Wenger: Arsenal should have won easily – but we were tired …

It was always going to be a difficult in tonight’s post game interview after Arsenal lost to Newcastle, and Arsene Wenger was probably clutching at straws when he was forced to go in front of the media after the game, and he tried to explain that the Europa League match on Thursday could have affected the result because of the fatigue from the journey.

Wenger knew that it was going to be a problem, but our main aim is the Europa League is our only hope of getting Champions League football next year, so despite our need to finish above Burnley for the Europa League guarantee, Wenger doesn’t seem to want that again next year.

It’s Champions League or nothing, and he has probably been given that ultimatum, but the Boss still probably doesn’t want to finish below Burnley because of the backlash if there is no Europa League trophy, but its not the main aim for the season.

Wenger made a few changes today and you would think by his words that Arsenal were far the better team, but they were simply too tired to take advantage of the possession they had today. “There’s a difference between the performance and the result because I felt we played very well in the first half especially and should have put the game to bed. In the second half I felt the team played with a good spirit but you could see that some players had played on Thursday night, especially late in the game.”

Yes we should have put the game to bed, but we didn’t!

Darren N


  1. Nayr says:

    11 losses this season.

    any other manager at a top club would have resigned.
    wenger is so selfish.

    we have also conceded more than burnley,newcastle..

    1. Anko says:

      The club is going down and Wenger is the driver. He doesn’t care, he gives very annoying and unprofessional excuses for poor tactics and performance, Shame

    2. Lupe says:

      Any manager in a top club that doesn’t win the league in more than a decade would be sacked, infact before it reaches 10 years and it doesn’t matter how many cup competitions you win. Only champions league can redeem a failing manger in the league but we all know our story in champions league too. All in all, no matter how you look at it, wenger should have gone a long time ago.

  2. Anko says:

    I was kind of expecting us to lose, the sad bit is that it is becoming a norm!

  3. Hadnuff says:

    And we are tired of you mate!

    Can’t take any more of your bull…please go.

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      Nice name. Is Wenger your hero? Because he is hancuffing literally this club to his downward
      spiral into the abyss!!!
      How can you not be fucking expecting this ? Have you not seen enough signs pointing to the obvious?
      Are you not listening to the bullshit excuses for the last 7-8 years ? At what stage you and everyone else become factors to instill change? Walk out ,stop attending demand answers.

      That is what a FAN of the club should do.Anyone who cares enough should stay away from Emirates get on line and demand answers . They should be accountable for the mess they have put have put this once storied club at. My heart broke for Lee Dixon today at Premier League live.
      You could see the pain in the lads face. Go ahead and if you care stop pissing on the rest of us expressing our fears and pain for what we see.

      CHANGE NOW!!!!!

    2. Gab says:

      Always giving excuses. In Moscow he said the he was expecting a high intensity game. How a coach give such excuses with all the comebacks in ECL he was not expecting a high intensity game. we are tired of this man. we wear tired; these guys are professionals for God’s sake.

      1. xxnofx says:

        Remember weve just had a 3 week break aswell so the excuse is bullshit

  4. Sue says:

    That line up had loss written all over it! Fed up with hearing the same excuses week in week out… why can’t he just admit he bought some real sh*t players that really aren’t good enough and a fair few of them are past it

  5. Geoff says:

    All other teams manage to play midweek and weekends with same full strength side
    It’s absolute garbage
    Wenger is yesterday’s man , every loss damages his legacy. He is delusional
    So many players had a bad game today , especially Chambers Mustafi,Xaka, Cech, Holding,Willock, Monreal,
    If we finish 7 th and lose to Athletico will he finally go?

  6. Rkw says:

    Tired … Ffing tired … U have to be kidding me …The last 10years have been exhausting its true but that is thanks to this dishonest fossils understanding of the game and himself … Good riddance and the sooner the better

  7. Naija Jollof says:

    Cech is slow.. should have done better in that first goal.

    1. Sue says:

      Been slow all season

    2. Lanert says:

      Exactly what I presumed. No top team would have Cech as a second choice at his present level.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    How can the players be tired? Our first team have barely played in Europe, didn’t even play in the FA Cup, and have only played from the semi-finals onward in the Carabao Cup! If anything, our players should be fresher than the five teams above us!

    I cannot believe Wenger is still making excuses. He has lost all class, and now has no shame. Forgot the managerial side of things, I just do not respect him as a person anymore.

    1. Anko says:

      Me too, we played on Thursday and they are very tired on Sunday, shame

  9. Phil says:

    I know they hate the AKB label that they USED to wear with such ( misguided) pride but they are awfully quiet at the moment don’t you think?It seems their Chosen One has even left them with nothing to say in his defence and that alone shows the true picture of the state Wenger has finally taken us to.We are an EMBARRASSMENT and there is just no hiding from this now.Dont tell me the Board are not aware of this.Dont for one minute believe Josh Kronke is not aware of our plight.We really are a joke of a Football Club that this Manager is still in a job this evening.F**k the Europa Cup.Why would anyone Seriously believe this prehistoric has-been is capable of getting past AMadrid?Why would anyone believe he should be given the chance anyway?
    FFS this Board and Owner need to make a statement of their intent NOW.They need reminding they (meaning US-The FANBASE) owe Wenger NOTHING.He continually fails and enough is enough.No more chances.No more opportunities.Just F**k him of out of it NOW.

  10. Sam-afc says:

    Absolute rubbish from Wenger. Is there any fan out there who is still foolish enough to believe Wenger can take us forward?

    The only team to take 0 points away from home in 2018. Any other manager would have been sacked by now.

    Jesus Christ when is this going to end?…….

    1. Gunner22 says:

      And what do you say about united losing to Albion? And some sick fans want Benitez to replace Wenger, just can’t understand them, he was just trying out the reserve players as we have nothing to play for in the league I’d call it brilliant game plan Wenger is focused on the atletti game guys

      1. Lupe says:

        Why don’t you go and clone wenger so you can have him as manger for another 100 years. Every thing comes to an end. Stop supporting wenger blindly, he doesn’t even give a f**k about us as fans. His time is up, time to move forwards. Are you not tired of the stagnations coupled with excuses?

      2. Gab says:

        What if we lose to athletico and fail to even qualify for the next Europa league? if we finish behind burnley will it be alright? concentrating on what? Do you think our players are not going to be tired when they play athletico?

    2. jon fox says:

      Well Christ was crucified but Wenger has, so far, been only verbally crucified. But his final fate and sacking draw nearer each day. I repeat my prediction of that date. Best estimate is May 19-26 with a two week period in either direction. Worst possible outlook is he lasts until sometime in June, but that is very unlikely. I have been CERTAIN for some while now that the decision to sack him has already been taken, though the regime will not announce it until they have his replacement lined up, hence the delay. What finally did for him is the regularly half empty stadium and the certainty of far worse still , if he were not sacked. Kroenke will protect the financial value of his prize asset, for sure, by removing this real threat to the clubs overall financial worth in thr markets. This is how multi billionaires think and act. They publicly say nothing or little but just act, when it suits them. So huge praise and thanks are due to all the absent season ticket holders and I SALUTE YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO RESCUE OUR CLUB.

      1. jon fox says:

        “until sometime LATE in June.”

  11. Jeremy says:

    AW should resign if there is any sense of pride left in him.

    There is nothing left which can defend him.

    The reason for tiredness is beyond me. He was suggesting rotation before that. And he still ended up starting tired players???

  12. John Wick says:

    How that fraud is on 9/10 million a year is beyond me and possibly anybody with a fraction of football knowledge! We get thumped 5 or 6 times every season and get humiliated in the Champions league last 16 every season then we drop out of the champions league into the Europa league.. Wenger gets a pay rise and now the likelihood is we get dumped out of that competition as well by Atletico and finish below Burnley which is extremely likely as we got 3 away games I’m very confident we’ll definitely lose at Man u and Leicester and possibly Huddersfield too and yet that clown will still likely keep his job you couldn’t make it up! Ivan Gazidis sat with a straight face and said theres no better manager than Arsene Wenger he’s world class and you don’t fire world class my god the club is as deluded as Wenger.. I find it hilarious how ppl think he should walk away out of respect of the fans that arrogant has been will need dragged kicking and screaming out of the club as he will never walk away! The Emirates could be completely empty and he still wouldn’t call it a day he doesn’t give a toss about the fans his ego is far too big for that he’s an utter embarrassment and has no self respect for himself he’s had years to fix that defence and blindly and arrogantly ignored it the man can’t be told, won’t be told it’s his way or no way! I for one will be celebrating like we won the champions league when we see the back of him! Arsenal FC not Arsene FC

  13. Ozziegunner says:

    Feeble excuses by a feeble manager in defence of feeble players. Where have the hard men of the Arsenal gone?
    Herbert Chapman, Bertie Mee and Don Howe are turning over in their graves and George Graham is wringing his hands regarding our shambolic defending.
    What is the point in investing in Lacazette and Aubameyang, if Arsenal don’t have creative midfielders who can find them with a pass?

    1. John Wick says:

      Exactly, well said Ozziegunner ?

  14. pires says:

    The schudling is a disgrace , how can you comeback a friday morning then play a subday morning?!Kenny Rolf pointed it rightfully before the game…Not an excuse though our fringe players can easily beat Newcastel

    1. pires says:

      Sunday sorry

      1. bran911 says:

        Like how Man city got to play Liverpool on Tuesday then play against Spurs on Saturday, and they weren’t even tired even though both opponents are super tough and timing is the same as when arsenal played CSKA then came to play against the mighty Newcastle.

        1. Phil says:

          Pires you never cease to amaze me.You look for the tiniest of excuses to defend Wenger.Why bring the fixture scheduling into the argument.We have the squad to cope with the midweek games.The players out on that pitch yesterday dominated possession.We had double the attempts on goal than NUFC.We had opportunities to put the result to bed.Sound familiar to you?Of course it does.Wenger yet again loses away from home to an obviously inferior side.Forget the changes in the line up.Forget the fact he played Chris Willock for his PL Debut.It was the same old mistakes and issues that this decrepit old fool is obviously incapable of solving.We defend like a team of amateurs.Game after game.There is no scientific logic to understand here.We simply do not know how to defend.
          Also might I just point out that all those who hailed Elneny as the new Pirlo after ONE decent game in Moscow how do you feel now?Another totally uninspiring game from a very average player.And yet after CSKA he was the Golden Boy after all right under our own noses.FFS this player is so typical of the mediocre performers Wenger has brought to this club.Xhaka Mustafi Welbeck Cech.I refuse to blame Chambers and Holding.They are young players who quite clearly have ability but do not get the coaching they need and deserve.Iwobi is obviously Wengers Love Child and is continually played despite being the worst player in the first team squad.
          The list goes on.
          No more defending this arrogant ageing fraud of a manager.He is HUMILIATING us now.It is worse than embarrassing.We are being laughed at by relegation threatened teams.There is now finally NO defending this man.He should be SACKED THIS MORNING.

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Phil, I agree with all you say except Elneny was one of best players again, for what its worth.

          2. Phil says:

            OG-he was no better or worse than anyone else.But he is NOT and NEVER WILL be good enough for a Club that should be aspiring to better and higher standards.Wenger has instilled a losing mentality in the team.We now expect to lose games we should be winning.Its been coming on slowly over the years and now it has become a reality.How has he been allowed to continue?Its obvious to everyone we are a Club in decline.He continues to believe he will get it right.He won’t.He does not have the ability to change.He no longer commands the respect from his players and has totally lost the support of the fan base.

          3. jon fox says:

            Phil, as you know we agree on every syllable of every word you write about Wenger . I sometimes feel that I can say nothing more as you have said it all and rather better than me. You are more to the point actually, whereas I tend to give unneccesary verbiage(as in this post too)!

    2. jon fox says:

      Totally agree. The poor players have to get up and go out to work, just like ordinary people. What an unkind fate! We should all go round to their houses and bring them an early morning cup of coffee and a newspaper to read. And also provide armchairs to sit on when they are forced, unkindly, to take the field. The scheduling is entirely to blame for all our woes. It is never, never can, never will be the fault of either our wonderful hard working players or our genius of a manager. How others can’t see this is to me a mystery. Now, where did I put that straitkacket of mine?

  15. AndersS says:

    Wasn’t this the season where we would have an advantage by not playing in the champions league? We have played all the season with a lot of rotation between the Europa League and the PL, so we shouldn’t be more tired than many other teams.
    This is just Wenger with no ref to blame, so he finds new excuses. Anything but taking responsibility himself. He has become a disgrace.

  16. gmv8 says:

    He did exactly the same against Southampton last week, and we got away with it, largely down to Danny Wellbeck turning up, than AGAIN, he decides it’s a wise idea to play no attacking midfield, and have Chris Willock covering for Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere and Mikhytarian (I know he’s injured), and not even have any of the three available attacking midfielders on the bench, should the need arise. Chris Willock’s confidence must be totally shattered, due to not only fluffing the easy goal, but in the process diverting it from Auba’s path, but Wenger should know better than put such a heavy weight on such young shoulders? Why DW was brought in in the last 5 minutes, when he could do nothing, I have no idea, as he can help in midfield. What he is doing makes no sense … he says the team is ‘psychologically damaged’ but he needs to look at himself.

  17. s says:

    Guys you mean Joe Willock. Brother Chris is now playing for Benfica’s reserves…

  18. jon fox says:

    So Wengers wimps were tired, the poor diddums! Perhaps if he acted like a man with them, instead of a kindly granny pampering them and picking them, making constant absurd excuses for them, metaphorically buying them “sweeties and chocolate” , out of love for his dictatorship and his grotesque salary, they might find that faced with a PROFESSIONAL MANAGER they were suddenly not so tired after all, with their jobs, salaries and positions on the line. Future generations of Gooners willl look back with incredulity on the clubs inability and unwillingness to sack this no producing man for ten years now. The fact that it will now SOON happen , will not change this perception of future generations. They will be amazed AND APPALLED at how complicit the regime were in his long term wanton regression of our great club.

  19. Grandad says:

    Basically Wenger is becoming more inept with every passing season.He has no comprehension whatsoever of the meaning of the word defence.It has passed him by.He has succeeded in turning a very promising young centre back like Holding into a bag of nerves.Holding is a right sided centre back who should be used as the main ball winner in the air.His job should be to win the ball and give it quickly to more gifted players. In other words play it simple as their at Burnley.But that is not good enough for AW.He needs his centre backs to become involved in interpassing movements when they are the deepest defender.If the move breaks down the opposition is in on our goalkeeper who happens to be well past his sell by date.Holding in my view can make the grade providing he is told to keep things simple and is not paired with the incomparable Mustafi.

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