Wenger knows the REAL Arsenal will beat Norwich

Without wanting to be too confident or allowing any element of complacency to creep into the Arsenal team ahead of this weekend’s Premier League game, Arsene Wenger has spoken to Arsenal Player about his belief that the Gunners should return from Carrow Road to north London with another win and a very important three points in the bag.

But the boss made sure to stress that it was not the quality of our opponents Norwich City that was giving him this belief, despite the fact that the Canaries have been struggling on their return to the top flight this season. After a pretty good start to the campaign, Norwich have only managed one win from the last eight games.

On top of that the record between theirs and the Gunners points does not look good, as we have won seven of the last nine EPL clashes and have only ever lost one. But Wenger knows that records mean little unless the players perform and so has warned the Arsenal team that they should expect the home side to raise their game and give everything.

He said, “I’m a bit negative to analyse now the Premier League teams because you know that when you go there, it’s always a special game for them. They raise their level and all the recent history of a team doesn’t play too much of a part in it.

“You just want to [be] more focused. I think the key of the game will be more on our side than on the opponents’ side. I’ve said already – it’s not who we play, it’s how we play in these kind of games.”

Indeed it is, and Arsenal have proved time and again this season that we can beat the best. We have also proved that we can lose games that we should win easily, so which Arsenal will we see tomorrow?

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  1. k-ool says:

    I’m sure he also knew the REAL Arsenal would beat Monaco, West Brom, Zagreb and Olympiakos.
    He also knew that we only have 1 solid CDM. He knows everything this man. He knows.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Thats why he’s the manager of AFC and you’re just some anonymous mad bloke on the internet…

      1. k-ool says:

        So are you. In fact, You’re worse. You’re an ignorant butt kisser with no mind of his own. You’re an ordained yes man. Wenger can do wrong. Pretty sure he takes a wee in your juice and you drink it. At least I don’t live on just arsenal.com….haven’t been here frequently for 3 months now or so. Before that wasn’t here in a while too.

        I support the club however I want to. You can choose to be a butt kisser, braindead, blind, ignorant, ever-optimistic and oblivious to what happens. I choose to be how I am…truthful and realistic. Nothing I said there isn’t factual or untrue. I did not mention you’re name in my comment. I don’t pay much attention to your comments because you’re a nobody yes man. But obviously you pay lots of attention to mine because you always want to reply to me.
        If you don’t like it…well f@k you….lol. Not going to change my views on Arsene Wenger for some braindead piece of garbage. You don’t see me trying to stop you from being yourself.
        In fact, I implore you…please reply with another comment attacking me or worshipping wenger.
        You’re welcome 😉

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Well said mate.
          Don’t let the Wenger-Wannabe Zombies get you down,
          They are just hungry for some BRAINS!!! ??

          Some of us fan’s choose to live in the real world,
          Whilst the others are still enjoying their ride in the delusional Matrix world of wengerland, unfortunately it would take more than a Morpheus pill to wake these poor xxxxxx’s Up ??

          1. NY_Gunner says:

            @fatboy gooney
            Reality is constant fatboy. We all perceive it differently though. That don’t make us right or wrong… You’ll learn this one day.

        2. NY_Gunner says:

          You think too highly of yourself dude. If you can’t take opposing views to your comments, then don’t post. I just pointed out your impotent, frustrated reality. Deal with it.

    2. Robertthegooner says:

      You forgot West Ham

  2. damochy says:

    We’ll get the same Arsenal….the inconsistent Arsenal……whether lose or win its same Arsenal because they never do either consistently well enough….the one consistency with Arsenal is our inconsistency

    1. almostawinner says:

      no moaning BEFORE the game.

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