Wenger blaming Arsenal fans for his failures again?

Arsene disrespected the Arsenal fans again by not walking around the pitch and then blamed us for his failure. by Konstantin Mitov

Okay, so before Arsenal announce Wenger’s new contract and I stop bothering with this, because failure is not my thing, I would like to address a fundamental problem in the situation we are in and this is the fact that the manager and the board have shown the fans one giant middle finger.

And that was solidified by the fact that Arsene refused to go around and greet the fans. Ask yourselves why? Why didn’t he take it on the chin? He ignores everything, he doesn’t care if we like him or not, all he craves is power and if you haven’t realized it yet, than I don’t think any more evidence will convince you, because we’ve become a symbol for failure.

I’d like to address the people who abuse me at the comments, because unlike Arsene I like to hear what people say and improve the content I am giving them by asking you to explain why you believe he should stay and give counter-arguments to what you don’t like about me, because abusing something is weak. It means you are Arsene and you don’t have any more arguments in your favour, so abuse is the only thing left.

And the way Arsene blamed us and the hostile environment is so pathetic. I had to go to a office full of Man Utd fans, after we lost 8-2 there. This year I had to greet some Bayern fans who greeted me high five, TWICE! I had to endure songs about losing 6-0 at Chelsea and I lived somehow with it. I never received any money, a card, nothing from this club, but I did give it 15 years of pure support every weekend.

I accepted all sorts of banter about our gigantic failures, the top 4 trophy and so on and so on and I tried to find the positives and stick by the club, but I cannot just ignore the elephant in the room and pretend everything is ok. For 5 years I’ve been crying to get rid of Arsene. I blamed Fabregas and Van Persie for leaving but now I see they were right. It hurts, but it was the better choice for them and it proves with the titles they won.

And you can add that to the list of disappointments seeing my favorite players leaving year by year, but this time I can’t take it. I cant see Sanchez go to Chelsea, which could realistically happen. And the icing of the cake is the person responsible for this mess, coming out to say it’s our fault for the failed season. Did we drop Sanchez against Liverpool? Had we not lost that game, we’d be 4th now.

After the loss in the first game of the season, Wenger said we started the season unprepared. Why? Did I do the coaching or the transfers? Why didn’t we have 2 proper center backs for that game? Why did we let the lead slip away? Why do we stick with players who obviously are not good enough for this club? I buy the kit, I watch the games, what more is wanted from me? I support the team, but support needs to be both ways. The club needs to show, it cares for it’s fans, but it only cares as far as taking our money.

Arsene quite a few time said “I built this club”. Yep I agree 1886, probably you traveled back in time to establish it and afterwards you build the Emirates brick by brick, but worse quite a big amount of people agree with this and think it’s the truth. If you think I am the problem for this, then worry not, it’s highly probable that next season I will stop writing, because giving Arsene another season is the ultimate abuse in the face of an Arsenal fan.

Finally though, we have to mention the board who could’ve prevented this mess by forcing Arsene to make a move or leave. If they wanted him so badly, they could’ve said ‘you have 2 weeks to sign or the contract goes elsewhere.’ How can we leave our future to be decided in June? If you are an Arsenal player how can you be happy, when you got no idea who will be the manager, which players will be staying and so on?

This happened many years in a row and people always closed their eyes, because we got 4th. We have no ambition to move past 4th and we deserve to miss the Champions league, because to go there you need ambition. Words like that and “change” have been banned from our dictionary. The ultimately worst thing about the whole situation is the fact that Kroenke won’t sell to Usmanov, and my god if Usmanov comes, we’ll return to the glory days.

Arsene will be forced to win or leave and leave it will be, because Arsenal have spent more than Chelsea in recent years, yet I see 2 titles for them and the Europa league for us. My plea to you is to look at the real problem and address it if you are willing to keep fighting this fight, because otherwise we will be the new Liverpool.

The FA cup final is a time for a clear message that Wenger and Kroenke have to leave and this has to be the message each day from now until the day one of them is actually gone. Only then, will any sort of progress be seen.



  1. Wolf says:

    Agreed and many valid points. Its time the fans show Stan & Wenger the door. Stan has claimed he not going anywhere. Either fans get serious with his ass or we slide. For the love of all that’s Arsenal do the right thing, keep your cash in your pockets. Boycott for change

    1. Kostafi says:

      If you pay your club dues by Direct Debit, you’ve probably had 2017-18 dues taken last week, with a follow up email reminding you to buy Emirates Cup tickets. Add the cost of Jerseys, match day trips and you get a real feel for why fans are unhappy. I am not part of the WOB but agree, its time to go. I want a manager with a 5-10 year plan for Arsenal not a man desperate for some silver lining on poor showing in the last decade. I sincerely hope he pulls one out of the bag (like he did against City in the semi) against Chelsea in the final. Be the record FA Cup winning manager and take a final bow. He took us into the season ill-prepared, and let the uncertainty over his future hang on like a foul post Bayern humbling stench, overseeing a run of games that decided our season. The sad thing is we have seen it happen every year for the last 7-8 years! The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

      As for Kroenke, we just need a page from Liverpools Hicks-Gillette book. Usmanov, if you are reading this, don’t spend more in Everton, we still want you.

    2. Jimbeam says:

      We have a manager who admits that his situation effected the players and he was the only one who could bring clarity to it and did not. If this is not holding himself higher than Arsenal I dont know what is.
      He is a delusional, narcissistic, prideful old man who finally completely had lost the plot. What he did this year to Arsenal is inexcusable.

  2. Andy says:

    So your plan is to cause a similarly poisonous atmosphere at the Cup Final ?
    Whilst I’m in agreement on certain aspects of your beliefs, I’m afraid what I’ve experienced on the terraces at the Emirates, and at away grounds this season, has been nothing short of shocking. Yes, have your opinions, have your protests, but to do so during matches is nothing short of disgraceful.
    Maybe I’m old school, maybe I appreciate what AW has done for Arsenal Football Club, having supported the team through many average years of watching average players playing average football.
    I don’t dispute your love and passion for the club, but even if I wanted my say on the future of the club as you so clearly do, and believe me I’ve been there protesting outside the East Stand years ago, the one thing I wouldn’t be doing is causing fellow fans to fight each other during matches, by raising banners while the boys are trying to win a match.
    You really think that doesn’t affect the team ?
    Have your protests, but act with a little more class, there’s a time and a place, and it’s most definitely NOT during the match.
    Of course the issues run deeper, and there’s no way it can be viewed as the sole reason for our failure to compete for the title, but from my experiences recently, I agree with Wenger, the behaviour of our fans has most definitely affected the players on matchday, and if you choose not to acknowledge that, then you’re being as blinkered as you constantly accuse AW of being.

    1. stubill says:

      This is what I’ve said many times, don’t expect many on here to agree with you Andy though.

    2. Jimbeam says:

      If loosing the FA cup is the only way for Arsene to go then I will not hesitate to create whatever atmosphere is necessary for our loss. I dont think Arsenal can move on with Arsene, so better loose one FA and move on then stagnate another two years.

  3. You saw Vanpayslip in Belly with thoughts like that says:

    Arsene is a disgrace. He should take responsibility for his failings.

  4. Alfred says:

    I wrote few years ago, that arsene will leave arsenal a disgraced coach. He is selfish, unintelligent & primitively proud.

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Usmanov need to stop low balling and spend big to save us

    make a 10billion offer and Kronke will not refuse

    1. Jambut says:

      Arsenal was valued £1.2 billion last year, Real and Man U just above £2.1 billion. Arsenal will have lost at least somewhere around £100 in value as a result of missing the CL money for next year. If they go far in the Europa league or manage to get back into the top 4, which is unlikely, their value will stabilize. If they miss out on the top 4 next season again, the value could take another hit. But they are definitely not worth 2 or 10 billion.

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        Lol..for the first time I will agree with Jambut. Anyways Kroenke has said time and again he is here for the long haul so probably Usmanov will eventually sell his 30% and buy Westbrom or Burnley for 5-600M and turn them into the new Chelsea or Manchester city. It’s just money after all and a successful billionaire guy like Usmanov probably isn’t a fan of being told no.

        1. JamBut says:

          Quantic dream lets try not to make agreeing a habit 🙂

    2. Kostafi says:

      He is worth £11b, he is not low balling… Kroenke wont sell. He needs to be forced out.

      1. Wolf says:

        Exactly. Usmanvo is a business man first and unless he realllllllly loves Arsenal he’s not going to pay over the odds for the club or one will see our already high ticket prices shoot through the Emirates roof. The power lies with the fans and we could start with buying no merchandiise.

        ps. Laaczette going to Atletico Madrid so mark that as a negative already. (skysport) Is this going to be our worse transfer window ever?

  6. Jambut says:

    Konstantin, I have noticed the AKB crowd are the ones that revert to insulting other fans who don’t agree with their view. Personal insults are always a sign of weakness. Ignore them. Most of us get what you are talking about and even if we don’t agree 100% we don’t find the need to insult.

    We have bigger problems than them and their insecurities :-). Wenger is staying!!!!!!!

  7. 91mill_failure says:

    Yes the fans caused the team
    to lose to Watford and Palace
    and the fans caused the team to lose
    2-10 to Bayern in the EC 🙂
    Wenger hides after a bad result yet if the team beats
    Chelsea in the cup he will go round the ground accepting all the praise.
    13 years with out the title at 7 mill per year = 91 million
    to keep a greedy old pensioner in a job.
    Now we can enjoy Thursday night football against giants
    like CSF SPERANŢA NISPORENI in the Moldova Divizia Națională

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    I have seen this movie before..

    No surprises here. Nothing to do with his own incompetencies of course.

    And what fans are we speaking off. The local families priced out of attending, the football tourists, half and half scarf wearing day trippers or the prawn sand which brigade and businessmen?

    AFC and there money before football success model is naturally bringing the rewards it deserves.

    Hopefully AFC will rise like a Phoenix one day from the ashes of this despicable and disenfranchising regime.


  9. evans says:

    At first I used to get angry and depressed when we play shit in the middle of the league. But I got to realize that Wenger and Stan don’t give a shit about the feelings of the fans. So I also don’t give a fak anymore.

    Next season will be our worst if there is no changes and I wouldn’t care either . Now that the spuds have gain confidence over us what more would have killed me than seeing the spuds control north London

  10. Sir Muda of Arsenal says:

    is wenger gone yet?

    1. bran99 says:

      gone back to his office? yes

      1. Uk says:

        Lol, are u haywill in disguise?

  11. LtDan says:

    I know a lot of people are on Arsene Wengers back at the moment and maybe that’s the reason why he didn’t do the final day walk.

    Given some of the criticism and derision that he’s had to endure from Arsenal fans, pundits and ex players (arsenal and non arsenal), the football media. The last thing he would want to do is to walk around the ground where a section of the so called fan base is verbally abusing him.

    Ok, he’s over the years, he’s not been able to meet our exacting standards and perform the feats of old in recent times which were sometimes due to his own flights of fancy and picking inadequate teams and players to fulfil the quest and others were down to others around him not giving him the budget to go wild and buy the premiership………..you know, like Man City and Chelsea have done over the years.

    Nonetheless, on every occasion when Arsene has declared his love and committent for our club, I don’t doubt his words and truly believe him. He has unfortunately lost his way in his present tenure and again that could be down to some fanciful thinking on his part about how he went about managing the team. I’ve always maintained that it’s Arsene’s footballing methodology which has been his biggest problem over the recent years. It was always going to be hard for him to play ‘total football’ in a league where many of the teams still base their game around physical endeavour rather than finesse……..the premier league has always been about ‘blood and thunder football’.

    Unfortunately for the manager, he has had too much faith in his type of football whilst everyone else around him has moved on in some way. There are a few teams that can bank role their way out of trouble and buy the best players to help them achieve their ends and even then they make sure they balance things out. Mourinho when at Chelsea had the money to buy all the flair players he could muster but……even he knew that a florid and finessful team will always succumb to to the less ability in that department and rely on a more physical presence. He knew that Tony Pulis’ Stoke, Sam Alardyces’ Blackburn and Bolton teams and others, would always be more inclined to slug it out. So even Mourinho had the sense to set up more formidable teams based on physical endeavour over grace and kept his flair players down to a minimum.

    Arsene Wenger has perhaps done the opposite, buy trying to set up fly weights against heavy weights. He’s always managed to go the distance by using his wily, grace like skills but unfortunately has always lost on points to the more aggressive opponent. This is what he’s done for the last 14 years…………can always go the distance and get us into the top four but have never been able to win the title and we should still give him a lot of credit for that.

    I’m hoping he’s had a bit of an epiphany now and has realised a formation and the type of players he need’s to take the club forward, and if he has and is allowed to add to what we’ve got and retain our best players, I think we could be more closer to a title than we think.

    However, and unfortunately, there seems a growing section of fans who don’t want to allow him any more time and think that we’d be better of with someone new at the helm. Ok, fair point but we have to be careful what we wish for. What we don’t want is Arsenal to become a vanity project for some potential coach who just wants to make his mark and add to his own CV. It’ll be easy for a coach to come in, with his own style of management, not able to get us in the top four, mess things up and then say ‘it’s not my fault, look what I was left with’.

    Look at David Moyes, good manager at Everton, never really had to do anything more than he did and still got plaudits. Was left a legacy with Man United and couldn’t cut it took them out the top four and struggled to get them back in especially a club with the talent they had and the money behind them.

    Just because you are a football manager/coach, it doesn’t mean you are always able manage successfully by virtue of your position which was my point with David Moyes. There’s a lot of good managers around but will any of them be good for Arsenal.

    Sometimes it’s a case of better the devil you know.

    As for Arsene’s reluctance to do the final day walk. Given the stick he’s come in for, the embarrassment that he is feeling for not even being able to keep us in the top four this term, he’s hardly likely to get a warm reception from those of us that call ourselves supporters.

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Blah,blah,blah… senseless drivel…

      You just might have had a point if this was Arsene’s 3rd year, but it’s his 20th and for the last 10 years he has been going backwards. He brings nothing new to Arsenal, and he is a total failure in the transfer windows. It was time to go a long time ago.

    2. Uk says:

      I agree with you, however I doubt if the guy is a honorable person. An honorable person will realize after all this while that he can no longer take a club he claims to luv forward. I used to think older guys were more honorable, however its the younger coaches that are showing this trait. Guardiola did at barca and I’m sure Left Bayern by mutual consent. Conte did d same at juve, klopp did same at Dortmund, Enrique has just done same at barca. These were recently successful coaches at those clubs who realized they weren’t equipped to take those clubs forward anymore and decided (even against the wishes of the clubs management) to step aside. Why does the man who claims to luv arsenal so much then feel he is the only one who can manage the club? Its not luv brother, its selfishness

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    Lemar, Bakayoko, Bernado and Mbappe is what we need

  13. John Ibrahim says:

    really impress with Spud firepower

    The big 5 clubs in champ leauge City, Chelsea, Utd, Liverfool and Spud will definitely strengthen

    what are the chances we will finish 5th again??

    same old story for the last 10 years

  14. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Enough’s enough but it will need a massive riot at Wembley before the powers that be take action.
    If Usmanov offers the reported £2 billion to take control of Arsenal fc then I reckon that the yank will take it and run back to his Ranch, happy as Larry.
    The sad fact is that Wenger will still be in charge for at least another season no matter what happens with the ownership. I doubt that the club would be able to get a decent manager in at this stage in time.

    As for Wenger blaming the fans? Well it wouldn’t be the first time, but in his latest rant, he actually said that the uncertainty of his career caused hostility in the crowd… In away- he was having a dig at the board.

  15. Vlad says:

    “Abusing is weak”… isn’t that what you’re doing to Arsene day in and day out, abuse him that is? You’re a hypocrite, Konstantin. If you were thinking rationally, and if you supported this so-called writing of yours with facts, I’d read and I’d think about what you said. But you just spit out the same garbage without backing it up most of the time. You have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors yet you act like you are on Arsenal staff and have access to inside information. Your hatred for Wenger is beyond ridiculous. You come out here sounding like an obsessed lunatic. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you are a true Arsenal fan, support the club, not the manager. I hear you and other people here calling for boycott. My guess is neither of you stepped a foot inside the Emirates. It’s easy to say “don’t go to games” from thousand of miles away. Do your part, Konstantin, stop watching games, and stop buying merchandise. But do it quietly, without patting yourself on the back, and parading it all over the place. Then I’ll say, good on ‘ya. Until then, do us all a favor, and STFU.

    1. Jimbeam says:

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion Vlad, at least in the West. if as your name suggests you are indeed from Russia, then it’s obvious why you can’t stand differing opinions.
      I am surprised you didn’t ask Konstantin to be locked up or poisoned.

      1. Vlad says:

        I can stand differing opinions just fine. It’s Konstantin who I can’t stand. He cries wolf because he’s getting abused, yet that’s exactly what he’s doing to Wenger on the daily basis. I’m an AKB as you might have guessed, and I have a lot of Gooner buddies who are WOB’s. We talk, we exchange banter, but at the end of the day they and I understand each other’s position perfectly. They get what I’m saying and why I support Arsene, and in turn, I realize where their frustration comes from. But it’s all done in a nice, friendly way, and in intelligent manner. I see none of that with Konstantin. He doesn’t even try to listen to others. There’s no reasoning with him. He sounds like an obsessed maniac who keeps stalking on his prey. Again, I can listen to subjective criticism, but most of the time he doesn’t even back his stuff up with facts. It’s all based on his fantasies. Nothing wrong with some speculation, but in this case it’s done with such negativity and hate that it just makes me sick to my stomach.

        1. Uk says:

          Please sir, what are the alternative facts you propose? I see a lot of facts in Konstantin’s work, you however say u have alternative facts which support Wenger’s position, pray sir, tell us those verifiable facts

      2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:


        Oh dear remind to never anger u sir

    2. John0711 says:

      Abusing Kon shows your lack of intelligence and understanding. I suggest you try and educate yourself with the history and passion that has always been in the club

    3. bran99 says:

      Konstantin always has a point and he gives reasons to back them up, but you you always come here to attack Konstantin without giving your valuable facts.. may be you should fight based on facts and not based on hatred

      “You come out here sounding like an obsessed lunatic” Admin should deal with this, insulting one another is not allowed here, or Vlad is allowed coz he is from the other side (AKBs)????

  16. Jamaican gooner says:


    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Good point well made;)


  17. Jamaican gooner says:

    Konstantin you’re nothing but a blatant lier and notorious wenger hater.. It’s so-called fans like yourself that cause the team to miss out on a few points this season with the negative energy that some fans have been releasing all season.. You don’t care for the heart and soul of the club, all glory hunting plastics like yourself want is just bragging rights over fans of other clubs to satisfy your selfish egoistic self. I for one hope the club offer wenger a new 5yr contract and he accepts just to rub it in the face of folks like you to let you go even crazier or have a heart attack. No one is forcing any of you guys to stay and support the “mediocrity”. There’s Bayern, celtic, psg etc that are guaranteed to give you the trophies that you so craved for.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Don’t talk rubbish.

      Why should we go and support another team because we feel disenfranchised and disenchanted with the regime And management that has been in place for some years now.?

      I’ve supported Arsenal since I was a boy and was born within a stones throw of Highbury and Arsenal is my team and will stay that but I can voice my opinion for the sh£t pool it has become. I was there before Wenger, Stan Kroenke and Gazidis. Before the half and half scarf wearing tourists and business entertainers and way before Wenger entered the picture.

      AFC was established 1886 and not in 1996, so if you cannot see this fact because of unquestioning devotion and blind flowing of a regime I suggest you move to North Korea (if your not already there) and get in line with the rest.

      1. Uk says:

        Lol, hear hear

      2. Jamaican gooner says:

        I don’t care if your navel string was buried at Highbury.. You’ve no right to abuse the manager and worse the ppl who actually “own” the club.. Buying tickets and merchandise doesn’t give anyone an ownership stake in the club and by extension any say.. If that was the case pepsi would’ve been owned by a billion folks worldwide telling them what amount should be poured in the bottle.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          I have every right and I am expressing it any way I want. Bring your tank with water cannon to control me you corporate slave. Please sacrifice yourself by falling on your blade for our all imperial and great forgiving leader:

          Without the fans there is no club just 11 overpaid men kicking a pig skin around whilst another slightly older man in a duffle coat or tracksuit shouts (or not as in the case of Wenger) direction to his players.

    2. bran99 says:

      I remember when Madrid were being booed by their own fans, and especially Ronaldo. but they went on to win La liga and are in UCL final. what part of negativity that caused Arsenal to fail on their quest? don’t you think you give Wenger some reasons to justify his constant failures every season? they train, they get paid handsomely (for no real pressure of winning anything), they lose matches and no one puts them in jail.. what part of Konstantin’s articles have they read to make them lose their winning spirits and lower their ambitions (if they have any)?

    3. Uk says:

      At least we know you’re just a Wenger supporter, not an arsenal supporter

    4. John0711 says:

      Bs fans can’t make a club miss out wow the education system is failing miserably

  18. LtDan says:

    Well said Jamaican Gooner and Vlad.

    Jimbeam, your an arse. You obviously just like to moan and see the negatives regardless of anything else that might exist. If you’re so disgusted by Arsene Wenger, Arsenal, The players, The Board, then find something else you might be happy with………another team, another sport, hopefully

    1. Uk says:

      @ltdan, exactly as Konstantin says. Akbs can only resort to abuses. U have a point, say it

    2. John0711 says:

      Admin how come it’s ok for AKB to abuse but not Wenge out people

      1. Admin says:

        Personal abuse is not allowed by anyone. We are ALL Arsenal fans and should respect each others opinions, and don’t you dare say I am favouring one or the other as the abuse from WOBs is 100 times worse than AKB’s.
        I let everyone share their opinion on Arsenal to provide sensible discussion. NO abuse is allowed by anyone.

        1. Uk says:

          I disagree admin, just from this thread alone we can see who is more likely to resort to insults

  19. John says:

    Totally agree …..Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he is capable……time for change……..fresh ideas from a new coach…….It is ridiculous that he keeps stating how he built Arsenal…….he was paid like the coaches before him…….his predecessors also contributed to Arsenal and got paid for it………yes he loves Arsenal…..so do all the fans and others…….we just want a new coach…….a new direction……..this team will win trophies with a few added players ………with a new coach……I bet we will even not do well in Europa……cos Wenger will screw up again…..and again……..he is good football administrator …..may be,…..definitely an average coach…….the earlier he leaves …….the better the chance of him not destroying his legacy………we want EPL and champions league trophies………..he had his chance…..time for him to go…..he should have been fired after that Bayern humiliation……….Mr Springtime Meltdown…….Mr Specialist in failure………Mr Groundhog Day must go……….Wenger out……kroenke has a different concept of what a winning team should be……a team that performs just enough or keep the fans hungry for success……..to make money…….sports is an addiction……..and kroenke and Wenger both know that……lie and keep hope alive…..to make money…….for him and his bosses……..Wenger out……….Wenger out……and kroenke sell the team before Arsenal becomes like all the average teams you own……Arsenal fans will not forgive you………..they may even boycott Walmart…….if you destroy Arsenal….

  20. Eloka says:

    Why is anyone surprised at the way Wenger is treating the fans? Time and time again over the years, he has shown no regard for us the fans or how we feel. He has turned up with mediocre performances for over the past decade and whenever the fans complain he gets pissed off, like he owes us nothing. Forgetting the club is nothing without the fans, without us he and Kreonke can’t smile to the bank like they have been doing. I think it’s time we show them who is boss. Enough is enough, we can’t stand this abusive relationship anymore.

  21. raymondo says:

    Having supported Arsenal since 1948, I’m saddened to see so many vitriolic comments coming from both pro and anti Wenger camps. In my time as a supporter I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly under a variety of managers. Whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion, surely it is now, more than ever, when our support is most needed and we should be doing everything to unite, even though we may have differing opinions.

  22. Ola says:

    I urge Arsenal fans in the UK not to buy tickets and boycott Asenal matches, that way Arsenal board will respect the fans and not treat them with such disdain and impunity, this is outright dictatorship, and it has gone on long enough, Wenger should be out already, he is inept, what did he field the likes of Koscielny against Everton for, what where we playing for exactly? champions league spot? its obvious that it was out of our hands by then, who noticed since when Maurinho has stopped chasing for top four, saving his best players for Europer final, now thats a competent intelligent coach, now we play FA final without Koscielny, and maybe without Babrielle too.

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