Cazorla gave Arsenal a first-half headache, and angry Giroud missed a hat-trick!

Arsenal were on the ropes against Tottenham for most of the first half, and it seems that effectively we were playing with ten men for the whole 45 minutes as there was something very wrong with Santi Cazorla from the start. Considering that, we actually did well to only be one goal down by half time!

Wenger thought about making an early substitution, but he was hoping for improvement, and he left Flamini on the sidelines until the 45 minutes was up. He said after the game: It was a very intense game with complete commitment from both sides. We suffered in the first half because Cazorla was at 30 per cent of his potential, he was dizzy. I was sitting there thinking do I take him off or not? You never know, maybe it will get better. At half-time I took him off, and in the second half we had a bit better balance.

“I think mentally we weren’t at the races. We did try, you could not say we did not have the right commitment, I was not disappointed. I just saw that Cazorla, who is usually the guide in our game, didn’t get the ball. And Tottenham is a good side when you play with one player less and you have to make the game …and so in the offensive build-up Ozil was a bit isolated in the first half with not many options. Usually they combine well together.”

We actually created quite a few chances despite our handicap, and on another day Olivier Giroud could have had a hat-trick, but things just didn’t go his way. The French striker was angry for his misses but that doesn’t annoy Wenger so much. “I’m pleased. When you see players happy to miss chances you can worry. He is a real goalscorer, he did try. In the last two games, against Bayern and today he worked extremely hard and maybe he wanted too much to score in the end, and especially the opportunity he had in the six-yard box, but that can happen.”

When Wenger finally made his second substitution (with 20 minutes to go, natch), Kieran Gibbs came on to replace Campbell and within four minutes he brought us the equalizer. Wenger explained why he decided to put Gibbs on the left-wing.”He played there when he was a kid. Always when he comes on, he balances our team. I had very limited offensive options on the bench. It gave me as well an opportunity to put Alexis on the other side where he could give me a different option. Overall it worked, but he gets in good positions and shows he is an intelligent player.”

Considering our extensive injury list, and the problem with Cazorla from the start, we didn’t do too badly really. In his final summing up, Wenger was quite pleased with the team. “I think we have shown character today because we were a bit on the ropes and we responded. Every time we have a disappointment I feel we respond well in the game after. When you look at the results again today you see Villa-City 0-0. Liverpool lost. We played 1-1. It just shows you that the championship will be extremely difficult for everybody. The mental qualities can have a big influence in the future and I think we need these qualities.”

So we may not have beaten the Spuds, but we fought in the face of adversity, and when we get our injured players back we will return to our formidable best….

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  1. Overall I am happy with a draw…Yes we could easily have won the game if giroud had taken some of the easy chances he was presented with, but the spuds could just have easily gone 2-0 up a number of times… We could have gone top of the league today but with all the injuries at the moment the most important thing is that we didn’t lose ground on city… Looking forward to after the international break when we will have the majority of our players back #COYG

  2. I take no pride in being able to get the scoreline (1 – 1) and one of the scorers spot on. Got many thumbs down but that’s okay 🙂

    I just didn’t see how a fatigued, demoralized and injury ravaged Arsenal could get past an exuberant Spurs side. I must say, we were very lucky to get anything out of the game today.

    www dot justarsenal dot com/striker-transfer-setback-is-not-bad-news-for-arsenal/45668/comment-page-1#comment-1019837

  3. Although am a bit disappointed we could not nick a win, I will not complain about the draw. I am praying our players who will be representing their country come back fit and good to go while hoping we get one or two players back from the treatment table.

    1. A very pertinent question!

      Maybe he likes to upset the equilibrium of the team just to show how good he is at scraping through even though he puts the spanner in the works himself?

      Kind of self harm.. So he can feel the buzz.

    2. Great comment.

      When the squad is healthy the Gibbs question is not really an issue.

      But with the current injury situation and Campbell’s inconsistent play, I would not be surprised to see Gibbs play some at LW – at least until several key players return to fitness.

  4. I think we did well today, we tire them out and Wenger brought in Gibbs for pace, which was a good change…
    If They hadn’t scored in the first half and Giroud had put one of those headers away, it would have been a whole different match all together…
    I think Campbell did well, he might be a little slow but he is gelling well with the team and getting better, he doesn’t just burst forward without purpose and when he did today, it took a good save from Iloris to keep it out and he got a round of applause from both the fans and his team mates, which to me is good and will only boost his confidence and that’s one thing we haven’t seen in quite some time, a proper right winger. I think him and Debuchy did well today and that’s what regular game time can do to one’s game.
    Arteta and Flamini are both back and I hope more players come after the break, especially Walcott, we have missed his pace.

  5. I have said it immediately after the game at Munich.One change is needed in the team : get Campbel out and move Sanchez on the right. That simple. I am better than Wenger.

    1. Gibbs on the left,as for Gazola there is definitely something wrong with Wenger if he didnt know about Gazola he was asleep when they played the last post before kick off..So give Gibbs a go on left move Sanches over to right,and if he keeps losing the ball P”’s him off and bring Chambers on. All the hype about Sanchez is gone to his head he thinks now im the best but his last few games has seen his worst part of his game. Barcelona would never allowed him to play like he is now. Or bench him Fergy would have. Get some ball Mr Wenger. C B

      1. Wenger should really stop him from going to the Chile friendly. He has played far too many games, and the rests has had, has been on Arsenal time, although to be fair to him, he hasn’t wanted to take them, but I think sometimes Wenger needs to step in and save him from himself. The man needs a rest.

    2. Don’t let the doubters get you down. Your idea is logical and solid. Maybe it won’t work perfectly but it can’t be much worse – worth a try or two until some players get healthy.

  6. First off all, we deserved a win, but in the end we can be happy with point, but how can someone state that we were tired, arent spuds played on thursday? Spuds had luck that we had 10 injured players, in any other scenario they would be smashed in first half, just like untd were. Without Walcott we cant score from game, only from set pieces or crosses cuz Giroud cant penetrate defence but we all knew that just wait our players to recover and thanks to God we have few easy games before City game.

  7. We would have lost this game last year – we scrapped a draw when we deserved to lose and Wenger made a decision he normally never does which was to sub a player at half time.

    I truly welcome the international break and as there are only a few on friendlies we should hopefully not pick up any injuries and have a better list of players back when we play west brom.
    Spurs on the other hand had there best team out there today and we had massive injuries and they still couldn’t beat us and for that I am proud, plus the fact that both piers Morgan and Alan sugar both have to cough up 2500 each to GOS hospital

  8. Relax gooners we will be on the top of the table before playing city in the 18th week
    We are facing 4 teams fighting away from regelation (like chelsea) sunderland,aston villa,norwitch,west brom

    Very good chance to concentrate on the champions league matches as well

  9. Giroud played well…He showed passion and drive. Gutted that he didn’t get a goal as He is in a good scoring fun.. We seem to play better in the 2nd half of games. Anyway, the draw was a fair result. We are still in the title race!

  10. I was a big supporter of Campbell and came on this forum to say how he should be given a chance. I’m here to admit, Campbell has no chance at this level and I’m sure he’ll play until Ramsay comes back, then OX will be back. Bye Bye Campbell, I’m thoroughly disappointed

    1. @Dennis
      You and me both dude. I also felt that Joel had something in his bag. You see glimpses of t here and there, but never in a complete package or for any considerable length of time during a match.
      Hope he pulls it together enough to make a contribution to the squad. At least more than what he has lately. I ain’t givin up on him yet though…

      1. I think that a player who is playing in a big club, if he is 23 and the world is not under his feet, then he has to move and make room for the next challanger.

        1. @ks-gunner
          I hear ya. It’s just that I got a soft spot for the guy, seeing he’s been bounced around so much. Then when he finally gets here, he can’t find his footing…Bring in Wellington next season.

    2. I think your comment speaks for many of us. Strangely, I said the identical thing in the previous posting and was viscously attacked for such heresy.

      If anyone can name more than the one good Arsenal performance for Campbell I would like to know about it. We were cheering for you Joel, but the EPL is not a training experiment. I am afraid Campbell’s opportunities are vanishing – quickly.

      1. He’s not fit, if he were fitter I’m sure his performances would be better – when he came off, he virtually crawled off.

  11. When the tank has no gas, you have no mass.

    Arsenal where almost none existent against a fresher brighter Spurs. But somehow, today that point might end up being something of a God sent point that will mean something come end of the season.
    One thing is for fact, Arsenal will get a better buzz from that point than Spurs will. It’s evident that Arsenal players remaining are doing their best to pick up points while their colleagues are out injured. A tired, empty fuelled team ran out there trying to give their all, it was no surprise it was a fresh energetic Gibbs who got the goal. Some might say Giroud should of scored a few but when the mind is tired, everything else just doesn’t work so well.

    Man City did everything but score, they are still the strong team of the league because they can still operate when Silva and Auego are out and they have a big enough squad to rotate and not allow tiredness to creep in.

    Utd forced a victory, to the chants of ‘attack, attack, attack’ from there fans, they don’t have the skill level to achieve winning the league in my opinion but they could sneak it if City and Arsenal focus on each other!

    Chelsea had another weekend to forget. It’s Groundhog Day for them. Surely now we must start talking about them being in a relegation battle?!!

    Klopp lost his first at the Kop. Seems as though Liverpool have a lot of work to do still. I go back to Spurs today, and wonder which club is in a better position…them or Liverpool…

    Finally, on a weekend where we saw Ozil become most consecutive assist by any one player, we must focus the fact players are coming back, and some will get a rest in the next 2 weeks and all this and we still managed to keep our neighbours in check, kept on Cities shoulders and possibly eye some signings in January?….

  12. Podolski has nearly the same statistics at Galatasaray as Giroud has here 5 goals from 9 League matches without a playmaker like Ozil

    We should have kept him. He is still a better finisher than Walcott, Giroud or Welbeck

    1. I love Poldi. I have long been a big supporter.

      But comparing the Turkish Super League to the EPL is not a fair comparison. And Poldi’s finishing was never an issue. He was statistically the best “finisher” in the EPL. (Goals per minutes played, Goals per shots taken, etc.) But Wenger did not trust the other aspects of his game.

      I would have liked it if Poldi had finished his career as a backup/sub at Arsenal. He could have been useful vs. Spurs. But he is gone and it is probably the best for him. He now gets to play and use that powerful left leg.

  13. Without anyone to challenge Giroud, Giroud is turning back into donkey Giroud

    He missed three glorious chances

    1. It is just a bit early to make that claim. He did not score in this ONE game. No striker scores in every game. Not Aquero, not Lewandowski. Come back in 3 more games and you may THEN be right.

  14. Giroud mind is in the right place, but his talent is not. Being profilic is beyond his talents and abilities. Me saying this is not for hating and trolling but to point the problem out. Dont expect the unepectable.

    I think that Spurs outplayed us quit long till the last 20 minutes of the game. They created more and did run more.

    Stop this babbling about moral and focus, its all about talent and quality. This Arsenal team is short in Quality. We have no striking power up front and our defense ( Cech) is what keeps us often in the game.

    What Arsenal needs is a player who can keep the ball at times longer then needed to give the team the chance to make something out of the game.

    Sanchez beside talented is not a dribler who runs at defender and creats havoc. He is aplayer who looks for room and shoots. We have no players who are talented with the ball at all. Everything goes so slow and so inderect.

    Lucas Moura would have done Wonders in the team, same with Draxler. But we are sleeping. Its depressing. No interest to buy at all.

    1. I think OG created chances but our other attacking forwards did not. Sanchez and Cambell both did not provide penetration and 0 crosses that I remember.
      Missed a hat trick how about we got zilch from Sanchez who lost the ball numerous times and zilch from Cambell who could not pass a defender from the side.

      1. @Almir. Moneys tllks. Psg knows, Wenger knows, we know, everybody knows. Griezmann could be also a good improvment. Why the F. is a French talent not playing at Arsenal?

        @Jim. Ozil could have had 3 assists today if not for him missing those chances. Strikers are mesuared by goals alone.

        The fact that the Spurs made me respect them shows how stupid everything has become. unbelievable

        1. Not this striker because he is a target that is a ball winner in the air thus he does what other strikers can not. Plus he scores. I know you know this.

    2. @ks-gunner
      Santi is a wonderful dribbler and keeper of the ball, on his good days. So is Joel, if he could only pull his finger out…

      1. I am speaking about the Hlebs in the world. Santi is playing to deep and man what a terrible game he had today. Had high hopes for Joel, but i understand now why Ramsey besides being not a winger is playing outwide.

        Ozil aswell claimed that he plans to stay in spain , but today he is carring the team alll alone by himself. We need to spend some F. money and get serious about wining the title.

  15. It makes me wonder how the spuds were more energetic than us, when you consider that they played on Monday evening and onThursday!
    It Just goes to show who’s training methods are better.

    Wenger knew that Cazorla wasn’t feeling well, long before kick off…. Which shows again his negligence!
    We all knew … well, most of us, that Gibbs is a natural winger converted into a LB, So why the #### didn’t he use that option earlier?
    Most of us suggested that option, along with shifting Sanchez to the RW.
    I am disappointed as much as the next fan, even though most were happy with the draw, but if those same fan’s think that we can still win the league with this injury prone depleted squad then I have something big and fat for them to suck on.
    The international break comes at a welcomed time,
    Hopefully wenger will use this time to think about what he needs to do!… Instead of rushing off to France to do his Tv pundit ? on their national team, I can’t believe that he is that desperate for the money ? ?

    Did anyone see his modelling photos? ????

  16. Slightly off subject – Carragher with his stupid tweets about Ozil today are just plain stupid, to say that Ozil went missing was complete nonsense.

    I do think that playing Walcott when he is fit will free up more space for Ozil and Sanchez and you will see a more fluid performance

    1. I am just glad that Ozil “goes missing” for Arsenal. Every time he “goes missing” he gets more assists and creates most of Arsenal’s goals.

      Ozil will NEVER be fully appreciated, especially by a defender like Carragher, because his style of play. But quality is quality. Would Carragher bench him if he was manager? No. But as a media pundit he NEVER has to be right. He just has to babble and get paid.

  17. Ozil: Hey Olivier, Why did you miss that shot. I gave you a great ball
    Giroud: Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw

    Minutes later

    Ozil: Dude you missed again. What’s up?
    Giroud: Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw

  18. One week I come to the site and read that Giroud is unstoppable and scores EVERY game. He is the anchor of Arsenal’s future greatness.

    A week later all the comments attack Giroud as untalented and a waste of space on the pitch.

    I realize I am probably reading comments from different sets of fans, but it is still amusing to witness the 180 degree turnaround in sentiment.

  19. The Spurs game did two things for me. One it made me realize the quality of the players
    on the injury list. Secondly, Giroud (Mr Nearly) is either an inch too tall or an inch to short.

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