Wenger – Arsenal can make history against Chelsea

Arsene Wenger is well aware that he has not beaten Jose Mourinho as Chelsea boss in eleven games with Arsenal, but he believes that he now has a team capable of shocking the League leaders at Stamford Bridge. Last season’s corresponding fixture ended in a 6-0 rout over the Gunners, but Wenger is only looking forward. Wenger told Arsenal.com: “If football was just a repeat of the past then you wouldn’t play at all because it would be too predictable,”

“We have an opportunity to put things right on Sunday, so let’s take it. This team has made history because they won a trophy last year against all the odds and we have an opportunity to do it again in a big game against Chelsea.”

Wenger admits that Chelsea are even better than last season, but Wednesdays destruction of Galatasary showed that Arsenal may be meeting them at a high point. The manager continued: “They are certainly a bit more mature and they have more killing edge than last season but they were still a strong side last year,”

“We are not going to focus too much on Chelsea, we want to focus on us and our desire. We want to show character and huge determination to do well on Sunday. That’s why I expect a big performance from my team.

“Chelsea have always been a good team – no matter which year you go there, they have a good team. It’s not too much about them, it’s about what we will do, how much we are ready to put the work rate, effort and togetherness in to get the result. That’s what will make it.”

“I don’t deny that the history is against us with Chelsea,” Wenger concluded. “The thing about top teams is that they make history and they change history. We’re the two unbeaten teams in the Premier League and Chelsea have one advantage on us because they have more wins.

“They are the team to chase because they are top of the league at the moment. They will be one of the teams who will go for the Premier League title this season and we want to be one of them as well. That’s why the confrontation on Sunday will be so important.”

An Arsenal win at the Bridge will mean that we are the only unbeaten team left in the Premier League and will put us bang back into the title race. I will certainly be praying to all the footballing gods on Sunday morning to please, please make this happen.


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  1. Make history? maybe, I wouild be happy with a clean sheet, lets start with that, and let history take care of itself!

    1. What? Let’s start with a clean sheet? That’s a very strange statement keeping a clean sheet will be very difficult I don’t care if the score was 5-4 I want the 3 points or a draw

  2. if Özil and Monreal start on the left tomorrow we will get owned again. I hope we play Abou and Jack in the middle. we need a balance if strength and creativity in the middle

    Chambers Mert Koscienly Gibbs
    Diaby Wilshere
    Sanchez Özil Chambo

    1. missed 2 years of competitive football and his big return is against the best team in the league right now? matic will eat him whole!

  3. Getting the gut feeling that Wilshere will defy all odds to prove doubters wrong, just a similar performance required as displayed against City.

    1. but that would require arsenal to back to the 4-1-4-1 formation do you really want that?! rosicky for wilshere though.

  4. It worries me how vulnerable we are without the ball we leave to much space and give opposition time to hurt us chelski are also very strong on set pieces again another concern with how we defend them. Finally Kos has to mark costa he can match his strength and pace if mert gets exposed there is only one winner costa will destroy him!

        1. Defense is all about partner ship mr Yankee. Costa wont be alone. Hazard will run circles around our defense, to be more pricesly Mertesacker.

          1. @ks-gunner
            If you had been payin attention butt boi, you would have noticed the topic was of one on one between Kos and Costa.

        2. @ ny

          Never once said Kosc won’t boss him and make him his bitchh I simply singled out costas strength and said he’s stronger that’s it

      1. The game is played with Speed. It doesnt matter how strong he is, if you run with the ball it takes only a bit of contact and you lose it. Set pieces are a diff story.

  5. It’s only game 7
    of the EPL season. So its not
    the b’ all end all if we win or lose.
    But it is a really good guide on how far we
    have come and how far we need to go.

  6. I think this time around we will beat chelsea at bridge because we have quality of sanchez and pace of ox.
    i predict
    chelsea 1 arsenal 2.

    MOTM: ozil or welbeck.

  7. If concede early we will be in real trouble and get another hiding even if we don’t just cant see us getting anything there think it will be 3-1 chelski!

  8. If we had a quality central defender alongside kos I would be quietly confident..with mert and flamini a large part of backbone I fear that Barton is right…they have very quick players in hazard and willen and a real goal threat in costa … We need to better control midfield and for that reason I would risk Diaby in dfm.. Gives us a bit more height as well… A draw wld do me at this point in season

  9. “We have an opportunity to put things right on Sunday, so let’s take it. This team has made history because they won a trophy last year against all the odds and we have an opportunity to do it again in a big game against Chelsea.”

    Srrly. What a comedian. We were favorites to win the cup. We could have also a good go or the EPl if Wenger would have bought, Draxler and a new striker, instead of Kim Kalstrom in the January transfer window.

    You old damn underachiever. When you see Moro your skinny leggs tremble in fear, just us fans fear Chelsea with all we have.

    Dont come with this nonsense of bs tllk andd concentrate at Chelsea alone. Think of a new plan how to counter them bec Moro knows how you play, as you never change your tactics anyway. 6:0 is history. Something you wont forget ever.

  10. Nothing will give me more pleasure than beating Chelsea We need to assert ourselves in the league with no better way we need to keep the unbeaten record up Come on the Arsenal we can do it

  11. My advise to Wenger would be, not like he gives a sh$t what people say let alone what i do. Dont attack somene who is greater then you, wait for the moment, play smart and wait for a chance to score on a surprise. Avoiding an open clash is the key. Remember the Everton Game. Everton was all about Scoring. Goal, Everto. Goal, Chelsea. Back and forth. But in the end it was Chelsea who have the greater fire power so they won.

  12. Kos is the best defender in the prem, we need play smart, play Dewey and counter attack with one touch pace and passing, we can beat them ONLY if wenger plays ozil behind Ox,Wel and Sanchez

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