Wenger blames the ref but actually Arsenal were rubbish

So another away game for Arsenal and yet another defeat, but (look on the bright side!) at least we scored our first goal on our travels at last! Watford played with confidence and belief, which is more than we could say about our players, and they certainly were looking for a winner right up until the final minute, while we looked like we were playing for a draw after Watford’s equalizing penalty.

Wenger, of course, doesn’t accept that the ref got the decision on the penalty right. “I would say it was not a penalty. It was a decision from the referee and that’s it.”

He went on to say “I don’t want to interfere too much with the referees and their decisions and what’s going on. I just want the right decisions to be made during the game.”

Arsenal seem to given many penalties against us in the last year or so, so does Wenger think that there is a hidden agenda against us? “I don’t know. I don’t see any pre-conceived idea. I just think the decision is wrong and that’s it. It came at a moment in the game where it was absolutely important for Watford. [If there was] no penalty, [there’d have been] no goal.”

But the fact is that we had many chances to go further ahead before the equalizer, so what does Wenger think is the reason for that? “We should have [scored], yes of course. It’s not the only major fact in the game. I thought we played very well in the first half but I was not so happy with the level in the second half. I think our level dropped in the second half and we missed many chances to kill the game with goal No 2 and goal No 3 – they should have been scored. After that, at 1-1, there was no need to panic. I believe that on the second goal we can only look at ourselves.”

Ramsey and Alexis missed the game after their international disappointments, so does Wenger think many of our players were affected by the break? He was asked if he thought this may have been a contributing factor? “It is, but if you look well at the game today, I think with a bit more killer instinct in front of goal, we should have won the game. That’s where we are guilty. The decision on the penalty we have no impact on at all. Not everybody is at the same level physically, that’s for sure, but I feel despite that, we should have won the game.”

Yes we should have beaten Watford. We should have beaten Stoke. But we didn’t. So we are now nine points (and a zillion goals) behind Man City, so is that already an impossible gap to make up? “It will be difficult, of course.” Wenger concluded. “At the moment we are not looking too much at Man City, we are looking at ourselves. We have to bounce back from our disappointment today. We look like we can make results when we play our game like we did in the first half. But we need to be at the level like that for 90 minutes.”

Yes we do Arsene, so why aren’t we????

Darren N


  1. Me says:

    Nothing will change while he remains at the club.
    So these websites are pointless.
    What is the point of debating when nothing will ever change…

  2. greg says:

    Reflecting back on yesterday’s game it’s sad to say this, but we made a below average player like Troy deeney looked like a world class Messi and Ronaldo! Absolutely shocking!

    1. GB says:

      No, he just put himself about a bit and we bottled it!

  3. Jakedala says:

    Nothing will change with AW in charge. The match was awful to look at. We were awful. Regardless of the penalty (was not a penalty) we did not deserve to win. Watford wanted it more and they are coached by a manager who understands tactics, how to win and how to motivate his team. Watford deserved the victory. We have too many headless players running around producing nothing of consequence, passing across the line or back to defenders. How many of our players would get a start with the two teams leading the premier league? We need a change of manager and we need to ditch players who are not up to standard and bring is quality under a new tactically aware manager who could get the best out of a much changed team. Top 4 is not on with this lot of underachievars.

    1. chris says:

      Were we so awful ? Our 3 most influential players were all missing plus a 1st choice centre back. If the ref. had had the guts to award our penalty and not theirsr we would have won at Watford which, these days, is not easy.

      1. Me says:

        Sanchez – who wants to be anywhere except at Arsenal.
        Ozil – who does nothing. offers nothing. expects everything.
        Mustafi – who put in a transfer request and loves to dive into tackles in the penalty box.
        Ramsey – thinks he is better than he is.
        Arsenal were bloody awful and are bloody awful even with those players.
        Jesus have you been watching Arsenal for the last god knows how many years?
        We are not progressing – we are regressing.
        Arsenal are in decline – keeping that old fool at the club is killing us…

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Well look at the bright side…..
    I’ve drawn a blank, never mind
    When I think of one I will let you know

    1. Mark luxford says:

      I think wenger is delibrately running us into the groind so that when he leaves he can say look at my record and my acheviements i built the emirates i had the invicbles the most fa cups etc
      Look at the recent statement he made reguarding his suceesor he says its got nothing to do with him and is not intetested ! Surely he should be pro active in finding a man to make us great again but no its all about him and not arsenal i think he thinks arsenal are only 20 years old and its his property
      He was lucky to inherit adam bould keown dixon winterburn seaman and Bergkamp if he took over arsenal now what would he realistically win ? Nothing and what is he leaving behind coqoliin xhaka eleny monreal walcott !!!! So he has had 80 million in wages and thats what he cares about and that also goes for everyone running OUR club that dont give a monkeys about the title or europe it will only change when totally fail and finish 10-12 for a few years and there pockets get hit and i can see it and that will make me hate wenger kronke gazidis and all those stuck up arrogant directors of our beloved club it will be like going back to Don howe managing the club and 17000 on the stands
      I hope i am wrong but can anyone see it any other way ?????
      Time for change and change now
      Troy deemy is right no balls
      I wouldnt want to go into a battle with any of them backing me up
      White feathers all round

  5. clockendjim says:

    I wish to debate why Me has put a point of debate on to a debating website stating that there is no point in going onto a debating website with a debate

  6. AndersS says:

    Totally agree. It is the usual Wenger excuses and regarding our team, he can point out the symptoms, but never the illness and the cure. Same old, same old.
    Watford has players nowhere near as skillful as ours, but they obviously have a manager, who can install motivation and belief and make them better as a team, than they are individually.
    We have a manager, who has made a mess of things off the pitch, who can’t motivate his team to make a 100% effort, and who makes the same tactical mistakes over and over again. That is why we lost. And not only this match, but countless before this.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Troy Deeney is a coward. I can’t stomach players who talk like that after it’s done. Nothing before the game about loving to play Arsenal as they have no balls, it’s always afterwards like a little chicken s**t. This is why we need a first team captain, to remind our players next time and the next time again and again. Instead there will be talk about focus and harmony and stuff, when sometimes you just need to wind the players up and demand a performance.

    1. Ivan says:

      The trouble is he us right. Only Sanchez has any fight and thanks to Wenger and Gadzidis he will be gone either in January for £10-15 mil or nothing at the end of the season. Then we have nobody with any fight just overpaid gutless Wenger favorites. SACK WENGER.

    2. jon fox says:

      Yes, and what you say about winding up our players is exactly what Martin Keown said would have happened in his playing days. But then he and his teammates were made of bricks , not straw.

  8. yisa says:

    aserne wenger is our problem those guys are tired of him

  9. yisa says:

    the only thing that can make Asenal improve is the departure of wenger

  10. AngryGunner says:

    Solution is obvious , we just have to do it.

    #KroenkeOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises

  11. jon fox says:

    Being a fan is akin to a lifelong love affair/ marriage. That being so, my own 59 year long WATCHING relationship with Arsenal finally ended last year, though I still support and love Arsenal in my heart. Metaphorically, it is like marrying a woman whom you love and are devoted too , but who after around fifty years of marriage (i.e nine years ago) tragically but steadily declines into dementia. Like, probably, every other Gooner, I worshipped Wenger and Arsenal (same thing, in practise, in many ways) for much of his 21 years but recognised that his slow mental decline started around a decade ago. Loving him became gradually more difficult as his behaviour became gradually more strange, unpredictable and troublesome and bit by bit, over the years, my devotion and love has turned from love, through deep frustration, into hate. Sadly , unlike a spouse who sadly has dementia, she continues to deliberately sabotage our “marriage” and flatly refuses outside help and a period in a care or nursing home. She cares nothing for me or my “close relatives,” (ie Arsenal fans) and thinks we are out to remove her from our marriage(divorce) and put her in an asylum for the “mentally insane”. In this thought , finally, she shows a spark of realism, because, metaphorically speaking, many – even most of us – would do precisely this , were we able to. This is a tragedy of epic proportions but my love will only finally die when the hate also dies. In fact, when I no longer treasure the long happy and fulfilling relationship we had in those early years and finally become immune to the memories of her in her glamourous glory years. Fellow Gooners this is where I and I suggest many of us are right now; longing for the return of the glory years of our marriage with Wenger but, being sane ourselves, fully certain those gloroius days with her have gone for ever. Some lucky people , usually far younger than I, have successful second marriages and I fervently wish all you young and middle aged fans a glorious second marriage – living in the same palatial house(ie Emirates Stadium) – to a newer , younger, prettier and far more sane and talented woman. For me , it is too late now. I will treasure the memories I loved and try, but fail, to forget the hate and bitterness I feel towards her and the decade too long I wasted watching her decline into madness. To conclude the metaphor, my wifes full name was Wenger Gazidis Kroenke!

  12. the barrel says:

    Watford beat us 2-1 last season with all the players that were mentioned that they were missing. So, its a sad because once beaten, twice shy

  13. Mogunna says:

    loool, lmfao and crying as well…Referee? how ridiculous is this? If someone doesn’t give some coffee or something to arsenal owners an Wenger, we about to witness one of saddest moment in football. Wenger will leave himself and Arsenal ending 12th. If Wtaford can beat us, you saw why. Look at both managers, one is sitting bitting his nells, stressed out and only stands to complain to official and his handshake to other coach when he does so… You saw the other coach? Up running, creaming at his player as if he was on the pitch..;You see Klopp, Gardiola, every managers add that plus to the team; energy and keep them focused, a real driving force all game long., forget about Zidane, the all real plays as he used to almost, a real style..Look at ours, sitting, stressed, scared, nervous, bitting nails, lethargic, lost as our team looks…So, leave referee out of this, then he can’t put right players on pitch nor changes. Wilshere should have been brought in to create and add danger, speed to our game, Walcot some more and Giroud if needed…Ozil being supposed to sit apparently… So, it is no referee, but a team as reflecting manager…If owners and Wenger himself do not get a huge container of coffee, we will finish 12 and he will be doing the walk of shame, leave himself remembered as a loser… What they need to do NOW is bring Henry to assist him and do the job, boost, get players focused with winning spirit he has in him…Then wenger can sit all season long, bench himself as he does and watch henry do the running and screaming as other manager dio…Then we will be in top 3, meaning third; there’s now way to ctach up the Manchesters and if we dont wake up now, we will fight for fourth place; the spurs will distance us and fight for second or third. Football is a game that consists in winning, to do so, you got to score more goals, put occasions behind that net. Right now, our game is on defense but you can’t win a game that way and specially not with a defense leader as Per. Wenger wants him with academy, are you surprised? What a futur this would be? No, get Henry, have Wenger sit this year and next year til end of his contract; Henry will save his mentor this year and win “together” next year and it would be great end for their story and futur. he can then sit and be named as Sir Alex for life watch his football son win for him! Leave referee alone, watford was a team with a goal, win; not us, just passing ball around….Respect and support to Wenger who just need help….Can’t blame him but change that, a new coach wont work, Henry is perfect option, he has nothing to do with Belgium Team but Arsenal who needs him…Or we finish above 10 place. If watford beat us, where do you realistically see us?

  14. KaTs says:

    Not unusual unfortunatelly. Wenger never critize his players. Otherwise they wouldn’t behave very absent.
    Arsenal loses almost every second game so far, and statically would finish in 10th place at the end of the season.

  15. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger blames the ref ? Wenger is at fault he made bad substitutions he didn’t have a clue once they got the penalty he had a vacant look on his Face. So the Best he could come up with is it’s the Ref’s Fault Ha Ha.

  16. Mohammed M Jama says:

    Now adays I got sick from the poor performance of the arsenal team. So, I have to suspend watching arsenal matches and reading up dates. I wish new hope of success will start as soon as Winger may have leave the team and will start again watching arsenal matches.

  17. Clive says:

    Arsenal has been rubbish for years now.
    the same story every year, no club is afraid of playing Arsenal anymore.
    all Wenger does is to blame ref,linesmen,arsenal fans even ballboys.he never blame d players or him self.
    the one that annoys me the more is him calling every defeat a blip.how can loosing 3matches out of 8 be a blip.and people will still come here and defend him.
    this man has lost it he should leave us oooo
    Wenger out#

  18. jakseth says:

    Sanchez and Ramsey left off the game because of their respective international disappointments. it think it sums up Arsenal very well. GROW SOME F#CKING BALLS!!!!

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