Wenger – Arsenal fans can’t sack me! I’m not elected…

Wenger is now alienating the Arsenal fans by JM

Arsene Wenger has done himself no favours with his latest outburst against the Arsenal fans who have been protesting about the results this season. He has made it clear that he thinks it is only a small minority of fans that are calling for him to be sacked, and even if there was a majority, they don’t have the power to remove him.

He was quoted in the Mirror as saying: “That is not my problem. My problem is to win football games. I am not a politician who has a poll every week to see if you support me. I am paid to win games. My sense is to focus on my job.

“Honestly you don’t think I will find 20 people who say that you are rubbish? Do they represent the majority of people? I don’t know but you have to win your football games, that’s all.”

He yet again defended his record since he joined Arsenal, and said the supporters should simply do what their name suggests: “What is in the word supporter? Support. It says what it says.

“I don’t expect anything but if you will look at the history of Arsenal and what we have achieved in the last 18 years and we have moved forward and that what is what we want to continue to do.

“I have managed in 180 Champions League games. How many Champions League games did Arsenal play before?”

Again that is not such a clever thing to say as it means you have played in the Champions League for 16 years in a row, but how many times have you won it? Arsenal once got to the final seven years ago, and perhaps even deserved to win it, but how many times have you got that close again? How is that progress? I rest my case!


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    1. That arongance….now that’s the real problem with the man.
      can’t he see that he is out lived his best??????
      Too much power at the club that he can now say any thing to the fans.
      WENGER OUT NOW with his arrogance, we are tired of loosing to the big teams, fighting for top 4season in season out and never getting any thing from the champions league.
      for how long shall we be a laughing stock

      1. All he had to do was sell some non playing members and buy more defensive minded players especially after the big margin hiding against the top 3 last season…he did not do that .. Per maybe the slowest player in the league but Is captain.
        All good things come to an end…and so should Wenger time at arsenal.
        We might be a season out of champions League but the team needs some dir ction..
        I don’t see the beautiful football we were known for a few yrs ago..along with that have a poor defense…players now leave arsenal and play better at other clubs…

    2. “I rest my case”…….always a good sign that no case has been made. Have we made progress in the last 18 years? If you think that the 18 years before Wenger (1978-1996) were better than the last 18 then you are clueless. If you want to say that progress has stalled, dropped off, disappeared completely in the last 10 years then there is a discussion to be had.

  1. Hmmm…

    Now, I think he is feeling the heat. He is just his arrogant self.
    I dont get how he feels he is still doing well. It is too difficult for him to admit that he is past his best.

  2. Wenger most definitely “has ” to get his act together! Because this time around its crucial and serious with “the natives” ( us fans) are restless for positive results! Coyg!

    1. I don’t think you’ve ever not used an exclamation point. Not saying it’s a bad thing I love the enthusiasm, just an observation.

  3. Off topic

    I’d rather pair a youngster at cb with mert than debuchy. And to offer us more protection id like wenger to play flame and coq as 2 holding mids. Thoughts?

  4. morning all u gooners…ive been away for some time but always in touch with justarsenal from my mobile
    the only thing that im curious in our club is that… when players do not perform, they leave..
    why isnt this happening with the manager or the board really…?
    just sayin…

      1. It is not be careful what you wish for. If you want to sack a manager, you have to see who can come in and do a better job. At the moment, with the amount of money given to spend while at the same time the fans asking for a big name player. Wenger had to sell and loan a few players to get Sanchez and buy the other players to get a whole squad working. Unfortunately with the budget he has, he can’t buy eleven players in a couple of windows.

  5. I love wenger but his statements are getting onto people nerve. He is trying to push away his royal fans. I am a arsenal fan Bcos of wenger so l feel bad when I talk bad about him but he himself didn’t do any good for giving all these crap statements. His post and pre match statements make you think, how a experience EPL manager can come out these crap. Maybe he is to stingy to employ a statement maker who he is really need to, not defenders.

    Maybe AOBs are just a handful but his underachievement and crap statements are going to make full of AOBs out there.

  6. Well said arsen don’t worry what people think even wen your gone the only way is forward for us now on thanks to you coyg

  7. When Arsenal beat Newcastle today
    with a makeshift defense Wenger
    will say see ” I DO know what I am doing.”
    And the AKB’s will dominate justarsenal.com
    for the next 3 days 🙂

    1. @davidnz.
      “And the AKB’s will dominate justarsenal.com for the next 3 days”

      lol. Spot on brutha! Spot on!

      1. When Newcastle beat Arsenal today
        with a makeshift defense…..
        ………. the AOB’s will dominate justarsenal.com
        for the next 3 days 🙂

        Is that spot on as well “brutha”

    2. And if we lose to Newcastle today they will blame injuries, the ref, the media and the fans in fact anyone but the man whose hopeless transfer policy created the mess in the first place. As for Wenger he’ll promise to learn from mistakes and then repeat ad nauseum.

  8. There are also lots of recent quotes where he talks about how much it means to him to make the fans happy so I don’t think casting him as some arrogant wanker that doesn’t give a jolt about supporters is a bit far-fetched. I agree that these quotes don’t do him any favours but honestly, with the way some fans feel right now, he would be slated for saying Arsenal’s home kit is red and white.

  9. If you bring result, you can get coc*y or arrogant, people still respect you. I wonder those media and pundits who hate arsenal is it bcos of wenger. They just don’t like his know best mind.

  10. SHUT UP you all

    don’t you know his suffering from Dementia he keeps forgeting to buy players so have some respect and wait until he forgets to go to work.

    1. All joking aside when his this much under pressure he dose buy players like last time when he bought Ozil and I’m sure his going to buy this January and all will be good.

  11. Best comment I’ve read so far. Good analysis.
    Only point I disagree with is on the measurement of success and failure. Who sets the standard of success and failure at Arsenal Fc? The fans? Haven’t the majority accepted 4th as OK?

  12. The balls on dis guy tho,one of boad guys said somethn similar,these guys don’t really care about what we want,what wuld make us happy,how can our manager say dis, to them all we just paycheques??? Well we’ve heard d fans,the board,arsene the hermit,remaining the players.
    I’m really sad at dis statement wenger made,he just reduced us ffans to nothing!after alll dese years of supporting and following and defending dis club,
    HE HAS TO LEAVE,THEY ALL GOTTA LEAVE!!! If we get another manager,he’ll end up doin things like wenger,u gotta cut off d head and not d detail.

  13. I’m an AOB ever since Wenger failed to sign a DM and CB in the summer, but i have always respected the man and hoped he continue his affiliation with Arsenal, possibly by moving ‘upstairs’ as suggested before.

    However, these comments smacked of arrogance and delusion and quite simply, make me sick.

    “I don’t expect anything but if you will look at the history of Arsenal and what we have achieved in the last 18 years and we have moved forward and that what is what we want to continue to do.”
    Seriously???? We have moved forward without winning a trophy for 10 years???? In fact, we have fallen so far behind our rivals its laughable.

    “I have managed in 180 Champions League games. How many Champions League games did Arsenal play before?”
    Basically he’s saying Arsenal will be nobodies without him? that he alone made Arsenal? And what’s the point of repeatedly mentioning his ‘glorious’ record of champion league games, if he did’nt even win the damn thing even once. It’s nothing to be proud about in my view.

    For once, I really question my respect for Wenger. I always thought he was classy in the way he deals with things, but recent behaviour have really changed my view. Publicly hitting back at Usmanov over his comments just shows how much he power he has and how he abuses it. (Who in the world can publicly criticise your boss and get away with no consequence?). Wenger may be a legend but he needs to remember that no man, not even him, is bigger than the club and the manager is accountable to the fans (who is paying his salary).

    And as Wenger says, I am a supporter and I support. However, I support Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC, and I hope for what is best for the club, even if it means a legend like Wenger leaving.

  14. In as Much as am Hurt To See Arsenal Loosing Games We should win…I Believe In tough Times ” Together we Stand Divided We fall” Should be Our philosophy.
    And these Media People are Very nagging and if i was in the Position of Arsene I would also speak ma mind…Thats what a leader should do.

    I see Nothing Wrong In His Statement…He has done it objectively ..Lets Support Him till the end of the season..which I know He Will leave

  15. Give some credit to Arsene. He could have really rubbed it in by also mentioning his paltery £8m a year salary!

    There should be a trophy presented for finishing 4rth, taking part in CL and topping the Financial Fair Play league so that Arsene can have his red bus parade every year!

  16. Great article well done sir,I’m off the the emirates today to get a senile,old fraud of a manager sacked from his job by protesting.
    As well as Wenger out we need to rid our selfs of that greedy invisible yank c#nt of an owner .

  17. Even die hard Akbs accept we need a new cb and cdm if we want to compete at the highest level but not monsieur Wenger, no he still maintains his squad is strong enough and doesn’t need new additions. If he really gave a damn about winning football matches he’d do something about it instead of just coming up with bullshit excuses and trolling fans.

  18. Well done Arsene. You managed 180 CL games for Arsenal without winning it. Basically you are in it for the money because you have no intention of actually winning it.

  19. Wenger must be carefull or he will have all his bridges burnt il give him till after jan window and judge hom then but i cant see this window being diff from all the rest lets just hope he will tackle oor defensive problems

  20. 1. He said we’ve moved forward these past 18yrs
    Errrrm, no arsene, we moved forward for the 1st 9, then moved back to square 1, in the next 9.
    2. He asks how many champions league matches we had before he came.
    Well arsene, before you came the champions league was only for league champions, by that logic it means you only got us champions league football in 3 out of 18 seasons.
    3. He says he’s paid to win football matches, well arsene, you may want to start doing what you’re paid to do then.
    4. He says supporters are meant to support, why do you think we want you out? Cos we support the team and want every stumbling block(yep, that’s you arsene) out of its way.

  21. Excellent point!

    Sadly though only the board can sack him. Funny thing is that the club feeds off the immense money earned by hard work, that the supporters pay, but yet we have 0 say in who is in charge! Ignoring the fans will come back to bite Arsene! That’s for sure!

  22. If 10000+ fans hold the Wenger out signs then board can’t save..stupid comment….the world is watching…No one can ignore fans….show something positive in jan transfer and fans will support u..atm Wenger looks like a stubborn old man …

  23. The argonance of this man, he is forgetting one thing its the Fans who pay his wages.
    This man does not give a flying Fxxx what the fans think because he knows the board and shareholders have no intention of sacking him as long as he is making money for them.
    But the Fans can change this by not buying their shit and not buying tickets for the home matches. Wenger has no intention of buying anyone in the Jan Transfer window more money for the shareholders. WENGER OUT NOW>

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