Wenger blames naive defending and rushed attacking

Arsenal were 2-0 up with just a few minutes to half-time and it looked like we were cruising to an easy three points. Then Andy Carroll gatecrashed the party and scored two goals in three minutes to hand the impetus to our opponents. The second half was not much better as we allowed Carroll to score a third and then we were always on the backfoot. “We should have made life a bit more difficult for him,” Wenger said. “On the first, second and third goal, we were a bit naive defensively.”

It was a rollercoaster after that and although we got the equaliser, both sides were going all out to score the winner. It was a great game for the neutrals but Wenger still thought that we should have won the game. “We were [in control],” he said. “There are always a lot of positives. Overall, you can say it is not a bad result to draw here, but in the context of the league, where we are and what we want to achieve, it is a very bad result for us.

“I wanted to win the game. In the end we had the opportunities to score a fourth goal, but we were not calm enough. I think we rushed our game in the box and that is disappointing.

“One or two times on the counter-attack the pass didn’t come quickly enough out of the feet and that is why we missed.”

Oh well. A point is a point, and we can only wait and pray that today’s games bring us more joy than yesterdays result. I think Wenger will be having some serious words with our defenders in the morning….


  1. I thought it was a
    great game of football.
    End to end, open, fast
    full throttle footy.
    6 top goals and another 20 chances.
    Nothing wrong with the defending.
    Fair result.

    1. Defending was a little bit naive. However, a draw from Upton Park is not that bad.

      Our PL title chase was ended long before, when we lost to Chelsea, Man United, Swansea and drew S’hampton at home inside like 4-5 weeks. We lost 8 points from these matches at HOME. That is unacceptable.

    2. nothing wrong with the defending?
      bloody hell ur clueless

      someone on here said it best . drogba bullied us in same way carroll did an arsene never learned.

      will never learn.

        1. I like your optimism David

          If Barcelona could lose yesterday, nothing stops Leicester and Spurs from dropping points…

          If Wolfsburg could give Real footballing lessons, who says Sunderland can’t do the same to Leicester?


  2. had nightmare last night.

    some tall geordie with rubbish hair called andy carroll was coming to get me.
    luckily i used my skittles taste the rainbow mashine gun.

  3. This season is gone, let’s plan for the next one. I’m looking forward to these 4 signings

    1. Gonzalo Higuain
    2. Julian Draxler
    3. Granit Xhaka
    4. Ronald Koeman

    1. hahahaha
      twiglet u must be trolling

      might aswell add he-man and bucky ‘o’ hare to that list

    2. I know we need a quality DM
      but surely Koemann
      is too old now? 🙂 But he is
      better than Arteta and Flamini.
      And would play more games
      per season than Wilshere and Rosicky combined.
      Let’s sign him up now.

    3. Keep looking

      Anyhow, what difference would it make if your wish list is miraculously obtained?

      Leicester are probably going to win the league without hardly any big names/ WC players..what does that tell you?

      Let me spell it out:
      Managers and clubs with less have done more. Wenger and board have had 12 years to move from 4th -3rd and Leicester Move from 20th to top in a season.

      Money aside, Arsenal at Wengers hands is underachieving and is incapable of winning big prizes.

      Bring Messi, Zlatan, Pogba, Jesus Christ etc but it won’t change a thing whilst AW is at the head of it all and Kroenke is at the club.

      Top of any shopping list if you are an arsenal fan and live within 100 miles of North London is a banner with Wenger and Kroenke out on it.

      Ffs people. Wake up already!

  4. A pathetic team with no leader no commitment no desire.
    That rubbish defence that cant do anything.
    Bullied and outrun by strikers.
    I am sure if we sell walcott or giroud to another team they will surely come back to haunt us.
    We are always losing the ball upfront and makes our team delicate.
    Yet we have a 65 year old manager collecting 8mil each who can do nothing about it

    1. Crossing should be bread and butter for defenders. They should watch some clips of the Leic pair, or watch how Cahil and Terry just sandwich the main threat when he is on his own in the box, they make sure he cant even reach it never mind run at it.

  5. If you ever want to illustrate to anyone, why or how Arsenal are not champions any longer, you just show them this match. Two goals up and half time looming, do you think Arsenal will try to see it out, heck they will, because instead they go for a third with more than half of their team pushing forward. Leicester are champions because they would’ve sat on the one goal lead, then letting one player along with their striker break quickly for a second one. Bellerin Alexis Iwobi and Welbeck really let us down, the job going forward was done, so they should have been concentrating on the only other job left ..the defending.

  6. If we are losing so many points from naïve defending the why doesn’t Wenger do something about it? After all we’ve been naïve for quite a few seasons.

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