Wenger backs Sanchez – and Giroud aiming for the title

Arsenal have put themselves under great pressure already after the unbelievable home defeat against West Ham last weekend, and now simply must beat Crystal Palace or they will lose any residual confidence that they can still win the title.

Arsene Wenger started with Olivier Giroud as striker in that game, and took a chance of putting Alexis on as a sub, despite only being with the squad for one week. Wenger is now confident that the Chilean striker is ready to play and thinks he will improve on last’s seasons excellent campaign. Wenger said: “He came back as well reasonably fit. He practiced for two weeks before he came back. He did not start from zero and in training now, he looks alright.

“You wonder if he has created a beach at home, and runs along the living room. He is a hyperactive guy. He needs that to be happy.”

“He made 52 or 53 games last season, plus the Copa America, so that means somewhere he has an instinct that shows how far he can go,”

“It is difficult. In March, April, May (2015), you could see he was a bit jaded, but he is still a guy who can make a decision in a game, and once he is out there he gives 100 per cent.

“He is very ambitious, Alexis. He knows he won the FA Cup, now he wants to look to get more.”

“This season, he knows what is expected from him, and he will do better than last year.”

Olivier Giroud looked rather toothless last week, as did most of the players, but he still believes in his ability to bounce back and show mental strength. “I showed great mental strength last year and I had good stats.” Giroud said. “I always try to improve myself and I feel with the team, so yes, I am sure I can bring something more to the team and to my team-mates.”

“Unfortunately we have made mistakes – we will learn from them and try not to do it again. We can succeed to play our game, we want to bounce back on Sunday.

“When you want to win the league it is always a mix of skill and mental quality, technique and tactical. You cannot win the league without mental strength, and I think we have got it in our squad.”

Arsenal desperately need to win today, and keep on winning. Any more points dropped will simply look like failure, especially with Liverpool coming up next….

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  1. a draw today is no good, we need a win.
    the negativity on here has been relentless after last sunday.

    1. Agreed! If we won last week a draw today wouldn’t be the end of the world ! But we all no went down then so it’s a must win

  2. OMG! Giroud talking mental strenght, he’s Been spending too much time with Wenger heh?

    IT WON’T BE EASY but we’re winning today, i’m a thousand per cent sure

  3. If palace give us headache today, whether it comes with a draw or a narrow win, it wont be good for our game against a top side like liverpool. Mentally atleast

  4. yes, this shows how delusional the manager, players and some fans here have become. Thinking that they have the right to walk away with the title! Wait until we meet Swansea/Westham and the likes or have we? we finished 12 points off Chelsea last season and without improvements to the team bar Chekch, we think we can now win the EPL! how delusional!!!!

  5. If we want to be league winners we should be looking to win every week.

    Ask Adams,keown, Dixon et al..

    Today will be uncomfortable viewing I’m sure…hopefully we get something from this game.

  6. what is it with the french … just more f****** incoherent drivel….. we have at most 4 real quality outfielders i.e. players that other top european teams would take …ozil sanchez santi and kos… in my books you need 6 … we are two short but worse the quality of others is lower than needed … only bellerin coq and wilshere have that potential … and there are problems with each still … we should have put in bids in june for griezman kondogbia and the Burussia striker as all could have been prized away with right bid plus players thrown in IMO … now its too late and wenger is in some weird gallic world of existential hope and denial and fans are just praying we dont lose opening 2 matches for first time in over two decades…but no one is really confident against a team which is sure to finish around mid table…

  7. Oh….please, the muppet should shut it already!

    Goodness gracious! All the dishonest and misplaced sophistry, just a complete laugh.

  8. NO MORE TENSION,ARSENAL IS GOING TO WIN (affirmative statement), just go and watch the match with ease mind and u will see its going to be an easy win for ARSENAL. Come back and tell me am damn right.

  9. Some other clubs, they are disappointed for 15 years and the manager is the same.” – Jose Mourinho

    What do you guys think about that?

  10. Wenger should not pressure Alexis to do more, bec till now he did to much already. Whats important is that others need to share the burden to improve.

    As for Giroud. He needs to play simple and not try to much bec talentwise he is very poor. You can see him trying a lot, but this trying can damage our game. Like him running on the wings, or him being more selfish then he was before.

    I expevt to win today, but with Arsenal you are never sure. Coyg

  11. Wenger starts Ramsey once again. Can anyone explain why Wenger doesn’t want to play with natural wide players? Why are Walcott and the OX on the bench? Disappointed.

    1. By playing the likes of Ramsey out wide, he hopes that Arsenal can gain more possesion and controll bec of it.

      Walcott is a bad footy talent and very one dimensional, where Ox is very clumsy, and loses the ball to much at times.

  12. wenger has completely lost it for me … if he doesnt think there are better wingers than ramsey available then i dont know what to say anymore …. and why the f*** did we up the whippets wages…talk about people with no management skills … mourinho is right on wenger spot on he really is …

  13. Either Ramsey or Santi left wing, do we ever learn
    No matter what the score is we need to learn from previous mistakes the only pace we have is Sanchez
    Wenger will never learn sorry guys I love our club and will always support Arsenal but hate to see how it’s being run

  14. What a dull uninspiring lineup. We have some of the fastest players in the league, yet refuse to use them. Whatever has Ramsey done to justify selection???

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