Wenger – Arsenal will NOT have easy game against Burnley

Arsenal are preparing to face a Burnley team with the worst record in the Premiership this season, but he is not under the impression that it will be an easy game at all, going by the stats from coming out of Turf Moor.

“They are better than their points would suggest, that’s what the stats show,” Wenger said. “They have been punished in some games because they couldn’t take their chances.

“It is important that we are highly focused and expect to play against a strong team, because they are.

“Sean Dyche has done a great job because nobody expected Burnley to be in the Premier League this year. Overall I think his style of play is positive. They create chances if you look at the stats and the consistency of what he has achieved is remarkable.

“I always believe that quality is linked with consistency and on that front he has taken the maximum out of the potential of his team. That is a sign of quality for a manager.”

Many teams have gained points from Arsenal this season by “Parking The Bus” and Wenger understands that that is to be expected, but he thinks that his own team needs to step up to overcome their opponents. “I can understand that completely,” Le Prof said. “We want to be good enough to get around that and not allow teams to stop us from playing.

“I think we are good enough, it is just the quality of our passing has to be better, the quality of our decisions has to be better. It is absolutely normal that teams try to stop us from playing our game.”

Arsene is worrying me now. I thought he would be talking up our better-skilled players to get past one of the weakest defences in the League, but after this little speech it sounds like he will be Parking the Bus himself.

Arteta and Flamini in midfield anyone!

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  1. Judging from the latast performances he’s probably right… Oh how I miss the days when we atleast scored plenty against the smaller teams. Nowadays we score one an then turn of or sit back.

    1. Praising the opponents only boosts their confidence and calls up on them to fight and resist to the maximum. may be wenger is aware of his poor tactics, because he always fails to put out his best squad on the pitch which all winds down to his poor tactics.
      i wish it’s not arteta and flamini playing together at once!

  2. “THE WENGER FEAR FACTOR” ….. Fear can be a terrible thing…. It could make u play players out of position , it could make u Lose a game and it could also make a team look average …. Work hard on d pitch , unite as a team, put away fear, go out ere and deLiver…… FuLLstop

  3. This game has 3 points written all over it for the gunners, and hopefully moving up to 4th place! But stranger things happen in football, in a nutshell its a game we shouldnt lose! But you could never underestimate your opponent these days! Look what newcastle did to man city in the league cup! We must be focus and consistent against burnley and make our chances count! Coyg!

  4. Tomorrow’s lineup will basically remain unchanged as per usual. Podolski, Walcott and Campbell to still wait for their first start of the season, unless someone gets injured during the warm ups.

    _______Sanchez Cazorla OX
    _________Arteta Ramsey
    Monreal Chambers Mertesacker Bellerin

    1. That line up is a change. Last time Chambers played RB and Monreal CB and Bellerin didn’t start. Also, I don’t think Cazorla played in the centre

  5. I was going to say, ” It will be interesting to hear Wenger`s comments (excuses) should we lose or draw”, but he`s already covered his bases before the game starts. Have respect for the opposition by all means but never tell before the game, that shows lack of confidence. Ask Mohammed Ali.

    1. Ali was a nut case, a complete exception. And he used the polar opposite tactics of insulting and berating his opponents and morally defeating them even before a match began. But mind you, it always didn’t work.

      1. It worked alot more than it didn’t for Ali and he had the skills and talent to go with that tactic. He was intelligent and not a nut case as you suggest. Aussie Jack is right in that Wenger doubts his own teams ability by showing too much respect for the opposition. If you have the better team, you should be confident to hand out a beating to the opposition rather than admiring them. Possession football with no end product and respect for our opponents are some of the major stumbling blocks in our progress, so even teams like Burnley won’t fear us.

  6. Arsenal need to buy more South American players they always willing to fight for the cause e.g. Aguero,Sanchez,Tevez etc they are tiresome workers which goes with their talent

  7. Boring! That’s Arsenal’s tag this season. Another weekend, another fight for a Europa league spot.

  8. Emphatic 3points. But what will the team do if they park the bus? Bring in Campbell in this kind of a match. Ox has been tried. Let another be given more than 60 minutes.
    Campbell – Welbeck – Alexis (The Man) Sanchez – my front three for this game but am not Wenger, so I will only dream.

  9. Ali was a nut case, you`ll get no argument from me on that but his intention was to put the fear of God into his opponent. There was a time when the very thought of meeting Arsenal at Highbury had the same effect. Since moving to Emirates things have changed, we don`t seem to have the same confidence or impact.

  10. Look at how time fly’s .its Burnley FFS…though no disrespect…but common, those days this game is as sure as 3 points. But if we get anything less than 3 point at home today vs Burnley… I given up on our season.

  11. My line up:
    Sagna Senderos verm clichy
    Song frimpong fabregas
    Nasri Rvp vela

    Don’t think we’d be worried abt burnley

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