Wenger believes yesterdays win gives Arsenal a chance at the title

Every time Arsenal faced a Big Team last season, they were generally embarrassed by the opponents, especially when Chelsea beat us 6-0 in Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game in charge. It seems that that has spurred Wenger to fortify the team, and yesterday’s win over Man City has given Wenger belief that Arsenal can now compete with the big clubs once again.

Wenger said: “It was important for our confidence to win the game and it was even more important to have a big part in the game with quality.

“That is a comfort to me to see that we can produce the kind of quality we have produced for some long patches in the game.

“Last year we were very consistent against teams outside the top six and not consistent against top-six teams.

“The year before it was the reverse. Now we hope it will be right on both sides.

“I felt we had a complete performance in the first half. In the second half our togetherness got us through. The first half was very exciting.

“To win today gives us a positive platform. But let’s be on our toes and prepare well for the start of the new season.”

It’s quite simple. All we have to do is win EVERY game, and we will end the season with loads of trophies lol!

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  1. RK1339 says:

    We are one blood. We are one Arsenal.

    Forever shall we be the most passionate team, with the most loyal fans.

    Passion shall ALWAYS prevail over money.

    Now lets kick ass and win the f#cking PL.

    1. Emmanuel says:

      Guys believe it or not, the table has turned around, it our turn to bash the so called top teams. Watch out for this space, we shall do them rounds, (i can feel the electrifying aura, its damn shocking) man city, chelsea, liverpull (no sorry spurs, u aint included coz i said top teams, d last time i checked d roaster was down d hill) u beta brace up for d shock. We coming at y’all

  2. butters says:

    Can’t wait for the season to kick off. Really looking forward to other EPL teams, as a lot of teams has also strengthen their squad. As much as I hate Chelsea, it’ll be interesting to see Fabregas back in the EPL. Best EPL since 2003-04 season!

  3. rock88 says:

    We are going into the new season full of confidence after winning 2 trophies in months with
    excellent new signings and I expect something big from the players who were injured last season.
    Also the German world cup winners are coming back. Hopefully we can sign a CB and CDM and
    we will be the team.

  4. Gigi2 says:

    i think i saw the “eye of the tiger” in Rambo, Alexis and Jacks eyes…hopefully yje whole team is in that stage of mind.

  5. angryblackman3 says:

    This season will be our best in ten years I reckon, however if not, then it should still be a great one!

  6. Aussie Jack says:

    There are obviously more reasons than money for Fabregas not returning to Arsenal, what they are we`ll probably never know but, Wenger may regret not bringing him back to Emirates.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Wenger will definitely regret…

      Fab could have fill in the ACM or CM role…

    2. ljungberg8 says:

      Why do you say we’ll never know? Cesc said in an interview that Arsene told him that he wasn’t needed because there was already a lot of quality in his position. To my mind that’s completely credible. Why make a conspiracy theory out of it?

  7. davidnz says:

    Wenger “I believe we have
    a chance at the title”.
    Not like he’s gonna say
    “To be honest we will be happy with 4th,
    1/4 final ECL and a decent FA cup run 🙂
    Puma and Emirates won’t sponsor the team
    if you don’t say ” yes we can win the title”.
    All the top 7 managers are saying
    ” We expect to compete most vigorously
    for the title” even Spurs are EPL title
    bound if you believe their internet chatter.
    Gotta keep the sponsors happy.
    A top quality CDM and CB would make more of
    us believe we are title bound.

  8. RK1339 says:

    I just stepped on chelsea, turns out it the stains were belonged to a dog. :-=)))

  9. Gundam says:

    Still have the same glaring weakness. Needs to be sewn up. Even in that win against Man City, if they were more clinical they would have scored unforgivable goals from cheap counter moves.

  10. BUR says:

    As good as we were in the fist half City created a few chances them selves and but for lack of control by one of our Xs they could have scored but how and ever they never we added to our tally and I was delighted with the result. I was impressed with our speed up front but although our back line gave commitment and hunger to tackle and block ball I still think we need a bit more. Ian presuming that Mr Wenger will have tactics composed relating to changing the back line to accommodating the speed and flare of away teams? Which will inevitably safe our embarrassment of last season thrashings

    We can take the positives from our game on Sunday , build on them and GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!.

  11. Moreno says:

    I definitely like our chances, i’ll tell you that. A lot of people are saying we need a DM/ST/CB and i eco the same sentiments but i believe the team we have is more than capable of winning the trophy.

  12. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    That will depend on the next two weeks. We are still 1-2 transfers short. We need to strengthen our defense. We could use a CDM, but if Wenger believes wilshere, Arteta and Flamini are enough, so be it. However, we need at least one more quality CD.

    We only have 6 quality defenders.
    Chambers (rb, CD)
    Koscielny (CD,rb)
    Mertsacker (CD)
    Debuchy (rb)
    Gibbs (lb)
    Monreal (lb)

    What happens if we get injuries?

  13. Mick The Gooner says:

    I think we need a little more strength and physical presence in the team, I don’t want to continually harp on about a holding midfielder, but it’s irritating to continually say ‘we can challenge for the league IF we get a holding midfielder’. I don’t like ‘if’s. Always the chance they could turn to ‘if only’s.

    It’s really annoying hearing everyone else say ‘it’s only Arsenal, they never make it to the end’. We are entering a new era, I’d like to begin it with a serious challenge for the league and a decent run in the Champions League too. I think we can do it… If we get a holding midfielder.

    We have 1 spot left in the team. The minimum Wenger should be able to spend this summer is £70m, plus the Vela sale, Fabregas sell on fee, Vermaelen fee, we’ve spent around £60m, we should have quite a lot left in the bank.

    I’d like to get Javi Martinez as he can play as a CB too. He’s only 25 and is a very good player, though I thought his diving in the CL was disgraceful, but I guess they’re taught that at Bayern, Wenger can set him straight. Bayern sold Kroos for £20m, though important to the team, Martinez isn’t exactly their star man as Lahm often plays in his position now, so we should hopefully be able to get him. If we get him, I think our squad is complete.

    A good season from us this year puts a great advertisement out for us to attract more world class talent next summer. I’m hoping we’ll be getting Reus then. Then the Champions League looks an awful lot closer..

  14. Ozil_Sanchez says:


    RIP Robin Williams
    Thanks for entertaining us for decades

  15. jperiod says:

    The positive spirit etc from the win is good. Need to build on this and strengthen the team. Can’t ignore the negatives from the game. Need CB, & DM. City exposed some weaknesses in the defense but their poor form let them down in the final third. Later in the season they will be in better form, and these weaknesses could come back to haunt us.

    Keep the positive spirit, but strengthen the team

  16. fed-up gunner says:

    Am scared arsene could gamble up front; he just needs a CB n CDM; why r pple saying we have only one spot left, I tot. After verm left we had 2 open

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