Wenger backs Chambers and Gabriel to become great

Arsenal face the long haul up to Newcastle to face a team without a League win so far this season, but the Gunners are still under pressure to come away with all three points to try and keep in touch at the top end of the table. Arsene Wenger knows that our opponents are no pushovers, but we have a good record at St James Park in recent years.

“We want to do well at Newcastle but it’s always very, very, very tight and very committed there because the crowd is always behind their team,” Le Prof told Arsenal.com.

“They have just come out from a good result at Manchester United so it’s important that we prepare well and we give absolutely everything to win this game before the break.

“We have always done very well away from home. Last season and the season before, it was the last game of the season that we had to win. There has always been something big at stake, but we like pressure.”


I’m not sure the fans enjoy the pressure as much as you, Arsene! We know it won’t be easy, especially with both our first-choice centre-backs being unavailable today. Gabriel and Chambers filled in last week with mixed results, but Wenger is backing the pair to improve. “Both [Chambers and Gabriel] have the potential to play at the top, top level.” Wenger said.

“Chambers had a difficult start but he has shown his mental strength.

“I know he’s a great player and he has shown that if even if things don’t start as well as you would like, he can stabilise his game and respond. He has a great mental strength on top of his talent.

“Gabriel has shown great talent as well and has done very well.”

“He’s a fighter and he has great pace,” Wenger continued. “He has natural instinct for a defender, also in the tackle as well, and his recovery runs are absolutely fantastic. He will be a great asset for the club.”

I am sure they will improve from their testing start to their partnership against Liverpool, and they should be more composed today. I am fully expecting a big game from Gabriel, and we just need Chambers to step up a little. Hopefully we won’t need another Man-Of-The-Match performance from Petr Cech!

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  1. U still call him le prof after the last two transfer windows?

    I back Gabriel and kos to become great… Chambers has a lot to learn.

  2. Gabriel is our 2nd best CB in my eyes, just behind the boss.
    its right time to get our season up and running regardless whether we sign someone or not #COYG

    1. Gabriel is high quality and will be in the same realm as the Boss the way he’s trending.

      The problem is when Per isn’t playing we lack a lot of leadership. It a bit of the chicken or the egg unfortunately…

  3. If we were are real title contenders Newcastle should be no prob as they will prob finish the seasons a couple of points of rellagation places

  4. We are linked with mauricio icardi , the serie a top scorer with 22 goals and very hyped here in milan he has a very good pace , movement and finishing . The problem though is that i doubt roberto mancini would let him go as he is a main asset. to the inter team .

  5. funny cuz the same man who backs em to become great…………is the same man who Leaves em to depreciate and rot on the bench…… Lets be sincere with ourselves……only injuries and probably cup activities ensures this deluded man plays gabriel/chambers!… Else they are not starting materials

  6. god, i hope chambers doesnt play at cb tomorrow. monreal was better than him. gabriel OTOH is great.

    1. almostawinner…….have no fear!…….chambers can only improve……. That was his 1st top test in ages(Liverpool)… Fair to say it was quite handled (considering there was no goal conceeded on the day)…… I know he misplaced alot of passes (especially in the 1st half)…… He needs time….. It may not even take too Long…… We just have to wait and see……… Wish mert could return form illness to see himself become a bench player!

    1. Neither does mert!……… But he’s faster than the german (but seriously!…. What’s with wenger and slow centre backs???)

  7. Glad to see Chambers getting another crack at it although I do agree the best option is for a season long loan where he is playing every week a la Hayden. I think folks forget how young he is — of course he has a long way to go, but if Stones is worth 40m plus then we have a real asset to take care of.

  8. Its kind of funny the situation we finds ourself after such a superb pre-season.

    Fact remains, Le Prof is the Maker & Destroyer of the Modern Arsenal.

    Without continual Growth & Progress, Words as Improvement, Achievement & Success have no meaning.

    Just hoping we can kick start a good run with a victory at the Park’s today. Trust Me, Even when i don’t pray for it, a defeat can be the only thing that will force Wenger into the Market.


    1. Maker I get, a little simplistic for the immaculate job he has done but I get it. Destroyer, wtf, he will be the destroyer of the modern AFC if he totally abandons his philosophies and principles, that’s something I cannot see him do.

      I get why people say we are so close to being such a top side and only x amount of players needed. I get why people are a little aggrieved by it all, some very aggrieved, but in truth we don’t know if the players mentioned would have pushed us over the line. I say this because it is usually a striker and def mid we need. For me though what gives title winning teams the extra push isn’t just the quality of the players, it is a certain mind set. Especially when you look at our old winning teams and when you look at chelseas winning teams the character of some players just stand out, very strong characters. Today’s game it is much harder to find these type of players, England used to have them in spades. A top striker will go a long way, but a top one who will demand better service and expect a certain performance will go much further. The same with a top def mid, however your not going to get a Vieira a Petit or a Keane. This team needs more character. However the names that keep coming up are rarely this quality. Today’s game has changed very much, too much in my opinion.

  9. i back akpom gnabry jenkinson bellerin chambers and hayden to be great in two years time.i expect a world class player in ramsey the ox gabriel sczcesny and wilshere in that same period.I dont know what to make of toral though i have hopes in him

  10. i back akpom gnabry jenkinson bellerin chambers and hayden to be great in two years time.i expect a world class player in ramsey the ox gabriel sczcesny coquelin and wilshere in that same period.I dont know what to make of toral though i have hopes in him. i am also seeing signals of brilliance from welbeck

  11. i back akpom gnabry jenkinson bellerin chambers and hayden to be great in two years time.i expect a world class player in ramsey the ox gabriel sczcesny coquelin and wilshere in that same period.I dont know what to make of toral though i have hopes in him. i am also seeing signals of brilliance in welbeck

  12. Id like to ask Krychowski fans that who would they bench if we were to bring him in. He’s not going to leave seville to come and sit on Arsenals bench. Coq I think would be an easier sell to sit on bench but Coq has been on our bench for his whole career almost so if someone came in for him whilst benched by us well you couldn’t blame him for leaving. Cazorla and Ramsey love the feel of the ball too much to be happy with being benched, not that anyone is ever happy with it but you know what I mean.

    1. I really like Krychoviak but don’t want to see Coquelin benched. That’s why A vet like Motta would be good to bring in, help Coquelin learn his craft and provide cover. To some extent, that’s what Arteta offers but given he’s not a natural DM it’s a lot to ask of him.

  13. The article should be about Koscielny and Paulista paired up. The two players are like two peas in the same pod. They play the same with the same awareness, pace, strength and aggression. They are both tough players and equally effective so …

    … seeing a whole article about Chambers being paired with Koscielny is odd. Against Liverpool Gabriel Paulista was good in both halves. Chambers was poor in the first half. If you swapped Paulista with Koscielny in the Liverpool game, Kos would have been good in both halves and Chambers would have been poor in the first half.

    Stick Paulista and Koscielny side by side in that game we woukd have been locked tight – and that would free up everybody else to go all out at the Liverpool goal.

    These two shoulder to shoulder will be like having two Nemaja Vidic’s in the team and who would choose one of these paired with a prospective player like Chambers?

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