and just spending money. If I ask you who has spent the most money this last season and if I give you last season, and the season before, it is never the teams who have won the championship.

“You have to be careful sometimes not to rate the players only by the amount of money they cost but just look at their performances.

“We are in a position where we just want a player with an exceptional quality in any area that can strengthen us.

“The depth of squad is important and any world class player in any position can help us achieve what we want to achieve.”

In my mind, the most likely “world class player in any position” that we have been closely linked to in the last few weeks is undoubtedly Petr Cech, and if we can steal this superb keeper out from under Mourinho’s nose it would be a fantastic start to the summer.

Are Arsenal fans feeling much more confident after that statement of intent?

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  1. We are in the top 10 in the highest paying teams,we pay world class wages to average players now it’s time to give these high wages to world class players who will help us challenge for titles!

      1. We should get Cech if possible, but it means either Ospina or Szeschny will leave, and I think the stripper can take her Pole along with her as she leaves.

    1. I hope its not d money from ramsey’s sale.! Hearing rumours barca will bid for him

      1. @optimisticgooner…….. FairytaLes!……… U definitely dunno Ramsey and u definitely dunno wenger…..then u definitely dunno the bond they have!

          1. Would that be the same Bond that Wenger had with Henry and Nasri and Van Persie and Song and Cesc and so on and so on ect ect ………… I dontdoubt that Te Money is there to spend what I doubt is Wengers ability to spend it on what we need, I mean we spent16 million on Wellshite who in my opinion is as the name suggests …well shite ! Wengerwas not even in te UK during that deal.
            TWO KEY PLAYERS IS WHAT WE NEED but as the situation has been left for a long while we stand to loose more than we can afford to replace and that means More cheaper squad players instead of the money being spent on a world class CDM and a world class beast of a striker.

        1. Hahahaha!! U definitely don’t know dat barca being probably d best team in d world is a step up for Ramsey. If other teams can lose important players den so can we. Though I hope not

    1. Wenger has got smarter.
      Last seasons 60 mill
      net spend landed
      5 decent players
      Sanchez Opina Debuchy
      Chambers and Gabriel
      while Campbell was free.
      25 mill DM 25 mill striker 10 mill for Cech.
      Sell Podolski for 10 mill = 50 mill net.
      And if Walcott goes to City or Chelsea
      we get 30 mill and buy Stirling.
      Ya don’t need crazy money just smart money

      1. Say what you want but Mourinho is smarter than Wenger in the transfer market since he came they spent 222mil but recouped 168mil that’s a net spend of 54mil,he moved Mata and Luiz fan favourites for hefty sums because sometimes as a manager you need to make tough decisions so the team as a whole can progress!

          1. Wenger has lots of work to do,he needs to be more ruthless in moving players who are not part of his plans and more decisive with the signings he makes since 2013 he’s spent 139mil but only recouped 32mil that’s a net spend of 107mil at the same time Chelsea were having a net spend of 54mil are they still really a sugar daddy club?they’ve been smarter Wenger must wise up!

            1. That’s because the players there selling have a higher market value than ours. We also pay in excess due to our signings potential eg

              If you look at the players they could sell this summer Chelsea’s net spend will also be low eg Moses paizon, van ginkel, mikel are midfielders who r not in the managers plan and they will recoup 25m+ enough to buy a very good midfielder

              1. Dee@ease. No hes not, you have to factor in the money they spent on those players who went out. They cost a fortune in the first place and it was nothing like when Arsene gets player for peanuts before turning huge profit.

                1. Exactly, Mata, Lukaku, Luiz, Schurrle etc etc were all £18-24M signings – dumped after a year or two. Mou just benefited from others’ mistakes at Chelski in stock-piling players. JM sold or released 40+ players – not really ruthless or genius, just indicative of institutionalised crappy transfer dealings at Chelsea before he came back. Buying back Matic and recalling Courtois was hardly genius either. Costa was a striker they needed the previous season so good buy but a year too late. We gave them Fabregas. Luis and Cuadrado – £40M and the jury is out, signs are he doesn’t trust either.

          2. I don’t think that is correct. Whether you like it or not, Wenger is coming to the end of his managerial career. Mou has a good few more years at the top still.

        1. Really??? Walcott is a drain and has never been the finished article why do everyone think that if we sold him to Chelsea or Sh!ty that he would all of a sudden beome a world class winger, baningin 30 goals a season???he has NEVER been that good for us why on earth would he suddenly become THAT player for these other teams?? get rid of him nd stop putting your faith in a player who has never ever fulfilled his potential.

    2. No, we are actuaLly gonna buy Mbutu Mofasa from Kenya, he’s a proven goal scorer that plays for Sonita FC in the Indian Premier League.

  2. The Arsenal team
    below is close enough
    to 2nd best in the EPL.
    Yet it is was not all that
    expensive to bring in.
    Ozil 42m Sanchez 35 m Cazorla 16 m
    Giroud 10 mill Monreal 8.3 m Merts 8 m Koz 8 m
    Ramsey 5 m Ospina 3m
    Coquelin Free. Bellerin Free
    So spending yes but wise spending.

    1. 2nd best is not good enough,last season we had won 24 games,spent 128 days on top,had a 79 points total this season we will have a lower points total of 75 maximum have we progressed?I think not it’s just that the 2 contenders from last season Man City and Liverpool have had poor seasons which is why Chelsea won it so easily!

  3. according to some fans higuian isn’t a good player because he failed to score against dnipro by that logic sanchez failed to score against sunderland does that make him bad as well + dnipro are a decent team that’s why they are in the Europa league final now how many English pl clubs made it that far
    some fans are logic are really amusing

    1. Higuain has averaged exactly 16 league goals a season for 3 years at Napoli. Good but uncomfortably close to OG’s returns to suggest any quantum leap.

  4. we lost the good players and paid over the odds to retain the crap ones! I mean djorou – 60/w,bendtner 52/w , diaby ,park who young , squallacinator , Denison, arshavin we could have paid top wages to our main players & got rid of these

    1. Yes very true at other big clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid they pay their world class players well like 150k a week but squad players like Mathieu or Arbeloa are on 35k a week that’s how it should be a better player must earn more than a player who’s a fringe player

    2. Agreed we need to move out
      those who can not make
      the grade any more.
      Diaby Flamini Ryo Rosicky are leaving I hope.
      Podolski 2016 Campbell 2016 and Sanogo 2017
      may run down their contracts 🙁
      C’mon Arsene get creative
      move these deadwood on.

      1. They really need to be moved we have far too many players on 50-60k in our team,fringe players like Flamini at teams like Real Madrid would be on 25K and a first choice player like Ramsey who contributes goals,assists and plays more games will be on a 100K

      2. Why on earth did we buy Sanogoal in the first place??? he’s another one who wont ever be the player that Wenger wants him to be…………..AW keeps looking for another Henry to dine out on and its not gonna happen any more as everyone else is wie to AW’s methods but have more money to spend

      3. Ad to the list every players with the name starting with letter W or anyone with this initial they aren’t good to Arsenal.

    3. Yes but their wages were a lot of the reason they were so hard to let go of!
      In hindsight, yes, obviously their wages could’ve been spent elsewhere. But the loss of core players each season led to unnecessary gambles in the transfer market which a lot of turned out poorly. People tend to focus more on the gamble signings that failed than the ones which succeeded and kept us a top 4 side with a mid-table budget for so long.
      Could Wenger/Arsenal have done better with their available funds? Of course so! But obtaining a stable business model and platform on which to build upon in the future was the goal and this has been established. If you look at the wages now, they are far more indicative of first team input and class, and no player is eating an undeserved chunk or preventing us from moving forward. (Bar Podolski, but he shouldn’t be hard to find another team)
      It’s going to be a lot easier in the coming seasons as instead of looking to fill holes left by players of the RVP, Nasri, Cesc, Song calibre as well as improve upon the previous seasons, we can evaluate the fringe players, let go or sell where needed, then strengthen the required areas.

    1. If he buys Vidal that means Ramsey will move to Barcelona for 50mil will you consider this as good business?

      1. Not really he could replace arteta,diaby and Rosicky. I’m sure that’s what wenger was thinking.

        Coqulan in a way is already flamini upgrade

        Am cazorla santi
        Cm Ramsey/Vidal, wilshire
        Dm Vidal/coqulan

        That’s 6 players for 3 position (2quality players in each position)

    1. Ramsey like Vidal is a box to box if it happens Wenger has signed Vidal then that mean he knows Ramsey will move to Barcelona for 50mil to replace Xavi

      1. Gundagan has agreed to join Barcelona next season he already done his medical that’s their Xavi.

        Ramsey ain’t going nowhere simple

        Vidal>> Rosicky,diaby,flamini..arteta?

      2. Juve manage to have Pogba and Vidal in their midfield – Ramsey and Vidal not an impossibility although something else would have to give.

  5. Let me get this right?

    So teams who spend biggest don’t win championships? WTF!


    I assume by his looking for quality to improve the team comment he will be finding someone to replace Wellbeck et Al.


    1. I bloody hope so Wellbeck is the worst by we could have ade in the last three years , He’s NEVER gonna be any cop and I can never understand why we bought him in

  6. Coquelin is a defensive midfielder who shields the back four how will he rotate with Ramsey who’s a CM who scores and assists lots of goals

  7. Just read from ‘the secret footballer’ that we have been successful and are getting Cech also Schniderlin ( this was a post from him in January saying he is coming in the summer)

    I know the schniderlin talk has died down of late….BUT if we get these 2 that would be great for Arsenal

    Lets hope

    1. Vidal all day he is top top quality

      Wenger has tracked him from Leverkusen days when he was their dm.

  8. Just spend the cash on quality players like lacazette and a quality dm who will be rotating with coquelin.

  9. @ kickassfan…………….. Ospina must be weeping in secret…… Hearing alot of people talk bout wanting cech…….this is no way to boost his confidence ahead of next season…..personally, i’m not desperate for cech (4 instance chelski already won the league without much of his contribution)…..i’m only worried about our defence bro

    1. Amigo, OSPINA has nothing to prove anymore: HE IS GOOD. Dunno why folks keep yapping about keeper crisis. If anyone should or would leave, it’s the Pole (OMG, can’t just memorise the spelling of it’s name)

      1. Ospina is good but not great. And his knack of ‘hollywood’ saves is going to cost arsenal BIG some day. Look at the swansea goal for example. Gary neville said that he could easily have run across the goal and stopped the ball with one hand, but instead he chose to take a step back and dive and try to make a ‘spectacular’ save with two hands.
        He also doesn’t hold onto the ball on easy shots and gives away cheap corners.

        1. Lets give him a bit more time – if GKs are out after a mistake and you are only as good as your last game then Neuer, Courtois and Lloris would be at the job centre.

  10. Classic arsene wenger!
    when u’re under a bit of pressure make false promises about spending the money, signing world class players, challenging for the title, etc.
    I’m not that naive to fall for the same shit again and again.

    I want arsenal to spend the money but i just don’t want wenger to be the one spending that money.

    1. I get all hopeful then I read a comment like yours and I realise I nearly fell for it and now I realise that ntilthe money is spent and the players are confirmed I wont believe it Trouble is we have a lot of deadwood to get shot of and despite saying he will spend the money the question is, will he spend 50 million on one striker or tree crap squad players???? Cos AW wants the kudos of beingseen to develop a player rather than buy the finished article.

  11. @Dee@ease

    First comment, you were spot on.
    This what happens when you have a manager with “total” undeniable power as well as no accountability…!!
    We are paying world class wages for average players.

    The fact is, I am somehow convince that another manager would do much better even with the squad we have right now…

  12. Believe me i’ve heard that line from this same man a thousand times…..Arsene, the quality of players you bring in wil prove that you are ready for business next season……

  13. he just cant sell ramsey unless the player insists on going like cesc,nasri,rvp and others then aw will have no choice.

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