Wenger backs Jack Wilshere so Arsenal MUST start him at Everton

I wrote a piece on Arsenal and Jack Wilshere the other day, my point being that the 22-year old midfielder was showing signs of getting back to the form that made him such a sensation before his fledgling career was interrupted and nearly ruined by a series of long term and niggling injuries.

But I also thought that it would be a good idea to rest the England international for tomorrow’s game away to Everton, because the Gunners will need him more than ever for the home leg against Besiktas with Aaron Ramsey being suspended. Jack is the natural replacement for the Welshman and with his fitness issues, Arsene Wenger needs to be careful not to overplay young Wilshere.

But now I think that he has to start at Goodison Park tomorrow, because the boss has spoken to the press about his player and defended him rigorously against what he sees as unfair criticism from the media, as reported by Arsenal.com. The Frenchman suggested that Wilshere was being made a scapegoat for England’s latest tournament flop and insisted that his form is coming back and his main concern is to stay fit.

Wenger said, “He pays the price for England not winning the World Cup.

“Before he was in Chambers’ position, then suddenly when you get to 22, the expectation level comes on you. Wayne Rooney has gone through that, now it goes through Wilshere.

“I believe at the moment he should not respond to it, just focus on his game. If Wilshere can maintain physically to be fit then he will make a huge career.

“At the moment, I believe he should just focus on that – being fit, present and to improve physical. The rest will come along.

““I think he is on target of where he should be. He is not as far as everyone expected him to be from when he was 18. But he’s not as far because he was injured, not because he doesn’t train seriously.

“He is a guy who when he goes out there, he wants to play, he works hard but he was out for one-and-a-half years.”

They are wise words and should help Wilshere to relax, if he takes them on board, but if the boss then drops him for the very next game, they may seem just like so much hot air by the midfielder. If you are going to back him verbally, then you need to show faith in him with your team selection as well.

And the fact that there is no sign of Mesut Ozil in the pictures from Arsenal training today, means that his inclusion is more likely anyway. So do you guys think Wilshere should start against Everton?

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  1. Everton is just kinda team to fit jack..british but than again not too much, team that wants to play to to foul their way to points but stil a prem game when jack can also kick a leg or two…as he is gooner thru and thru can imagine he wants personal revenhe for last year so i expect belter from him!!

    Jack and rameey use to play great tpgether…they forgpt how to but if they learn again noe at their peak..ufff id pay to ser that happen

    1. The boss believed in rambo during hard times and when he wasnt at his best
      And now he believes in Wilshere during his not so great times
      the best of jack is yet to come!

      1. and by the way ozil was in traning
        not in the pics in facebook
        but if you go on the website he’s in a couple..
        but i still doubt he’ll start, he’s not match fit..

        1. I don’t get why our Germans haven’t played yet. Schurrle did, and so did Bayerns Germans today. it’s a bit of a joke really! I can see Mert and Koscienly playing together with Chambers as the DM tomoz.

    2. What seems to be missing from the equation is fatigue. Many of the same players have been starting the first 3 games and many players were clearly tired out in the Besiktas game.

      Wenger will need to get a least a few fresh players in the game or risk another tired performance against a tough opponent. The starting 11 decision will need to consider more than just player quality alone.

    3. OT: The FA should rename the Community Shield the English Supercup – anyone just see how “little” the Supercopa de Espana meant to the Atletico players?? At least Bale has learnt a quick lesson this season mouthing off about we want all 6 cups this year – just 5 now Gareth to go for.

    1. Against Everton away I would leave Jack on the bench, not, because I do not rate him, but, for the following reasons.
      Everton play a lot down the Left, with Baines and Pienaar the main attacking power.
      So, I would play Flamini and Rambo in the middle. Flame to help out Debauchy with Baines runs.
      Santi, or Tomas in front of them, with Alexis on the Right, AOC on the Left and Campbell through the middle.
      Alexis and AOC track back and have the speed to break on the counter.
      Joel is good holding the ball and has passing vision, plus, he is quick.
      We have to play counter attack, and that seems the best options.
      Scoring MAY be a problem with that line up, as Joel is not a great poacher, but we would have OG to come on later if we need a goal.
      Flamini would also be best option to help the CBs deal with Lakaku.
      Jack to start Wednesday.

  2. Hope we bash these toffees tomorrow and shut all the moaners and pundits up. Need a big game from jack and Rambo. Alexis to score. Let’s have it gooners.

    1. I badly want a win against Everton at Goodison, but I frankly wouldn’t be surprised with a loss. The team hasn’t really clicked to the level it should. I hope the return of the Germans means something! Let’s get going, Gooners!

  3. di maria and khedira out of the squad def. transfers comin up but who will buy them i personally think di maria to psg khedira to us

          1. Just looking Cavani’s goals on YouTube – titled “Cavani best goals ever”.

            10 minutes of him scoring and damn, he was a beast for Napoli. Not many tap ins: he scored from free kicks, outside the box, one touch finishes, great headed goals.. Just amazing.

            Form is temporary, class is permanent. He might not have the same form he had during his Napoli days but the class is still there no doubt.

            1. Exactly! I don’t get the negativity towards him. Dude was am absolute beast before his transfer.

              1. He might be overpriced but certainly not overrated. But then again who isn’t overpriced nowadays? If The Chimp can go for £70 millions after one good season, then Cavani who scored +30 goals in 3 consecutive seasons can go for £50 millions – though now he might go for little less.

                But then again I love the playing style of Marco Reus as well.. First heard is certainly not available but this strange statement by the chairman of BVB gave me little hope..

                Cavani or Reus? Well at least in FIFA I can have both…

    1. Fu@k again with the Khedira bullsh1t.

      Please for the last time put him out of your heads, he missed a whooping 68 games through injury for Real, glass player, let it go!

  4. Gaza wannabe or JW as you call hm nids to b rested 2morow so that he can do his magic on Wedneysday

    1. Seriously just STFU. Don’t use Paul as the butt of your jokes. And Jack has nothing in common with that situation.

  5. I would like “little mozart” to start this is an important game! No disrespect to jack he can be used as a sub! Coyg!

  6. Maybe a defeat at Everton will be a blessing in disguise it will show Wenger we are still 3 players short of where we need to be and he will then sped the cash he has available to address the problem areas where we badly need strengthening!

    1. I rather collect those 3 valuable points as we saw the difference was just 7 from the top last season.

    2. Hate this thought process, we want Arsenal to win no matter what the circumstance.

      I do however feel that we haven’t had as good a transfer window as a lot of people are saying we have. I’m chuffed with Alexis and Chambers but I think we have so far failed to address our weakest areas. Center Back cover, a strong Holding Mid and a Striker capable of forcing Giroud to the bench are all necessary. I’m not here to bash Giroud but with our midfield we should have a striker banging in 25-30 a season no problem. Arteta is our captain but he does not suit the role of sitting midfielder. Even in the Besiktas game our midfield was getting out muscled and outrun. I’m a firm believer that Arsene does indeed know, so I don’t think we need a loss at Everton for him to suddenly realize we need to buy, but I would be an awful lot happier if we saw 2 or 3 more arrive after a good win tomorrow.

    3. That won’t change a thing. Wenger will simply say that the loss was due to the lack of match fitness/sharpness; let’s not cutoff our nose to spite our face, Arsenal to win and then pray that Arsene realizes that we need that bit of added quality.

    4. I want a win at Everton but a terrible performance from Giroud and Flamini and hopefully Arteta
      is injured fror 3 months then surely Wenger will sign CDM and ST.

    5. Dan would love to know your method of calculation? Exactly how you work out by sitting in your living room or wherever you watch arsenal train everyday and any every match, that if we bought 3 players we would be where we need to be and that spending cash is the big game changer. I mean spurs sold 1 last season and spent it all and more on 7 players, that worked well didn’t it. Liverpool have now spent £120m on about 10 players, would love to now where your calculations place them at this moment in time?

      I would also like to know how bosmans fit in with your calculations? I mean say we had signed 3 world class bosmans, like lewandowski and 2 others, would spending cash still be important to you? I bet you are one of these people that want carvalho because he is valued by his release clause at £37m, yet would be disgusted if we signed a better player for a fraction of that price, which is totally possible as so many are in their last year.

      Well forgive me Dan for just picking on your post, I could have chosen anyone of the so called fans on here, but I think I will stay faithful, to the man who has won has given us 17 years of superiority over our nearest neighbours and 17 years of champions league football, not to mention 3 league titles and 5 fa cup wins. The man who has devoted the last 17-18 years of his life into making arsenal the fifth biggest club in the world and watches us every day in training and attends every single match we play.

      For the record, I would like 5 new signings, but then again I would also like a threesome with a couple of bi-sexual super models and a win on the lottery. For now I will be happy to my arsenal remain unbeaten this season, then clinch champions league qualification on Wednesday, ahead of what I expect to be a really busy last 5 days of the transfer window.

      Love my arsenal, get behind all the players and have faith in our manager, ffs we could have had a malky mackay and there is plenty like him out there. Also give me Giroud over Balotelli anyway.

  7. I really want to see that front 3 as well, it could be something special with all that pace and directness. Something I wish we would try before the window closes and adjust according afterwards. We could hit Everton from every angle and put their entire back line to work…

  8. Come on gooners tomorrow is away day! So lets bring the “noise” to goodison park and support our gunners towards victory! It wont be easy, but lets give em hell! Coyg!

  9. Don’t usually post a line-up but this is my wish for tomorrow:

    AOC#15 – AS#17 – JC#28
    TR#7 – AR#16
    NM#18 – LC#6 – CC#21 – MD#2

    Rest Wilshere, Cazorla, and Giroud also no need to through the Germans right in the starting line-up. The bench should be strong as well with who all is available…

  10. I hope Chelsea get Khedira and Cavani, United get di Maria and Reus and Liverpool get Ballotelli and Falcao.

    It will at least give our awesome team some competition this year. We will still win ALL the trophies


    1. Why would Chelsea buy Cavani when they have Costa? Jose also plays with just 1 upfront. They
      also have Drobga and Torres as backup. Liverpool have Balotelli and Sturridge, Man Utd have
      V.Persie and Rooney and Man City have Aguerro, Dzeko, Jovetic and Negredo.

      1. Will Chelsea buy Cavani? You are right – Probably not. But you ask WHY they would buy him. Answer: Because they can.

        The big teams often carry 3 or even 4 top strikers. And when money is not an issue it can happen to cover all injury contingencies.

  11. Mandzukic is miles better than useless Giroud. Also plenty of people were unhappy when Mandzukic
    was linked with us. Now we will pay heavy price if we don’t sign a quality striker.

    1. Miles better? Let’s look at facts and logic. Giroud had 22 goals with 10 assists last season. So to be “miles better” what would Mandzukic need to do? 35 goals and 16 assists? Do you really believe he could pull that off in the EPL? He could be the league leader with 35 goals.

      Mandzukic is certainly more capable than Giroud and we would all make that trade instantly. But “miles” better? Not really.

  12. If Wenger is planning to play Chambers at CB longterm then we need Carvalho first choice if not
    then Khedira.

  13. If we can sign Cavani and sell Giroud and buy new CDM and let Arteta go next seasonit would be
    the best transfer window ever.

  14. work rate of both madrid teams is so much higher than arsenal….dont understand wengers approach to game anymore….lacks intensity passion and increasingly skill…everton a good test tomorrow as martinez gets more out of his players than wenger and is not afraid to play attacking game…i just hope wenger responds in kind and plays campbell ox and sanchez upfront as interchanging attacking force

    1. I agree with u. Players like Giroud, Cazorla and Ozil are very lazy. Sanchez and Ramsey have good
      work rate. Our players should learn from them.

        1. wouldnt say he’s lazy, he does travel around the pitch a lot to receive the ball, but hes not physical at all really, and does little tracking back. Not every player can have every attribute though, but i would still like to see Ozil improve a bit physically. It helps alot, especially in PL.

  15. Play basic football Jack!! look where you receive the ball,try to make possible passes(those taps and flicks are costfull especially when we are being pressed) you are not a big guy so avoid situations where people might take advantage of you(the ref wont blow his whistle for every contact)above all remember that your team moves forward very fast when they have the ball in the opposition’s half so when you lose it the opposition have acres of space to punish us COYG

  16. That Lamp post has scored more goals a season for Arsenal than Mario.. He also scored more than 20 goals before he joined us from Montpellier. Has Mario ever scored 20 goals a season since he has been a footballer? The hype is too much..


  17. Play any one, be ok.
    Mission for Saturday.
    3 points
    Giroud Sanchez
    and Campbell score.
    No injuries. Man City lose.
    Wenger still buys what we need
    Top class CB DM.

  18. Khedira has gone to Germany to watch his brother play without saying a word to Madrid.
    Looks like he is pushing to move.

    1. rumor has it he’s going to Bayern though and will travel to Munich soon :/. But yeah, hes obviously done with Real Madrid lol

  19. We have enough up front
    Giroud Sanchez Campbell
    Chamberlain Ramsey Cazorla
    Podolski (if he stays) Sanogo Walcott.
    Should be plenty enough.
    Wilshere Ozil should score more as well.
    Ryo Rosicky Gnabry Diaby too.
    If we can not score a deluge of goals with 15
    attacking mids/strikers
    something is seriously wrong
    with the players and management.
    The talent is there.

    1. If you consider the attack talent we have on paper the team put out against Besiktas was borderline criminal…not yet fit Giroud plus not in the game Cazorla…

      My team for tomorrow would be the usual suspects in goal and in the back 4, Flamini Ramsey Cazorla in midfield and a pacey frontline of Ox, Campbell and Sanchez.

    2. You have identified Wenger’s plan. Use a great attacking midfield force to overwhelm opponents. Wenger’s emphasis has clearly NOT been on the traditional striker position.

      Last season this worked up to a point. But when Arsenal faced an opponent that just jammed the middle with a gaggle of defenders, it sometimes failed.

      Whether or not the plan works this season, is another issue. We shall see.

  20. Wenger supports one of his players – I would hope so. So what does this have to do with Wilshere starting vs. Everton? Nothing.

    Wilshere should start if he is the best available option. End of story.

    I shall leave it to the great Arsenal fans to decide who they believe is the best available starting 11.

  21. There are some crazy rumours around….no smoke without fire, hope some are gonna come to fruition!!!

    1. No smoke without fire? When it concerns the transfer rumor media known for being perpetually wrong and not afraid to invent new, nonsensical, rumors daily? Seriously?

      The media is known for blowing smoke without a hint of fire. I have list of about 100 players who Arsenal were supposed to sign this summer. Most of them were listed as “Done Deal”

  22. Damn atl. Madrit, you scary. It seems that the new generation coaches are doing very good. Guardiola, Klopp, Rodgers, Simeone, Pochettino kinda.

  23. OT:
    Watch out! Transfer window deadline approaching fast! Let us rush and re-sign somebody like Kim!

  24. we all know Wenger and he will start the lineup similar to the one we’ve been using instead of dropping Jack, and putting Santi in the middle, so we can have two pacy wingers. I dont think Jack deserves a lot of the criticism he gets, but i still dont see how he fits in the starting XI. Wenger trying very hard to give him a chance, but when Ozil is ready again, i dont see him in the lineup, so he has to have a big Everton match.

  25. We are tired of these Wilshere articles . The whole of last season there was lots of talk about Wilshere getting back to his best. But that never materialised. Reputation is not build by potential or written articles. It build by performance on the field. And Wilshere has failed to perform for the country or for the club. Currently he is the weakest link in the team and I think Wenger only plays him as a public relation exercise, since he is the future of England team and leaving him on the bench or even substituting him will create problems since he will be called upon to give an explanation .

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