Wenger: Arsenal’s Alexis is happy but agent is problem?

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Alexis Sanchez is happy at Arsenal, and that his agent stands in the way of an agreement at present.

We have seen for a time now that Alexis is frustrated with his current situation, and many of us blamed that on him wanting to leave for pastures new.

He recently came out in the press to insist he wanted to stay in London, but that his team must match his ambition in wanting to win things.

Wenger has now moved to dismiss the thought that his star player is unhappy at Arsenal, insisting that he wants to stay with the Gunners beyond the summer.

‘I believe that basically he wants to stay,’ Wenger said.

‘It’s down to find an agreement with the agent.

‘The player first has to see if they are happy, most of the time it’s down to find an agreement.

‘Finances are important, yes.’

The Chilean has certainly been unhappy in recent months, albeit with our team struggling in the league and with our Champions League campaign having ended.

There have been reports claiming the star has told team-mates that he is quitting the club come the summer, with a number of top clubs all believed to be interested.

Wenger’s claims do not have me convinced unfortunately, although we of course want to believe that our top goalscorer will extend his stay in North-London.

It appears to me that the Frenchman is keeping his cards close to his chest as usual, and that he will attempt to play hard ball instead of being haggled over his price-tag.

Could Alexis really sign a new deal? Is Sanchez’s unhappiness due to wanting to move, or just wanting Arsenal to do better?

Pat J

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  1. Joe Saleh says:

    I personally think he is gone. I would love nothing more than him to stay i love the guy however if he wants to go don’t sell him to a Prem league club and get at least 80,000,000 pounds for him and look at getting an Aubamayang or Lafayette to replace him

  2. Midkemma says:

    Wenger has wanted to keep hold of players before and let them run the contract down, RvP was the last big name and he got sold for CL qualification money.

    I honestly do not believe it is down to Wenger, it is down to the board and if the rebuild is more than just a rumor, Alexis may be willing to play his last 12 months of his contract as a advertisement to go to any team he wants when out of contract plus if we match his ambition then he can still sign…

    When a players contract is low then they have a lot of power… well anyone really if they want to be kept by their employer. We want Arsenal to show ambition and if Alexis does and is using his contract to try and force that ambition, then go for it Alexis.

  3. Arenalredgunner says:

    I think all the agent wants is more money, I am positive alexis will stay with us for 4 more seasons

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I seen an article about agent fees with utd and che paying out more than double what we pay them. This is not clever from Arsenal, I’d say Dein knew how to keep an agent happy. Liv even paid them more than we paid.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Too many Lies doing the rounds….

    And at the apex of the Lying pyramid is Mr.Potato Head!

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Everybody knows W€ng€r is an €ntr£pr€n£ur….
    Bu$ine$$ as usual
    Hasta La Vista baby!

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I noticed Wenger used one of his favourite words “believe”. He doesn’t say “I know Sanchez wants to stay”, it’s “I believe” he wants to stay. Belief is Wenger’s key flaw as a manager, and is the reason we’re in this mess!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      I could give you 3,000 thumbs-up for that and it still wouldn’t be enough….

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Somebody please explain to me
    Whose happiness matters most….player or agent?
    (and after you’ve done answering me that…please answer this)
    Whose influence and decision superceeds the other…..player or agent?
    W€ng€r is such a cunning Liar and a Lord in the art of excuse making!

  8. Grey says:

    As much as we want to have Sanchez at Arsenal, if he wants to go just let him leave

  9. SoOpa AeoN says:

    player is unhappy and the agent is worried sick….

    player is happy and the agent is worried…

    Guess we know the kinda world w€ng€r Lives in!

  10. Jansen says:

    Sorry to say but I believe this is typical disingenuous Wenger lying to the fans. It is the same thing he said about all the other players who ended up leaving.

    Arsenal will make a meal of this Sanchez situation. Sanchez will leave, probably late in the transfer window and will not be replaced (like RVP) unless you are happy to count some unknown project brought in last minute under great hype, only to warm the bench.

    It is actually quite shocking to me that Wenger dares to say this type of nonsense.

  11. lord wafflebury says:

    Do you honestly believe kroenke will let wenger run down sanchez’s contract and let him go anywhere for free ???!!!

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