Wenger asks Arsenal to focus on the POSITIVES from Monaco win

It was always going to be a disappointment for Arsenal to exit the Champions League at the first knockout stage once again and the fact that our opponents Monaco were a team that most people expected us to beat made that all the harder to take this time.

But with the Gunners on a great run of form and still in with a very good chance of lifting the FA cup trophy for the second year on the bounce, there are plenty of reasons for the Arsenal players and fans to be feeling positive at the moment and that is exactly what Arsene Wenger is asking for this weekend.

The Frenchman told Arsenal Player, “It’s a period where every game has a big importance. The consistency also keeps the confidence very high and, in the disappointment, it’s important that we don’t forget we won the game on Tuesday night.

“Even if it feels like a defeat, it’s still difficult to win away from home in the Champions League. We’ll take the positives to be consistent now.”

The boss knows that the morale of his players could make all the difference as the Gunners head into a crucial period of the season and are embroiled in the most hard fought and widely contested fights for the top four ever. That highlights once again that a place in the Champions League really is a big goal for every club, no matter what the anti-Arsenal media would have you believe.

Just like the fans, the football media seem to overlook Wenger´s achievement in keeping us at Europe´s top table and just take it for granted, but the manager cannot afford to take it for granted and has pointed out that Newcastle are well capable of doing a Monaco on us if we are not at our best.

Wenger also said, “There’s no margin for error at all. We are on the neck of Manchester City while Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Southampton are not completely out of it.

“We are on a very strong run and I believe we are a much better team than four months ago. That’s what we want: to continue to stabilise our results.”

And on our opponents today, and their new manager John Carver, le Boss reminded the players, “They are not fighting for relegation, they are safe, so I don’t believe the pressure is as big as it could be if he was fighting not to go down.

“He’s in a position where he can do a good job and show that he has the quality that I believe [he has]. The pressure is always big anyway in the Premier League but at least they are not under the pressure of relegation.

“You never know. They don’t have the fear that could sometimes inhibit teams, but I believe the best way is just for us to focus on our performance.”

I don´t expect Arsenal to let this game slip away but the manager is doing exactly the right thing in making sure his players are switched on and in the right mood to keep the positive vibes flowing.

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  1. YYYYYYYYYYawn…….

    By all means let’s remain positive but hope someone analysed and corrects the negatives..

    1. Why would you thumb that down. You SHOULD learn more from failure than you do success..

      Guess that ain’t applicable to AFC;)

        1. Ahahhaa! My “Positive” ass. What “positives”? For how long shall we have “positives” that take us nowhere? We are Arsenal, somethings should just be natural with us.

        2. I hear ya!

          How Dare I suggest a little introspection, acknowledgement or analysis of past or potential failings in a pragmatic way.

          People are so programmed and fearful of change. For some of them: I genuinely wonder how they will cope when he has gone, because he will go , sooner or later and Arsenal football club will go on.

          #AFC-DialSquare: formed by workers for the workers

  2. Let’s play every game like we are 3-1 down in the champions league (monaco game). And we will finish the season on very high. #coyg

  3. Play like that till the end of the season and you will finish 2nd and also frighten the life out of the Lesser Portuguese Gob.

    1. I said the same thing a few hours ago and got thumbed down like crazy.

      Hope for a top class performance today.

  4. All we can do is support and hope for the best. The rest is out of our hands. I think we have the quality and late consistency to do well and at least finish second this season. A few of our key players are all on form which I think will the be the deciding factor today. Giroud, Ozil, Cazorla, in fact nearly our whole squad has been pulling their weight and playing well. Ramsey too seems to be coming to light again. The most important thing is that we are building on our squad, and not losing players like we were 4 to 10 years ago. It can only get better. Sunday Liverfools and Manure battle it out, so hopefully they get a draw or Manure lose. I encourage the fans going to the last few games to give it hell, our players need all the encouragement they can get.

    1. If Sterling holding pool ransom, do we really want a player like that?
      I mean he ain’t Ronaldo or anything.

      1. Well we have Walcott in our ranks: earning probably a lot more than Sterling and he ain’t no Ronaldo either?

  5. Same old story every season. Business not done in the summer and we suffer for it.

    Off course we are a better team than 4 months ago. 4 months ago we had zero cover at cb and that is why we suffered and for no other reason. So it is squarely Wenger’s fault we are here. He chose not to buy and we suffered for it as usual.

    He can say a he wants but last season we suffered for lack of strikers which killed us because we had no pace after Walcott was injured and this season it was defence. Next season it will be something else.

    This is rubbish for a team that has a lot of funds.

  6. Off Topic: Reading about the massive clear out at City. All the ex gunners are mentioned: Sagna, Nasri & Clichy. Also Toure, Navas, Dzeko are mentioned. I don’t know what city will spend but FFP?

    * Sagna was so greedy (I bet it was his wife’s spending habits), look where he sits now: No trophies in sight and warming the bench.

    * Nasri – which club wants Nasri with his mega ego and sky high wages.

    * Clichy was never a very good left back and we did well to sell him to City.

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