Wenger – Arsenal have found form, consistency and confidence!

Arsenal were electrifying in yesterday’s 5-0 win over Aston Villa, and it was brilliant to see the returning duo of Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott clicking straight away and playing like they had never been injured in the first place.

Arsene Wenger was understandably delighted to see the Gunners win their fourth game in a row without conceding, and believes that the squad is now nearly at the top of their game. Le Prof said on Arsenal Player after the game: “We scored goals and didn’t concede. Our offensive game was good even though I believe we had some weaker periods in the game when Aston Villa were in possession. We always looked dangerous when we got in between their lines and defensively we were sound as well.

“Overall it’s a positive day for us. I feel a bit for Villa because they gave a lot and fought very hard. Maybe it will be difficult for them but they were caught in the last 20 minutes because they were tired. The second goal was a blow for them but overall they did fight.”

When directly asked if he thought that the team had found their form at the perfect time of the season, Wenger ageed: “I would say yes, you are right. That shows as well that we have maybe found a better consistency. That will be very important until the end of the season. Let’s show that we can win more, and it shows you as well that when the confidence level is higher and when everybody’s back defensively, it makes a difference. Defensive stability is vital – when you don’t have that, you suffer.”

The result was even sweeter when you realise that Arsenal’s best player, Alexis Sanchez, was not even in the squad and five different players got on the scoresheet. When asked about Sanchez, Le Prof replied: “He was not very close today. I’m pleased that many players scored goals and I’m also pleased that we scored goals that were not only sheer power. We were placing the ball and that shows that you do not always need to hit the ball like mad to score a goal. Mesut Ozil showed that, Hector Bellerin showed that. These kinds of goals are more down to technique than power.”

Wenger also thinks there is further improvement to come from the rusty returning pair of Walcott and Ozil, despite their great performances yesterday. Wenger said about Ozil: “It’s always, ‘where does he play? On the left, in the middle?’. I think he still lacks a little bit of competitive edge on sharpness but the quality of his game is exceptional and he’s getting back now. He worked very, very hard physically and he’s now ready to play again.”

And on Theo Walcott, Wenger again thinks he can improve: “I still feel he can score a goal in every game. In his overall game I still think he needs some more sharpness and more contact. He’s a very intelligent player and the quality of Theo’s game is about the quality of his movement, the quality of his receptions, where he gets the ball. He knows where to be dangerous and when he’s in front of goal he can score. I was quite surprised because in the first half he was through but then Jores Okore caught up with him and I think that once he’s through, you know that nobody can catch him. Okore must be very quick!”

So it seems that Wenger was happy with the performance (and certainly the result!) but he seriously believes we can become even better, especially when Ozil and Walcott hit peak form, and of course Sanchez returns to the team. Let’s hope that we will play even better next Saturday lunchtime….

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  1. almostawinner says:

    well done guys! well done wenger: you showed us you can change by adopting the sit-back-and-counter strategy. now our next challenge is not to become complacent: as one of the commentators said Arsenal are at their most vulnerable when they are most confident. Per looks good bc we’re not playing a high-line so our D is more compact so his immobility becomes less of an issue. still want to see a backup in case coq gets injured: the drop-down to flam would be unacceptably big. main thing at spuds: sit back to the 40yd line, don’t let one in in the 1st 20 mins; and then counter! cant wait to see sanchez/ozil/walcott & caz on at the same time.

  2. muda says:

    If we keep this form then SKY is the only limit we have, TOP OF THE LEAGUE???? Why not? Chelsh!t are no longer the same team, city are struggling. #COYG

    1. Ramsey will be better too he needs 2 or 3 games

  3. muda says:

    Imagine we beat monaco to go to Q.final of CL and then we get Porto or Basel, Semi final we beat atletico, beatable of curse. Final is never predictable and its more of a luck. Coz we really deserve that 2006CL more than barca back then, they were only luckier. What if this is our year??? #COYG

  4. Budd says:

    What really made my day is the fact that Ozil played on the left and got chosen MOTM by Sky. Where are all those fu ckers yelling about Ozil played out of position? Idiots.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Haha seriously.

    2. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      this is against AV …

  5. jonm says:

    Lots of positives from the Aston Villa game. Ozil MOTM, Giroud on form, Ospina very solid in goal, Theo scoring and many more.

    The real icing on the cake was Bellerin’s goal, such a composed finish from a 19 year old defender. I was not expecting that, it was more like a goal from a seasoned striker, most young defenders would have blasted it over the goal, lets hope it is not a one off.

  6. jonm says:

    On Ospina’s performance I am getting more and more impressed. We know from the World Cup that he is an outstanding shot stopper, his double save against Argentina was out of this world, low down save, shot from close range followed immediately by a save tipping the ball over the crossbar, both saves were world class but combined they were awesome.

    The other aspects of his game are good, organising the defence, intercepting crosses, ball distribution, decision making and general composure. From youtube he also seems fearless in making saves at the attackers feet.

    We may have a real world class goalkeeper and so far I think the only goal he has let in is when he came on as a sub against Galatasaray and had to defend a penalty when sezeny was sent off. Is it four clean sheets in the premier league now? OK in most of those games he has not, on the face of it had a lot to do but that may be due to the effect he has on the players around him. If he and the defense in general keep this up we will have a good end to the season.

  7. Mistamonn says:

    it wasn’t our fourth game in a row without conceding. We concede 2 against Brighton and Hove Albion. It was our THIRD Premier League win in a row without conceding and our FIFTH straight win in all competitions.

    1. Mistamonn says:


    2. jonm says:

      If this is in response to my comment above about Ospina then I comment as follows.
      Ospina has played in the following premier league games, stoke, man city and aston villa. He also played in the hull fa cup game. Thats four consecutive clean sheets for Ospina. The goalie for the brighton game was Szczesny.

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