Wenger blames the whole Arsenal team….

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger didn’t want to take the easy route by blaming his goal keeper Petr Cech for the disappointing opening day loss. The Gunners started their 2015-16 Premier League campaign with a morale shattering 2-0 loss at home to West Ham United. This was supposed to be a season of full hopes where the squad is expected to make a big dash for the title. And the form in the pre-season only hyped up the expectations. Apart from picking up the routine wins in the Asia tour and the Emirates cup, the Gunners also sprang a surprise at Wembley.

Wenger saw his hoodoo against Jose Mourinho broken with a victory in the Community Shield match. Not that the match was an important trophy date in the calendar but any match involving Mourinho and Wenger is bound to be vital.
So, the hopes were built up for an impressive start. But, that was not to be as Wenger saw his wards turn up a sloppy display to be beaten by a better team on the day – West Ham. The only low point was that Cech was seen to be at fault for both the goals.

The arrival of Cech from Chelsea was seen as the first step towards title march from Wenger. And the air of positivity around his arrival added to this. But, the Czech international was far from his usual best at the Emirates. He was obviously at fault for the opening goal by Cheikhou Kouyate after failing to deal with the Dimitri Payet free kick. Adding to the disappointment, he was beaten at his near post by Mauro Zarate’s low strike. But, the manager was quick to dismiss any suggestions that he would single out Cech for the disappointment. For that matter, Wenger did not want to put any individual at fault for the loss.

To be frank, Wenger was correct when he says that the loss is more collective than individual. The Gunners were hoping to make a flying start but at no point of the game did they look involved. The visitors looked well-organised but Arsenal clearly struggled to impose themselves on the game. This is more of a concern for frustration for Wenger than the performance of Cech.

Arsenal travel to Crystal Palace next Sunday before hosting Liverpool and these two games suddenly become very important. Wenger urged his side to bounce back quickly and show their real quality. If they want to prove that they are champion quality, times like this call for real action.


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    1. Same excuses every season ‘it was an accident’,Wenger is to blame for poor planning as usual that’s how we ended up with Danny Welbeck at Arsenal when he should know and buy his transfer targets early

        1. Well because that is the correct reason! I know it sounds cliched but that describes the match perfectly. It was collective failure of the team and the manager. Its not just about buying a DM or a striker. It was quite apparent Arsenal were playing too narrow with too many players Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil occupying the same areas of the pitch. Wenger just didn’t adapt his tactics. Moreover players were careless in possession with quite horrendous passing compared to Arsenal standards with tons of individual mistakes from players. It was one of those days where nothing seems to go right. Its now crucial to bounce back and string 4-5 wins in a row. 1st game loss is not the end of the world. I would be really disappointed with Wenger and this team if they don’t win the next few games and get some momentum running.

    2. we should blame Wenger.how do you buy a 80kmh vehicle and expect it to move at180kmh speed???Giroud is a 80kmh striker who give an extra ordinary rate of 120kmh.he tries his best according to his ability.he is no world class but Wenger is falsing that role to him.BLAME WENGER.pretends he has no cash all the time.thank you to the arsenal director who out of frustration reveled that Wenger had a whooping £200 for transfers of which Wenger denied.useless manager. he is a specialist in failure.what top manager at a top club manages a decade without a league trophy and still keeps his job safe? Wenger is useless.tell me.what team have remained in champions league for ten consecutive seasons and not won its local league at least once? Wenger has a loosing mentality.
      ONE DAY YOU WILL JOIN HAFIZ RAHMAN AND SPEAK IN HIS VERY TONE DEMANDING FOR CHANGE.Always pointing out facts but you think he is crazy

      1. Your right Hafiz and i have been calling for a change for the past two years my philosophy is pretty simply Wenger wont adopt so ” if you cant change the Manager, Change the Manager.”

  1. Benz, Isco, Reus, Hummels and Bender and we will be good…..


    Reus Ozil Isco

    Bender Carzola

    Alexis can rotate with either Reus and Isco considering Reus is injury prone

  2. My favourite player is Ozil, the boy shows character but I have to say he needs to up his game big time. He has not been the same magician ozil since joining Arsenal. Even during the world cup whole german media said he was their most disappointing player.

    I wont say he is a lost cause atleast not now but if he doesnt reach the next , I fear we just have a shadow of past Ozil. People still talk about his madrid days, his 2010 world cup performances. I am asking what about his arsenal days, nothing memorable so far. Just a huge 42 million price tag.

    1. In all honesty I think Ozil should be dropped to the bench,he’s done nothing to justify his price tag

  3. The Benzema talks seem to be fading out. The only likely transfer I can see now is Higuain as he has rejected a contract. The last thing i wanna c now is no transfer. Higuain is a pretty good striker. Like to say yes. Dislike to say no

    1. Higuain is a very good striker. He s not a big game player though imo. But consistent in every other game.
      I’d take higuain no problem
      But didn’t he snub us once already?

      1. I think higuain wanted to come to us but i think it was fiorantina offered a extra couple of million for his services but wenger would nt match it

  4. My only concerned is crystal palace will b high on confidence and v will have an extra pressure to do well after our pathetic performance…..plus they are very good in dead ball situation in which v r not great in defending and nw they have cabaye..
    hoping for best bt v need a cdm and a striker…if someone thinks otherwise he is just fooling himself aka wenger

  5. Blame everyone and NO ONE takes responsibility. I’m sorry but that is the way I see it. It’s all nice coming out in public to say ‘no one person is to blame but the whole team’…however, I hope someone starts taking responsibility for our results.

    I’m confident that the lads will bounce back strongly as now we have a few strong characters in the squad (Petr Cech included)

  6. @ArsenalGenes and @Gigi.

    Higuain is a stronger finisher than Benzema. He is more mobile and faster and is good enough in link-up play. What more, he is younger and more hard-working.

    I honestly believe that Higuain is a better fit for the type of striker our team needs right now…if Wenger has equal chances on the two, he’d go after Higuain. I hope so. However, Benzema looks the most likely target available.

  7. I say we don’t need new players Arsenal need new coach. u guys should start comparing our players vs our rivals there is barley big different the current squad is fantastic but Wenger does not know how to utilize what he got ,
    mark my word he will drop Coq and start with Ramsey ad Cazorla in deeper roll and he will only bring Alexis on the RW ,
    witch is a disaster
    Ozil , Cazorla , Ramsey are attacking minded players not good defenders that will exposed our fragile CB and Boom Boom ,
    Wenger out ……..

  8. Time to play to our strengths


    Deb bfg boss nacho

    Le coq santi

    Ox. Ozil. Alexis


    Ramsey must be dropped until he learns his selfish play is not acceptable
    Come on arron ur better than that! Ozil to be given 3 matches to prove he is not a complete waste of space, replace him with rosicky if he doesn’t
    Giroud plan b ,if we get benz then theo on right and ox in place of ozil

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