Wenger blames Arsenal defence (and bad luck) for blowing 3-goal lead

Arsenal were woeful in the second half of last night’s 3-3 draw with minnows Anderlecht at the Emirates, and can you believe that Arsene Wenger is blaming the defence for letting the goals in?

“You have to give Anderlecht credit because they fought until the end and we had a poor defensive performance from the first to the last minute today.” Wenger said after the game.

“We never felt comfortable and somewhere we got punished because of bad luck. The first goal was offside but defensively our performance was not good enough to do it. Secondly at 3-0 we thought the job was done and it was a combination of switching off and fatigue as well. You could see we couldn’t win the challenges and they finished stronger and sharper – we got punished. It’s very disappointing but overall over the two games we got four points. I think we are well paid for our two performances.”

Another reason Wenger thinks we blew our lead was because we missed Arteta when he was taken off with a hamstring injury (for how long?) and that left our defence exposed, although Matthieu Flamini was a straight like-for-like replacement. “I think when we lost Mikel Arteta we lost out because he was one of the few who defended well. That didn’t help. Apart from that maybe we underestimated subconsciously Anderlecht and got punished. In the Champions League you need to be at the mental level or you get punished and certainly we were not.”

But Wenger again blasted the defence for not dealing with our opponents, especially in the last half hour of the match. “We dropped off too much and didn’t go into the challenges any more. Then you’re always open. We stopped winning the challenges and we dropped off and off and off.

“We were always open and we didn’t stop the crosses, we didn’t stop the long balls and I don’t especially think we were outnumbered. In the first half it happened, in the second half it was bad defending more than being outnumbered.”

I can understand why Wenger thought we were outnumbered, as according to Arsenal.com’s report of the match, Anderlecht had 21 players on the pitch *see at bottom of this report!

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  1. Wenger shouldn’t blame anyone but himself. This result along with a string of other poor ones are 90% his fault and his fault only. He needs to use his brain sometimes when on the touchline FFS.

    1. 1. Sanchez is twice a DEFENDER mersacker is #FACT
      2. I rather see us play with no DM than with FLAMINI
      3. Szczesny is Overrated
      4. I don’t who to choose between ramsey and Jack anymore.
      5. I miss the real cazorla
      6. Welbeck must realized he is a striker not a midfielder, and he’s mean to be around the box, and his duty is to score
      7. Is it a rule that arsenal must not do substitution early??
      8. I tot walcott is back, where the h*ll was he yesterday?? Don’t tell me on the bench for 90m
      9. Chambers is CB and Bellarin should be our back up)
      10. Take Sanchez away and may be Ox, where is the heart of aresnal players?? Does them even have one??
      11. #WengerOut I repeat #WengerOut, the sooner the better

      1. Youre so right mate. I just cannot believe how many AKBs are left. Where are the sackWenger flags! Alan Pardew got through hell at newcastle. Wenger needs to feel some pressure. He will not feel it from the board though, so he must feel it from the fans!

        I think we should start with 3 strikers and no DM i just don’t want to see Flamini or Arteta near the Emirates ever again! Some new CB would be nice since Mertesacker is awful and when will we get a new keepr i just dont’t know …

        1. How much longer can Mertesacker get away with his ” bloke who peels the half-time oranges” performances. He is ridiculously feeble. I am sure he needs help to put his kit on. I am getting so angry and embarassed watching him play and creating havoc because he has no idea what a defender has to do. Since Kos has been missing he has been totally exposed.How can this happen, is Wenger not able to see what is happening. For his own sake, please take him out….

    2. I don’t agree, I’m not a huge fan of Wengers at the moment, especially with playing Monreal in CB instead of Chambers, especially when we have more cover in RB than we do in LB, but when you are 3-0 up at 60mins it is the players who are responsible for maintaining a level of professionalism, which they didn’t. Monreal was pathetic and lost concentration and Mertesacker, who is supposed to be the leader on the pitch when Arteta is absent, went missing, Flamini was woeful and was a little lucky to still be on the pitch, and Cazorla… I have never wanted to punch someone so much… he needs to take a serious look at his performances this season because he has been atrocious. The manager played a team that got us 3-0 up, it is the players that let that slip. There is very little he can do to change what happens in the last 20mins, he obviously gave a pretty good half-time team talk as we came out and scored, I just hope he gave them ‘le Hairdryer’ treatment afterwards.

      Cazorla (I haven’t seen a pass from him that has been weighted/directed/struck well in ages, his shots have been wayward/or pathetic, and the last 16 of his set pieces havn’t hit an Arsenal player) and Monreal should be dropped for Bellerin and Walcott/Wilshere.

      1. Valid points but who is responsible for benching non-performing players?

        Wenger was unhappy with the defense from the start of the game. Leading 2-0 at halftime what did he do to change that? What did he do at 3-1? Did you see him telling players to stop blowing forward?

        Wenger cited fatigue as a reason. Valid point. Hard to play on Saturday and again on Tuesday. Which is why good managers rotate the squad. Wenger never rotates.

        1. I agree with benching non-performing players, but of the squad that played only Cazorla and Monreal have been particularly poor, and against Anderlecht, any Arsenal team should be able to hold onto a 3-0 lead. It was supposed to be a night for confidence boosting.

          Arteta mentioned that they were trying to maintain possession, so the wingbacks bombing forwards is on them.

          In terms of rotation; I can see the benefits of both rotation and consistency. Obviously we would have been fresher if we rotated, but we are also introducing the players to a new system, so consistency in the line-up is important. I think this was supposed to be a confidence boosting game.

          I stand by it that Wenger has made mistakes, but he shouldn’t be blamed for this. This is on the players and their poor performance and ill discipline.

      2. Cazorla laid the pass to gibbs when he set up Sanchez on the weekend,Cazorlas not playing great but i think people like you tend to go over the top.Wengers not helpin his confidence when he takes him off against Tottenham when others should have been sacrificed

        1. It’s not just one game though is it. I don’t think he’s scored since January? Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if he has it can’t be many since then. I’m not saying that he should be sold or left on the bench to rot, but he should be benched, and given some time to recuperate, and analyse his own performances and work rate compared to the likes of Ox and Sanchez, who (perhaps with Welbeck) have been constantly pressing winning the ball back and running.

          He, at least, should not be taking corners or freekicks, there have been way too many that have hit the first man.

    3. it is very obvious we are not going to win anything with wenger as our coach.he is very clueless absolutely no passion on the touchline to motivate the players.HE doesnt give instructions to them and his tactics are extremely terrible.the best we will get is 4th position in the league and a 2nd round knockout as usual.
      i wish wenger will do us a favour and resign at the end of the season when maybe we have missed out on our 4th position trophy.

    4. wenger should blame no-one but himself and get hell outta this precious football club ……. AnderLecht have made us a Laughing stock ….. And oh! Pls dn’t leave alone…. Take ur sons and cohorts along with u ……AKBs, BFG-kbs and down-thumbing specialists its time 4 y’all to do what u do best…..THUMB ME DOWN

  2. Wenger quick to blame the players but what about him last night,all I could see was him sat down or practising his new role as a cricket umpire by standing up every now and then and signalling a wide !
    The manager chooses the tactics,the manager picks the team,the manager motivates the team and the manager makes the substitutions !
    Yes the players need to take there share of the blame but while we have this idiot as a manager Mark my words we will be experiencing more nights like last night.

      1. I was there last night and the fans I spoke to seem to accept wengers performance as a manager which is unbelievable !

        You cannot say a bad word about him in the ground because some AKB idiot starts on you

        I support the club always have and always will but I’m a realist and Wenger is dragging us down so come on the board and fans open your eyes and ask yourself this.
        Under Wenger will we win the champions league or the premier league ?

    1. Yip, that’s his thing, blaming others for his failures. Yes, sometimes the players make individuals errors which can not be blamed on Wenger but Wenger is NOT giving us the BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE TO WIN EVERY GAME because of his lack of tactics, playing out of form players, not rotating squad and not having enough cover in CB and DM, HE IS TO BLAME HERE!!!

    2. We have spent the last 18 months getting rid of the deadwood which has been great but now by adding some quality it has exposed us to more deadwood.flamini is a great example as for me he brings nothing to the team but wengers refusal to buy defensive players means him and Monreal play games.monreal is not a CB so do feel for him.

  3. he always has someone to blame

    if you can score 3 goals at home and still not win against a very average opposition
    Then serious questions need to be asked?

    the reason why i say it cause chambers is not doing a good job at RB

    Chambers at CB Bellerin at RB

  4. Am I the only one thinking now the fa cup final win has turned into a poison chalice rather than the dawn of a new trophy winning era ?

    The win along with the new commercial deals should have seen us build and kick on this season.

    Instead we are still naive with our tactics,another transfer window where we needed a DM and CDM but fail to bring in and a team that has no concept of defending and shutting games down.

    Same story different season and I for one will go on record now and say this story will not have a happy ending come May.

    Solution is obvious change the manager.

    Can someone explain to me what Steve bould’s role at the. Club is ? Apart from chewing gum what does he do or what does Wenger allow him to do ?

    1. Fair point but we have had this issue for three years now and that must mean Wenger does not want a DM in the team,has he forgotten what we won back in the days of Veirra and petit.he seems to want box to box midfielders
      Letting tv5 go without replacing him as promised and loaning Jenko out and not recalling are schoolboy errors not what your expect from an 8m a year manager !

    2. @ gaLen ……… TypicaL wenger disciple ….a new manager isn’t the problem?….. And bould is doing ok? …..so funny…..something’s happening at d ArsenaL hierachy and bouLd must not utter a word….. Ever!…. Ever seen him talk to the players on the pitch b4?

  5. How can wenger blame the defence he has allowed it to happen, as Merson said surely there must be a young CB that could be used, when you look at the bench it shows how short of defensive players we are, why not bring on Bellerin then move chambers in front of the CBs ,put theo on just in front of the RB, Wenger and Boulder should have been screaming to the players ” just sit in” don’t need to go forward , but they just sat there

  6. what bad luck. arteta signaled to the bench that he can not play on. wenger failed to take him out and the next thing is a ball coming from our left to the right resulting in a cross and the goal. when the ball came from left to right arteta was in a position ti intercept it but could not because he was immobile due to the injury.

    we all know slow per is and to put him wit nacho is suicide. hes is so lazy he get beaten in the air by short players. see their 3rd goal.

    why does he not play chambers and Per togather then flamini can play right back and Aron can sit with arteta or the ox or even have Nacho sit with either arteta, Ox, or Aron.

    he was supposed to adopt a defensive formation during the second half and he failed to do so. he must call Mo for help sometimes.

    i expected theo to play a huge part of the second half but wenger had other plans.

    1. Wenger is often late to take injured players off. He did that with Gibbs a week ago, leaving him on a good 15 minutes after he was obviously hobbled.

  7. Bad defending you dobt say. Lets loan our versatile rb jenks and sell vermalen but buy no cb to replace. Then lets play players out of position, monreal is a lb only, chambers better at cb or dm, mertesacker needs getting off the pitch and not on the bench either. This shows to me how blind wenger is and how little influence bould has over wenger. I cabt belueve when the window shut bould would not have said let’s try and get a free agent cb. Tis a thankless job being an arsenal fan and wengers #2. Wenger is currently now the best manager to crush players confidence ability etc. Monreal will be strongly effected by last nights game.

  8. Aersenal should still qualify 2nd
    so already as good as last
    seasons ECL campaign.
    Premier league is still promising
    4th place at least. FA cup still to play for.
    So as long as we win them
    from now on in we will be fine.

    1. No disrespect mate and hope you are right but while our attack is great the defending and lack of cover will hurt us game after game.
      And January will not bring in the cover we need as Wenger will not spend.

  9. I hate that grey haired c#nt at Chelsea with a passion but if he was our manager would we have lost a three nil lead last night ?
    No because at two nil and defiantly at three nil he would have shut up shop.

    1. Exactly the same thought crossed my mind. Jose would have brought on another defensive midfielder and parked the bus being 3 nil up. Arsenal play with fire by passing the ball around too much especially in our third, it invites the opposition to push up and put pressure, something which Arsenal are known to fold against, especially playing players out of position like Monreal. I actually think he did ok as a CB but that penalty he gave away was so unnecessary as he slipped in doing so. The first goal was actually Gibb’s fault, if you look at the replay, the man he was marking (Vandenborre) moved in behind him, and when he looked again there was another blue shirt which he thought was the same guy, but it wasn’t. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh but I feel he could have been a bit more aware of who he was marking and blocked that cross. Their third goal was a really sublime one, almost a fluk of nature. Perhaps if Mertesacker was not so sluggish, he could have prevented it.

      Ultimately more against the run of play type stuff, but it really pisses me off that Arsenal completely dominating for 60 mins can just lay down and die like that. What changed that our players stopped chasing and pressing? Wenger might be at fault for playing some players out of position, but end of the day he was not on the pitch and I think our players need to take most of the blame on this one,

    2. If Jose were our manager, he would have plugged the obvious leaks in the summer and made this team a title contender. He would have bought 2 more defenders and a CDM. Jose would never be content to start a player like Arteta or Flamini at CDM nor would he have tolerated the lack of quality and depth on defense.

      The sad part is that the current difference between the Arsenal and Chelsea squads has nothing to do with budget or payroll. Switch the managers around 2 years ago and we would have the better squad.

  10. Winston Reid always been one of those ‘lot’s of potential’ players, but he hasn’t got a record with a big club: he was at Midtjylland (and yes I have spelt that correctly), before the Hammers, and he went through all the Danish young national teams before selecting New Zealand… so… Nope, he’s not good enough.

    I agree with you, I think Wanyama is exactly what we need. Schneiderlin is a bit to similar to the players we have (he keeps going forward), but Wanyama rarely enters the final third. Plus he’s a tank, personally I think we need to sign a prop or a second row (rugby) just to give our team some weight…

    1. No one should complain about Mertesacker, since 2007 all I could read and hear from fellow Gooners was “We need Mertesacker, he is big strong and a German regular, I did not know much about him but from 2007 until when we refused to pay £7 million got Cahill all the fans an former players were all mentioning him as a tiny Adams. John cross an Arsenal fan and The Daily Mirror sports journalist could not stop talkin about Mert every year and saying he is what we need… After we signed him everyone wanted him out after a few games, that Sunderland away game where he got turned was left on the floor and Sunderland went on to score..

      1. Mert was not a bad signing. But his game has slipped and he has always had limitations (covered up in part by Kos). A good manager would have known we needed not just a CB (the backup Wenger looked for) but a starting caliber CB. That was easily foreseeable last summer. As was the fact that guys like Arteta and Flamini were past their sell date.

        But Wenger is not proactive, he is reactive. And watch, come January there will be no buys and we will hear the old excuse about how hard it is to buy in January (while our rivals buy quality like Chelsea last January).

    2. Schneiderlin a bit like the players we already have? That may be, but he’s leading the league in interceptions for the 3rd consecutive year and also his tackling is top-notch. Would take him over Wanyama any day as he is way more consistant and has a way better passing range. Morgan Schneiderlin all day baby. Would take Krychowiak over Wanyama aswell.

    3. The question isn’t necessarily ‘should we get Reid’ it should be ‘is Reid better than what we already have?’ And I don’t think so. I mean he’s better than Monreal, but we should be playing Chambers in CB and Bellerin on the right, but thats another conversation…

      I agree that those defender have been sold at insanely high prices, especially when you look at some of their performances, which is why I think names like Jagielka, Vertonghen(perhaps a bit pricey, plus he’s a spud… but so was Sol train), or even Bruce or Davies (speaking of Hull) should be looked at. These are players who are in team that have to concede a huge amount of possession (particularly the Hull duo) and therefore have to defend at the premier league standards for a long time. They are all consistent performers for their teams and not ‘Big Names’.

      There are also players abroad that are available for less; Brooks at Hertha BSC, and Morales at FC Ingolstadt 04 have been two players I have heard alot of good things about, but I think we need someone with EPL experience.

  11. Bringing and out of form midfielder and a striker who does not track back from the bench is not bad luck, it is a tactical mistake. The blame is 10% ref, 40% team (defenders and DM/CM) and 50% Wenger.

  12. Paul Merson said it all

    “If I’m being honest, I think they’re tactically clueless, that’s an honest opinion. How you can be 3-0 up and be attacking…this is not the first time…this happens a lot. It is absolutely clueless.”

    “For me, the manager has got to get a message on. You’re playing with international footballers, these are not little kids. These [players] have played for their country lots of times, they have played in World Cups, they played in a lot of Premier League games.”

    “They’re all bombing forward! Surely something in your head, if you know football, says ‘right, let’s stop here, we’ll have two banks of four, leave two up front and we’ll go from there. Let them break us down’. For me, it is clueless.”

    In his post-match comments Wenger suggested fatigue had played a role in Arsenal’s second-half capitulation, but Merson dismissed the Frenchman’s explanation out of hand.

    “If you’re tired and you know [as a manager] the players are tired, you tell everybody to sit back,” he added.

    “Or you bring one of them off and bring on one of the fastest players in the Premier League in Theo Walcott, you play him up front and when the other team attack, you play on the counter.

    “If you’re tired, sit back. With all due respect, they didn’t have the hardest game in the world on Saturday [against Burnley]. They had probably about 108 per cent of the game. I can’t buy that. It’s excuse after excuse, covering over the cracks.

    “I’d just love [Wenger] to come out one day and go ‘Not good enough’.”

    “Everyone knows that if you finish second [in your group], you haven’t got much chance of winning it,” he insisted.

    “They’ll get through and then they’re out of the Champions League, because if you look at all the [likely group] winners, they’re not beating them.”

    1. Fatigue did play a role. But Wenger can fix that with squad rotation. He never rotates and the fatigue was entirely predictable.

  13. We are an average team this season. Only highlight is Sanchez.

    Our replacement for Sagna is injured.
    No replacement for vermealan
    Still no DM.
    Still Rosicky (plays well in the weeks before his contract talks), Arteta(just getting past it), Cazorla (where have you been?), flamini(not the world class dm we need) mertesacker(liability), szcesny (a liability and definitely not world class), diaby (always injured, basically stolen a career) monreal (unable to defend) are all in the squad. I wouldn’t mind if they were all sold/let go.

    Look at Chelsea and City, there squad depth is amazing. Chelsea have world class throughout every position and cover. City have a very strong squad depth too.

    Have to question our manager and board, we need strong squad depth. And a manager that isn’t so stubborn and basically an accountant to take us forward. In danger of letting the faint possibility of challenging each season because of our lack management and squad. Which for a team boasting the highest ticket prices is pretty f**king rich.

    1. Leave Rosicky off the list. Wenger never plays him. Can’t blame a guy who is sitting on the bench. The failure to rotate the squad and to make use of Rosicky, Podolski and Campbell is criminal neglect. Favored players (Wilshere, Ramsey, Carzola, Sanogo) get unlimited chances regardless of performance. The other 3 get none.

  14. Another problem I think we are too quick to reward players for good performance. Ramsey only played one good season and has negotiated a very good long term package! What for? I think he is back to his old days.

  15. I would have taken this draw lightly if Ajayi or Hayden were playing as defenders! At least one would say they are learning….Not 30 year old experienced defenders! That was poor, Now I see why Martesacker retired from international football!

  16. any manager on earth if they were called specialist in failure they would respond but wenger nah he is 2 classy except when he pushed moaninho on sidelines but apart from that nothing
    now Anderlecht manager mocks Wenger for playing only 1 way And some people will still say he is held in high regard throughout football Wenger has become a joke within football, but out of respect for past achievements the football community keeps quiet we shouldn’t live in past it’s time for change

  17. Anderlecht’s manager: Arsenal didn’t just sit back. At 3-2, they started to have doubts . We could see a difference from the mental perspective I don’t know who the heck this manager is but he makes more sense than wenger fact is we have no leaders

    1. And no game plan either. 3 – 0…just sit back and hit them with speed, at least than we have pinned some of they players back.

  18. Arteta devastated by the result. Don’t be devastated by angry and turn this anger into motivation, has our club got any sports physiologists? God knows we need them now. As the captain I’d love Arteta to test the “my door is always open theory”, mikel you need to book some 1-1 time with wenger and discuss the result. At risk to your own career which is surely coming to an end at arsenal you need to tell wenger what we all know. Monreal is not a cb chambers is, bellerins pretty good at rb, per needs to leave the club, (tough one this personally pointing the finger atone player), whats wrong with campbell? Tell wenger he I is slowly losing the dressing room. Problem is wenger picks captains and vcs that are puppets/lapdogs. Can you imagine viera or roy keane putting up with this? They’d have to be vocal even if it meant ending their career which it did with keane. Grow some mikel and front up to the crazy stubborn fool!

  19. Mertesacker is not finished… He is “dead” on his feet.
    Slow, prone to errors, clumsy and not even powerful (smaller players take headers away from his lazy “ass”).
    This team needs, 2 more Sanchez, 2 more Koscielny and 2 top DM.
    When completed, we will need Wenger and Steve Bold (another weak ex English pro) out and Simeone with all, and I mean ALL his staff hired.

    Blaming the loss on fatigue (after playing Burnley) and lack of concentration, when you are sitting on your ass most of the game instead of directing your team, is a bit “rich” from this arrogant “twat”…!!

    Based on the means at his disposal, the fan base, the support and the potential, we have the worse manager in the league by far.

    I understand why some managers (Mourinho especially) do not comprehend why he is still in position when they get fired even after winning trophies…!!

    Delusional, arrogant, self-absorbed, tactically clueless, managerially poor and professionally irresponsible are Mr Wenger main qualities on the sporting aspect.
    He can easily financially manage a club, that is why Juventus, and the 2 Spanish outfits (as well as PSG) wanted him.

    We have 3 more years of that ridiculous circus with a manager who truly, an I mean truly believes he is doing the right thing for the club. He sees potential in the squad… Where?
    When we get all the injured back, we will go on a run, but, again, it will be too late and some fans will rejoice after a top four finish (same losers and addicted to failure).

    He is not even effective on the transfer market.
    The logic would want you to bring what you need first and then top it up with gems (Sanchez, Ozil)… No, he buys the gems and then sit on his ass and even tell us we are lucky “he was not at home” otherwise Welbeck would have not been an Arsenal player…!! F*cking arrogant fool !!

    He is 65 yo and not going to change… It is too late.

    This is the fourth highest paid manager in world football… So, for all the Wenger supporters (obviously as deluded as him and clearly afraid of progress) do you think it is justifiable?

    Is it justifiable that a manager earning such a ridiculous amount of cash cannot deliver trophies, major trophies (FA Cup after 10 years is a f*cking disgrace and not even worth considering even though it saved his head) on a regular basis…??

    And he keeps talking about Arsenal being a top club…!!

    I would love to know his definition of a top club?
    As well as, his definition of incompetence?

    This guy should have been gone 6 years ago…

    1. Well said and another fan said people at the groud dare not say bad things about wenger or boo him as others will start on them, Jesus boys grow a pair

    2. LoCkay ,well said. Great way to get it off your chest. Helped me to get it off mine. The man is surely losing it, which is a shame really because there is no doubt that he has brought us many good times. Sadly now he is wandering alone in the wilderness. I never thought that I would be saying this but he should move on now for his own sanity and wellbeing.

  20. @wonder. As for per retiring from international footie, I wouldn’t be surprised if after the howler of a game he had, (semi final I think) j low had a quiet word abd suggested it. Low was never going to select him again so its better if the player himself says im retiring. Wenger should do the same, “per sorry but your done”. Hayden and chambers at the back please until kos is back, then kos chambers.

  21. Wenger post match press conference has been qualified by French and German sports journalists (English would just have nothing substantial to say, as usual) as surrealistic.
    One journalist asked Wenger is he was the Arsenal manager or the interim one as he kept complaining about injuries and lack of player back ups.

    He is not even taking responsibilities for his own actions and doings.

    It is always someone else fault and occurrences.

    That guy is just unreal…!!!

  22. Apparently, Steve Bold (the silent number 2) might have suggested playing Chambers as a permanent DM and give a chance to Bellerin as a RB until Debuchy gets fit (France Football source).

    Shad Forsythe (new physio) asked to be trusted with the first team, but Wenger insisted on Tony Colbert, even though proven useless and incompetent, to be around to assist (France Football source).

  23. I said we needed a Striker, DM and CB to have a chance of competing properly for the title and go farther in the CL..

    Poor Welbeck is just proving to be a Forrest Gump, just running around but doing nothing for us upfront, bad heavy first touch, does not read passes and can’t position well in the area. He is spending more time rubbing like a headless chicken. It’s good to hustle and work hard for the team, but show some intelligence as a striker..

    Flamini as a DM, I don’t need to say much as everyone knows where we all stand with him..

    Mertesacker, the biggest player but the weakest aerially, if the ball is not coming straight at him in his natural position he struggle, all the routine straight high balls from opposition goal kicks are easy for him, but let the opposition striker be running behind him then you will see how he struggles, let’s crosses come in where he needs to adjust and clear then at an angle, he looks clueless..

    And the whole team as a whole, we are so weak it’s unbelievable, apart from Sanchez and Forrest Gump (Welbeck) not a single one of the players has the desire, fight etc.,

    Podolski was the freshest when he came in, but the 3rd goal exposed his lack of effort and his laziness. The players that had played for 89 minutes were still running and closing down better than him..

    And I think his game highlighted why We get does not trust him.. Very lazy player..

  24. wenger is a deluded old fart who leaves a terrible smell and bad taste around arsenal . one of these days he is going to turn into the ghost of christmas past , he is the image of him .

  25. WENGER will BLAME everyone but himself and BOULD. Both should be SACKED.
    Wenger has run out of excuses so he turns on his Team.

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