Wenger blames World Cup for Ozil and Podolski’s Arsenal problems

All Arsenal fans are aware that Arsene Wenger gave Mesut Ozil and Lukas Podolski extra time off in the summer to recover from their exertions of winning the World Cup, but even with that break it seems that neither have fully recovered their fitness or form.

Although Ozil managed to start six games before succumbing to injury, Wenger thinks that his problems started before the season even started. “He will not be back until January. He came back from the World Cup with an injury,” said Le Prof. “He had a very good first season with us. I think we will see the best of Ozil in the seasons to come.”

It does make you wonder why Wenger played Ozil if he knew he was carrying an injury, but poor Podolski hasn’t even had much chance to play at all. Wenger again blamed the World Cup for his lack of playing time, although Podolski was hardly stretched with less than 100 minutes playing time in Brazil. “Podolski plays a position where there is a big competition. He came very late from his holidays after the World Cup in the summer, so he started after his team-mates and was not good physically.” Wenger explained.

That only makes me wonder how long it takes a professional footballer to get fit enough to be able to play in the Premer League. The season did begin three months ago, but Podolski has only made one start and four substitute appearances since then.

There is little wonder that Podolski has been moaning about his time on the bench, but Wenger is adamant that the rumours about the German leaving during the winter transfer window are far from true. Wenger said: “It is not established at all that he will leave at Christmas. It is me who sets the price and the reported deal doesn’t correspond at all to his price. He is not for sale and there is no offer.”

I guess that doesn’t imply that Podolski WILL NOT move in January if the right offer came along, but it certainly makes it very unlikely. And Ozil will be a star “in the seasons to come” so it doesn’t sound like Wenger has any intention of letting him go either. But I’m not sure whether Wenger has cleared up the situations of either German. In fact he has probably raised more questions han answers….

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  1. poldi is off if price is right.
    an wenger is in denial about ozil- give him a run in his favoured position – if it flops -sell him – his stock is still very high .

    germans eh

    1. Arsenal is very unfortunate to have all and the only players who participated in world cup(Ozill/Poldi) other wise very many world cup players are still doing it for their clubs oh i forgot Joel Campbell.

        1. @ NY Goner Arsene I know it s you, stop messing up with supporters you do it enough with the players.
          I think Oz is fragile physically and mentally,the premier league is very physiacal so he would always struggle in this section,add that to him beeing played and overuse in a position(LW) that does not suit him and he s lost and dejected quickly.People ask him to be tougher but some people are just by nature more fragile,with depressive tendancy.The guy should play in his favourite role and not be overuse as he probably hates himself when he has bad games.

          Podolski is messed up by Wenger,he may not be the best player in the world but anyone neglected like this would end up dejected.

          Campbell may say he is happy at Arsenal but I am sure at the first occasin he gonna jump ship as he must despise Wenger.Chambo had poor games after poor games but he was playing now wallcot came back,game over.

          Wenger is the past let him finnish this season and retire because he is already loosing all the love he had from the early years.

          1. @Grim Bligh
            All that ranting and still didn’t account for why any of the other players who participated in the WC are not under performing or complaining for that matter.
            Keep hope alive dude…

            1. @ NY Goner
              Excluded Sanchez,tell me which WC players is performing well.
              Mertesakr=I like him but no comment
              Oz=lost at LW
              Chambo=highs and lows
              Wilsh=so average
              So what?

    2. WTF??? I post a comment on this article, I find myself on a previous article.

      HELP! HelP! The AKBz are teleporting me!!!!!!

      1. @kickassfan
        I think you’re mixing that up with you being out of touch with reality period.
        They got meds for that dude…

        1. Yeah, @NY, and you’d definitely know better cuz u AKBz have really been out of touch with reality. Send some to Wenger.

            1. @NY, did u just say CTFU? Well, like I say, u’d know better. Must be one of ur antipsychotics, eh? It’s ok, just stick to it

      2. @ kickassfan ……thought i was the only one experiencing that, sometimes i just find my comments doubled…… Definitely AKBs at work!

    3. @muffdiver
      Even in his”favoured” position, dude is still not puttin in 42mil worth of performances. Dude supposedly fired his dad because of the deal that brought him to AFC. Not sure of the validity in that. But if true, it would explain a lot about his lackluster performances…

      1. Give Özil some rest, come on! Exhausted after a good and long run in the WC, playing games while injured (which to no surprise got exposed by the german medical staff, not Arsenal) – Özil is going to be just fine in Arsenal. With Sanchez and Walcott on the sides, maybe Podolski on the top (if Wenger gets his head out of his ass), Özil will have plenty of options for getting those lovely statistics (chances created, crucial passes, assists).

        It’s hard to shine when you have players like Welbeck, Cazorla out of form, Ox (no hate, but he’s no goalscorer yet) and Wilshere/Ramsey (again, not the notorious goalscorers to boost up Özils brilliance) around you.

        Having a master playmaker in a team full of shit goalscorers (excluding Podolski – and Giroud is excused) is like driving around downtown New York with a Bugatti Veyron: You dont really get to see the full potential of what you’re dealing with.

          1. … Unless they play under Wenger – then they turn to shit. Sanchez might be next, better sack wenger asap!

    4. bullsh*t by wenger. sanchez came almost as late as poldi and ozil nad hes been our best player by a LONG way

  2. I blame Wenger playing Ozil on the left for Ozil’s problems, however he did manage to do it for Germany in the World Cup. To be honest it’s got to come from Ozil aswell, I just don’t think his heart is in Arsenal, I really don’t think he cares about the club either. He just looks lacklustre and not interested whenever he plays. For 42 million, you’d expect him to act and behave like Sanchez and take a leaf out of his book.

    1. “He came back from the World Cup with an injury..”

      It can happen. So what did Wenger do? Played him (mainly out of position) until his injury got a lot worse. Good job.

      Not to mention we also bought already injured player in Ospina, who was carrying it through the World Cup. And now he’s out til January after one appearance. Just incredible. Don’t get me wrong, apparently Ospina is a great keeper but after Kallstrom we bought another one to company Diaby?

    2. Özil was a shadow of himself while playing on the left wing – even for germany. You could see how well his game improved when he was moved behind the striker when Kroos went out with injury.

      I too blame Wenger for Özil’s performance

      And wenger blaming the world cup for Podolski’s performance? Does he even believe that himself? What a complete moron. Poldi played less than three games for Germany, primarily because he didnt get enough time for Arsenal to be favored ahead of Schürrle. There is one man to blame for pretty much everything wrong with the arsenal squad (both in lack of players, player performance and squad form in general): Wenger. Arsenal (excluding Sanchez) are doing shit.

      Wenger is in charge of this circus, being backed by the board. I will forever support Arsenal, but for the past 4 years ive wished i cheered for ch£lsea or manure instead. Everything would have been so much easier.

  3. all blame is on Wenger! play to Ozil’s strength and see how he’ll bloom! As for Poldi, we might never know why wenger have vehemently refused to start or introduce him @ the 60th minute of games! frustrating…

    1. ozil was missing against chelsea(home), utd(away), city(away) last season and he was playing in his default CAMF postion.

  4. What absolute rubbish from Wenger yet again! As always, he takes no responsibility for our problems.

    “Podolski plays a position where there is a big competition”…what? The competition for that position has been just one single player all season and that’s Santi. Even more ridiculous is that it’s not even his position, and he’s been consistently awful all season. In terms of form, he’s been our worst player so far. So how on earth as Santi been any sort of competition for the likes of Podolski or even Campbell?

    I’m not even a fan of Podolski, and most of time when he’s playing I forget he’s even on the pitch he’s that anonymous. But he definitely deserves a chance along with Campbell, considering how woeful we’ve become. I also love the fitness excuse he always seems to use with players as well. It doesn’t take players 2/3 months to get back their fitness after a short break when the club sorts out your diet, and supplies fitness coaches and physios. Although I do forget that we have the worst fitness and medical team in the whole of European football. My bad.

  5. I’ve said it since day one, Ozil’s problem just like Poldi is work rate. Whether the lackluster work rate is from lack of fitness or a mentality issue i can’t say I’m not qualified to do so. I would assume a manager would’ve addressed that with the player, if someone at my company was not fulfilling his job duties he would be in my office for a quick friendly chat. I wouldn’t be blaming it on his 2 wk vacation he took or the weekend for how he performs on Monday morning lol

  6. What a load of rubbish

    Then Tell me how other Germans are performing well under their respective teams


    It’s only arsenal Germans are having a hungover

  7. Eventually what going to happened we will sell Ozil to our rivals and he will play where he should and bite is un the butt! Mark my words!

  8. Szszcesny
    Chambers Mert Monreal Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey
    Walcott Wilshere Sanchez

    Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Flamini, Ox, Rosicky, Pod, Giroud

    This will have to be the lineup without Koscielny if he’s not back, I hope Theo starts although Wenger could stick with Ox seeing as he’s been really good lately.

    However Man U are in a bit of trouble with injuries and suspensions, they will be without De Gea, Blind, Carrick, Smalling, Jones, Evans, Falcao. I may even have missed some names out, I just hate the thought of Monreal at centre back against Rooney and RVP.

  9. “wenger blames worldcup for oziL and podoLski’s arsenal problems” ……………… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …. Oh my God! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and campbell’s too huh? ……Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. Wish we had Fergie/he would know Arsenal just needs one player who would impose Arsenal play and draw all the talent we have to it’s tempo/Arteta has saved us well for the past 3 or so years in this regard/Every team has such an engine which dictates tempo changes of tactics of which Arsenal are without one hence all the problems/ManCity have YAYA/Fergie had SCHOLES/West-Harm now have SONG/Aston-Villa have SANCHEZ/Chelsea have FABRIGAS/Real Madrid had XABI ALONSO/Baca have xavi/Liverpool have Steve Gerard another replica if our own Flamini. /The invincebles had VIERA-thenFAB-SONG-ARTETA. & FLAMINI. Well the list is endless but all this needs a good coach to bring this organised unit together by adding one more good football soul for Arsenal sake.

    1. Fergie was an ambitious coach, he would never want to come to Arsenal. And that’s why I fear Klopp or any other good coach might never wanna come too.

      1. If we’re on the lookout for a new manager, it means that the burden of our club – Wenger, is gone. In that case, why wouldnt anyone want to come to the football club in which Forbes ranks the 4th (or 5th, dont remember) biggest club in the world?

  11. @matt. Where did you get man u info? I think you may be wrong, check physio room I think man u will have degea, jones, Rafael, evans and falcao back for our game. We don’t have a defence to speak of again as kos isnt back until 13/12, opsina the same, debuchy 21/12, ozil 01/01.

    1. @matt.they don’t have suspension right now.Smalling has finished his was suspended against crystal place.so he will be available.

  12. Also can eeu talk about the team, players form, upcoming matches etc, NOT wenger and anything associated with what hes said what hes doing etc. The thought of him sat there lips pursed spouting continued drivel /bs just promotes wrath in me. I prefer to try and block him out at present, as per when he joined arsenal ‘arsene who?’

  13. Once again Wenger will blame everyone but himself another lame excuse Mr Wenger be a Man and stand up and take the blame for your failure.

    1. @dandy gunner
      When do players take the blame for their shortcomings? Or is it all AW’s fault? Just asking…

    2. Wenger bought these players he gets 8M a year to manage Arsenal in any other Industry he would have been sacked long ago. The Man has lost it time for Wenger and Arsenal FC to move on.

  14. @ craigzwe ….we can be so full of ourselves sometimes cuz their squad is depleted at d moment….. And with their fully fit squad we’d become toddLers once again.

  15. Damn, just glazed at the video of Wiltord’s title sealing goal at Old Trafford.

    We managed to win United even without Henry, Pires, Bergkamp or Adams. Just tells you how much quality we had on the bench and back in the days when Wenger actually rotated players..

  16. Ozil and Podolski are grown goddamn men. Seasoned professional footballers acting like spoiled b**ches.
    One minute you asshats are saying”If Fergie or Mourinho thought a player wasn’t performing up to scratch, they would be benched” Now since you got a serious hard on for AW, he’s in the wrong for not giving and under performing player match time. An AW knew that Ozil has played and excelled on the wings thats why he played him there. And when he does play CM he still f**kn neglects the defensive side of his game. Both of those whining muthafukkas need to step up their game and stay theyf**k off of twitter…
    You lot have been constantly soundin like a gaggle of menstruating C*NTS. Grow the F**K up and grow a pair. Step into reality FFS…

    1. These are professional athletes whom gets paid more in 1 week than I do in a year. Yes Wenger has made some royal screw ups but he’s not the one actually out there kicking the ball around. The truth is Ozil and Podolski are great players, just “LAZY”…

      1. As long as they deliver on top, they can be lazy – unless of course there is really a necessity of having extra defenders, but again – isnt that something wenger as a manager should be able to make them do? Wenger is a shadow of himself 10-15 years ago.

    2. If we all know Ozil is so lazy in defence, why didn’t Wenger sell him and bring Fabregas back?
      Its Wengers job to buy a team that will work together and win. Wenger bought these players you’re having a dig at, we are no where near Chelsea or Man City in squad depth or quality so yes, its Wengers fault.

  17. Blame Ozil and Podolski?
    Wenger “route” as usual… He is never responsible and it is always someone else fault when results are not on point.
    The fact is Wenger has made Arsenal a “second” rate team and we have to world champions playing in an average team under the “guidance” of a less than average manager.

  18. Ozil came back with an injury and Wenger played him. This might explain why we continually have long term injury problems. Even the Wengernites on this site has to see that, that is poor managing.
    So we have the smallest squad in the PL, which makes us play players injured or out of position. Also changing the formation and squad rotation isn’t an option. Seriously, the sooner Wenger goes the better AFC will be.

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