Wenger – Arsenal definitely don’t need a new striker (or Petr Cech)

Well this news has simply blown away all the dreams Arsenal fans have had that the club would be bringing in stars like Cavani, Isco, Lacazette, Dybala or any other striker, known or unknown, in this transfer window.

Our beloved manager made this quite clear in yesterday’s pre-match interview ahead of tomorrows game against Stoke. Wenger was quite clear when he was asked about the Isco rumours. He said: “No, we are not on the case. We have plenty of creative players.

“We are more short on the defensive side of our game, not on the offensive side. We have plenty of offensive players. We just spoke about Podolski who just went out, we spoke about Sanogo going out because we have so many offensive players that they don’t get a chance to play. So we won’t buy someone else in the attack.”

So that’s that then! But perhaps he may be considering buying a proven hitman in the summer?

Wenger also went on to deny that he was interested in bringing in Petr Cech, who is said to be unhappy being on the bench at Chelsea, but Wenger again shot our hopes out of the water. “No,” he said. ” Petr Cech is at Chelsea. We have three goalkeepers who for me are top class and there is a big competition going on. I have no doubt we have the needed quality.”

That will be good news for Wojciech Szczesny after his blunders last week. Wenger also gave the young Pole more assurances about his future when he was asked about the much-publicised “smoking incident”. Wenger said: “I don’t need to make a big fuss of that. Every club has its internal discipline and rules. It doesn’t necessarily need to be public. Szczesny is a serious boy who works very hard and he doesn’t need that. He made a mistake, he is not the first one and not the last one.”

Wenger also denied the rumours about Gabriel Paulista and the much-discussed Loic Perrin,but he DID admit to interest in the 17 year-old DM Krystian Bielik. He admitted: “He is a young boy that we follow, yes. You see I gave you some information! We are not very close at the moment to an agreement.”

That is about as much information we can expect from any interview with Wenger, but maybe he is simply trying to put us off the track?

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  1. We are definitely short in defence we need to buy more class defenders so we can improve as a team,if you concede less goals there’s more chance of winning games

  2. Well he is right about the striker position, that is not our biggest problem, attacking wise i will say we are ok for now, creative wise with cazorla and maybe ramsey back to form with Ozil returning we should be ok too and so need for isco. But pls wenger just a center back and a dm will do, doesnt have to be a name i have heard or a country i know but just someone who has played the position for a while and can do the job

    1. “doesnt have to be a name i have heard or a country i know but just someone who has played the position for a while and can do the job” what about squillaci type?

      1. Theres that but just because of the fear of the squid we cant afford to not sign anyone. But its wenger we are talking abt so even hoping for anyone to come in is just a dream

  3. They are needed but not top priorities (DM AND CB are a must) … I would love to match Chelsea, City, Utd in striking force, buying the like of Cavani will certainly do, BUT we do have penny-pinching manager over here …
    In the summer the top priority should be getting a new manager no mater what will happen this season … This the only way we may have our hope back to win anything valuable …

  4. OT: we had one of the meanest defences last season. I miss sagna, his relative reliability, and his more then adept ability to cover at cb. I’m kinda rethinking whether his wage demands were so outrageous. I mean the market has changed significantly in the past 5 years or so. Premier league money is a different kind of animal in comparison to la liga, or the bundesliga. And considering our staggering wage bill, I’m sure you guys can spot some passengers in our team. I mean even podolski was one of the top earners, and Wenger was happy for him to just sit on our bench. If Wenger could sign Sagna now, he would in a heartbeat, it’s the type of player he’d want now. French, on the wrong side of 30, versatile, and with loads of experience. Whether that’s what we need, that’s debatable.
    I think those wage demands really didn’t seem outrageous at all come to think of it…

  5. Why can’t arsenal or AW get the players when the sales open? He must live in hope that BFG will turn in to a tony Adams. My god Chelsea lost a striker in the Sumer after there manager said no more spending then went out and replaced him. Stop treating the players like baby’s and see this as a Business. No one is bigger then arsenal. To be fair 10 players could go from the squad but he keeps the crap coz they can’t get another team. I hope when we get done by Stoke it will make him buy. Stop all this with a 16 year old

  6. We don’t need a quality striker in our team right now? Deluded, simply deluded, and Wenger has been for years! Just look at the league table and see our goal difference compared to our top rivals and you would realise we need an out-and-out striker who can bang in goals week-in week-out. The majority of our inferior goals this season have come from midfielders and wingers. Remember when Thierry Henry was banging in goals for us we used to be called a one-man team because Wenger refused to strengthen the team! At least during that period we had stronger players who were hungry for success, not the weak daddy’s boys we are having now! When I read Wenger’s statement about Podolski, I nearly laughed my guts out! We had so many injuries earlier in the season and Wenger kept Poldi on the bench because of personal difference while we were hammered by Swansea, Stoke and Southampton! If we had a sane manager we will buy the promising Paulo Dybala right now before his price appreciates further in the summer. But we don’t! That’s why I hate the stupid distraction from Wenger about the ones who got away like Messi, Ronaldo and the rest!

    1. Amen..

      I guess with Arseon Wonga its best to have no expectation so not to be disappointed.

      It’s the same old same old looney tune thinking..

      Wellbeck : gets the occasional goal

      Giroud: not prolific (25-30 a season)

      Akpom: needs time out on loan at another club that doesn’t have aspirations of challenging for top prizes…erhh hold up..

      Campbell: tidy defender but a naturally skilled/gifted centre forward capable of knocking in goals for fun he ain’t.

      And before the ‘& Alexis?” Argument is rolled out.. HE IS A LEFT WINGER! Played there all the time for Barca and has talent and experience in this position. He even likes to play there and things it’s where he belongs! But what does he know?

      1. Yeah, probably best not to mention a 30 goal a season “non-striker left winger”. You give the game away with “HE IS A LEFT WINGER! Played there all the time for Barca” – you are officially clueless on the matter.

    2. Actually if you read the statistics properly you would realise that we go a goal down more often than not which means teams sit back and defend hence we don’t score hat fills of goals! Stop the other teams scoring encourage them to attack more and we will score more goals! Dm and cb is what’s needed! I don’t want to see another attacking player! Walcott back and akpom scoring for fun and never getting a chance I do not want to see 50 mil spent on an over rated over hyped cavani or similar!

      1. Oh so we just park the bus do we and defend!?

        NO..balance is required throughout the team. A wall of stoppers at back, a blend of creativity and enforcers in the middle with wingers giving opposition hell and a centre forward that scores for fun.

        Ideally , with Class players throughout. That’s how things get won. Analyse the best teams (club level and world football) and you will see this to be true.

        If AFC are the fifth richest club in the WORLD then why not but a class CF also. I’ll tell you why: contentment with the status quo and complete lack of ambition and vision.

        I’m off to lie down now until Feb 2nd.

  7. Same old BS!
    We have the most injury prone team in the entire league and the old man is loaning out podi, sanago and Campbell.

    And you are waiting for him to strengthen our squad?
    The penny pinching #### is only thinking of saving money
    not spending it.

  8. we do need a world class striker and GK….

    we cant count on Shitround and unwelbeck to score goals….

    they dont guarantee goals like Falcao and Cavani does

    Sheez and Ospina are not world class gk and Martinez is raw and inexperience

    we still need a proven GK like Cech to provide a safe pair of hands….

  9. You are right Wenger. First of all we need a new Manager who sees our flaws in the team and who also trys to fix them, instead of earning 8m a year for doing nothing other then tllk about smoking.

  10. ‘My ambition is that I have the best players who can collaborate with each other to form the best team of the world.’ Says an ambitious manager who wants to turn Manure great again.

    Wenger ” I have no problem ending up in the 2 place for an another 20 years if that means that i can archieve a Cl place”. hahaha, srry ass 4th place manager.

    Yes Wenger, all of our players are top class, and Kim Kalstrom was alos top topt topt topt toptotpotpotptoptotpotptot player

  11. We had one of the best defence last season.AW made sure he destroyed it by selling our defenders and loaning out some. Without bring good replacements. Now he is busy shipping out strikers and creative players claiming that we have too many in that department .Look at City ,Chelsea, Man U and look at the so called strikers that AW is claiming we have so many of them.Actually Giroud is the only recognised striker and he is not prolific .So if Wenger suggesting that we can win anything ,it’s just wishful thinking

  12. @Mk2013, how can you say we had one of the best defense last season?
    A defense that was trashed 6-3,5-1,6-0 can’t be called one of the best defense.And four of Liverpool and Chelsea’s goals were scored with in 20 min.

    I think striker is not an urgent issue right now.Arsenal need 2 CBs and a quality DM. But it’s clear for everybody Wenger is going to sign one CB.

  13. You can’t take seriously none of WENGERS statements, he lost credibility not only with the Fans but with the League. First he depletes our Defense now he is weakening our Attacking options…not sure who told him we excel in that department.
    My advise to Le Fraud is to keep a low profile and spring into action, your next statement should be we signed such and such World Class CB and DM and now we are contenders to safeguard our beloved 4th spot.

  14. If anyone understands Wengers strategy can they share it with the rest of us, as he never does? He pared our defence to the bone , meaning any injuries would be catastrophic, which they were. Carl Jenkinson is now proving invaluable to WHU helping them pick up points when we really needed him. Now he’s using the transfer window to do the same to our strike force when we all were hoping he was going to use it to strengthen the defence ?!?

  15. Are u guys buying into this crap? We don’t need additions in attack??? Welbeck (only work rate + injury prone), walcott(regularly injured),chuba(unproven), sanchez(solid but might burnout from doin all d attacking in all d games), Giroud(not prolific,not consistent)????
    Creativity- Ozil (poor form + injury prone), Ramsey (inconsistent + injjury prone),wilshere(incosistent + injury prone),Oxlade(poor finishing+incosistent+injury prone),cazorla(solid)…dats 1 solid attacker in sanchez,1 solid playmaker in cazorla, and he has d balls to come out and say we don’t need additions???? we need solid WC additions in all areas,attack midfield defense keeper.
    Defense being priority,den midfield nd attack.
    Does he realise how often we ave players goin 2 d clinic???? Absolute bullshit,i wna slap dis guy!!!!

  16. Nothing new from Wenger the cheque book will be left in the safe. This = big dividends for the share holders this = Job well done Mr Wenger the board and the shareholders love.
    The Fans want you OUT.

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