Arsenal need to stop Chelsea’s Hazard – But Alexis is better!

Just like the fight between Arsenal and Chelsea for the coveted Premier League title, the race to be crowned the PFA player of the year is still on. In fact it is likely to be much closer than the title race unless Jose Mourinho and Chelsea suffer a major collapse.

So any of the six contenders could still potentially win it, especially with some storming performances in the last few games. They should not carry more weight but the voters are human and will remember recent games more. Many people seem to think that Eden Hazard of Chelsea is the favourite but Arsenal’s own Alexis Sanchex is running him close and Arsene Wenger still thinks the Chilean international can claim the prize.

As reported by, the Frenchman feels the fact that our super striker is in his first season at a new club and in a new league and country should count in his favour. Obviously Wenger wants Alexis to win it but he also wants the 26-year old to keep up and even improve his performances in this final crucial part of the season for Arsenal.

But while giving Alexis this extra incentive to play out of his skin, firstly against Chelsea and his rival Hazard on Sunday, the Prof feels that his star player will be back in contention again next season even if he is disappointed this time.

Wenger said, “Alexis had a big impact and let’s not forget that for Hazard it is not the first season but for Alexis it is.

“He will give him a fight and if Alexis doesn’t make it this year, he will give him a fight as well for next season.

“I think everybody would agree that Hazard has had a great season and one of the aspects of Sunday’s game will be to keep him quiet.

“He has found maturity that he did not have before. I believe his final ball is better, his personality on the pitch is stronger, the finishing aspect of his game is much better than before. He can turn games when it’s 0-0 and when it’s tight. That’s always a sign of top quality.”

It is and it is also something that Alexis has in his locker. In fact it could be argued that Arsenal, with Giroud, Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil have more of these game changing players now. Let’s hope at least one of them steps up at the weekend.

How do you rate Alexis’ chances of the PFA award?

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  1. Tough call. Alexis has done fantastic in his 1st season at EPL and I would like him to win it. But if I’m being realistic Hazard would probably edge it due to winning the double and being incredibly consistent throughout the season. Alexis’ dip in form in the 2nd half will probably count against him…

    1. It is not a tough call at all, especially if Chelsea win the BPL trophy.

      Just swap the log position and player performances between Arsenal and Chelsea ; (and Sanchez vs Hazard) with Arsenal eventually wining the BPL trophy. Only to be told Sanchez lost the Most Valuable Player ward to Hazard. We will cry blue murder to the highest heaven.

      In a nutshell, I think Hazard is the right candidate to win the Best player in BPL. Period !!

  2. One may be better than the other – who really knows?

    But the point is both are great players and are able to put their mark on the game when they are on their game and circumstances allow.

    Which one of these two will be on top in the next match? Flip a coin.

  3. We must isolate Hazard and Cesc. It will be a duty call for Bellerin and Coquelin-Santi axes. I think Chelsea’s non fit strikers is just a cheap psychological war by Mou and won’t be bad influences for Kos and Gabriel. Our attacking line will be facing massive parking buses. Our defensive caution should be on high awareness for their counter attacks. Intense ball pressure that’s will be the key for both side. Keeping the ball pressure high from their own field will push them to make mistakes.
    We must end Mourinho’s unbeaten record against us, to declare our fully rising as serious title contender next season and seasons to come.
    Nothing last forever Jose! COYG!!!!

  4. Alexis is not gonna win because he plays for Arsenal. The fact that Coutinho was short-listed shows how biased this award is. So congrats Hazard on winning an award Alexis deserves just as much.

  5. If we set up to only stop Hazard and Fab, we will lose. We must concentrate on stopping Chelsea as a team.

    1. I couldn’t agree more @NY_Gunner…

      Many fans think this will be Hazard and Cesc vs Arsenal. Focus must be on the entire team. I feel key players will be the Chelsea defenders (there are a treat on counters (there RB and LB ) / there are a threat on set pieces (Terry and Cahill and potentially Zuma too) / they defend like hell reducing our chances of scoring).

      When have you ever watched a Chelsea forward player been MOTM during a big game, its usually there defender, goalie, or DM

      1. I disagree and Mourinho does too. Remember our last encounter with che, we started very brightly Sanchez got some early joy going in on goal and should have scored. Straight after that mour called ivanovic over spoke to him then iva returned spoke to cahil and the two of them moved closer in line.. then in turns went hard on Sanchez in tackle sometimes fair sometimes not (cahil should got red).

        Thats what we are dealing with and some fans want us to only concentrate on our game all fair and above reproach, we must do an individual job on them also, certain players like when we shut out the space in front of siva.

  6. Alexis has been great.
    Hazard has been great.

    Honestly wouldn’t want to choose between them. Sadly I think the fact Hazard has pulled Chelsea over the line to win the PL after they drifted off will probably be enough to win him it.

    Coutinho was nominated? The guy didn’t turn up for the half the season and has 4 goals and 4 assists compared to Alexis’ 14 goals and 8 assists. That’s just amusing.

    Harry Kane could still be in for a shout if he suddenly blitzes the end of the season. I don’t see it (I think he’s fizzling out) but stranger things have happened.

  7. Hazard is nowhere near Sanchez most of Hazard’s goals are penalties but Alexis is a spot on goal getter and goal creator. Hazard is a great player who fights n creates assists for his team but I think Alexis should win this.. all his goals are direct play not penalties n most times hazard insinuates a foul just to get d penalties.
    For a 1st season, new league, new country Sanchez is my pick.

  8. Hazard is a natural talent while Alexis looks more like a football learner. With Hazard I feel like things come to him naturally while our Sanchez applies learnt skills he has practiced throughout his career so far.

    1. Respect the opinion Goonster but I think the opposite. Alexis looks like he is still playing barefoot in a Tocopilla backstreet after school. Hazard looks more polished and coached to me – but still with exceptional natural talent.

    2. Ur opinion can’t be more opposite…hazard was in foorball academies for much of his tender age while alexis was playin barefooted on the street in chile….u can always knw who was coaches and who it came to naturally..

      In street football, u ll do anyfin just to achieve ur aim…clean skill or not so clean a skill…just ask suarez..

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