Wenger: Arsenal controlled the 1st half, the ref was wrong and he can’t criticise the players

Arsenal were thoroughly embarrassed by Man City at Wembley but the Boss refused to criticise his team and felt that the Gunners were well in control for the first 45 minutes. “I felt the game, we had the first good chance, a very easy one that we missed,” he told Sky Sports.

“After that we made a big mistake on the first goal. But we controlled them quite well in the first half.”

In the second half, Arsenal were totally obliterated, but Wenger decided that we still would have had a chance if the referee had ruled it as offside, despite the VAR being used to confirm that it was a fair goal. “Second half we came out, I felt we had a poor start. We were unlucky as well because the second goal is offside.

“I just watched it again. The second goal was an important goal in this game and for me, it was 100 per-cent offside.”

“After that it was too much for us. I wanted to make a change at 2-0 but the game didn’t stop and after 3-0 it was too late.

“We analyse all the games in a very mathematical way. We didn’t give too many chances away today but we gave easy chances away and we didn’t create enough.

“Congratulations to Manchester City. In the end they deserved the win.”

At least he didn’t think that Arsenal were the better side! As for our awful defending, the Boss felt that it wasn’t too bad, it was just a couple of ‘lapses of concentration’ that gave City their goals but the players couldn’t be faulted for their ‘application’. “When you lose 3-0, of course you have to look at defending better,” Wenger said.

“I still feel sometimes for periods in the game we defended very well. In other periods we lose concentration and against quality teams you pay for that.

“It’s not the application that was missed, it was just lapses of concentration at important moments of the game.”

I’m not sure if he was watching the same game as us, but I thought that we were made to look inferior after the first ten minutes and our defending was diabolical. The players looked uninterested and didn’t start playing again until the last ten minutes when the game was well and truly over. And you don’t want me to talk about whether I would be criticising the players!

Darren N


  1. AndersS says:

    The guy has totally lost it, but I don’t know what we need to save us from him.

    1. barryglik says:

      For all the hoopla hype
      and gnashing of teeth this game
      has no bearing on our season.
      Top 4 is the goal and the Carrabao does not provide that.

      The next game v City is the one that counts.
      Chelsea is in free fall and has FA Cup and ECL.
      They will not qualify top 4.
      So Spurs are our target.
      Milan are in disarray and really only Athletico
      are a seriously good side but they will qualify
      from La Liga so don’t really need the Europa.
      So top 4 remains a distinct possibility
      and is still in our own hands (feet and heads actually).
      The Wenger 3 year extension is still probable.

        1. Muff diver says:

          More like no Barry

          I preferred Barry from eastenders

          1. andcliff says:


      1. Wolf says:

        forget it mate it’s over

      2. jon fox says:

        On your basis of reckoning I am almost certain to be the next Pope, despite not being a Catholic and fully expect to win the next Euro Lottery , despite never buying lottery tickets. In fantasy land, like yours, ANYTHING is possible!, even the Europa and top four!

    2. Ray says:

      A sniper at 1000 yards..

      1. barryglik says:

        Brighton away is 5 times as
        important as today’s jolly day out

        1. Muff diver says:

          When we’re 10.ten points behind the top 4
          I’d say ur talking out of ur old wrinkly bottom

          1. barryglik says:

            Muff that hurt 🙂

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Sane, De Bruyne, Silva, Jesus, Aquero and Fernandino

    3 quality creators and 2 wc finishers with 1 creative b2b

    its lucky we don’t get hammered big by a Fifa 18 team

    1. tat says:

      yes, Man city is just too good and our defense is just too bad.
      Our back three , Xhaka and ramsey competely failed, it’s like we were playing without back lines.
      if i had to give rating to the players, i dont even know how to rate our attacking players It’s like we didnt even get a chance to attack cause our defense needed help.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Xhaka cant defend and tackle that’s for sure…

        Ramsay has just recover from injury…

        there no way Xhaka who cant defend or tackle can be our B2B…..especially against such a mighty team

    2. John0711 says:

      We got hammered by a Swedish side ? Just guessing their players won’t be on fifa
      Or Nottingham forest
      Or Swansea

  3. Gab says:

    This man has lost touch with reality. Its unfortunate, unless he leaves arsenal will not make any head way. How can after a game like this he comes out and make such statements.

    1. Rkwg says:

      The man lost radio contact with planet earth about a decade ago and has been drifting aimlessly through an 8 million quid hazy cosmic jive of his glory years with a rag tag collection of space junkies in tow believing that his fossilized form is some kind of relic from an alien master footballing race which he will eventually call back to north london in a kind of soccer inspired rapture in which Sam and Johnny and Krish and Pat and Mr Admin will finally see all their bizarro football predictions come to fruition.. Meanwhile back in the premiership …

  4. Durand says:

    Not surprising.
    Coin flip chance whether we showed up or not;
    Not surprising
    Wenger coddles underperforming players
    Not surprising
    Wenger blames ref disagrees with VAR
    Not surprising

    Children openly weeping, fans leave early, silent stan silent, wenger still manager, no one faces consequences, blind leading the blind.
    Not surprising

  5. Nayr says:

    tactical dinosaur.

    but am glad finally everyone is seeing the truth.
    wenger has been a fraud since 2008.

    all things come to an end and this certainky feels like the end ..2018 or 2019..doesnt matter.
    end is near.

    The sooner we get dumped out of europa league the better
    i would be happy with

    manager -carlo ancelotti
    assistant manger-thierry henry after finishing wc duties with belgium.

  6. andydale says:

    delusional, what more can be said. WENGER OUT…………

  7. once we resign ozil for that huge contract I come to peace with myself we got to be a mid-table team what quality players can we attract without giving them that kind of money

  8. Sue says:

    Jesus Christ I’ve heard it all now.. why can’t he just admit they were all crap & he’s done all he can & can do no more and walk away?? I’m so sick of all this…. we are an absolute joke!
    Might go & watch the 49 game unbeaten run dvd, just to remind myself that we were good once, we did have players that could defend, had a spine & balls, that knew how to score, played with passion & pride… Christ seems so long ago!! I love Arsenal but boy it’s really hard being a gooner right now ?

    1. andcliff says:

      Couldn’t have put it better. The two worst back to back performances I have ever seen and God help us next Thursday!!! But then it doesn’t matter does it?

  9. andcliff says:

    I used to be a great Wenger fan and what he’s done for AFC is incredible. I don’t want him hounded out but at the same time he should know that his time is over and leave before he is forced out. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Sir Alex Ferguson’s book and move upstairs making way for a new manager. I think the game has left him behind and it is obvious the players are no longer playing for him. He is on a hiding to nothing because this is going to be our worst season for a long time.

    It’s time for a new tough manager who is willing to kick a few pampered arses.

    1. andcliff says:

      It’s my birthday today, thanks Arsene!!!

      1. Sue says:

        They were thrashed by Forest on mine ?

        1. andcliff says:

          But time is running out on me I’m 81!!

    2. Steven says:

      The criticism of the manager as usual is over the top. If the players are no longer playing for Wenger, how come we beat Chelsea to reach the final? Wenger is right when he says that our defensive display on the whole was not too bad. Mustafi was probably on the wrong side for the first goal but Aguero deliberately nudged him in the back before the ball dropped. That was a foul, a clever foul, but still a foul. And yes, Sane was offside for the second goal. How can you be standing in front of the goalkeeper and not be interfering with play? Chambers was at fault for Silva’s goal, which was brilliantly executed. The problem was in midfield where we were overrun. Ramsey and Xhaka did not do enough while Wilshere was repeatedly fouled. At times we were unable to get out of our own half and were reduced to long balls over the top to Aubameyan who perhaps could have done better with the three chances that came his way today. Let’s be honest. City have got better players than us in nearly every position and deserved to win.

      1. John0711 says:

        Utter boll”##%

  10. Maks says:

    Wenger is a great example on how today s media
    are trying to mislead people. Although Wenger is in
    recent years so bad in doing it, that will teach young people not to trust their heros for long time.
    He has done great things but in recent years he is
    done, finito, asta la vista, dead, and only retrded can support him… and a Board who cares just for money and players like Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka and others who are not forced by manager to fight for their place in first 11.

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Only just finished watching it, as I was working earlier, and what a disgraceful performance! Yet every one of those will probably start against City on Thursday night. We looked so pathetic, and amateurish, especially thinking we’re Barcelona, trying to play it out of the back, which never worked!

    Must give a special mention to Xhaka. Everyone was poor, but Xhaka really stood out for me. I have absolutely no idea why he started the game. He got caught in possession, and gave the ball away, so many times, I actually lost count. His set-piece delivery was appalling as well. He MUST be sold at the end of season!

    We cannot have another season of Wenger. The players clearly haven’t been responding to him for a long time now, and we just cannot keep going through the motions game, after game, after game. We must do everything we can to get Simeone in. Atletico Madrid just do not concede goals. Our defence is appalling, and it’s the first thing that needs fixing. We must get in defensive manager, who will get the players fighting for everything, and tactically set up correctly. Simeone is the best on the market at the moment, so we must go for him.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Simone is just a very defensive coach…not a right person to replace….

      would have prefer the former Dortmout coach…not Klopp but he fell out with minslintat

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Atletico just won 5-2 away at Seville, Utd couldn’t even score there! Simeone can go toe-to-toe with Barca, Bayern, and Real, and on a fraction of their budget. Our defence is Sunday league. We need Simeone!

        Not sure what Dortmund coach you’re talking about, Tuchel? But I cannot think of any Dortmund manager of late, that is in the same league as Simeone.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Tuchel it is…..

          Simone is too defensive….likes parking the bus…he should go to Utd or Chelsea

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            But that’s what we need, and Simeone is the best manager available. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy for ANYONE to replace Wenger, as hundreds of managers could do the same as Wenger, but I cannot think of anyone better than Simeone, especially when you consider the budget he works with.

            We need determination, aggression, organisation, a strong mentality. That’s exactly what Simeone is about. I’d still take Tuchel over Wenger, but Simeone is better.

  12. Hayzed says:

    This old man can’t run out of excuse.
    At least am not disappointed cuz I know this is how it will turn out.
    I can’t wait for this season to end.

  13. arsenal#7 says:


    Other managers may reply politely but I bet in private they are laughing their ass off.
    Lapses in concentration? Got unlucky?
    This sounds like schizophrenia has set in. It is utterly embarrassing noe for the club the players
    the FANS and anyone else to support the delusional state of affairs.


  14. Midkemma says:

    Who else seen the lineup and the TV put Wilshere and Xhaka as the CM, thinking that Wenger had finally learnt to play Ramsey as a AM and Wilshere as the CM….

    Just to see ingame that Wilshere was pushed forward…

    Wilshere doesn’t assist enough or score enough to be a AM and Rambo doesn’t defend with urgency well so well done Wenger, tactics made the players weaknesses more of an issue than it should have been.

    Neither Xhaka or Ramsey was dropping deep enough for the CB to pass to, for ages I watched the ball get passed between CB and GK because Xhaka didn’t step 3 or 4 feet deeper to be open for a pass. City 2 attackers was in a position that the CB couldn’t safely pass it to him and our fullbacks was pushing forward and not deep enough to be passed to while the CBs got pressed.


    Wenger is tactically clueless, we need someone who can teach our players how to defend and also teach the players some tactics.

    Trust in Sven to find the gems and trust that Raul will be able to make signings happen… get a manager who can focus on tactics.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      well Wenger never likes to defend…its always attack and attack….hence the signing of Xhaka to have Pirlo type of attack…launching quick attacks from anywhere…..

      Xhaka maybe a good passer and crosser…but he cant defend and tackle….

      Xhaka needs to pair up with someone like Dembele or Bakayoko….tall quick and tough tackling

      1. Rkwg says:

        LOL … Since when does 90 per cent of passes going sideways or backwards amount to an attacking strategy … Wenger has an 8 million quid banking strategy and that is it … The man has no clue about putting together and coaching a team that can challenge for top footballing trophies and that has been obvious to me for a decade

        1. Midkemma says:

          I feel bad for Chambers, he was looking to move the ball forward on many occasions but no support around him from the CM to move it forward.

          Rambo was acting more like a AM after the first 5 mins, Rambo did defend well in the 1st few mins of the game but then just switched off defensively.

          I have defended Wenger when it comes to transfers but I have always held my hands up and agreed that Wenger is more luck in tactics than it being down to him being good at tactics.

          When he 1st came to us AFC played counter football, as we got better players we would be able to pass back to open space and then hit fast n hard. The amount of times I watched AFC attack from a def movement in our unbeaten year…

          Possession football is good if you got the players, if not then it is suicide.

          Wenger has been committing football suicide for years in those tactics.

          It feels like the UCL final we lost caused Wenger to change his desired CM that he would try and build… for the worse.

      2. Giroud says:

        Just a clueless dude. Do you even watch bakayoko play? Just go youtube and type bakayoko ffs

      3. Midkemma says:

        It made me lol hearing that we have scored the least goals to get to the cup final… Great attacking Wenger, we can’t even outscore opposition or be known for scoring loads.

        Xhaka does need a DM next to him and a mobile one as well but I am losing faith as a supporter that Xhaka will develop into the CM we need and fearing he will only be remembered as a flop.

        For me, Xhaka should be no more than a Wilshere backup for the deep lying playmaker role.

        We still need a top DM to play alongside them.

        I prefer 2 CMs sitting behind the flow of play so they can dictate it and push the game forward onto the flair attackers.

        Rambo doesn’t do that and OMG!!!!! I would be happy seeing him sold because Wengers tactics.

        Is that fair on Rambo?

  15. Ronny says:

    He could have just said “I’m responsible as the manager I admit I’m sh*t and have lost the plot. For Arsenal club I resign”.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      no manager will do that….and especially just 2 to 3 months left to go…

  16. Sue says:

    That poor little boy crying in the crowd is all over twitter…… so sad, poor little sod… hate seeing kids crying. I’ve shed a few I have to admit, but no more!

    1. ks-gunner says:

      We are all crying deep inside

  17. Ray says:

    The only way change happens is when fans with tickets stop going to games! Liverpool fans had the balls to do it but Arsenal fans don’t. Simple!!!

  18. Ray says:

    ..BTW this is the worst team I have seen for over 30 years..

    1. Sue says:

      Yes they’re awful

      1. Muff diver says:

        Are they ?
        Or is this the worst wenger we have seen

          1. Midkemma says:

            I wasn’t overly happy with the team Bruce Rioch done for us, he made a good signing which was fantastic but tactics… meh. Wrighty is a a CF, we all know that… so Rioch trying him as a winger made as much sense as Wenger does at times.

            It isn’t the worst team in 30 years for me, it is one of the worst but I wouldn’t say the worst. It hurts a lot now which others don’t as they have had time to help heal them…

  19. BlaZing gunZ says:

    Shocking eh .. Enough is enough! time to go mr wenger and enjoy ur money, as you can’t take it to the grave so enjoy it and let a more tactical more hungrier manager take your spot

  20. ks-gunner says:

    Well, things are turning out just like they are supposed to be. I was dead already when we lost in the finale when Kos and Sezsny made that mistke and Obamafemi Martins scored. My Arsenal football mood is already broken, it cant get any worse.

    Amongst all the players mustafi makes many mistakes but somehow is avoiding critisisem from the coach, fans and pundits the most. This needs to change. This albanian wannabe defender needs to be sold off as fast as possible. And if possible send back to macedonia and dont even be called to the german national side, as he is just a mistake. Reus getting injuried and him taking his place in the national side at the last minute gave him some attention which faked his actuall real worth. An Evertonian reject and mediocre defender in at that time very bad Valencia side. 35mil. Give me a break Wenger. Just give me a break

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      no coach will criticise in public…mostly done behind doors….

      wonder why Mustafic constantly get called up for the German national team??

      would have prefer tall commanding centrebacks with pace….like Davidson Sanchez…that bloke is quick and tough tackling…

      1. Sue says:

        Arsene would tell him not to tackle

  21. Dave says:

    One Englishman on the pitch out of 22. Should not be allowed.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Wilshere and Chambers from Arsenal and then we bought on Welbroke.

      Did you get stuck on your 1st finger again?

      Friendly reminder, 2 comes after 1 😉

  22. Phil says:

    Too depressed to even comment on Wengers pathetic excuses.

  23. O'Blk says:

    I will throw a party once Wenger’s gone.

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