Wenger – Arsenal haven’t won Third Place yet!

Despite our rubbish first period at Old Trafford yesterday, our Gunners managed to force an equaliser late on in the game. We could easily have taken all three points if Olivier Giroud had not had another bad day at the office – and Arsenal could now have been certain of finishing in the Top Three,

As Arsene Wenger quite rightly pointed out, there is still a little bit of work to do before we can be guaranteed to avoid the Champions League play off at the beginning of next season. “It takes the pressure off the holidays and in the preparations because you always have that in mind when you prepare.” Le Prof revealed. “It will be great when we do it, but it’s still to do. We have two home games so let’s focus on the next one and we can secure that on Wednesday against Sunderland.”

So are you going to be satisfied with finishing in Third Place Arsene? “Satisfaction is always a tricky question. If they’d asked me in October then I would have said yes. Overall of course you want to be first but 17 teams would exchange position with you. It is a continuity in our results and it is a platform to do better next season. That’s our aim.”

It is great to finish above Fourth, which has been our final spot in six of the last nine years, but there is also one other very good reason for us to beat Sunderland in midweek. If Southampton beat Man City on the last day of the season (which is quite possible) then we could still finish second!

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  1. Don’t think Sunderland
    will beat Man City on
    Saturday especially as
    they will be in London v Chelsea 🙂

    1. Listen, I’ve always said this and I’d say it again: Nothing beats a good cock.

      Y’all saw how Fellaini fell very easily to the ground at the slightest Cock contact.

      Young was busy having fun with poor Hector, relentlessly abusing the kid. But Wenger never liked what he was seeing, neither did I. So, just like every reasonable person would, Arsene decided to give Young something strong, something firm and furious, a no-nonsense rode of discipline: Le Cock. And that did it.

      Please, every man here should join me celebrate what we all have in common, even as fans of our beloved Arsenal. Gentlemen: Le Cock!!!

    1. @ hafiz

      Hafiz my brother why this constant animosity towards wenger. Ya the performance was bad but we got an excellent result by not losing

  2. Lets win d midweek game so dat wilshere Walcott and szcesny get to play d last epl match.

    1. I fear Sunderland. I said same of the Swans, but I hope I’m wrong this time, I hope Wenger tactically sits up.

      1. Sunderland are safe now so me thinks theyll try to play some ball and me thinks theyll regret it. Also lets start Rosicky and give him the captains armband, it would be good to see him start a game we need to win.

        1. I think it is still open. Hull is probably the one going down but if they win against MUTD then they will probably have a slight chance. Everyone having from 37 pts still can go down (did not checked goal difference to be honest so I may be wrong). Basically it is still to play for Sunderland, Hull and Newcastle. You think Sunderland is safe but they must play Chelsea and Arsenal while Newcastle “only” West Ham. Hull is actually fancy their chances against Manure as LvG will probably gave up already the faint hopes for a 3rd spot.

  3. Dybala off to Juv …
    “Dybala is now a Juventus player and this club is working towards the future” Palermo manager

  4. Giroud and Ospina costed us 2nd place and a run in champions league.monacho,swansea and yesterday goals were savable also giroud could have done better as a striker.But I know there are alot of under18teens in this site who dont understand we need a wc keeper and a striker look how degea injury costed man utd the game

    1. I gave up on Giroud long ago, even though I admit he has some improvement this year but still far from the striker that I want … Regarding Ospina, I thought that Cech would be a welcomed bonus, but now I think we should really go all after him

      1. Look, where I come from, if a king says a thing, it is definitely what it is. King Henry and I angry strongly that Giroud is good, but not good enough for Arsenal. I wonder why fans here can’t see just how average he is. He’ a nice guy and stuff, but not the kind of striker that can lead is like the Biblical Moses.

    2. @season ticket holder
      Degea would not have been able to handle that deflection dude. Get real…Valdez is still a top of the line stopper and it caught him out.

            1. Its impossible to say who would or wouldnt have saved the deflection but if there was only one who could well you would have to say De Gea might be that one. Unless you go outside PL of course.

      1. At the moment, I can’t fault Ospina for any of the defeats we’ve suffered. Herrera was left unmarked, Monreal and Koscielny were busy romancing that tree (Fellaini) and Sanchez was far away taking a piss. That was a close range shot, and if Ospina had held it, it would have moved him in beyond the line and still be a goal.

        1. The deflection which came off Mert some weeks back and Gomizs goal other week Ospina had every right to save those, theres another one i cant quite recall.

        2. Sanchez didn’t came with his man, watch the replay. Monreal and Koscielni were already in the fox facing the ball. Sanchez gave up the run right before the box.

    1. @season ticket holder
      Since you’re predicting. I need Tues. Euromillions numbers…

    1. I would be happy to have Benteke and happier to have both Benteke + Sterling/Lacazette/Reus, greediness …
      I still believe that Sterling for Walcott+15m is a fantastic deal …

        1. Kane is a 30 goal
          a season striker But his
          team is battling for 6th
          Costa scored 20 goals ..his team are Champions.
          Chelsea has only 3 more EPL goals than Arsenal.
          Walcott Ox Wellbeck were injured and only
          got 8 goals between them.
          If we can keep our goal scorers fit we
          can score another 30 goals easy.
          Don’t buy a 30 mill striker just get our players fit.

          1. Yes and no, we should keep our players fit and buy a 30m pound striker.. heck sure why not 50m. 10M P Cech and still should have plenty enough for DM and Pedro or whoever.

            1. 50 m striker
              10 m GK
              DM 25 m
              Pedro 20 mill
              105 mill spend ?
              Oh I get it Hafiz has guaranteed 100 mill
              from the house of Rahman 🙂

              1. If we had 90 odd mil last year well then we have it this year for sure – new tv monies etc. Barring the striker the other names or positions are well affordable. We offered 40m for LS two seasons ago and we are a little richer now.

                How you cant see 100mil being doable is beyond me, well within our means.

                I get your hafiz reality please thought but there is difference in targeting players beyond our reach due to wages than there is targeting players with large signing fee.

                1. Also Pedro is 10m to 12m, which will put us similar spend to last year not to mention player sales/cuts.

      1. @No_Giroud, plz let me tell you what will make me happy: I’d be haPpy to kiss Angelina Jolie at the Emirates.

          1. My best mate is the spit of A Jolie if your interested.. the dude has the big lips and all.

  5. Game 53 coming up
    and we still rely on the
    same top 11 to start 🙂
    Does not say much about
    the other 20 in the squad.
    Yes some are injured and some
    on loan but I reckon we can let go
    Diaby Ryo Sanogo Arteta Rosicky
    Campbell Podolski Flamini .

  6. Ospina and Giroud are not good enough…

    we need that spine……

    GK, CB, DM and Striker….

    Parlour, Keown, Adams and even Henry has spoke of the spine….

    Spend the money Wenger…

  7. So 2 matches ago and a winnable one against Swansea and dismal performance against united makes Arsene Wenger from saying top 2 is an improvement to 3rd place is not secure yet and i mean what kind of average manager who lacks the interest in football and loves only 4th place is completely unchallenged for his position is the most Job secure man in the world.

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