Wenger – Arsenal could have scored more!

What a fantastic win for Arsenal today against the moneybags of Man City in their own expensively sponsored stadium. A real gem after our terrible injury woes this season. Obviously Arsene Wenger was pleased after his best result of the last four years and he even went so far as to say we could have won even more easily!

He said after the game on Arsenal.com: “The difference is that we have injured players back who were out for a long time and also that we know it’s a very important period. The confidence of the team is high and some players are in very good form. We scored the first goal today and it was much easier for us to control them.

“We always looked dangerous when we won the ball but we had a good solidarity level and a good compactness, and the regret of the day is that we didn’t always take advantage of the situations we created in the final third. There was room to maybe score more goals.”

He was then asked if this could be a turning point of Arsenal’s season. “Time will tell.” he replied. “What is for sure is that it increases the level of belief and confidence. We have five months in front of us that are very important in the lifespan of the team and what you make of that will decide our season. Games like that can help you to do very well.”

No-one could talk about today’s game without mentioning the brilliant display from our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla, and Wenger was no exception. “Since Cazorla has started playing centrally – he played wide a lot and now he’s at a level of his career where he can have more influence centrally – he’s been fantastic because he gets you out of pressure in very tight situations. He finds openings that are very interesting. He is a good example for young players, he shows you how important it is to be two footed in the middle of the park – it’s a vital quality for a midfielder today – and he does that very well. He loves the game.”

This is all great news for Arsenal and we move back onto the heels of the top four yet again with it all to play for in the coming months. Onwards and Upwards!


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    1. Back to earth from the moon, let’s now talk reality: That we beat Manchester City does not mean we’ve won the EPL. It’s not like we’ve done the ultimate. That fact is that WE ARE SUPPOSED to be challenging the “big boys” because we are a big club too. After all, Clubs like Sunderland, Tottenham, Newcastle etc., do beat the so called “BIG CLUBS”, why can’t or shouldn’t we???

      Guys, we must not settle for anything less than this; we either beat them or draw against them. We are ARSENAL, for f**k’s sake, victory over Manchester City was not a favour.

    2. And to all the putineous, moronic malodorous retards with stinky, mephitic, rancid dilapidated intellect saying we only won because Yaya did not play, I say F***K OFF!!!

      City had Fernandinho, Fernando, Milner, the “almighty” Silver, shirt-pulling Aguero,, Jovetic, Lampard and Jesus, isn’t that enough?

      But we gave them just the COCK. Yes, a furious Cock in the midfield together with our very our SantiClaus and that was enough to shave them bald.


      1. Media/pundits have spent the last 2 or 3 years circle jerking over City telling everyone who cared to listen that they have 2 WC players in every spot. Really now?? Frankly I have always struggled with that idea big time. Our bench p***ed on theirs TBH. Options up front but who really is the WC second string option to YT, VK, DS, SN and SA??? They may have been without YT but we started without around 9 payers who have until recently been 1st team regulars: Sczezney, Debuchy, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Welbeck, Walcott and Wilshere. We thought we’d level it up even more by also putting out our relative PL rookies in key positions at GK, RB and CB.

  1. Counter-attacking needs some improvement. Could have definitely scored more goals if we had been more clinical. Always seem to lose the ball just outside the box….

    1. haha you have to say it was decent counter attacking football for our first time in god knows how long

      1. Yeah absolutely! The front 3 aren’t used to playing with such pace yet…but that is something that they should work on the training ground.

  2. I agree that Wenger should look for a CB and CDM, but after today, I think the whole scout team should be looking for a player to replace Cazorla. He is clearly among our key players in the squad, I cant imagine what would happen to us if we hadnt bought Santi Cazorla (that FA Cup final goal).

  3. Still not sure of the GK. Ospina was not really tested, but he looked a shade nervous through his body language. Hopefully, I am proved wrong here.

    1. Ospina was very commanding, when last did you see our keeper taking the ball directly from corner? Lehman I think. That aguero ball which he barely push to corner was a goal.

    2. @Pubgooner, you think he wasn’t tested, huh, why not take home to your family doctor???

      Just don’t know what guys like you want.

  4. Don’t know about you guys, but Coquelin had a great game! Most people wouldn’t notice the work that he did because a DM doesn’t do the glamorous, he just goes about his job… Did you guys notice how many intercepts he made? He really impressed me!

    Bellerin found the perfect balance between attack and defence… The beauty of having his pace is that he can attack and manage to get back in time to defend… I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes that RB spot his own very soon… I’m a really happy Gooner right now!

    1. wanyama wld hv intercepted all balls, fly one end to another and make 100% accuracy tackles….

      world class and experience player at 21yo…

      at 30m hes already a bargain

      1. I am sorry but was that a try at sarcasm?
        I love reading the logical comments pro wenger or anti wenger…..but every time I read Hafiz’s comments I can’t help but imagine myself punching him in the face. :-/

      2. You are a funny guy. You must be a jester. Yesterday Coquelin did his job exceedingly well that I forgot he was the flop in Germany last year. If he plays as he is playing so far, I might have a rethink on a DM this January with Flamini as a back up. Yesterday match was a big match even though our boys made city look toothless.

  5. We got a vital vital win, its massive win for us .
    But the important thing is maintain a winning run. Tottenhum won against chelsea 5-3, but all their hard work lost when thy soon loose to Crystal palace.
    So we have to maintain a good run. We have to make our self red hot and we have to become the most inform team on the PL.
    Everybody played against city.
    I am also gain disappointed that this team is not humiliating the opposition, in last few games we are constantly getting opportunity to score 5 goals at least .
    Fearing opposition is also sometimes omportant.

    Having said that, I am still over the moon for our victory at Eitihad.

  6. Coquelin has made a massive difference, since he has been playing we have looked far more solid in the midfield. Silva was almost invisible yesterday. If he can keep up the great work till the end of the season, we will have him and Schneiderlin as DM/holding mid option – good squad depth. It is a pity we didn’t utilize him earlier on in the season, but at least now hopefully Wenger can see he has major potential and already slotting in well as Arteta, with much respect, should call it a day after this injury.

  7. wenger is hallucinating again unless he spend big and sign a striker like Cavani or Falcao calibre……

    our final 3rd will not be able to finish

      1. Totally agree. Falcao is overrated rubbish and United are paying 10 mill justy to loan him….wahahahaha…idiots

    1. I’m happy Giroud scored yesterday, but he very invisible yesterday. Sometimes he runs like he’s got boils on his butt.

  8. Yesterday showed we are 90% there is the squad performs well.

    Henry and Sourness made some excellent points but the best was Henry – he stopped everyone from talking and said tell me Mertesacker is a bad player? When he had a midfield defending in front of him he was actually very very good.

    Souness also made an excellent point. Yesterday was an amazing performance and it highlighted that Arsenal can play this way. But realistically only 3 or 4 teams would only ever dare to come at Arsenal. So this system is very good in getting them some extra points.

  9. The obvious conclusion any thinking person should draw let alone one paid 8 million quid is that quality makes a difference at the top of EPL and the team needs a defensive midfielder at the same level as santi or alexi … Coquellin did a great job yday but he isn’t that quality….

    1. No he isn’t. But before we need 2 and now we need 1. He is an excellent player to have in your squad.

      And also we don’t know how good he is yet. He has only played a handful of games. There is nothing to say that this isn’t just the start of his senior development.

      1. LOL…much like all the comments last year about how ramsey was so good he was worth more than bale or messi …or even both on some delusional assessments…the guy had a very good game against an underwhelming man city missing their most important central player… sure its possible that in 2 years time he will be where matic is today..but til then we need a quality defensive midfielder with power to more the game forward and who can hold his own against the likes of toure matic wanyama etc

        1. Sorry, you are talking rubbish. Your understanding of a proper CDM appears weak. FC’s role is not to “power forward” – it is almost the exact opposite, to hold and screen with discipline. He doesn’t need to hold his own against the likes of Wanyama or Matic – opposing CDMs do not match up against each other and are rarely in the same areas of the pitch at the same time. His job is to match up and nullify the opponents AMs who operate in the pockets of space in front of our back 4, the likes of Silva, Fabregas, Coutinho etc.

          1. i didnt say match against just to hold his own by doing what they do close down cut out move the ball forward… but please watch old videos of patrick viera to know what top quality cdms do and then ask whether in coquelin we can believe we have got that position solved

            1. Fair enough rkw – but you need to compare FC to Petit or Gilberto not Vieira. Although we play a slightly different system now Ramsey is the “go forward” man sitting in the centre – he is the man to compare to Vieira.

    2. @rkw
      How else is a player regarded as quality if top consideration was not given to a game of this nature.
      As a matter, Coquelin is one of main reasons for the rejuvenated Arsenal we are seeing of late. Barring he’s not injured, I only hope A.S. would continue to give him more game time, irrespective of the availability of Flamini, especially, in very crucial games, and watch what he becomes at the end of the season.

      1. is that destined44place? Definitely play him over flamini but the kind of player to take us beyond 4th place …. possibly with a really dominant centre back behind him …but over a season? i am happy to be wrong but i doubt it very much… either way without shoring up the defence in next two weeks will leave us closer to mid table than to top spot thats for sure

  10. I still want Wenger to be sacked.We got a rare win against a big just like small clubs.A step in the right direction would be Sir Usmanov as owner and Sir Mourinho as manager!

  11. A special shout out to Giroud as well. Scored a goal and it was his pass that led to the penalty. Defended from the front, held the ball up really well, and won so many aerial duels, especially goal kicks (he was helped by the accuracy of OOOOOOOOOOOSPINA’s kicks).

  12. We are in good form now,problem is that it only takes one injury to disrupt an entire ssn at arsenal,wenger should have learned from this by now.What happens if koscielny gets injured?Or God forbid Sanchez? We have a very thin squad and when it comes to injuries God knows we have the softest bunch on earth

      1. @True.Gooner
        Really, antiwenger’s comment is alot worth considering by the manager. It is not wishing our great club a bad luck but I view it as looking at our antecedents with the aim of planning for any eventualities. Truth is anything can happen and at anytime but one’s responsiveness to counter or reduce any possible negative impact to the nearest minimum is very key and should be well planned for.

    1. Koscielny has been injured so we know what happens – no crystal ball needed there. We do whatever every other team in the world does when a star player gets injured – you get by and use the 25 man squad system. What are Chelsea gonna do when Fabregas or Costa gets injured? Oscar and a 36 year old Drogba? The idea that every team has an equivalent replacement for all their star players is a crock of s***e. In your football management world how would you manage against the risk of a Sanchez injury? Buy a WC equivalent to sit on the bench just in case? Find an U-21 as good as Sanchez so we can legitimately add to our squad? Don’t play him?

  13. Where’s Kj and the ratings? Or has he forgotten himself getting high over the victory at etihad? Someone pls look for him. Great win for the lads. They were all great. If i may talk abt Ramsey, he did ok being that he’s just returning from injury but one thing he needs to add to his game is discipline. He could be our Stevie G.

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