Wenger backing Arteta to safeguard Arsenal values

Positive Wenger backs Arteta!

Despite Arsenal failing to qualify for the Champions League since the 2015/16 season, when Arsene Wenger himself guided us to a second place finish behind champions Leicester, Wenger believes that the time is now for our club to get back to where we belong!

Coming off a season in which we had finished in our worst league position for 25 years, we have for five years had to settle for the Europa League. A number of team changes and a number of managers later and Arsene Wenger has pinpointed Mikel Arteta as the factor to get us back to where we belong. A show of faith which Arteta has so far, so good, played to the rules, leading our team to their record 14th FA Cup and also pipping Liverpool on penalties to lift the Community Shield. After Arteta’s heroics came the investments in new players and the tying down of our skipper Aubameyang too, which all in all come within nine months of joining the club. These achievements surely place Arteta in a close second to Arsene Wenger, and I can only imagine what we can achieve in a full season of him at the helm.

Hopefully, he can emulate Wenger who led us to top-four finishes for 20 consecutive seasons.

Wenger spoke in the Guardian and is certain that Arsenal can now be a threat to the top positions once again, stating: “I think there is a good team spirit and they have a good chance to do well. I believe it will not be very difficult to improve on the number of points they got last season. But I’m convinced Arsenal can be in the top four, if not more. Why not more? They can be the surprise package for me this year: they bought well, they strengthened the defence well. And they kept the players who were already there. In my last year I bought (Pierre-Emerick) Aubameyang, they kept him. They have every ingredient and no real weakness. A club is about identity. Identity is about values and values are about the people who carry these values. And so it’s important there is a continuity on that front for me.”


Here’s hoping the words and successes of Wenger ring true come the end of the season hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman


    1. Well said!

      “I don’t believe you should rate highly what a fan says in the moment – a fan says something based on the moment, based on emotions. Today it seems the minority has a big dictatorship. They dictate what is talked about, therefore if you have 50 people on social media being negative it can somehow get more attention than 60,000 people in a stadium.”

      There is also absurdly high anti-Wenger sentiment around. Listen to him. Bring back Ozil in the #10 slot with Partey behind him, supported by a harrier, maybe El Neny? Ceballos? Allow Ozil to shine, he just might have good enough finishers, though it would be hard to find some as good as Giroud in the air in the club now, and some as deadly as Sanchez in the box. If we replaced Laca with a Giroud-Sanchez clone we could win it all. Europe is weak now… and there for the taking. I think that is what Wenger is telling Arteta.

  1. I always point this out to them as well but it seems it falls on deaf ears. And Pat always seems to think one is being confrontational or “teaching him how to run his site” like he always says when I point out these things and make suggestions on screening similar articles. It happens alot, I’ve learnt to accept things as they are.

  2. What values? Pay huge sums for rubbish players? Run down contracts? Play purring kittens? 8-2, 15-0, etc humiliations? No proper defenders, CDMs, GK was a joke, CFs less said the better.”Top Four Tropheee?” He sustained on GG’s values and core. Once he dismantled that, we went into the dumps.And he has the grace to tell MA what to do.
    Thank you AW for the first 5 years or so, or should I say that to GG for the solid foundation. Be happy where you are, we are happy without you. Mind your own business.

    1. Another one of than less person who calls him self a fan. We won’t be a big club with out Arsene Wenger contribution and would be only confined to UK fan base if it was not for him. He is our most successful manager ever, with no budget and had to sell star player every season he kept us in champions League year after year for which club has spent so much since his departure but have failed to make it. We changed our playing style from boring go exciting. Even when we were not doing well at the end years of his reign we still played more attractive football then what shit football we have been playing since he left. Some of the best players to grace the EPl and play in Arsenal jersey joined Arsenal because of him. By your logic every top manager is shit because pep lost 6-1 and klopp 7-2 last time they played. Go and get a life. A tip: if you want to succeed in life then respect people who have achieved something in life instead of abusing them.

      1. Well said Mohan…. can’t add more than tell him to go and read that Wenger piece on BBC….at least it’s fact now that he turned down Madrid twice to stay with Arsenal and many other clubs including man utd and how he was made to sign the agreement to stay put at Arsenal for 5 years so as to get the loan to build the Emirates stadium and the rest….it’s just unbelievable how some guys could think so low of such a man…. It’s pathetic…. And it pains me a lot….. It’s fact that without Wenger Arsenal wouldn’t be that big club that it is today…. And maybe English football won’t be this big….I am Nigerian and I started supporting Arsenal when Wenger started making the club more global with the signings of Henry Kanu and some other French players…. Arsenal has a very big fanbase in Nigeria and Africa…. You can’t take that away from the influence of Wenger… Same way abrahamovic influenced Chelsea but with money this time…..once again put respect to that name Arsene Wenger…. At some point, some people in Nigeria thought he own Arsenal coz of his name Arsene… funny…he was just the perfect fit for Arsenal FC….we proud having him and will forever cherish him as the biggest Legend of the club…. Whoever is against this ….well…. I won’t say much…. Arsene Wenger we love you and we want to see you one day back in the Emirates you traded your career to build…..long live Arsene in our hearts….

      2. Thanks for your reply to LC cos the guy need to realise Wenger was a Legend.
        He never realise what Wenger went through when he was told to stay at Arsenal for 5 years.

        But Pep wasn’t beat 6-1 though, it was OGS

        1. thank you all for your opinions, which i do respect, but the fact remains that he achieved all in the first five years or so of his tenure.Coincidence?
          Did he do charity? He was well compensated even during the barren years.
          Did he win the UCL? Did he try to win it?no it was to make up the numbers.
          Dont compare Klopp to him. Klopp made average teams great. Gave Pool the UCL, club world cup and EL in a tight competition. Wenger won it in a two horse EPL then.
          Under him we because the laughing stock for the past decade or more.

          1. You are loose with your understanding of history. Go take a look at how much money was spent on players vs. Chelski, United, etc. It not for Wenger, this would be smaller club with fewer trophies.

  3. Wenger was a lot of things, but he definitely had class about him. Perhaps if he had been more ruthless in his transfers decisions and less of a nice guy.
    For example, would we have been so tough when dealing with AM and Partey? Wenger often said “they didn’t want to sell,” when it came to some transfers. IF he truly wanted a player, then activate the release clause if it benefits Arsenal.
    That’s one thing I like about Josh Kronke since he has been more involved; he gets things done. Showing a little extra “bite” so close to the deadline perhaps is his way of sending a message we are not to be messed with anymore. Only Josh knows, but we definitely have a sharper edge with Josh lurking in the background.

  4. Well said mohsan,loose cannon&the likes don’t seem to reason with their brain at all…even judging by only the last ten years of wenger’s reign,he did great things for arsenal&he deserves respect&not all this hatred&spitefulness from the minority of the so called realists here

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