Wenger – Arsenal were anxious and unlucky

Swansea came to the Emirates last night with the obvious idea of trying to emulate Chelsea by flooding the midfield and defence to try and stop Arsenal scoring. Like Chelsea they succeeded, but also exceeded the performance of the Champions by scoring the winner through Bafetimbi Gomis five minutes from the end.

Wenger, as usual, prefers to look at the positives and says that we have to prove against Man United next week that this was simply an accident: “We were unlucky I think against a team who refused to play completely and just defended.” Le Prof said on the Arsenal Official website. “It was a question of being patient enough and if we couldn’t win it not to lose it. Overall I was encouraged by the quality that we showed in the second half, but it’s frustrating. When you cannot win a game, don’t lose it.

“We knew exactly what could happen. It was not even a break. We were warned of the kind of goal they could score with Montero kicking the ball in the air and we were short in jumping for the ball. For the rest we rushed our finishing because we had plenty of chances in the second half. It was just a question of scoring a goal.”

Lukasz Fabianski stopped everything Arsenal threw at him, and it looked like it was going to end a 0-0 draw until Gomis leapt onto an easy cross to slip the ball just beyond Ospina’s rushing hands. With both Manchester clubs winning this weekend, Wenger was asked if perhaps the fans and the players were nervous about dropping points? He replied: “I believe you have to deal with that on the pitch and that’s where the players can’t get caught by the anxiety of the crowd. I can understand that the crowd was anxious but on the pitch when the players had the ball that shouldn’t interfere with your finishing.”

“The players want to play in the cup final. The players are very disappointed, they wanted to win the game and overall I believe they put the effort and desire in to win it tonight. We had lapses of concentration at the end and that’s where we were caught.

“I just told you we rushed our finishing. Sometimes we were maybe too eager to finish alone rather than passing the ball. Sometimes we had to force the situation and in the end you have to give them credit – they defended well.”

So our unbeaten run is broken, and if we lose at Old Trafford next week we will be back down to Fourth with just one nervous game in hand to get back into the Top Three. Wenger called for his players to bounce back immediately. “We still have a game in hand. What is crucial is to respond on Sunday and show that it was an accident today. That is the most important thing.”

Arsenal have now had the same Starting XI for five games in a row, I wonder if he will be considering bringing in fresh legs for next weeks visit to Manchester…..

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  1. Once BeaTen, Twice Shy……………. Twice BeaTen , One Cries…………. Cry baby Cry!

    1. Please just thumb this down at the end, but read first.____

      With all due respect, most of you here are pathetic hypocrites. Everytime you come here, you strive to make comments that people will like, just to appear impressive and supportive, while you actually do think otherwise inside yourselves, and your actual unshared thoughts are the kind that people will really not find pleasant, even though they might be factually realistic.

      Who doesn’t know I am not Wenger’s fan??? But I swear, I really felt pity for him yesterday. For once, I saw a man who needed victory very badly and would want to do anything about it. I saw a team play like heroic fire fighters. They team was absolutely fantastic. Yes, we may not all agree with the substitutions he made, but what if it had worked???

      Wenger took off Giroud and brought Walcot on. That was one f***ng huge statement of intent and I was personally very happy with that particular move. That was very unlike Arsene. I actually anticipated that move and was glad he made it.

      Yes, we lost. But this once, I think we lost honourably. I’ve always said Jack is quite stylishly irksome sometimes, but that lad is a damn good fighter, please let him stay.

      Back to you, idiots. How could u have called for Wenger’s head yesterday? How could you have come out here to call him clueless??? I won’t mention names, but I’m certain you know yourselves. Yesterday was just the very day I thought I could agree with a whole lot of you that often act like you are all sold out to Arsene unconditionally, but you portrayed yourselves as a pathetic hypocritical bunch.

      1. What a load of crap. Worry more about the quality of your own comments before bashing others.

        1. If my comments REALLy do portray how I feel deep inside, then they has enough quality, for me.

          By the way, I guess u are guilty of something there. Don’t take it personally.

          1. Yes because I comment to get likes when I’m arguably the most consistently contentious opinion on here.

            No, I’m simply saying what YOU consider ‘good input’ isn’t the standard. You’re just another opinion, you don’t have any right to call people hypocritical or pathetic because some don’t comment how YOU want it done.

            Hence…worry about your own content.

            1. See who we have talking, it is Saint Charlie!!!

              Damn it!!! How dare u forget so soon??? U forget how u always pick on me just becuz u simply dislike my opinion? Particularly everytime I said Wenger was tactically clueless and would not take us any further than he has? U forget u’ve called me names? And how I said I do like Champagne but not the Charlie brand???

              1. Always picking on you? Dry your eyes mate jesus.

                At least be truthful if you’re going to start pointing fingers, I’ve said for years that Wenger needs to develop his tactics or move on. It’s one thing to go back and forth over an opinion with someone, it’s quite another to go on some weird rant calling several people ‘pathetic hypocrites’ because they don’t post how you like.

                1. Reading is very easy, but understanding is just the problem guys like u have.

                  I am not going back and forth. U are right, I still maintain Wenger needs to be tactically flexible and he tried that yesterday, u genius. ALl I’m saying is that the very AKB guys I do know very well failed to support Arsene just when I thought he needed them, becuz I personally felt sympathy for him yesterday. He looked like a man whose wife is in labour.

          2. @kickass
            You said
            “With all due respect
            You bunch of hypocrites 🙂
            If that’s not hypocrisy I’m Diego Maradona.
            Then you said “Back to you idiots” 🙂
            Kickass you of all people backing Wenger 🙂
            Your article make you the biggest hypocrite of all 🙂
            To be fair you were trying to make a point
            but just made a complete hash of it.
            Just be yourself, something you say others hide from.
            Just keep attacking Wenger till we win the EPL.
            That’s what your good at 🙂
            Might even work 🙂

            1. @Davinz, I agree I was hash there, but I can’t always say Wenger should be blamed, even when deep down I know that he’s not to be blamed in one or two instances, like yesterday.

              All I’m saying is that LUCK was not on our side yesterday. IT WAS PURE BAD luck, not Wenger. I only got angry when I saw the so call pro-Wenger dudes coming to complain about his tactics and all what not.

              1. Yeah mate I
                understand your point.
                I agree Arsenal was
                incredibly unlucky.
                Then some fans go crazy.
                Football passion does things
                to ya 🙂

    2. Doin the same thing over n over again but expecting different results is insanity.
      Hope ts now clear 2every one we need a striker….the last time i wrote abt giroud going back to the old self n jacks presence in the team guaranteeing no goals millions on here thumbed me down…was t a concidence that t once again happened?
      Ramseys not a winger. They find t simple 2defend us b’se all they need 2do is pack a bus in the middle because our players keep on driving to the middle where they belong since we dont deploy real wingers. Wenger was again beaten tactically n og12 shud learn 2use a chance that he gets

      1. Giroud, like every sensible person knows, is not really the kind of striker needed at Arsenal, perhaps second choice.

        Theo Walcot can never make it as a stiker at Arsenal, he’d only flourish in that role at clubs like Burnely.

        But yesterday, Arsene just wanted to try something/ anything and we did press the Swans harder than we did in the first half with that catwalker (Giroud) upfront.

        1. Anyone has certain capacity beyond which he cannot deliver…
          Most of us do over-hype arsenal players…

          1. giroud had good run for 6-8 weeks : his best run over last 3 years. not enuf to power arsenal to title IMO.

  2. We finished last season on 79 points, 79 points is the MAX we can achieve this season. That stat highlights how a good run of form can mask OVERALL achievements in the year.

    Glad for some changes this season (an actual DM, some pragmatic tactics vs top teams), but we’ve been pretty average on the whole once again. Not being pessimistic or negative, just would like it acknowledged that we require further progression on several fronts to make a title bid next year as opposed to reading how we’re this great force that’s been unleashed 2nd half of the season.

    Hope we don’t go into the summer transfer window with a false perspective on how good we are for next year. Still a couple of key areas need some start quality.

    1. To be fair I think the optimism
      has been laced with a fair
      amount of caution.
      We know we need another DM and
      we need to find some more goals.
      But we have done better v the big teams
      and as you said we have better tactics.
      If anything its slipping up against Hull
      Stoke Southampton and Swansea
      which remains an area of concern.
      I still think overall we have moved closer
      to the top but we all know still work to do.

      1. Hope so Davidz, I too often read careless ideas that we’re 1 player away from European domination just because we’ve thrown a good domestic league run together. Caution required is all, and a dose of humility.

        1. I read all the exchanges here and in my view theres fair points made on both sides, the overriding point here is that we DO NEED to improve in everal key area’s and while it seems that last night was a real point in fact to argue that case I really don’t feel that we are going to make those key changes this summer. Reason for this is that after all these years I am almost certain that Wenger WONT buy in the key players we need and last night proved (in my opinion) that the two players we need more than any other is a marque striker and a replacement for Mertsaker who in my opinion was responsible for the goal. Now theres and argument that we also need a back up DM and several other back ups but we all know that we really need that goal scoring animal. I also feel that’s the one thing we are NOT going to get as AW has already made it clear (in his mysterious double speak) that he ‘s not going to play too heavily in the transfer window cos HE feels we are the finished article. well if we were last night would not have occurred and if it had it would not have mattered. However it did and it does.

      2. As U can say we sliping against the so called mid table teams… dont u remember last year Chelsea was same they won all there big matches but lost out on smaller teams… to over come this results we need some addition bt not much… and we need a game changer ST thats what Chelsea got last summer….

  3. I should be so lucky…lucky ..lucky…lucky,
    I should be so lucky in games.

    Same old nonsense.

    Reasons why we lost:

    – g-rude taken off to be replaced by Walcott
    (Where was the space exactly for theo to run into exactly)

    – ospina nodded off

    – defense switched off

    – too many similar players wanting to walk
    The ball into the net or ping it sideways (I thought shooting either side of a goalkeeper was allowed?)

    – no active management. Change things! Try plan B or C even. Communicate these things to your team if plan A does not work and whatever you do DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR ONLY GOOD/natural STRIKER WHEN PLAYING AT HOME AND YOU NEED TO WIN.

    1. Thought Theo/Jack/Gabriel etc should’ve started that one to be honest. Bit of a dead rubber in the grand scheme of things and you’ve got to think we should be good enough to beat Swansea at home with those fresher players. Could’ve easily brought on Giroud etc were things not going to plan.

      As you said, half asleep in the last 5 mins. Criminal, but not unlike us this year. Abysmal finishing as well.

      1. Seriously….i think all our ‘forwards’ makeshift or otherwise should undertake some extra curricular shooting/striking practice with Monsieur Henry.

        Learn how to put the ball where the keeper ISN’T and they will score even if it comes at you quicker. Yes, some chances get missed but come on people. Would Suker, Bergkamp, Overmars, Pires, Thierry etc have missed half of those!? I think not.

        This is proof pudding if ever it was needed that we need a WC striker to put the ball in the net on a frequent basis. A WC striker who scores goals as his trade (One that asked what defense is).

        & Ozil is the stand out culprit for me of a batch of our players that are goal shy. Ozil has improved greatly BUT give the guy the ball a foot out from the goal line and he will play a square/back pass to Per to put it away.! WTF! Some early childhood trauma where his dad told him off for scoring or something?!!

        Anyhow, lets just not capitulate now and end up in the same old position next year with CL play offs, poor or no transfer activity, injuries showing depth defiencies , a crud start etc..or otherwise fingers might actually get pointed at AW. And we wouldn’t want that would we?

        1. That’s the great irony, just imagine we get rolled over at OT and Villa pull off a spirited win in the Final…..we’d see a very sharp change in the overall perspective of this season. Klopp would suddenly be transfer target #1

          As you say let’s hope we finish well and make the right moves in the window. I think that’s exactly the type of ST we’re missing at the club if I’m honest, a clever/classy finisher. Lots saying they want a “speedy alternative”….nah keep that Theo/Welbz are speedy. Give me Eduardo/Suker/Bergkamp over speedy in this current team.

          Higuain is the dream for me, guy is genuine world class. Not blistering pace, but miles ahead in the mind and oozes quality. Really think he’d be our new Eduardo, and I’d love to see that one pulled off in the summer.

    2. Plan B involved at 65 mins bringing on Jack and Theo. He tried to create more space using runners off the ball and instead of playing back to goal he wanted to push the Swansea defence by having players willing to run at and behind them. It didn’t work. Can’t really moan at Wenger for not trying something different when he clearly did. The decision to take off Giroud might have been wrong (he is our only natural striker) but he certainly tried a plan B so you really can’t moan about that.

      1. See what your saying but of course there are good and bad plans. Ones that may work and ones that have little chance of working.

        When the opposition defense is deep and building the Great Wall of Wales behind a parked fleet of buses IMO you do not put on a player whose main benefit is running on to through balls put behind defenders into space for him to run on to. Call me eccentric but I wouldn’t think that is the best most sensible course of action in this situation?

        Now, what would of my plan B been I hear you ask?

        Well, how about bringing on a fresh pair of legs with someone who can penetrate with the ball such as Thomas Rosiksy. Run with it to beat players and open up space for himself and others. Keep G-Rude on and use Rozza, Alexis, belle run etc to use the wings more to deliver more balls to G-Rude.

        No doubt with such a defensive strategy adopted by the opposition it can be extremely difficult to open them up that’s why you need players who make things happen. Not just pretty flicks, square/obvious forward balls. Real threatening players that make the defense commit.

        I know it’s MESSI but with Barca against a resolute and well drilled Bayern they were having no joy until he decided enough was enough. 1 shot, 1 misdirecting body swerve and boom.

        That’s the difference. Of course there is only one LM but we need to use the players we have better and to mix it up.

        We were too predictable.

        1. I agree, we were too predictable. BUT Wenger brought Jack on to do exactly what you wanted of Rosicky and honestly, I think he did what you wanted. He did drive at the defence and penetrate and he put two solid balls into the front post which were blocked. Our final ball and finishing was the real missing ingredient – we did get into some great positions.

          Giroud IMO should have stayed on the pitch. BUT you can at least see that Wenger was trying to change things. Theo may not be as useful with a deep defense but his movement keeps defenders honest and he is going to move them around more then Giroud. He can also make more use of the tiny bit of space in behind the defence because he is that yard faster. Personally I’d have probably sacrificed Cazorla yesterday instead of Giroud as he did not look at the races – we needed to spread them but also get more into the box.

          It’s easy to say looking at it from a distance. I think Wenger tried a different tactic and it didn’t work because his players failed to convert good chances. Considering how deep they were (I think they went 30 minutes without a touch in our half) there is never gonna be a huge number of chances. We needed to convert the ones we got.

          1. Agree on Santi. Jack did well but I just think TR is and would have been the better player for that role.

            Stand by Theo call though as he coming on in place of G-Rude was a mistake for me.

            All very well with hindsight I know but that’s what managers get paid for. Mr Monk’s plan worked a treat though (even with a large dose of ‘I can’t hit a barn doorightis’).

            I hate that Mou style as someone called it too but really do we expect them to put out the welcome mat in front of the goal for us.

            In the end, our players and our manager fluffed their lines..

            Many positives for sure with our improvement but a long way off a cigar!

    3. Another hypocrite talking about Plan this and plan that. Please teLl me, u and u feLlow hypocritical bunch: how much impact did Giroud have in the game before he was taken off???

      1. Why am I a hypocrite?

        He may have had little impact (apart from nearly scoring from a ball put in from out wide!) but he has the POTENTIAL to score from such positions where that is gonna be one of your best chances of a route to goal. Certainly wasn’t through balls down the middle to Walcott was it now?

  4. There’s not plan (or maybe Wenger simply does not know) how to unlock teams defending deep like Swansea or Chelsea. Seriously. I have to say that I had no clue what in the hell could we do last night to score. We had two chances but they came so unexpectedly that we missed them so easily.
    Someone please enlighten me, how can we beat such teams? And don’t show me PSG. They were thrashed by Barcelona and there was no dispute about it. They really were lucky and Chelsea switched off for a second or two.
    Arsenal made legion of followers by playing attractive football not by winning trophies. This is the truth, we can’t escape our legacy. Not at the moment though.
    There must be a way to unlock such teams, must be. Oh, and one more thing. Mourinho’s Chelsea would have taken the point yesterday. Our Arsenal wanted to win. What is the good attitude? I worry for the fact that now everyone have seen that parking the bus can get you points. Lots of them. Next season will be ugly like $hit.

    1. I like wat Kos tried…he saw that he had room to move forward cos they concentrated marking midfielders..I saw the same at Chelsea Man u game, where the defenders didn’t realise how much space they had to move forward themselves without being tackled…
      it is really hard to break down teams using this park the bus or defensive philosophy, but I wish we had OX fit…he made a huge difference on attacking side when he came on at Monaco Game.

      1. We need a guy able to curl balls into the net from semi distance. Or maybe we should try with Sanchez, Ozil and even Giroud (because they are technically gifted) to do just that. Yesterday it was clear that no one coming from the flanks for a shot had a chance to do it. The box was so crowded that any ball would have stopped long before Fabianski could keep it. Even at the counters they had 4 players in their half where as we were charging with max 2 players and waiting for others to come in support.
        I am not sure what can be done. I admit I am really, really clueless on how to unlock such teams except for the fact that MAYBE, just MAYBE you can stretch them through the flanks but once you are up high it is extremely difficult to get the ball in the box.
        It was looking yesterday for options when we had the ball but I have seen no space. Absolutely no space to advance. I fu cking hate that.

        1. I also fkn hate that “Mou” style…but unfortunately its becoming a norm when teams seem to vs us…if we don’t find a way out – we gonna get results like this or more frustrating drawn games..

        2. Two ways to unlock them would be:

          1) make them lose their shape. That would be by having players cover a larger area and force them to spread out and hence create space. Basically what Man It’d used to do.

          2) power through the middle. Have people that drive forward rather than pass and move. That again draws out players and makes the other team lose their shape.

          Having said that, Arsenal should have scored anyway last night. Chances were there or openings to create chances were missed.

  5. @arseovertit
    .Bang on with tour assment.
    The signs where there against chelsky and Hull. To many passes round the box helps defences condense leaving no room.and our crosses are crap.Oh for a winger

    1. Exactly. Let’s ping it around in front of you all day like some impotent Barca whilst we give the opposition defense an opportunity to regroup, pull up a chair and whip up a Latte.

      Penetration makes things happen!:)

    1. Learn what? What is here to learn? The fact that we should have settled with one point which was entirely possible after you have seen the first 15 minutes of the game?
      What is to learn here? The fact that we can also park the bus and rely on a counter or maybe to some switch off. Emirates will empty in a heartbeat.
      If there’s anything meaningful to learn please let us know what that is.

      1. he will never learn that his team is not strong enough to win anything valuable (epl and cl) … he will never learn that his ego destroys us (have to prove a point that he is always right about his players judgements) … he will never learn that he need to stop this favoritism approach …
        This is general, I am not relating to yesterday match …

        1. No team is strong enough to win everything. You need a fair amount of luck to keep players healthy. Example? Bayern, Madrid, Barcelona, PSG etc.
          Whom did he favored last night? This was the strongest team we could field and with just a bit of luck we could have scored.
          If you have anything constructive to say then by all means do it, otherwise join the crowd to stamford bridge. They are champions in case you didn’t found out yet. Seriously.

      2. we’ve faced teams who park the bus a lot of times and still Weber has not found an answer or a plan B on how to break down such teams.I’ll site Barcelona vs Real Sociedad last weekend, Barca found a way to infiltrate a stubborn Sociedad team. With Wenger it’s the same old story hence why I said he will never learn and it will clearly continue.

  6. off topic pls….. I wonder if any of you here have ever asked yourself is Ospina really better than an in form schesny…. if you ask me I will say no…. I can’t remember any save spoons has had to made to win us games… he just makes every Goa scored against him like the striker that played it is the best….. I still maintain he is the reason we exit the champions League…. that third goal… am just disappointed in wenger for making schezny the scapegoat of the bad defense he started with in the season with the likes of monreal at cb and chambers at rb and a deep form matasacker….. I don’t believe in ospina…. a better keeper will save that goal ytday…. but have bin reading comments here since ytday and no one wants to blame ospina if it was schezny that conceded that goal…. we all gonna come down on him…. My position is a new keeper or schezny back coz ospina ain’t better than him…. the best keeper in the league last year with cb like matasacker and out form vermaleen can’t just go bad in months….. thinkkkkk Mr wenger…..

    1. Ospina was not really tested … it is unfair to say he is not good enough, the same way one cannot say he is a wc … but if ever you have a chance to sign GK like Cech with reasonable price, then why not?

      1. Szczesny at his best is
        better than Ospina
        at his best. But Szcz is
        a long long way off his best.
        A slightly off form Ospina
        is still better than Szcz right now.
        Gk is a bit of a problem right now so
        Wenger has some thinking to do.

      2. Having to make one good save in 90 minutes is actually a bigger test den having to make 10 decent saves. To make just a world class save means even though ur team dominated d keeper never switched off and saved d team wen it mattered most.

    2. In an ideal world and in one where AFC (or Arsene) actually goes out this summer and buys the players that we need when we need them Ospina as good as I think he is should be relegated to No.2 for a bit behind chelski Czech.

      But to be fair even the GREAT David Seaman got caught off guard occasionally (anyone remember Loosing to Zaragoza in the 95 Cup winners Cup when DS was lobbed 45 yards out by Nayim?) credit to Nayim as it was cheeky..

      But as well as Peter I would also bag:

      Howedes (in for Per)
      Pedro on RW (theo out, and Alexis on LW
      Morgan in (abou out)
      Higuain/Cavani (or Dybala for the future)

      And my no.1 transfer is…(drum roll please)

      Wenger out (I’m constant at least) and Pep Guardiola/Simone/de Boer/Klopp in (in that order).

      Spend big AFC! It is well needed.
      We have the foundations but much needs to change.

      1. LOL. Yes, spend, spend, spend – that spells out real ambition. Nice of you to put your managers in order of preference – endearing and child-like. Couldn’t imagine you giving more than 5 minutes support to any of those managers. If you were a Bayern “fan” you’d be on their boards now demanding PG be replaced. Imagine Wenger losing to Dnipro? Eredivisie titles with Ajax – so what? Not getting out of UCL group stage 4 years running shows the quality of Dutch League and FdB. Simone has had his one season – Atletico with one title in 20 years back to where they came from. And Klopp…..

        Too easily impressed my friend. Surprised you haven’t got Allegri and Enrique on your list – their teams doing well at the moment.

  7. Now I will mention just one name and shame the fellow: someone here who goes by the name @Nokia actually called Sanchez “crap” and went further to say he (Sanchez) was merely a glorified Gervinho, after the game.

    That was just so terrible a thing to say. Sanchez “crap”??? At this point, I could really sting that fella with some very unacceptable words, but I’m not gonna.

    1. Alexis had a bad game. He’s by no means “crap” but he was certainly not up to his own levels of performance. Final ball, finishing and general movement were all pretty poor. He just didn’t have a good one. He wasn’t the only one. Ignore the comment – it’s someone’s knee jerk reaction to losing and nothing more.

    2. Aren’t u the same person who said most of the people here are hypocrites and don’t speak what they truely feel!!!!
      I speak what i feel and u still call me out!!!

    3. Kickassfan: LOL – in fairness to nokia810 I think his actual words were Alexis is “absolute shit”.

  8. Neville and carragher said dat ospina was brought in as no. 2 and we shud go nd get a new no. 1 dis season. Hard to digest but Dey are actually rite. Dey also said dat if ospina really was dat good den y wasn’t he bought in as a no.1. So basically we hav been telling ourselves dat our no. 2 is goalie is just wat we need. Ospina has has good game reading quality and alertness but sometimes he simply cant reach d bal. Yes because of his height. And height really does matter for a keeper, accept it. Can Theo score as many headed goals as giroud? No. So stop arguing dat size doesn’t matter. Some qualities depend directly on d physique of d player. It wud b harsh to say dat it was ospinas fault in d goal, but to b winners we need to b harsh. Ospina shud hav saved. In manutd vs crystal palace, de gea made a wonder save. Had he conceded dat goal no one wud hav said it was his fault, and rightly so. But he saved it and his team went on to win d game. Had ospina saved we may hav won too or at least not lost. Again, not putting blame on just one player, just trying to hav a winning mentality here and trying to b ambitious. I mean Chelsea benched cech!!!! And we cant even dare to bench ospina ?!?!?! Somethings not rite here

    1. For me, last night showed that Ospina is not the tip top of goalkeepers. I’ve been waiting for him to make a save that makes me say “WHAT A SAVE!” and I’ve yet to do it. Last night as I saw Gomis heading the ball I was like “Oh, he got no power on that, what a sh*t header” and then saw Ospina move late. I don’t know if he got unbalanced or what but he should have been over at that ball. Terrible goalkeeping. 1 mistake doesn’t make for a bad goalkeeper (not saying he’s bad) but no super saves and soft goals going in? Yea, that makes for a goalkeeper who isn’t winning you points. I still don’t want Cech (I don’t see him as that great anymore) but I would love that added quality in goal to turn that 1-0 loss into a 0-0 draw. Just dunno who you would buy who isn’t going to break the bank to do it. I would like to see a bid for Forster, he is a blinding keeper, English and young. Deffo wouldn’t be a bad signing.

      1. My view y he cudnt save d goal:
        Wen a keeper makes a dive he has to decide whether to go wid one out stretched arm or both d arms. If its one hand, den it allows d keeper to go at maximum stretch but deres a chance dat d ball will go out for corner or just out of keepers reach. If he decides to go wid both d hands den he cant do a full stretch but is able to hold on to d ball, ie. If he reaches d ball.
        Point is, ospina went wid both hands, he made d wrong choice. We cud see from replay dat he was kind of pushing d ball out of goal. And it is obvious dat pushing something back takes more time den just diverting d direction.

      2. Whilst I agree to a large extent with what you say I wouldn’t want Neuer or Lloris on the back of their most recent performances. Even Courtois has shown a few fragile moments this year and Hart hasn’t exactly been solid. De Gea for me has been a country mile ahead this season – but then again he has probably had more practice than most. Being a GK is absolutely brutal when it comes to errors. I’m honestly not sure about Ospina – cannot see how anyone can 100% def predict how good or bad he will be. United couldn’t have given de Gea away on a free a couple of seasons back.

  9. Don’t have much info and knowledge like you people here, but there were few things that I did realise yesterday, lack of presence of mind, one instance which I could recall was when, Ramsey had a chance to pass it to fellow mates and instead he went for the glory and finished on the side net……secondly we might say Fabianski made it tough for us……well when you have a clear chance to score a goal, how can you hit a ball straight to a keeper from 15 yards……I like Ozil but when an opponent team parks a bus, he becomes less of a player he is…….I have never admired Mertesacker…… he looks so vulnerable at the back…..if it wasn’t Ospina, Died might have scored the goal……..to me it was completely opposite of Hull game, more like Chelsea game, and its following criticism because we could win and more over we lost the game…..not Swansea but numbers defeated us…..rather number.

  10. I was really gutted for that goal line technology goal but I won’t wanna single out David for his positioning at the goal for criticism, becos to honest the whole team was in gear 3 the whole game. We did every other thing right from my own perspective we were not just lethal enough in our finishing, which made Fabiansky lost for words at the end becos he knew if how finishing was right, he would have been flappyhansky real quick!! Anyway only person I could afford a smile after the game was my little ones, my wife knew no story I’m off to bed!! I think we should get behind our team as a fan till the end though and judge the team after the final FA cup game. Now let’s reload and release the Arsenal for our next few games. Gunners till the end.

  11. Another excuse for loosing? Why in heavens name does wenger always try to cover up his tactical deficiency with his cliche “they defended well,they didn’t came here to play”.would say that for not beating Chelsea,for loosing to Monaco,swansea.and the question that rolls down my mind is,why do we find it difficult breaking those defences if we are as good as we have choosen to believe we are.look all round and I just couldnt pick any of our players that could create a moment of sheer class which a team needs is such cases.I’ve always maintain that we’ve got too many average players and a coach who have lost it tactically competing in modern football. We need more than what we have now,a new coach to start with..before I get picked on for this.ask yourself this(which of the top teams in Europe can you vouch an arsenal victory over?) none.

  12. I hate this luck card. Its real funny because when Manchester United lost like this after having 80% possession and missing golden chances against Chelsea and WBA , media and even our fans were making fun of them and said they are pathetic but the same happened to us, now we term ourselves unlucky. Let us not act hypocrite.

    I said yesterday that let us not over exaggerate this defeat. Next week will be important. I am saving my emotions for next week. A win is needed, no excuses. We need to mae a statement that we are no longer the 2006-2014 Arsenal. We shout to the world that this is a new arsenal then better prove next week.

  13. Hi guys! I’m an ardent follower of this site & a die-hard Arsenal fan. It is disappointing that our beloved team lost to the Swans, but what is more disappointing is the attitude of some fans on this site and it makes me conclude that either most fans here don’t even watch our matches or are just plain clueless. We are slating the manager and the players because they couldn’t score against teams that “park the bus” then man city, crystal palace liverpool (anfield) players should be disbanded for allowing us pull the same tricks on them. We may have a little blip but that does not make us bad. We are advocating for Wenger to be flexible in his tactical approach, how about we being flexible in our support and cut the team some slack!

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