Wenger blames “external circumstances” for Arsenal’s complacency – Again??

It was always going to be interesting to see how Arsene Wenger justified Arsenal’s dire performance against the Swedish minnows Ostersunds who had an average attendance of 5,295 last season. The Gunners were 2-0 down at half-time and there was a real possibility of Arsenal being eliminated if they carried on in the same fashion.

Wenger was honest about the team being useless in the first half, but praised them for coming back in the second. He said, “We were not at the races in the first half. I think in the second half it was much better and we should have scored a few goals. Our energy was higher, our domination was consistent and we were in control in the second half.

“In the first half we were in trouble and in danger because we were complacent, not focused and were open every time we lost the ball. We had no ideas with the ball and that’s why we were in trouble.”

Jack Wilshere earlier said that Arsenal “underestimated” their opponents, but Wenger insists that his team were ready, but “external circumstances” stopped them playing to their usual level. “We prepared properly and in a serious way,” Le Prof said. “but you have external circumstances such as the fact we won 3-0, the fact that we have another big game on Sunday, the fact that people subconsciously think you just have to turn up to win the game,”

“Football doesn’t work like that. We played against a good side and it’s what you see in the FA Cup.

“Against all teams, you can be in trouble every time you’re not 100 per cent focused.”

The problem with Arsenal is that this is not an unusual occurrence this season. We have lost to big teams, small teams, relegation contenders and even bottom of the Bundesliga side Koln, Maybe our worst example was losing to Nottingham Forest 4-2, a Championship straggler that had only won one of their previous 8 games, and have only won one of their 8 matches since!

I wonder what the “external circumstances” that led to all those defeats?

Darren N


  1. mark says:

    It’s just his new excuse phrase. It used to be the challenges of ‘team cohesion’.

    The reality is, the manager is stale, past his sell by date and we deserve better.

    1. MickVee says:

      If i am paying somebody &100,000 A WEEK and they don’t perform due to lack of focus they are getting their ass kicked, immediately !!

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Boringness boring Arsene Wenger

  3. gotanidea says:

    Maybe his players do not trust him and do not want to put extra efforts for him anymore.

    If he doesn’t win the Europa League and the League Cup, I think he would most likely get sacked at the end of this season. But it means no Champions League next season and it might be more difficult for Arsenal to attract big name players.

    Which one do you prefer, Wenger gets sacked but no Champions League and no big name signings or we get Champions League but Wenger stays?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Nothing to do with trust issues, the team did not have an ulterior motive. Some of them are blessed to be getting the money they get and to be at Arsenal. They were just sh&t, totally underestimated the other sides chances of sneaking back into the tie. Our lads thought it’d be a walk in the park and didn’t believe they’d have to put any effort into it. We all thought the tie was over but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a game on. I think Admin’s still in shock!

    2. Lola says:

      I would chose no wenger and championship football even.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    The articles are a bit slower today, we got AC Milan. Roy Keane says Wilshere is most overrated player in world.

    1. gotanidea says:

      AC Milan is currently in the 7th position in Serie A, so maybe they have the same football level as Arsenal. Apart from Wilshere, there are other players that have never got any major trophy or create very minimal contribution in each match, but have big price tag and often show up in news.

  5. Sarmmie says:

    even if we won the europa and qualify for champions league, is that an assurance that we’ll sign players, or don’t you think that that’s when Wenger ll say we’re good enough and we’re a strong side that we don’t need an

  6. Sarmmie says:

    another player

  7. Sarmmie says:

    And even if Wenger decides to buy players after qualifying for the ucl, I still believe very little will change as long as Wenger is at the helm of affairs. so he should just go how will you lose to a team that hasn’t been heard of before at home and still try to justify it

    1. Midkemma says:

      Sven is head of recruitment, if you have been paying attention to AFC then you will know that it was Sven who pushed to sign the young Greek CB, Mavrop.. Along with Sven pushing to get Mkhi as part of the Alexis deal along with Sven being in Dortmund with the CEO getting the Auba deal.

      No Wenger in those signings so to assume Wenger will be the authority on signings would appear to be misplaced belief.

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Off course it’s never Arsene’s fault……

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Robin, Midkemma is correct though in that Wenger’s power over recruitment appears to have been diminished with the appointments of Sven et al.
          However Robin I am waiting for someone to publish a book on Wenger’s excuses!

        2. Midkemma says:

          I talked about a single transfer window and the 1st window after Gazidis hires a head of recruitment and that translates to everything for you?

          Why do some people feel the need to mindlessly bash an area rather than debate that area. Wenger had power and that power appears to have been taken away in transfers with the hiring of Sven.

          As I recognise Svens influence, I do wonder what influence Raul Sanllehi will have now he has been hired…

          Defending Wenger? Really?
          I’m looking forward and my comments clearly indicate that I believe Wenger making decisions isn’t that future.

  8. ken says:

    arsenal yet again the pinnacle of ridicule; for example, the best thing about two legs is the winning over either one of them, i think we did that. three points to liverpool, tottenham and man united has kept them popular but a league cup final and group toppers makes a lot of sense when you’re through to the last 16. sometimes you need to remind people of silverware won to date, not the day teams got one over arsenal.


    vs Mancity,

    1. Sue says:

      Mkhi is cup tied!!!!

  10. Durand says:

    Simple question to manager;
    If players were at fault for pi$$ poor performance then why keep playing them? Iwobi, welbeck, etc
    Reiss instead of Iwobi, willock not El Neny, punish them for lack of focus and effort.

    Instead he coddles these pampered lightweights.
    Wenger gets blamed for Bould not coaching defending, and rightly blamed in part.
    Bould also deserves blame for standing idle rather than doing what it takes to improve. Guess paycheck more important than pride or respect.
    Players also deserve blame for not seeking out help to improve defensively.

    Too many divas by far, not enough worriors and fighters like Adams

  11. jon fox says:

    I will be totally honest and say this: I need Wenger out of our club so much that I now actually want us to lose games and embarraassingly so, to force his sacking. I just don’t care any more – not while he remains- about winning honours, either Carabao or Europa. I also want a huge points gap between us and the other top five, not merely four. Until we force this harmful manager out everything else that might give him a better chance of keeping his job, is actually harmful to us. So I hope we get thrashed, not merely beaten on Sunday and by AC Milan too. I also don’t care what names the idiots on here call me, who disagree and who can’t see what is most vitally important to our future. Come on City ; help save our club from damaging Wenger!

    1. Hayzed says:

      Jon fox
      You always say what is in my mind and I like you more for that.

      1. andcliff says:

        I’m with you 100% but the problem is the lily livered board don’t have the cojones.

    2. Julius Ouko says:

      I hear ya and I am with ya. Anything that will get Wenger sacked is what I want.

  12. Buteo says:

    Well atleast we sendt out a strong message?

  13. Phil says:

    As much as I agree with Jon on most of his opinions,I just cannot convince myself on this one.The point that is indisputable is the frustration we all (well most) feel.Wenger is responsible for this mess yet he still seems to feel he is bullet proof and totally immune to criticism of his management.
    Last night SHOULD have been his last chance.It won’t be because this Board seem determined to give him every opportunity when in reality they most likely wish the chapter in this book was closed.
    Sat there last night in a stadium with more and more empty seats on view and with derision instead of support being offered by the fans was evidence yet again that cannot continually be ignored.
    Life After Wenger will not be a long and tough process we all have to endure.There are WORLD CLASS MANAGERS out there who would be proud to have the opportunity to manage OUR club.I believe the change would immediately have a positive impact on the team.Overnight some of these players would realise the cosy little life they have had under Wenger was the exact opposite of how a Premiership Football Club should be run.Most will be out overnight with the majority leaving at a time that’s right for the club.
    Sven M and Raul have started the Catylis For Change.We welcomed this as the first step.
    JON-We feel your pain mate.We must all hang in there.The time is coming.

    1. Hayzed says:

      You,Jon Fox and Sue are my best friend on this site.

      1. Guneal says:

        What about me! I keep picking at that dinosaur at every slight chance I gets!

        1. andcliff says:

          Spot on Phil and I hope you’re right.

          1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            I concur Phil and although I support jon fox in my frustration over the last 10 years, I cannot bring myself to want the Arsenal to lose.

  14. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger blames Wengersaurus for stealing his role as the clubs Dinosour who refuses to go extinct.

    1. ks-gunner says:


  15. GoonAR says:

    Inadvertent compliance lapse no big deal

  16. ThirdManJW says:

    Next season’s excuse for failure will be Brexit. Haha

  17. Sue says:

    If we do lose on Sunday I still don’t think he’ll be sacked….I think he’ll see his contract out.. not that I want him to but that’s my honest opinion.
    I’ve been thinking about what it will be like when we (eventually) get a new manager…. as long as Bruce Rioch doesn’t come back, wasn’t that keen on him!!

    1. Not only will he see his contract out, he will sign a new one. The man said he will go for another 4 years, best to accept that and lower your expectations.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        how much lower though, lol

  18. andcliff says:

    I am getting more and more depressed and would like to hibernate until June 2019. But guess what, he will still be there blaming everyone else. Does Groundhog Day come to mind?

  19. Drew says:

    Well, Mr Wenger did say at the end of last season that he was the best man to turn things around. I think it is going to take a bit longer than we all hoped

  20. Marty says:

    I’ve given up trying to understand what Wenger says, he comes out with the same excuses all the time. As for Wilshire admitting that they underestimated the opposition, what a thing for a professional to say let alone do. If that is his attitude then we don’t want him at our club. The attitude and complacency of the players also surely comes down from management, or have the players given up listening to Wenger and co…….

    1. Craig Barrett says:

      Time is truly up for the old stale one. It’s so hard to watch this arsenal train wreck week in and week out. Just hope it will soon be over. Wenger your time is most definitely over

  21. gooner4life says:

    Typical blame everyone or everything else for his incompetence,surely he should take some of the blame as he is responsible for the teams preparation.It’s time for him to leave.

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