Wenger asks for perspective – Well here is some from an Arsenal fan

Since the Gunners meekly surrendered to Manchester City in the Caraboa Cup Final on Sunday, all the Arsenal rumours this week have been about possible replacements for Arsene Wenger if he gets the sack before the end of the season, so it is no surprise that the boss was asked about his future at today’s press conference for our rematch against Pep Guardiola’s side.

When he was asked if he was worried, Wenger said: “Does it stop you to sleep that my position is uncertain or certain? No. What is important in football is the game. All the rest makes headlines but it is not interesting.

“I’m just amazed I’m always to answer things that are the same. I turned the whole world down to respect my contract.”

That makes him sound like he would only leave dragging and screaming if anyone tried to remove him from his contract before June 2019, and Nayr made that same point in the last post.

But on to the point of this article, Wenger says there is no shame in losing the final to such a great team as Manchester City. He said: “I’m quite amazed at how people analyse (the cup final) it looks like we lost against a team in Division Five – we lost against a team that dominates English football at the moment. We have to take a bit of perspective.”

So let’s have a little perspective shall we? Shall we talk about how our squad players lost at home to Ostersunds, a tiny team whose whole yearly wage bill would probably not even cover a week’s pay for someone like Per Mertesacker. Our reserves also lost to bottom-of-the-Bundesliga side Cologne and Championship stragglers Nottingham forest.

Wenger was not impressed with that argument either. He replies: “But again, there is no perspective. We won 3-0 in the first game, what you want in the two legs is to win the game and I accept we had a big disappointment on Sunday, but you cannot come out with the game against Ostersunds because we qualified.”

Okay then Wenger, so what about our very best first team, if you are looking for a little more perspective? Okay, well other than being embarrassed by Man City, Liverpool and Man United, Wenger’s best XI have also lost to Watford, Stoke, Bournemouth, Swansea and recently, our hated rivals Tottenham.

Is that enough Perspective, Arsene? Are all those great teams ‘dominating English Football’? What is your perspective on those defeats?

Darren N

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  1. Jaydawg says:

    If Arsenal go out to Accept Milan then Wenger with be gone at the end of the season.

    Heard it hear first!

    1. jon fox says:

      Sorry to argue with you BUT I have been stating this for a long time on here and elsewhere as many will testify. I have actually also been often saying that he will be gone by May at latest; the only chance of a stay of execution for him being to to win the Europa. I also said this will not be happening. But I am quite content for you to agree with me, as you have done.

      1. Craig says:

        Everyone thinks Wenger will be gone after dropping out of Europa league. Would not be surprised if Stan gives him a new contract. It’s the arsenal way to reward failure so surely Wenger should stay.

    2. chris says:

      The old bore will still be here.

  2. franc ole says:

    The man is still arrogant. I hope Ac Milan will do us justice by throwing Wenger out of Europa Cup.
    Then he will have nothing to be arrogant about. Who cares if he has been given a Contract that goes all the way up to his grave? People will one day rejoice after he is gone knowing that he is getting closer to his resting place. WENGER, you have killed the spirit to watch our beloved team.

    1. chris says:

      Agreed. Throughout our team’s decline over the last 10 years … what has been the one constant factor ? Arsene Wenger.

  3. Sean says:

    Ac Milan will be licking their lips at the thought of playing us… Aubameyang is cup tied, Lacazette is Injured & we are a shambles all over the starting11 atm.

    We wont win the Europa League or get into the top4, so what happens then? Only one thing & thats Arsene to move upstairs like Ivan said last year because they WILL NEVER sack Arsene Wenger from Arsenal Football Club out of respect to the man for what he has done for the club. The board are all old timers & money makers, so as long as we are making profit & Arsene is considered the THE Legend at Arsenal by the board, hes going nowhere until next summer!

    Young Josh Kronke should make his move, get him & his staff out for a New Manager, plus, bring back to Old Guard who have been denied to come back to a coaching capacity, as they are not Wenger yes men.

    We need to make changes this summer but we may have to wait endure another long season next year as Wenger “Turned down the world to honour my contracts”…. that just shows he still has all the power until he says so, he will lose, get humiliated time & time again but KNOWS he is safe no matter what. Board in his back pocket! Sickening but True

    1. Sue says:

      I’m dreading the Milan game….

      1. Me says:

        I’m looking forward to seeing Milan humiliate them.
        Arsenal winning and playing well keep that c**t in a job…

        1. Sue says:

          We’ve been thrashed so many times over the years…. I reckon this season has been so crap, one of the worst. Look at who we’ve lost to… losing to Ostersunds was so embarrassing.. and he’s STILL in a job…….

    2. jon fox says:

      No! Untrue, and though you clearly cannot read the obvious signs of his sacking – by this May at latest – more astute fans, like me can do so. He will be toast by May. If you want a big money private bet with me personally, I will gladly accept it. How about a grand he goes?

      1. Chris K says:

        If I had a spare grand I might make that bet, lol.

        I reckon he could finish the season trophyless and completely without Europe for next season and the board will give him 1 last opportunity without European distractions to try and win the League.

        I think more of the blame should with all of this should lie with the board and not so much on Wenger. How many people here would willingly quit such a well paid job? The board need to step up and start acting like a board at a big club. They are responsible for the Wenger and have supported his failures. I have very little confidence in their ability to lead our club to glory.

      2. Haha Jon easy there with the bets, you’ll be shocked AC dump us out of europe and the dinosaur stays!

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          The arrogance of some fans, no wrong word, egocentrics, on this site is breathtaking.

          1. jon fox says:

            You should know, being an egocentric yourself!

      3. LagosGunner says:

        Will you personally sack him in May?

        You keep saying the same thing with so much ‘confidence’

        ‘Wenger will go by MAY’

        Wenger has a stronger hold on Arsenal FC than you can ever imagine.
        I just dread the scenario of the board giving him a last chance in his last year of his contract


    3. chris says:

      He could have left with honour a few years ago but didn’t. The longer he stays the worse his disgrace will be when he does leave.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger has a very selective memory, as do his loyal AKB’s. I would ask him, why do we always lose with a whimper, waving the white flag? It’s very, VERY, rare to see Arsenal go down fighting anymore like we did earlier in the season against Utd, and that’s all the fans ask for! We can all accept defeat, and failure, but it’s unacceptable when you’re not even trying! The only thing Wenger has changed in over a decade now is the formation last season…and that’s it! Wenger’s earned over £100 million from Arsenal, and it’s fans, since 2006, and the ONLY thing he can think of changing in the last 12 years is the formation!!!!

    1. Steven says:

      Actually Arsenal have fought back after conceding a goal on a number of occasions this season. We conceded two early goals to Man U and were unlucky to lose the game. We conceded two to Liverpool and then scored three. We went a goal down to Spurs but kept going and should have scored an equaliser at the end. There is no evidence that the players ‘raise the white flag’. If the players are ‘not even trying’, how come we beat Chelsea to get to the final? The fact is that we lost to a better team who also got the benefit of two or three dubious refereeing decisions. That is not to say that everything is fine. This is clearly our worst season since Wenger took over. There are a number of problems that Wenger needs to address. Lacazette and Welbeck have lost their touch in front of goal. Xhaka loses concentration in defence. Kolasinac seems to have gone backwards after an excellent start. Monreal and Koscielny are now getting injured quite often. The good news is that Bellerin and Wilshere are back to their best. Hopefully Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang will be able to form a potent attacking partnership.

      1. Bellerin is back to his best? Did I read that right?

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        Your wasting your time.
        FACTS are irrelevant when you are debating with people who ignore them in order to promote their own argument.
        No matter what subject is discussed, the same old tripe regarding wenger is substituted to alter the debate.
        Wenger is not the only subject, but it seems some “supporters” have only the brain cells to debate this one topic.
        But give them credit, they know everything about it, how to cure it and who to bring in to replace him (although there is confusion here).
        I always wonder why they haven’t used their talents to become premier league managers themselves. After all, £9,000,000 a year seems to excite them so much. Perhaps they don’t need the money?
        So let’s wait for Wenger to go and then leave it in the hands of these incredibly talented people to decide who their Messia will be.
        By the way, I believe it is time for Arsene to move up, but watch the posts trolling me as an AKB (what childish nonsense).

        1. Phil says:

          KEN 1945 – That works both ways you know.
          We all read you feebly and incoherently attempting to defend this Manager when both he and you never seem to have a valid arguement to even help his and your own case.
          Are you satisfied we will most likely finish in 6th place this season which is THE LOWEST we have been for 20 odd years?
          Are you satisfied with the teams results and performances this season which have included some of the most embarrassing seen at this club?
          Were you pleased with the Teams displays against City and The Swedes over the Last 7 Days?
          Do you still insist Wenger has no need to be held accountable for any of this?
          I could go on and on and on.I won’t because you will most likely come back with some excuse as normal and hide behind the reality of the Dire and Declining State this Club is in.
          Me?I hold Wenger responsible for all of this.
          FFS I would pin the Kennedy Assasination on him if it got him out quicker.
          I also look forward to hearing from all the other Delusional AKB’s when he is finally out.You ask WHO could do a better job?Pretty much anyone out there .

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            I will try and take each of your points in turn so that you might be able to understand my feeble attemps at producing facts not fiction.
            Defending Wenger:
            Finishing 6th the lowest for 20 years:
            Satisfied with the teams results?
            Satisfied with the teams performance against City and the Swedes?
            Does Wenger need to be held accountable?
            Hide behind the reality of the Dire and Declining state of our club:
            Wenger responsible for all this?
            Kennedy Assasination:
            Delusional AKBs:
            Who could do a better job?

            Let’s get started then.
            IF we finish 6th in the league, the lowest in twenty years, does that mean we dismiss the other 19 positions?
            Just to remind you of those FACTUAL STATS UNDER WENGER:
            Since 97/98: 1st. 2nd. 2nd. 2nd. 1st. 2nd. 1st. 2nd. 4th. 4th. 3rd. 4th. 3rd. 4th. 3rd. 4th. 4th. 3rd. 2nd. 5th.
            That averages out as a percentage figure of 3.6% bettered ONLY by Man. Utd.
            You ask if i am satisfied? with finishing 6th? Of course not, I want us to be No.1 every season. That is not possible of course, but you and whatever initials your fellow thinkers follow believe that “Wenger out” will improve these stats. Time will tell.
            Do I see a steady decline in these positions? Yes, comparing the first eight years to the second twelve years. But what you completely ignore is the emergence of the two money backed clubs, Chelsea and City, who have dominated the premier league since that backing became available. How on earth anyone can seriously ignore these FACTS is beyond me, but that is the situation and one the club has competed with despite City prising some of our best assets away with their unlimited money.
            Also remember, we qualified for the champions league every sesson except last year. A feat ridiculed until this year, when we failed to qualify and it was the end of the world.
            Point two.
            Satisfied with the teams results?
            No. If you took the time to read my posts, you would know that. As an example, the Mustafi incident in the cup final was unbelievable. Am I to believe that Wenger was in any way responsible for that? Don’t give me the rubbish that Wenger isn’t coaching him properly. He is a international player for gods sake, not a ten year old. In fact we have so many international first team squad players, once the system (whatever that is decided) has been employed, these players should be able to do it. You criticize Wenger for being power crazy then blame him for these players basic mistakes. When do you ask about the players part in the teams performances/results? What about Bould and his part in this? Is it really down just to wenger?
            No, so why not advocate getting rid of the whole playing staff and management team?
            Point three.
            Satisfied with performance against City and Swedes?
            Covered some of my reactions with the above, but lets take the Swede performance: We went out there and did the job, coming away with a 3-0 result.
            I am sure that you and everyone else felt relaxed that the job eas done. As did the team and Wenger in the return leg. When the team was announced, i felt it was strong enough to win, but the players never turned up againdid they? It was Wengers team selection and he also has to accept the blame for the most unnaccetable game that I can remember played at home.
            There was no fight, leadership, pride and none seemed bothered. A total disgrace. But I am repeating what I have said before in a previous post Phil, either you didn’t read it or you choose to ignore it. As for the City game, we were outplayed by a very good team. No problem with admitting that, but it was the manner of the defeat that humiliated the club. No ref excuses, no offside excuses, no extra time excuses..we were rubbish and Wenger and the players cannot be excused. None of them, I repeat Phil, none of them.
            Point four:
            Does Wenger need to be held accountable?
            Yes, along with the players and staff. Don’t single out one person, they are all culpable. No bull about Wenger being the manager and the buck stops with him please.
            Point five:
            State of the club.
            On the financial side, we are the safest club in the world due to the diligence of the owner, board and manager.
            On the playing side we are in real trouble, due to the owner, board and manager. Their performances in the transfer market has made the club look a third division outfit. Our position in the league etc this season has shown the terrible problems that exist. However, with the new team on board to oversee contracts, recruitment and relations it seems that they have started to act. Hopefully they will perform to the expected standards that the fans expect.
            Next point:
            Is Wenger responsible for all of this:
            Next point:
            Kennedy assasination?
            Don’t worry Phil, you and yours are doing a real assasination job on Wenger. Don’t let some of the facts get in your way though
            Next point:
            Delusional AKB’s?
            Not even bothering to answer this Phil, just to childish for mr to worry about.
            Last point;Who could do a better job? Anyone!!
            Thats what you state.
            So, lets look at some of the names that those like you banded about previously:
            Klopp: Third season won nothing.
            Mourinho: sacked twice by Chelsea and won the league cup last year, but that doesnt count because its only a cup.
            Two seasons won league cup (doesnt count) Spent over £200,000 will win the league and has built a fantastic team. Should have gone for him.
            David Moyes: I’ll leave that review for you.
            Thats just a few of the names I have seen on this site.
            Wenger will go and I hope it will be at the end of the season if we win the Europa cup. If he stays on another year, he will have the experienced Raul, Sven and Huss to lean on.
            Whatever happens, I am waiting for the messia promised by those wanting Wenger out. I hope he brings to the club everything that is expected of him.
            That’s it Phil, no personal attacks, no hatred, mostly facts with some personal observations that are my personal opinions.
            If the contents are feeble and incoherent, blame me not Arsene Wenger.

          2. LagosGunner says:

            A whole load of bullshit argument

            You should be ashamed of yourself

            Just like it’s done in every club in the world, the manager is held 100% responsible for success or failure, it’s as simple as ABC

          3. Rkw says:

            Here’s a fact for you Aston villa have won more titles than Chelsea …. So ffing what it’s meaningless in terms of seeing where the two teams are, today just like your silly 3.6 average is meaningless in assessing where the club is today and where it’s heading … If you have 10 people in a pub and their average income is 10,000 quid and then bill gates walks in the average income of the pub goers goes up to100 million FACT… And?? Nothing it’s a meaningless figure … Fact is there is no relationship between age and sensibility and you appear to be living proof of that fact

          4. Phil says:

            KEN 1945
            Apologies for not responding earlier but had an early night and only now enjoying Just Arsenal from last night.
            Ken-I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you are as passionate about Arsenal Football Club as every single person who attend and participates in this site.We are ALL Hurting.We are ALL suffering.We ALLdemand more from our club.WE ALL expect more from our club.
            I will not answer anything in reply other than to say your views are all relevant and so are everyone’s.(With the possible exception of Thomas and why the Pissing Rain was the sole reason we lost at Swansea)
            There is this division of fans that either blame or defend Wenger.This is unadvoidable as options and loyalties will always be evident.The fact that the fans are so passionate snows just how much this club means to all of us.
            This is how it should be

      3. Thomas says:

        Well put steven i think the winter period hurt laca first year in epl is tough on majoruty of foreign strikers bellerin has been decent but he could srengthen up and xhaka has had his oppurtunoty and not grabbed with cazorla coming back and a summer open for signings he is indee pressure now but with time i think the new signings will start to gel and with perspective to the Rticle i agree with uou there is no white flag being thrown up this article really lacked the perspective that was being asked because it jist said we lost some games without an honest reflection pf how those games went everyone has lost games this year and liverpoodlians even lost to swansea city to wigan

  5. Ackshay says:

    Wenger has the balls to whine about whine about the critics. It seems his only comeback is he turned down big teams during his 21 years. Guess what we missed out on good coaches like pep, klopp, poch and many more to keep your pathetic ass.

    1. Thomas says:

      Poch cant tie wengers shoes he hasnt proved nothing yet we qualified top four 20 years poch has done so once by a meager one point and if so this year is beacause he inherited the players bought by previous managers who have finally aged

  6. Ackshay says:

    Wenger has the balls to whine about whine about the critics. We just lost a final playing worse than Bristol city. It seems his only comeback is he turned down big teams during his 21 years. Guess what we missed out on good coaches like pep, klopp, poch and many more to keep your pathetic ass.

    1. Arsene Out says:

      Yes Ackshay thumbs way up. We could have had Pep, but no we kept the senile old fart. and the senile old fart still thinks he is the man to get this club going. I have said this before he is the equivalent of Trump for Arsenal. in his eyes he can do no wrong and everyone against him is fake news.

  7. FOxx missierek says:

    two bit piece of shit website all biased so no one can challenge you.

    1. Ray says:

      Wha’ts your challenge?

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Any team won more trophies in the last four years than Arsenal?

        1. Durand says:

          I’d trade those FA cups for ONE premier league title. I’m sure most fans would.
          Your arguement Ken is frail from onset.
          It went from titles downgraded to top 4, downgraded to Europa qualification to now 3 FA cups and comparisons to spurs.

          I remember when utd and chelsea were our comparisons.

          The Emperor has no clothes Ken everyone is aware. Well, except you, sam P and the emperor.

          1. Thomas says:

            Actually i would love an epl trophie but give 5 trophies over one i have gotten to celebrate 5 times and get excited 8 times vs one unless its ecl then we can trade those

  8. Andymoore says:

    let Arsene Wenger go is too much knw

  9. Ray says:

    Delusional old man that’s WAY past his best..

    ..even his claims and excuses are old now!

    Boring man, boring team and most definitely another boring season under Arsene Wenger!

    Onward and downward!!!

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Is that the answer to the challenge?

      1. Ray says:

        I wasn’t challenging myself. But if you want one..

        Count the number of points dropped away from home this season?

        Bla bla all you like about the cups won recently but fact is, the ones that matter are so far out of reach we should be getting ticket reduction prices not paying the most expensive ticket prices in the world! We were told the stadium was going to take us to the next level. I though that would be up not down..

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Who was you challenging then?
          So let’s get this right.
          Firstly, season ticket prices were reduced for this season as we failed (for the first time in years) to qualify for the champions league. Strange that your season ticket didn’t register that when you renewed it.
          Secondly, my season ticket cost me £386.00 for the season.
          Are you SURE that your statement “the most expensive in the world” is correct?
          Have you compared the number of games our season tickets give us (let alone reduced prices for league cup) versus, for example, Spuds?
          They have to pay for ANY cup games above their season ticket prices.
          since we moved to the emirates.
          Since moving to the Emirates we have qualified for the champions league EVERY SEASON except last and probably this one. We have finished in the top four and have won the FA cup three times in the last four seasons.
          Not good enough?
          Tell that to the supporters of Spuds, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and United, because they cannot come anywhere near to that record.
          You dismiss this as bla bla because you have no argument against the FACTS have you?
          YOU PUT UP THE CHALLENGE and I have answered it that you cannot dispute unless you want to dispute FACTS.
          Points dropped away from home are FACTS that I cannot dispute and therefore agree with.
          Will not try and wriggle out of this and that is why I believe our club needs a change of direction. Wenger should have gone after our win against Hull in the FA cup final (in my opinion) and I hope that Arsene will move upstairs at the end of the season and have a role as club ambassador for the club.
          That doesn”t excuse you and your ilk from distorting the facts about season ticket prices, successes and wengers legacy.
          Discuss the FACTS and have a proper debate.
          By the way, what DID your season ticket cost and what decrease did you get versus last season? There’s a challenge from me to you!!!!!!
          Opinions count but

          1. Ray says:

            The prices of tickets was generalised and not per individual basis. The need for a new stadium was based on the extra revenue required to”compete” at the very top with the best. As Arsene himself admits, we are not even close. The ever decreasing empty seats at the stadium support my statements that the football had lost its appeal and therefore, it’s identify. Something many ex players and “professionals” support! I have massive respect for Wenger but the constant smokescreen he puts up around the club and its policies (Which he is going against lately) are causing more confusion and worry amongst fans. The whole issue with contract situations support this argument and caused a lot of problems last season and this season. It’s a mess and the club look amature. It’s emdarissing on a global scale! This is not s challenge but can you give me one leader in the squad? Can you tell me one player who would be picked into the City team? The only one I would pick has already joined Unted and, he left (like many more before him) for bigger prizes! Arsene Wenger had his day but modern football has caught him up. It’s just time to step down..

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Season tickets were not generalised. due to us not qualifying for the champions league, all season tickets were reduced.
            How do I know this?
            My daughter and grandson have season tickets in seperate parts of the stadium and all three of us got reduced season tickets due to the fact that we were qualifying for the europa league.
            Your comments about contracts and signings I can endorse and that is why the club has brought in Sven, Raul and Huss to take those roles away from wenger.
            Again, your point about the stadium and us competing at the top is relevant and I agree with that it is a worrying situation.
            I have an issue with some ex players being critical. IMHO Merson has never got over being kicked out and will always look to have a go. Same with Robson.
            Your question regarding any player who would fit in at Manchester is a good one and, after watchingboth of them on Sunday, the truth is I can’t.
            I guess we are actually nearer each other in thoughts than it seemed. I believe that Wenger should make his decision to leave at the end of the season, hopefully with a europa medal. If not, he will see out his contract with the help of Sven etc.
            He should move upstairs and be an ambassadour for the club as he is so well respected across the footballing world.

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Ken, the bucks got to stop somewhere. You blame Mustafi for his performance, but who signed him for the ridiculous price of £35,million?, Wenger. You blame Bould for not contributing and being a yes man, but who appointed him, Wenger. There’s twenty Premier League clubs out there but only six good sides and we’re bottom of six. Pep took a years sabbatical because he was desperate for the Arsenal job but Wenger wouldn’t budge and I’ve heard no one asking for Klopp or Mourinho, more like Simeone, Allegri or Low. You blame transfer problems on the board but you know very well Ken over the years Arsene Wenger has not only had full control over all major decisions made by the club but insisted on them. One more point ,you talk about the healthy state of the club but you don’t talk about the likes of Danny Fiszman and previous board members who had the foresight to build the new stadium and not forgetting the wonderful support of 60,000 every week and millions of supporters around the world. Sorry Ken you know I respect you as a passionate long time supporter of the club but I’m afraid here we differ, time for Arsene to go.

          4. Thomas says:

            Well put ken we have won trophys but i disagree with you by thinking he should get anotber year its bad to swap managers on a world cup year there wont be enough hand over time

  10. sol says:

    Hey! a single game analysis is not enough we are demanding years of commulative disappointment. what if arsenal wins agains city on Thursday, then arsene must go banner will be there again.You see M.r Wenger your perspecive dwarf in many respects.What was there in your perspective is lost. you lost it. Guardiola picked it.Now i can smell change in the horizon as there are pushing factors in and out side of emirates ground. Go somewhere else(may be sweaden) and help them to upgrade you will be respeced.This is not because I hate you but coz I LOVE ARSENAL.

  11. CorporateMan says:

    Honestly speaking, I can’t understand why people expect Wenger to walk away from Arsenal because the team is not doing well. I don’t know how many managers do that. Like the man said, it’s not his duty to evaluate his work. I agree! It’s the duty of his employers. So it’s them we should blame if we feel that the man has overstayed his welcome. We should blame them for offering him a “job for life”.

  12. Wenger never give a thought on how he is retrogressing and the he effect to the club,shit,how can he still be talking of contract and respect? To hell with him and contract respect….. He lost all the respect we have for him and his refusal to step down means he has no love for the club and all he cares is money which is the reason he wants to run down his contract always…

  13. chris says:

    We are doomed. That is we continue to be doomed. Down and down and down. One or two AKB merchants above cannot know much about top football.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Chris, I bow to your obvious superiority regarding top footballing matters.
      Can you give me your credentials please, as i am really impressed with your comments?
      Affiliated fa referee grade1 : Also club manager, fixture secretary, player and trainer for amateur football clubs.
      One or two ( sorry don’t know the childish abbreviation) anti Wenger brigade are soooooo superior, it hardly seems worth debating with them, does it?

      1. Thomas says:

        Ken they dont have facts to state its were not winning trophies one day then oh were winning trophies and competing in finals but barely missing top four for first time in decade now there mad at the Emirates we have hit are darkest spot qhich isnt that dark compared to where the other teams have fallen such as mu, chelsea, city, and liverpoodlians in there rebuild years and were on the rise i dont consider spids zlcuase this is clearly there height before there fall next year

  14. John says:

    Someone should give Wenger a fake EPL trophy with all the parade stuff…….then kick his butt to Paris…………delusional dotard………….Wenger out…………

    1. sol says:

      ha..ha…ha….LIKE u John

  15. Jimko says:

    Thomas and ken 12 whatever…. You don’t know anything about football..you are a product of euphoria

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